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  • House, same ol' same ol'

    I've been a fan of House since the beginning but I am sorry to have to say that it is time for it to go bye bye!

    House has become nothing more than a predictable characterization of the character he is playing. I don't blame the actors but rather the producers and the network for trying to wring out every last drop of loyaty from the fans of a show that was thought provoking, funny and smart. Today House is none of those things. When a self indulgent slam at Rupert Murdoch is taken as "clever" rather than what it really was, childish, then I figured it was time to go!
  • Sorry! I have lost total interest!

    Once House crash his car in to Cuddys house! I just had enough! It is just boring and unerving the stupid stuff the writers come up with him to do! Please do us a favor, take the stupid show off the air, for good!
  • Dr. House, played by Hugh Laurie,is an overbearing, ego maniacal,rectal cavity that refuses to demonstrate any human emotion.House is a show that has past its pinnacle of greatness and should now bow out gracefully.If you've seen one,you've seen them all.

    This is the story of an overbearing doctor with unlimited knowledge to assess and diagnose the most bizarre medical malformations that the medical profession has to muster his way. Dr.House played by Hugh Laurie is a pill popping, wise cracking, rectal cavity, know it all, that refuses to be nice to anyone.The rest of the hospital staff and the public for that matter don't know if they should take his attitude as pure brilliance or attribute it to his lonely self promoting arrogant ego. My money is on the latter. House is able to solve every known medical mystery acknowledged by man and then some.
  • I think it's not amusing.

    I tried to watch this show over and over but I never liked it. It was so boring and I really don't get it. Why do people love this show ? ? ? I really trier and tried to watch it but I was unsuccessful . Except it was boring , the characters are bad . I don't like them . The show is not funny , imaginative and it is unoriginal . We have 100000000 shows about doctors and medical institutions and I didn't love any of them . For example , I never loved ER or Grey's Anatomy. GA was ok but not so good. All things considered , I don't like this show at all !
  • This show was one of my favorites but now it sucks!

    I just got into this show earlier this year and it was awsome. I was a little nervous about watching it because i wasn't really into doctor shows and all that medical mumble jumble but a few minutes into my first episode and i realized that it was different. My favorite character has always been Wilson. At times i got pissed at him for sticking up for House but he's just being the sweetie he is. I was so interested in seeing how the House/Wilson relationship will continued but i didn't know they were kicking Wilson off. That pissed me off to know ends. He was the one person that had sense on that show and now they're getting rid of him. And on top of that they're REPLACING him! WTF!! So now i am officially not a fan of this show anymore. That's my story.
  • I am a rabbid House fanatic, and this episode was he worst thing I've seen on TV in quite a while. The episoide was an incoherant mess and the writers irreprably damaged House's character.

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Is this just a case of not meeting my extremely high expectations for my favorite show on TV? Partly.

    Bust mostly I feel that this episode crapped all over House's character, and must be forever be forgotten by fans of the show.

    In this episode, Dr. House used his well-known powers of observation to point out when the people locked in the room with him were inexplicably violating their evolutionary survival impulse. As such, this theme divided the cast into those who valued their lives, and those who had already given up on them. And as though we were supposed to wait in suspense to discover which team House played for, his character played the field: from self-sacrifice, to idiocy, to disregard for human life, to suicidal tendencies. But this is not the House I know and love.

    The real strength to House's character - that which I see now that some writers still have not gotten the hang of - is that when all is said and done, he retains the most significant and desirable qualities of a doctor, which why he is the best. He cares about life and it is always his highest moral charge to do what he can to preserve it. It's not about how cool he is, or how much drama surrounds him.

    But in this episode, House handed his life and the lives of others to a deranged patient on more than one occasion. He acted as though he cared about nothing but the puzzle. He empathized with the patient, who would obviously have justified killing just to solve it. And I'm sure that thirteen and everyone else on the show will shrug off his total disregard for their lives and cheerfully work with him in the next episode.

    In reality, House's cold demeanor is a defense mechanism. His pragmatic take on life pushes him to express a lack of caring. He is morbidly curious, and needs to solve riddles to feel in control, but none of this can ever compel his as much as the desire to survive and heal.
  • You have to be kidding

    House as a character is complicated and fascinating. House as a doctor is incompetent. The only ones more incompetent are the doctors on his "team" If I practiced the way House does I would have multiple lawsuits for malpractice and the state would have taken away my license.

