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  • Dr. House, played by Hugh Laurie,is an overbearing, ego maniacal,rectal cavity that refuses to demonstrate any human emotion.House is a show that has past its pinnacle of greatness and should now bow out gracefully.If you've seen one,you've seen them all.

    This is the story of an overbearing doctor with unlimited knowledge to assess and diagnose the most bizarre medical malformations that the medical profession has to muster his way. Dr.House played by Hugh Laurie is a pill popping, wise cracking, rectal cavity, know it all, that refuses to be nice to anyone.The rest of the hospital staff and the public for that matter don't know if they should take his attitude as pure brilliance or attribute it to his lonely self promoting arrogant ego. My money is on the latter. House is able to solve every known medical mystery acknowledged by man and then some.
  • House, the most original show in the world. It's just another hospital drama following in the footsteps of Grey's Anatomy and ER, buy it's got a grumpy old man, how fun! NOT. Another Great Review Brought To You By "The Painful Truth Review

    I don't see what the big deal is about this show? I know a lot of girls love to drool over Doctor House, but he really isn't that funny. All he does he complain about things, how old he is, and how messed up his life is. With the characters aside the show isn't anything different than any other hospital show. It's merely unoriginal. And the characters I think are incredibly boring. When the silly writers run out of storylines they make House's leg hurt again, and they turn that into a whole episode with a patient on the side. And don't get me started about his drug addiction. How made this guy a doctor?!T he show is needless, the last thing we need is another hospital drama, specially one that is worse than the rest, please if you must watch a hospital drama stick to Grey's Anatomy!

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  • The Worst tv series i ever seen

    The New Season Is Awful. House continues to be one of the Worst dramas ever on TV.
    The writers have notched the tension up to the screaming point, which they probably think is a good thing. There's a mantra among writers these days that Conflict is Everything. No conflict, no story. Oh yeah? There are such things as comedy, love, friendship and affection, but you won't find any of those elements ever portrayed in this season of House. Instead what you will find is hostility, hatred masquerading as wit, shouting, screaming, insults. The writers have run out of ideas. They don't know what to do with their characters. House cannot love anybody and cannot grow. There's no love interest. House remains a narrow, caustic nerd unable to show any affection for anyone. I find him to be a pathetic waste of space. Therefore, in their creative desperation, the writers choose to bring in sideshows. You have freaks brought in to be cured by the misanthropic genius. First the dwarf... then the Gypsy... and then I picked the DVDs up and threw them all in the garbage can. I did not enjoy this portrayal of sado-masochistic relationships, and in my judgment, not many other people will, either. This show is doomed, and I doubt there will be many more seasons. The writers have run out of gas. This happened with "Six Feet Under" after season two as well.
  • I think it's not amusing.

    I tried to watch this show over and over but I never liked it. It was so boring and I really don't get it. Why do people love this show ? ? ? I really trier and tried to watch it but I was unsuccessful . Except it was boring , the characters are bad . I don't like them . The show is not funny , imaginative and it is unoriginal . We have 100000000 shows about doctors and medical institutions and I didn't love any of them . For example , I never loved ER or Grey's Anatomy. GA was ok but not so good. All things considered , I don't like this show at all !
  • eh its ok ,I dont really like it ,overrated

    Gregory House is a doctor who thinks every patient in his hospital is a faker. The characters on this show are pretty bland except house who is ok sometimes. House is a jerk to his patients whether they are faking or not but he usually finds out what is wrong with them before its over with. I got sick of the characters pretty early on. The only reason I watched this is beause my mom does. It is very repetitive. I wish people would stop talking about this show he is a jerk big whoop there are millions of jerks in real life. This show isnt awful its just not that good.
  • You have to be kidding

    House as a character is complicated and fascinating. House as a doctor is incompetent. The only ones more incompetent are the doctors on his "team" If I practiced the way House does I would have multiple lawsuits for malpractice and the state would have taken away my license.

    The patients are not complicated on this show. They are straight out of the board exams for most specialties. No one seems to talk to the patient to find out what is really going on. If I went to a patients home without their permission, thats called breaking and entering. My higher intentions wouldn't count for much. In last nights episode a child develop DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis. For a child, or adult, to become comatose from DKA while in the hospital is malpractice. I would refer the family to a good attorney. They must be a bunch of idiots in the hospital to miss DKA developing over days. What, no one noticed her blood sugar rising?

    Now, since when does a neurologist do an ERCP. Answer: never, not even on TV. Besides, where was the fluoroscopy, used the wrong scope, and, last but not least, put the patient in the correct position. The best thing I can say is, with the neurologist not wearing lead he will become sterile from the repeated exposure the xrays and not reproduce making more incompetent doctors.

    I'm done with this show.
  • Kutner offs himself. House withdraws into own misery. Thirteen reflects. Thirteen holds Foreman's hand. Wilson still doesn't think House is a heartless bastard. Cuddy empathizes. We (presumably) are supposed to care.

