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  • This show is my jam!

    The first thing I noticed about 'House' was the incredibly cheesy and outdated Massive Attack song that accompanies the opening credits. Susie (my ever-present TV viewing companion) and I sing along with gusto. The second thing I noticed was the fact that I'd been watching the show each Tuesday evening for 3 weeks, and that I had become accidentally addicted.
    'House' is a pretty good show. It doesn't have the heart-dropping intensity that 'ER' boasted in its glory days, but I like the mysterious conditions that are showcased in each episode. I am generally fascinated by medical anomalies, so I'm glad to learn about a new one each week. I also fall for everything the writers want me to. I am supposed to be attracted to the gruff, sarcastic Dr. House, and I can't deny that I am. I should want him to sleep with the cute young Dr. Cameron, and I can't wait for that magical night to arrive. I root for the interns, hate on the oppressors, and sympathize with the patients. It works.
    My gross and loveable friend Petey (scabs, tattoos, questionable hygiene and all) brought up 'House' the last time I ran into him at a concert. Petey admitted that he absolutely loves the show, and we spent a good 20 minutes standing on the sidewalk and discussing its virtues. Then we went inside to hear DMBQ, a really great psych-rock freakout band from Japan. Look them up.
  • House is the answer for those of us who are interested in medical shows, but find E.R. too depressing.

    I fell into the House trap after being led into the show by American Idol. I assumed it was an E.R. clone, but the show caught me a little off-guard; not only was it not depressing, it was centered around a misanthropic cripple. The premise is interesting enough--each episode centers around a single medical mystery, with some romance and comedy thrown in for filler--but what makes the show entertaining is the interactions between the main character and... and pretty much everyone else. No matter who they are or what the situation is, House says all the things you wish you could say--and he gets away with it because he's a medical genius. There is a softer side to the doctor, but I for one hope the writers of the show keep it covered up as long as possible. Uninhibited, crabby, insulting, blunt far beyond the point of rudeness, Dr. House is a uniquely entertaining character on a great new show.
  • Love this gang!

    This show is awesome! Can't get enough of House and his team! The season finale set me over the edge, and I can't wait for Sela Ward to join the staff full time! Once she does, it will become an even BETTER show. This is a case of a show that takes great stories and has matched them with good actors, relatively unknown ones, that have great synergy.
  • This show is about a team of 4 doctors, who save people's lives when other doctors can't figure out why they cannot do the same job. With original and sarcastic humor, plus cutting-edge drama, this show will sends a message of how real and how funny the r

    This show is on my all time favorites list. I will probably end up getting all the DVDs then showing this show to my kids when they are my age. I have never been so attatched to a show that I am this one. It is hilarious, Dr. House is amazingly sexy (wink) and it also keeps me at the age of my seat whenever I watch it, and that just keeps me wanting to watch this amazing drama.
  • Keep the show coming...too many silly reality shows on these days..need more serious dramas that keep you thinking and interested. Keep Dr. House involved with his co-workers, and ex-wife to give the show more personality...not just another medical show.

    I love Dr. House...definately a man with a mind of his own...very original and to the point. Good idea to bring wife into the picture for more interaction within the players. Also like the idea of hard to diagnose illnesses...keeps you on the edge to find out what the problem is.
  • House faces on the eccentric doctor Gregory House and his life with three neurologists at a New Jersey hospital. Their daily cases usually deal with brain and cancer incidents, though some are exceptions. Recently, personal lives have become an important

    House faces on Dr. Gregory House, an eccentric, cane-baring doctor whose past reflects his acts. He works with three neurologists: Dr. Cameron, Dr. Chase, and Dr. Foreman. It also faces on his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy and the only friend who actually stands by him, Dr. John Wilson.

    House is very eccentric, and despite his attitude, turns out to solve most of the mysterious medical mysteries that surround his hospital. In recent episodes, they have turned personal. For example, House's ex comes to ask for help near the season finale & House and another House-cast member even try a relationship. But, everything is great.

    The great thing about this show is it is not an ER/Chicago Hope rip-off. It has ER elements such as the whole medical cases and such, yet it has the personal elements of Grey's Anatomy. That is what makes it so brilliant. Of course, I wouldn't of watched it if it didn't follow American Idol, but there's always a first time.
  • This is the only show I watch religiously. I finally have a reason to use my DVR unit.

