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  • house of God

    I like to thank the House productions on the TV series

    Watching the show was like a new home for me inside living my heart as my heart went out to the sick patients. As I watched the pregnant woman trying to battle to save her child that build a hope inside me;mother feelings and Cuddy's pesrsistence created faith that the fetus can be rescued. The episode where the young teenager struggled with a growth hormone I felt like she was my own daughter

    suffering and erasing all the biases and prejudices and always be fantastic because she is. I started watching house and studying the episodes renting them at a local library to complete essays and research papers in University more emphasis on the collective consciousness in sociology where House Tv series helped really help me up to this day have not only a good understanding of the concept but a more in depth understanding of the analysis of the concept and helped also explore amore intellectual, compassionate and reach a spiritual realm
  • Chase TV show

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an episode in which House discovers that Chase has been acting in some Australian TV show as kind of "adventurer" and mock him of course. Do you remember that? I think it was in 6th or 7h season cause I'm convinced that Taub was already there...
  • request

    Season 9 pls

  • House !!

    Last 2 seasons were not as good as previous seasons, but House is still one of the greatest shows ever. Beautiful writing and acting together.
  • I want House to live in my house!

    Gregory "House" is my hands down favorite series. It used to be Seinfeld and before that Mash. Neither can hold a candle. Nothing pissed me off more than talking heads from our White House canceling or interrupting "House"!!!!!
  • Thank you NETFLIX!!

    I LOVED LOVED this show. It was one of the BEST shows to ever come on tv. The cases were great and the cast was PERFECT except for OMAR EPPS, I can't stand his buggy eyes. I was shocked to see this show end. Thank you Netflix for allowing me to start the awesomeness that HOUSE all over again.

  • Amazing Show

    This is by far one of the doctor shows I have ever seen. They`re so many things i loved about it. The score, the plot, the charcters above all the main character of house. He`s a depressed man who makes the funniest jokes and is a genuis. My problems are small sometimes they bring in a character that has bad acting or just doesn`t make sense. Also the show feels repetive they do mostly the same things. But what makes it great still is that they change it up becuase every character has a agenda.
  • Good Ole House

    The show was great! I loved the humor. The cruel humor that is our very own House. Too bad it had to end, but it just had to. This show had a good run and is definitely worth every minute.
  • Il dramma per eccellenza.

    Dopo 8 stagioni questa serie ha avuto una conclusione coi fiocchi,una serie che inizia bene e continua ancora meglio,fino al finale della serie,che stato uno dei pi belli al quale io abbia mai assistito.
  • House without Cuddy is a bore!!

    The final season is a little disappointing....
  • 221 Baker St apt B

    Elementary Wilson! I finally found the evidence for the Sherlock Holmes connection. In Two Stories episode the principal asks for Houses drivers licence and the address reads 221 Baker St Apt. B . Now I am interested to know if there were other clues ( like the B on his apartment building ) or the street number. Please reincarnate, or reboot, this story
  • House - The Best!

    I cried When i knew it was ending :'( It had a lil' bit of everything,loved it to death!
  • Jennifer Morrison?

    I have watch House MD for years, and own on the DVD on the shows. Why in some shows does Jennifer Morrison look like like an old lady of 50 plus and in many she looks like a 20 year old.

    The many shows here face to thin and make up good, in a few she is very heavy face and super white make up.

    Was a stand in used and Jennifer voice added
  • Game dr house

    My friends! Go game
  • Great

    House is easily one of the best shows on tv. Great actors, Great story, and Great ending. I'm sad to see this show go. It will be missed
  • Miss you

    So much. My darling... (running away to marathone it all over again)
  • House

    One of my favorite to-do things for 8 years long was to watch House every week. This show is definitely worth the watch, and it will forever leave an imprint on you. Hugh Laurie and every other cast member was superb in this and this show and its cast will be missed greatly.
  • It's still not Lupus !

    Great Show !!! The first 3 seasons were nothing like anything else.
  • House

    Best show ever!!!
  • Amazing

    Few years back, I started watching this tv-series. Quite frankly, I was captivated by it. Great actors, amazing plot, and even better finish. I was quite sad when the show ended, but to me, that was ok. You gotta know when to stop, don't ya?

    House Will Be Missed BUT AWESOME ENDING
  • Brilliant

    House has got to be one of my favourite series. Hugh Laurie (a brilliant actor) stars as the main character, House, who is a foul tempered and grumpy doctor that goes around insulting everyone. Each episode of House that I've watched captured my imagination and it's a shame that the series had to come to an end.
  • Wonderful, One of the kind series!!!!

    Just like Seinfeld and Friends are at the top of comedy shows, House is at the very top of his category, even though it's hard to categorise it!!! Wonderful!!!!!!
  • Season 8 is the greatest!

    Just got my DVD copy of season 8. I worked night so, only get to see House on DVDs or reruns. I have watched all seasons many times. And, after watching season 8, I totally love it and the new cast members. Sad, this is the last season.

    The cast worked together better and no one in love relationship to take away from the show.

  • Awesome show

    I've gotta admit, I found this show quite by accident 4-5 years ago, and while it wasn't a show that I usually watch(it being a medical drama and all) I got hooked, simply because it had one of the coolest and most awesome characters I've ever seen.. Gregory House is the single badass character that litterally is being badass by his words rather than actions even though his actions are equally badass.. And let's face it this show would be an average at best where it not for his character and Hugh Laurie played him to perfection. Awesome show, too bad it ended but I guess it's better that way than mindless prolonging of it simply because we want more of house, and honestly he is the reason why most of the people watched the show
  • House

    Hugh Laurie is a mastermind , his show can relate to (almost) any audience. Not many shows can pull that off. House is up there with best of it's era, but there is only so many times you can show someone in an MRI or getting an LP. I think they could've done better then House and Wilson riding off into the sunset for the Finale. Replying to a post someone said "At the end you could have allowed him to see some happiness, redemption, love, and a peace of mind." To answer your question they didnt because then it wouldn't be House , they'd have to change the name to Grey's Anatomy. House is such a great show, sorry to see it go.
  • Everybody... Cried?

    One of the greatest Shows I have ever seen finally came to an end but I felt something different. It was a feeling like eating nachos without cheese or something like that.

    Really, Who felt a real closure?

    House is "Dead", Chase now is running the Department, Wilson is just waiting to say goodbye and the most important question: Where was Cuddy?

  • A Great Series with a Wonderful Lead

    Hugh Laurie was the perfect choice for Gregory House, who throughout the series played the role impeccably. His personality was definitely polarizing. I thought his personality was appropriate, considering what he went through and how intelligent he was. It was good to see Robert Sean Leonard as James Wilson, since he is a great classic actor who we haven't seen much since the 90s. Wilson was the perfect character to have as House's friend. Lisa Edelstein as Lisa Cuddy was a great counterpart to House. At the beginning she didn't quite fit in her role, but later developed perfectly into who Cuddy should be, a strong female lead who could stand up to House in a scene. It was unfortunate that she wasn't in the finale.

    Omar Epps was good Eric Forman, House's protge who was an understated character throughout the series. Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison, Chase and Cameron were a good supporting cast that fit their roles very well. The rest of the actors that played doctors, House's support staff also did well, especially Thirteen, Taub, and Amber.

    The cases were a combination of medical mysteries and detective work, which made for exciting episodes every week. I thoroughly enjoyed the series even though I couldn't understand much of the medical jargon. House ended how it was supposed to end and I loved how Wilson was included in the plan. I really enjoyed watching "House", after 8 seasons it was a good time to end the show.

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