    Sad to say, but the last chance for resuscitating House is thoroughly behind us now. The Fridge has been decidedly Nuked, the Shark has been Jumped Over. The show was obviously in peril before this episode (to be blunt about it, the show's quality has been routinely chipped away since the season three finale), but I can honestly say I did not expect the show to take such a dramatic downturn. There is now practically no emphasis on the cases, and the "House psyche intrigue" is now simply annoying. The Huddy thing was interesting for about five seconds, and now the show runners are beating us over the head with it in some vain attempt to shock us into enjoying the program. The show was still watchable, but last week's Mos Def episode was so frustratingly mediocre that I had to stop watching it. I only showed up this time to see the Very Special Episode of the Fifth Season. Kutner was the easiest character to bump off, because he had the least effect on the painfully static House universe. Even up until the broadcast, I thought that there was some slim hope that the show might have some balls and kill off, say, Foreman. But, no. This is television--we cannot attempt to tamper with the formula. Sorry, House is over. Clean out your locker.
  • Dysfunction at it's worst!

    I faithfully watched the first 3 seasons of House. At first I thought it was great show. Very funny, even endearing. I loved to see House and team diagnosing the almost unsolvable medical conditions. House is a brilliant doctor who is downright mean to everyone he meets, patients & colleagues alike. However, in time House's extreme dysfunction became difficult to bear. He went from funny to sad. Sad because House is just plain mean. Mean/funny is like Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. She is mean, but often displays real compassion and a desire for love. On the other hand, House is incapable of having any kind of decent relationship. He delights in spewing his meanness on the world. In time, the show's character development left me wanting for more. After being a devoted viewer for 3 seasons, I unplugged House for good. There are better shows out there. I won't waste any more time on this one.
  • I'm not tuning in, I'm tuning out from now on.

    Joy To The World can be described in several ways, but I'm deciding to keep it PG. It seemed, like most HOUSE episodes, that it would actually be all right during the first scene, where we met the POTW, giving us the traditional beginning of HOUSE. Though, very soon this crumbled down and what was left was an episode that made me laugh out loud several times. What bothered me most was the constant presence of Cuddy, that before has been motivated by various things, but now it seemed that the only reason they had her there was to give House the opportunity to brood over her. They put her in the conference room with a sticker saying that she was there to care for the patient, when really she was only there to be House's love interest. This episode might have been better than a few these past two seasons, but that is not saying much. The script was painful, especially in the scene where they interrogated the students at the school, and when Cameron (former team member of House's team?) was concerned about the patient's well being. While I love these two characters, and I'm very bitter about the fact that they are pushed into the background, these two scenes made me throw up in my mouth. Bad, bad, bad script. Ridiculous. In the end of the episode I was only half listening to what was said, but it seems that Cuddy is finally getting her baby. Does this mean that she won't get excessive amount of screen time, or will they find a way to give her that, like they have with Chase and Cameron (note bitter sarcasm)? It was a cute scene, I have to admit, though I still don't see the point of underlining Cuddy's need for having a baby even more, since it has been shoved in our faces since "Joy". I do hope that the writers, and producers, of this show will wake up and see that they are loosing audience. More than 27% of the audience have given up on HOUSE, making them the show that has lost the most amount of viewers. Nothing to brag with, and giving me backup to this statement; HOUSE is so brilliant show no more, HOUSE is not what it used to be. HOUSE is a soap - this I say because the only thing everyone seem to care about is who ends up with who, and that there is a new ship in town; Fourteen (or something like that), a ship that evokes no emotions in me other than utter boredom. Relationships on HOUSE, with House? No thank you, I will go watch a show with a little dignity left.
  • How do you spell vomitous bile

    Not since Airborne has an episode of house been so horribly wrong. This episode eroded away some of the goodwill that I have invested in this show. Thankfully though the good in house far outweighes the bad.

    Anyway - onto the episode itself.

    ROFLMAO .. do the writers actually think we are idiots - lets just suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that a baby (presumed dead) and born in a squat and covered in a coat will spontaneusly burst into life the moment the mother leaves the room.

    Also the whole virgin birth thing. House is presumably smart. We have all seen lately the farce that is the pregnant man on Oprah of late. Virgin birth - ok thats 1minute before the mother is on the phone seeking 3 million dollars from oprah .. 5 minutes later a 2nd opinion is sought and 3 minutes after that the legal team start litigation. On top of that House would be under investigation from the medical board. FMD. PS .. i did like the inhaler woman and the look on his face when she sprayed up.

    Anyway .. maybe the writers left for Christmas a week early and Dr Buffer wrote the script on this one.

    Also - 13 and foreman .. pffft ... House and Kutner would be more believable.

    Anyway ... dross this week but still looking forward to the next one.
  • Sorry--not as good as you all think.

    I just wanted to review "House" just to say that while it is a decent show and there is a lot of drama, most of the storylines are recycled and quite predictable. The only thing that makes the show at all redeemable is the character of Gregory House. The other characters are really plain and none of them add any color to the show. They are just really House's puppets.