    I caught this shows first episode and have seen every one since then. Hugh Laurie is great as House M.D., and you'd never know he was a Brit from his performance on the show. Not a hint of his native accent is apparent. The writing is fresh, and suprising, and unpredictable. All the things that make for great TV. And I agree whole-heartedly with another reviewer; it is a great show for those of us who like Medical Mysteries/Dramas but are too depressed by ER.

    The supporting cast is equally brilliant and imminently watchable.

    This show manages to range from comedy, drama, and thriller while infusing it all with a good dose of irreverence and political incorrectness that is refreshing in todays world of sterile, homogenized TV writing.

    I just hope it catches on like a brushfire, because shows this good don't usually stay around very long.

    I applaud FOX on this one!

    HOUSE is a winner!
  • plain awsome

    house is an awsome show it has one of the most awsome characters ive seen in a show and each episode is fun to watch and its actually funny and not all serious and its very smart each episode feels like a movie done right and a very addictive show
  • The show grows on you. At first I thought it was nothing special until I got into the characters.

    This new show, in my opinion, is a breath of fresh air. It seamlessly blends drama, comedy, and science all into one.

    When I first started watching this show, I didn't find anything especially ground breaking about it. Honestly it came off as repetitive in the beginning of the series; person falls ill, team of doctors must find out whats wrong, their first assumption is inaccurate, doctor pushes for the absurd idea, absurd idea cures patient. Rinse, repeat.

    However, like all great shows, the characters become the integral hook that keeps you coming back for more. We suddenly start to realize why Dr. House comes off as an "arrogant, self-centred asshole". We see the interactions between the team of doctors and how it can effect their work. Emotions fly, but that must be seperated from curing the patient.

    The show works because it can easily move from making you feel as if you're almost about to cry to laughing out loud in seconds.
  • good, strong start

    just seen the first episode in the uk, and really enjoyed it. Hugh Lawrie is gr8 and the main guy, funny and at the same time serious.

    looking forward to Thursday now to see the next episode. all the signs are there that this could be a cracking series.

    lets hope it stays on track!
  • I love this show, pure and simple !

    As a Brit, I've grown up watching Hugh Laurie play stereotypical english characters in Blackadder and in his comedy partnership with Stephen Fry, so it's slightly disconcerting to hear him with an american accent !

    The show is incredibly well written with great humour - whoever said "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" hasn't met Dr Gregory House.
  • its bout doctors who hav patiences w/ unusual cases.

    this show is good. it has exciting cases and thrilling is funny (sometimes) too. the only reason i didnt put a 10 on this show is because im not as passionate about it as other shows, and it has blood and organs and stuff that freak me out.
  • I adore this man.

    If only more shows were like 'House'. Then I could be content going about my business in the knowledge that television did not suck as much as it used to. Unfortunatly this is not the case, with the exception of the cranky yet charming Dr. House. I really enjoyed the interplay of the characters in this episode & I also like the fact that more of House's past is somewhat explained. I just hope that they don't reveal too much at once.
  • House is good because the story is interesting and each time the story is different. He proves to people he is only human and not a very nice one to be exact. He is not a trusting man but he is trustworthy. And, he speaks his mind.

    This man is rude, mean, truthful, not unreal. He knows the medical field inside and out. And he tries to pull out all the stops when it comes to finding cures for the ailing people. I like the storylines in this show. Nothing has been overdone, or underdone. It is unique.
  • House is already a classic in my mind. I will watch this show all the time when it hits syndication or DVD. The best show of this season.

    Top notch acting, writing and directing.
    The only new show I watch.
    Hugh Laurie is an excellent actor handling
    a complex character. The supporting actors are
    superb as well. The introduction of
    House\' former love gave us some much needed
    background on his character.
    I can\'t wait until fall to find out what
    happens next to our cranky Doctor and his
    merry band of Diagnosticians.
  • A little formulaic but well worth watching.

    Although at times this is a little formulaic (patient comes in with unknown illness, House and team start treatment, patient almost dies, try a different treatment, patient still not better, find right treatment, rinse, repeat) there is a lot more here away from the "central" story line to keep you interested. In fact the treatment side of the show really isn't the main story line/attraction

    Being use to Hugh Laurie more as a comedy actor (A Little Fry and Laurie, Black Adder) this is a completely different side to his career, and he eases into the gruff/moody role with ease. There is some comic genius on display here (some of the throw away lines are delivered as only a true comic can, and the General Hospital addiction is amusing).

    Better than the older ER episodes and destined to become a classic if it isn't already.

  • Yeah, I never liked these E.R Medical shows.. until House came onlong.