    The patients are not complicated on this show. They are straight out of the board exams for most specialties. No one seems to talk to the patient to find out what is really going on. If I went to a patients home without their permission, thats called breaking and entering. My higher intentions wouldn't count for much. In last nights episode a child develop DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis. For a child, or adult, to become comatose from DKA while in the hospital is malpractice. I would refer the family to a good attorney. They must be a bunch of idiots in the hospital to miss DKA developing over days. What, no one noticed her blood sugar rising?

    Now, since when does a neurologist do an ERCP. Answer: never, not even on TV. Besides, where was the fluoroscopy, used the wrong scope, and, last but not least, put the patient in the correct position. The best thing I can say is, with the neurologist not wearing lead he will become sterile from the repeated exposure the xrays and not reproduce making more incompetent doctors.

    I'm done with this show.
  • What happened??? You took a wonderful program and turned it into some kind of 3rd rate, D-list actor, fill-in for Saturday afternoon kind of show!!! I was abhorred when I tuned into this season, it used to be my favorite, now I don't watch at all!!

    I was one of the original die-hard fans of this show from its first episode & own every season on DVD. I would feel guilty if I missed an episode because it was my one hour of escape. Even my kids love this show, or at least we all did until this new season hit the air waves & we were all so disappointed over the new platform. Who are all these D-list, can't act worth a spit actors they've filled the screen with? I feel like Hugh Laurie is a backseat driver, he's no longer the focus. Now it's filled with so much daytime TV drama with TOO MANY ACTORS!!! I liked it better with just Hugh Laurie than all these second-rate actors running around.

    Suddenly Cameron is this sassy, wise person? I'm sorry but I don't buy it. Up until this season she was this wide-eyed doe who was an emotional train wreck waiting to happen and now she's savoire-faire? I don't buy it. They've changed her completely and people just don't change their core beliefs.

    Not to mention that House's leg seems to be half the trouble it used to be and his addiction is even less trouble than that! Wow, it's a miracle! I'm really insulted that they believe they can just sweep all of House's issues under the rug and we viewers who have been there since the beginning are just going to go "Oh, okay, I like this better" - I don't think so.

    I stopped watching the show, I can't stomach what they've done to it. It is a TRAGEDY that they have ruined a fantastic show. It will be off the air within another season if they don't fix what they've now broken.

    I didn't give the show a score of "0" only in hope the producers and writers will find a brain cell among them to put the show back the way it should be. In this case I say the studio should be striking, not the writers, the writers have destroyed a great show!
  • The medical information provided is excellent, but the formula is deadly boring--be rude, disrespectful, and contemptuous no matter who you are AND break all policies and procedures. Watch the Discovery Channel instead.

    In the beginning, I loved this show. It was fun and exciting. But the more I watched it, the more I was annoyed by its predictability that House is an ass, everyone is contemptuous, and House will save the day and cure some unknown disease or syndrome. And everyone should emulate the behavior of contempt, disrespect and violating all policies and procedures of any authority, school, workplace, etc.

    In other words, this series is based on: 1. House will be an ass: He will be an equal opportunity offender and be rude and crude with all; he will take drugs (illegally obtained) for his pain; he will flout all the rules and procedures of the hospital; he will violate decency of patients and their families, invalidate the feelings of anyone except himself and will take down his friends with reckless disregard. House’s MO is to be rude, disrespectful, and contemptuous. 2. Everyone will resent him and try (and naturally, fail–after all he IS the star) is underlings will all disrespect him, and treat him with as much contempt as he treats them. They don’t like him (unless secretly) and are eager to see him fail. Everyone will be against him and victimize him because he is so unlikeable.

    3. Despite the contempt and one dimensional affect of all the cast (sighs, rolled eyes, etc.) House will come up with the diagnosis and treatment and will save the day. And we will all be in awe.


    Be a jerk, insult everyone, break all the rules, thumb your nose at everyone who could possibly be meaningful to you, and you will WIN and they will lose. My question is – win what and who really loses?