    Well don't get me wrong, the show Scrubs has some pretty good content. You also got the A-hole doctors making insults every 4 mintues.. But house brings this to a new level. It is kind of like CSI but the idea is for the living. Without Dr. House, this show would be another mundane show that FOX tried to shove down our necks. (FOX has lots of lame shows). You may need to force yourself to watch it, but once you do you will be hooked.
  • This is probably on of the best medical shows I have ever wathched!! It's dramatic, funny, and interesting. You also get involved in the characters lives.

    I absolutely love House. The characters are amazing and have their own distinct personalities and characteristics which make the show so great. My all time favourite episode was the one before the season finale-just the layout of the stories was fantastic, and you finally found out more about the mysterious Dr. House. The show can be really suspensful at times, but not as bad as some other medical shows which go over the top in drama. House has a great balance of humour, emotion, and drama. It looks at the characters through the way they interact with their patients and they way they react. I can not say enough good things about this is simply astounding.
  • One of the best programs I have ever watched, combining medical drama with black comedy (as in funny but not a comedy). Hugh Laurie plays a misserable department head of diagnostic medicine who solves cases other doctors cannot work out. Extremely enjoyab

    One of the best programs I have ever watched, combining medical drama with black comedy (as in funny but not a comedy). Hugh Laurie plays a misserable department head of diagnostic medicine who solves cases other doctors cannot work out. Extremely enjoyable and addictive. I live in england and the program was first aired on terestrial tv on June 2nd 2005, over 6 months behind the U.S., it was aired earlier on cable, however being a student, I do not have access to the wonders of cable and satalite television. Unfortuantely the program has not been as much of a success as it could have been as it is competing with Big Brother, possibly the highest rated program on television, appealing to the weak minded who love to spy on other peoples lives; so effectively everybody. In conclusion, for a pick me up to your attitude on life watch House, you won't regret it. Ten out of ten!
  • Have you ever seen anything as half as cool as this show? ... Didn't think so.

    When my Honors Geometry teacher announced to our class halfway through the season that House was the best show EVER, I didn't know what to think. I had seen the ads for it and thought it was pretty cool, but I hadn't gotten around to seeing it. So that Tuesday I tuned in...and fell in love with the best show EVER.

    ;D From then on, whenever our Geometry class wanted to get out of a quiz or test - we'd just mention House and spend the rest of the class talking about the awesome-ness of this show.

    The show is wonderful. It's smart. It's CLEVER. It keeps you on the edge of your seat! I, for one, have 'solved the mystery' only once or twice before the episode ended.

    House is an amazing character. He himself is a mystery to solve - and I've yet to crack this one, too! He's such a wonderful character, and it's rare to see characters like him. Hugh does an excellent job portraying him.

    And of course, like always with me, I'm drawn to the potential romances in the series. Who is House's potential love interest? Yet another mystery to be solved.

    This show is just too wonderful. Sometimes after an episode I'm just left mesmerized by the awesomnosity. It's such a great show, and if it continues to grow as it has been, season 2 should just be mind-numbing!
  • Very good show

    This Show is one of my favroite on Fox tv I really enjoy it and its a good show.. I recomend it to people.Its great and the actors in the show play good roles.WHo ever does not watch this show..well You guys really suck.. but I recomend it to many.. Its dope!
  • House is a wonderful show that isn't boring like ER, this is a combination of medical science and mystery.

    House is a wonderful show that isn't boring like ER, this is a combination of medical science and mystery. House is a stubborn person but he is always so knowing and stands his ground even when the whole staff disagrees or doesn't believe him. He follows through and no one can stop him. A few times he has a run-in with his boss or a few of his staff members. Dr.House sends off a stubborn and a keep-it-to-yourself tone but Lisa finds there is a deeper meaning to him. I hope House keeps on running because it is an excellent show full of things we don't even know we are learning!I love the mysteries behind it and ER can't compare!
  • Great show

    I love this show more then I love the stuff on MTV now. I wish that house would get with camron though. I think that it would be cute. and we never did hear too much on foreman and the girl that he went out with. I can't wait for the 2 nd season to come out.
  • A show about a sarcastic doctor you cant help but love. He always helps but it takes him a few guesses.