    This is another in a long line of shows glorifying unkindness and contemptuousness for everyone resulting in the star’s becoming some sort of hero (House, Simon Cowell, et al). Yuk.
  • I don't like this show...

    this is to do with diagnosis.
    It just doesn't interest me.
    And also, what is up with House?
    his character annoys me.
    He's arrogant and so up with himself.
    He's so annoying.
    I much prefer Grey's anatomy.
    Grey's Anatomy has tension, humour, sex, and other stuff.
    Also, I do appreciate Hugh Laurie's acting.
    But what is up with other people?
    everyone else is awful
    Hugh Laurie is the only actor who is good in that show.
    But that is not enough to make me watch this awful show.
    If you want to watch a medical programme that is worth watching, watch ER or Grey's Anatomy. Those are the way forward. House is absolutely terrible.
  • I can\\\'t even begin to describe this crap!

    To start off, I have watched this show numerous amounts of times. I did not like when I have watched it. I am a doctor and I find that this show is completly unrealistic. I mean when you are talking about the left side of the brain dont point to the right. A doctor would never ever tell anyone in the office that he was going to fire someone. You also can't walk in on a patient and take of their oxygen mask! One more thing, women in the office would never be allowed to work with a low cut shirt that exposes all of there clevage. This show is upsurd and should not be on television.
  • The first few shows were interesting. However, his abusive language has gotten old and the show has become boring. The new episodes are intended to shock and in my opinion go too far.

    I will never watch this show again. I thought it was bad enough when House told the blond doctor to get the dead baby out of his but (close enough to what he said). However, when they performed an abortion on a twelve year old. That did it for me. They did not even get the parents involved. House could have at least pushed the girl a little harder for that. Not to mention the fact that most parents would not even let him touch their child without specific information.
    The show is unbelievable and not even close to real life.
  • The Worst tv series i ever seen

    The New Season Is Awful. House continues to be one of the Worst dramas ever on TV.
    The writers have notched the tension up to the screaming point, which they probably think is a good thing. There's a mantra among writers these days that Conflict is Everything. No conflict, no story. Oh yeah? There are such things as comedy, love, friendship and affection, but you won't find any of those elements ever portrayed in this season of House. Instead what you will find is hostility, hatred masquerading as wit, shouting, screaming, insults. The writers have run out of ideas. They don't know what to do with their characters. House cannot love anybody and cannot grow. There's no love interest. House remains a narrow, caustic nerd unable to show any affection for anyone. I find him to be a pathetic waste of space. Therefore, in their creative desperation, the writers choose to bring in sideshows. You have freaks brought in to be cured by the misanthropic genius. First the dwarf... then the Gypsy... and then I picked the DVDs up and threw them all in the garbage can. I did not enjoy this portrayal of sado-masochistic relationships, and in my judgment, not many other people will, either. This show is doomed, and I doubt there will be many more seasons. The writers have run out of gas. This happened with "Six Feet Under" after season two as well.
  • crap, and cliched

    i think that hugh laurie could have done better than this. he is a good actor and deserves to be on a better show. seriously lacks some originality in terms of plots. charcters are ok, particularly house, but even he needs some fine-tuning. hate jesse spencer. seriosuly bring back real drama
  • 1.5

    Shock and awe only go so far and I had my limit about 2 seasons ago. I kept hoping for something to change but the show seemed to go from bad to worse and I'm not going to watch it this season. Don't know why the character turnover rate is so HUGE...other better shows to occupy my spare time this season.

  • Dr House

    House is a brilliant doctor with a knack for figuring out what is wrong with a patient who other doctors have either given up on or pronounce well. He uses his "team' to help him figure out the symptoms and what they mean, BUT he treats his team as if they were dirt and never ceases to put them down.

    He is a non caring drug addict who not only uses prescription drugs but also snorts cocaine when he thinks he needs it.

    He not only has a lousy bedside manner but shows and feels no kindness to patients or his fellow doctors.
  • I loved this show, until this season's finale,

    I loved this show, until this season's finale, we are now to believe the three doc's under house have left the show, House has become so much of a jerk, to a degree that it's not worth waiting for the rare moments of caring and concern, now that the other three have left my Tuesdays at 9pm will be free from the torture of the house character.
  • Dr. House is apparently the greatest living physician known to man. Unfortunately for you the viewer, he saves unsavable patients, and everyone tells him he is doing it wrong. Exciting.

    This is the worst show on television, and I will list why:

    Dr. House, is an awful actor.

    The special cases he treats have all the inventiveness of American Cheese. "Oh no, this guy may be infected with "class" get him out of here before he infects the show!"