    This is the most exciting sho I have ever watched and I never miss it. I cant wait for it to come out on DVD. Everyones character is so well rounded. Chase and the fact he used to be in seminary. Cameron and the loss of a child. House has the capacity to love b ut he thinks it makes him weak because it messed up for him the last time. Cameron thinks that if she loves House she can change him. House is very caring but it is hard to see. He has an odd way of showing that. He does have one friend that sees that side of him. I am REALLY glade Vogular is off of the show and they brought Cameron back.
  • House is my favorite show of all time! Hugh Laurie does an amazing job portraying Dr. House. All of the other actors and actresses also portray their characters perfectly. I hope that this show stays on TV for a very long time.

    House is the best show on TV! I love medical mysteries, and this show keeps me guessing. I think that all of the actors and actresses are perfect fits for their roles. House is so sarcastic, you can\'t help but love him! I hope that this show stays on the air for a long time!
  • You'll laugh, you'll cry....

    House is a breath of fresh air. Its a comedy and a drama all wrapped up into one. Its not your typical medical show. It shows the many different sides to doctors. The actiing is wonderful as well as the story lines. The cast work extremely well together. They combine serious issues with just the right amount of humor to make you come back week after week. It shows terrific reactions from the stars as well as the guest stars. The show is open to countless number of ideas for episodes. And every episode has some eliment of surprise to it.
  • Instantly addictive! Hugh Laurie is the secret of the show. His incredibly dry humor and beautiful blue eyes, draw the fans in like flies to a zapper;) A must see for sure!

    When I first saw House, I immediately loved it, but feared adding another television show to my growing list. I would watch it every other week and feel the same each week. When my other shows went on hiatus, House was there with its thrilling storylines and dry humor;) House is here to stay, good-bye ER;)
  • House works well because it's operating on three levels at once: mystery, drama, and comedy. And with a great performance by Hugh Laurie the result is a fantastic show worth watching every week.

    Thank God American Idol brought this thing into the spotlight. I'd been watching since the pilot and was instantly captivated. Not so much with the medical mysteries but with the character of Dr. House.

    It's brave for a show like this to make its lead character into such an unlikeable person on the surface. House is a man that, from how he talks to his patients, is easy to hate. But Laurie's performance was so remarkable that he managed to make us feel compassion for House.

    House is lonely and bitter about his injury. And despite his poor attitude much of the time, he cares deeply about saving the lives of his patients.

    The plotline with the greedy chairman of the board was unpopular with some of the fans but it was a temporary plotline and by the end of the season, House was back on track.

    Check this show out if you haven't already. It's great all around. It works on a lot of levels.
  • Having read many of the reviews - good, bad and ugly about Fox's new medical drama - I decided to weigh in on House.

    I must admit I started watching this show based on the commercials shown before the start of the show. I was taken in by Mr. Laurie's enigmatic stare. I am so glad I started watching.

    While I am not a 100% lover - there have been scenarios that I could do without. Chi McBride is the biggest one. Making Dr. Cameron sappy in 4 episodes was not attractive either. Of course I'm not sure if Tom Cruise didn't use her behavior as his dating guide for Katie Holmes. I've never been a big Sela Ward fan, but almost all of us can admit to dating someone severely flawed in their past or present.

    This is a great show if you remember it is that - a fictional show. There are so many boards that grind it down for medical goofs, etc. Most of us wouldn't recognize them. Viewers should remember not to use it as a personal medical guide and just enjoy it for the actors.

    The dynamic, yet flawed relationships between the characters are true to life. The friendships are not perfect, the people are not perfect. The characters have both really good and bad sides, making them believable and entertaining. If you are not a fan of sharp sarcasm, then stay away from House. If you enjoy hearing the truth, no matter how painful, give House a try.

  • House is a brilliant new twist on an old favorite: the hospital docu-drama. Instead of soap-operaesque writing and characterization, however, and the usual lack of wit, House (the character himself) brings to life the ego-mania that is modern medicine.

    What originally turned me to House was the recommendation that it was a new, exciting hospital drama. Skeptical, but a huge fan of Scrubs, I entertained the notion and watched episode 10. After very little time, I was hooked by Dr. House's abbrasive personality; his intensity, as well as his dry humor, breathe life into an otherwise overdone docu-drama style prime time show. House isn't the only important draw, however, as the rest of the characterization, from Cameron's quirky infatuation to Foreman's undercurrent of racism, complements House's own blunt abrasiveness. Already a fan of Dr. Cox on Scrubs, Dr. House seemed the logical extension into the realm of serious drama. As such, House has become a staple of my weekly TV. The medicine and science provide a steady, interesting background on which the characters can play out their twisted interactions, making for exciting TV, which has continually improved through the development of the first season. I look forward to further improvements beginning next season, as the writers settle into the framework they've cast more comfortably.
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