    What's worse, being sick and surrounded by doctors who can't help you, or paying them? House amps up this equation to, being sick and surrounded by doctors who almost kill you 2 or 3 times before they save your life.

    Just simply the worst show, ever. Not one good thing to type about it.
  • Please, please, please fix the writing!

    I LOVED this show until the past few episodes. House\'s sarcasm has always been funny, but now he\'s brutally mean and I\'m learning to hate him! I beg of you to get rid of the cop ASAP and ditch the story!
    Still like all the other characters, but with House our main lead, he\'s driving me crazy! I really don\'t want to give up the show, but I can only put up with a few more episodes of him like this.

    I want my old House back picking on his subordinates and playing jokes on Wilson & Cuddy! And, until this \"cop story\", his clinic hours had been my absolute favorite.
  • Things have changed a great deal from the last season Do not understand why ???

    I used to love the show, could not wait for a week.
    Went out a purchased the first two seasons.
    This year it is too tense, rude, and over the hill .. do not know what the purpose was but it has totally ruined a good show

    Discussed this with people I work with and they think it has gotten too dark. They have changed channels and are now watching something else

    If this does not turn around soon, I am going to switch channels also

    I am so curious how the general public will respond to this show. For now so long !!
  • Dysfunction at it's worst!

    I faithfully watched the first 3 seasons of House. At first I thought it was great show. Very funny, even endearing. I loved to see House and team diagnosing the almost unsolvable medical conditions. House is a brilliant doctor who is downright mean to everyone he meets, patients & colleagues alike. However, in time House's extreme dysfunction became difficult to bear. He went from funny to sad. Sad because House is just plain mean. Mean/funny is like Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. She is mean, but often displays real compassion and a desire for love. On the other hand, House is incapable of having any kind of decent relationship. He delights in spewing his meanness on the world. In time, the show's character development left me wanting for more. After being a devoted viewer for 3 seasons, I unplugged House for good. There are better shows out there. I won't waste any more time on this one.
  • How do you spell vomitous bile

    Not since Airborne has an episode of house been so horribly wrong. This episode eroded away some of the goodwill that I have invested in this show. Thankfully though the good in house far outweighes the bad.

    Anyway - onto the episode itself.

    ROFLMAO .. do the writers actually think we are idiots - lets just suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that a baby (presumed dead) and born in a squat and covered in a coat will spontaneusly burst into life the moment the mother leaves the room.

    Also the whole virgin birth thing. House is presumably smart. We have all seen lately the farce that is the pregnant man on Oprah of late. Virgin birth - ok thats 1minute before the mother is on the phone seeking 3 million dollars from oprah .. 5 minutes later a 2nd opinion is sought and 3 minutes after that the legal team start litigation. On top of that House would be under investigation from the medical board. FMD. PS .. i did like the inhaler woman and the look on his face when she sprayed up.

    Anyway .. maybe the writers left for Christmas a week early and Dr Buffer wrote the script on this one.

    Also - 13 and foreman .. pffft ... House and Kutner would be more believable.

    Anyway ... dross this week but still looking forward to the next one.
  • House and the team treat a patient with genetic mosaicism; meanwhile, House goes on methadone with serious consequences.

    I was not very impressed with this episode of House. The risks of methadone were EXTREMELY overplayed, for the following reasons:

    1) Methadone should NEVER cause respiratory arrest if the dose is safe. House has already been on high doses of opioids (Vicodin) so even a high dose of methadone is likely to be safe for him.

    2) Methadone should only be prescribed by a doctor who is specially licensed to do so and trained to manage chronic pain. If House had been listening to his doctor and taking his pain medication appropriately, nothing should have happened.

    3) Methadone can have potentially serious side effects, it is true. Having said that, this is why you start methadone at a low dose and titrate up, and why you also get an ECG prior to and periodically during treatment with methadone. It's also why House needed to make sure any doctor he saw was aware he was taking methadone so potentially serious drug interactions could be avoided.

    All in all, methadone is actually a very safe drug when used appropriately. Also, once you have stabilized the appropriate dose for the patient, there is no risk of cognitive impairment, so it would have been very safe for House to continue on methadone and still work at the hospital. There are Class 1 semi drivers who take opioids and are safe to work.
  • A doctor who works in a hospital and people around him doubt him.

    What is this junk? I was watching it the other day and I had to fall asleep. The crazy doctor, who has a secretary who believes in him, and austrailian show-off, and two other quiet doctors. Yawn! If you want a more intriguing show then you should not watch this. I would prefer a different show anyday.
  • Not a Fan

    I've watched the show for a long while till I finally came to the realization this show condones immorality and infidelity if conditions are met. Conditions usually being a fight, medical condition, or boredom. I understand it is a show, but everyone initiating malpractice at one point or another makes it completely unbelieveable that all these ppl arent in jail yet, taking me completely out of the show. And House's attitude was good for one season of entertainment, when everyone started revolving their lives around "why" he's such a douche bag, makes me roll my eyes in the back of my head, thinking aloud... why do you all care, why? are your lives not interesting enough to ignore him? I promise you, if you ignore him, he'll stop being a jerk. This show is for the dimwitted, jerry springer watching masses who enjoy conflicts between people as a story telling device, rather than a good story itself. Every other episode, someone, either the staff or the patients is cheating on their spouse, or girlfriend/boyfriend and tone of such infidelity is meh, it's sex, and Im bored with who Im with- why not ride a different train for a while... with a little amount of guilt if any, and usually no repercussions, except one episode where a woman cheated on her husband, got a disease from it, rather die than let her husband know, but eventually did tell him through nonverbal means. But even then, he left, no biggy, since it implied, the person who she cheated with will be there for her, and the doctors seemed to look at the husband with a sort of disgust that he wouldn't stay with her after she cheated on him. This show lacks any morality, end justify the means in most cases, and promotes infidelity. Why this show is so popular? I can only think of two reasons, both not being very flattering towards the fans.
  • Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is devoid of bedside manner and wouldn't even talk to his patients if he could get away with it.

    Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is devoid of bedside manner and wouldn't even talk to his patients if he could get away with it. ok i don't like this show at all...the guy is completely arrogant about everything adn always thinks he's right...he ignores the patient's needs to prove a point...i tried watching this show three times...i watched one night for five minutes and i didn't like the doctor's attitude..i tried another night for five minutes and the same thing...i'm watching it again tonight and i still can't stand it...not even five minutes into the show, house started out arrogant again and kept doing it through the whole episode...i will not be a normal viewer
  • Well, maybe its already at the bottom of the hill.

    This is a show that I started watching in its first season. House's jokes were funny and his relationship with everyone was awkward. I loved how blunt he was with everyone he came in contact with and wished, at my job, I could be that way.
    The sad thing is, this show never changed. Characters never evolved. The show followed the same pattern every week - person gets sick, the doctors almost kill the patient trying to save them, the patient gets better just before the end of the hour.
    House is still addicted to pain killers, he still is a complete jerk, and everyone still lets him get away with everything because he's a genius. I can't even watch the show anymore. Its just gotten too boring.
  • House, the most original show in the world. It's just another hospital drama following in the footsteps of Grey's Anatomy and ER, buy it's got a grumpy old man, how fun! NOT. Another Great Review Brought To You By "The Painful Truth Review

    I don't see what the big deal is about this show? I know a lot of girls love to drool over Doctor House, but he really isn't that funny. All he does he complain about things, how old he is, and how messed up his life is. With the characters aside the show isn't anything different than any other hospital show. It's merely unoriginal. And the characters I think are incredibly boring. When the silly writers run out of storylines they make House's leg hurt again, and they turn that into a whole episode with a patient on the side. And don't get me started about his drug addiction. How made this guy a doctor?!T he show is needless, the last thing we need is another hospital drama, specially one that is worse than the rest, please if you must watch a hospital drama stick to Grey's Anatomy!

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  • The Finale

    What crazy person wrote the ending of this show? From the start of House he has been going through with drugs, relationships, and everything else. At the end you could have allowed him to see some happiness, redemption, love, and a peace of mind. Life has enough craziness and trouble we don't need to see it on tv. Thanks for the disappointment!
  • This was my least favorite episode because of the direction that Thirteen's character is heading.

    This was my least favorite episode of House. I think Thirteen's character is heading in a dangerous direction. It's sad that Chase's role has diministed to just a moment here and there....and Cameron's too. The dynamic between Wilson and House continues to make this program fun to watch. House is my absolute favorite TV series. Is there any chance that Chase and Cameron's roles can be increased? I hope this series runs for many more seasons!! My husband has started watching with me and he thinks House is the best. He likes the direction that House's mind wanders, I think most men do.
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