    Now, the whole storyline about him being hooked on painkillers has been dragged out much too long. I wish the writers would move on from this and find a new angle to take.
  • Borderline Bad

    I watched this show when it first came out but after a few episodes I became bored with the overabundance of the lead character. I also think that portraying an MD who takes pain killers all the time & likes to drink Scotch is maybe not the best thing to have out there. Everybody knows that combining pills & booze can be a lethal combination. Add that he likes to drive a motorcycle you have the equivalent of a monkey playing with a loaded gun in a crowded room. I think the quirkiness of the leads personalty appeals to many viewers but I would not want him as my doctor if I was in hospital...
  • Dr House

    House is a brilliant doctor with a knack for figuring out what is wrong with a patient who other doctors have either given up on or pronounce well. He uses his "team' to help him figure out the symptoms and what they mean, BUT he treats his team as if they were dirt and never ceases to put them down.

    He is a non caring drug addict who not only uses prescription drugs but also snorts cocaine when he thinks he needs it.

    He not only has a lousy bedside manner but shows and feels no kindness to patients or his fellow doctors.
  • I loved this show, until this season's finale,

    I loved this show, until this season's finale, we are now to believe the three doc's under house have left the show, House has become so much of a jerk, to a degree that it's not worth waiting for the rare moments of caring and concern, now that the other three have left my Tuesdays at 9pm will be free from the torture of the house character.
  • crap, and cliched

    i think that hugh laurie could have done better than this. he is a good actor and deserves to be on a better show. seriously lacks some originality in terms of plots. charcters are ok, particularly house, but even he needs some fine-tuning. hate jesse spencer. seriosuly bring back real drama
  • A doctor who works in a hospital and people around him doubt him.

    What is this junk? I was watching it the other day and I had to fall asleep. The crazy doctor, who has a secretary who believes in him, and austrailian show-off, and two other quiet doctors. Yawn! If you want a more intriguing show then you should not watch this. I would prefer a different show anyday.
  • always the same...

    It's always the same pattern: a patient with an incurable disease which noone can figure out, the team tries and tries and at the end, House figures it out by some miraculous afflatus... Admittedly, there are some cool storylines in between but even they tend to repeat. Great show for one or two seasons but it really wears off! Plus, if you aren't a medical genius yourself, you can't really follow the line, they could basically tell you everything.
    I don't get how people can be so fond of House, he is a real **** sometimes and just because of his 'genius' he gets a free pass for everything?! Doesn't work like this in real life.
  • 1.5

    Shock and awe only go so far and I had my limit about 2 seasons ago. I kept hoping for something to change but the show seemed to go from bad to worse and I'm not going to watch it this season. Don't know why the character turnover rate is so HUGE...other better shows to occupy my spare time this season.

  • Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is devoid of bedside manner and wouldn't even talk to his patients if he could get away with it.

    Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is devoid of bedside manner and wouldn't even talk to his patients if he could get away with it. ok i don't like this show at all...the guy is completely arrogant about everything adn always thinks he's right...he ignores the patient's needs to prove a point...i tried watching this show three times...i watched one night for five minutes and i didn't like the doctor's attitude..i tried another night for five minutes and the same thing...i'm watching it again tonight and i still can't stand it...not even five minutes into the show, house started out arrogant again and kept doing it through the whole episode...i will not be a normal viewer
  • This show annoys me. As soon as Becker finishes a dramatic version under the alias of "House" comes out pretending to be something new. The creators should pay up they aren't fooling anyone.

    The storylines are ok, but the constant focus on House being a moody rude physician gets on my nerves. I have enjoyed years of watching Becker and was sad to see it finish, only to see a phoney new show appear with huge success.

    The personality of House is so similar to Becker and showing the same disregard of others (including patients) and obviously being a boardroom ripoff. I can see them now saying "Ok, we have no ideas. Well lets just copy a current show and give it a different feel".

    The feel they chose was to change the genre from comedy (which suited the character) to a more dramatic interpretation. Please all those people that are saying "House is so cool, he's somewhat familiar, but I don't know why... no it must because he is such a great and different character from the usual" I'm here to tell you he isn't original at all and is a ripoff.

    5 for the show and a shake of the head for such an annoying ripoff (having me annoyed working this out half way through the first episode of House). Now after reading this and watching an episode tell me there aren't obvious similarities.
  • A patient suffers from a genetic disorder and House and Cuddy's confusing relationship gets more confusing.

    The best way to sum up my feelings about this episode is "cheated". I feel cheated that all of it was built up to only end abruptly and leaving us to scratch our heads together. House and Cuddy's relationship is played up and a "War of the Roses" ensues, which admittedly was cute to see unfold, culminating in an act of kindness to lead us to believe House actually cares about Cuddy in a serious way. And then the ending comes and it's like being told Santa Claus isn't real. Why even bother? I am pretty disappointed. I feel cheated to no end.
  • I am a rabbid House fanatic, and this episode was he worst thing I've seen on TV in quite a while. The episoide was an incoherant mess and the writers irreprably damaged House's character.

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Is this just a case of not meeting my extremely high expectations for my favorite show on TV? Partly.

    Bust mostly I feel that this episode crapped all over House's character, and must be forever be forgotten by fans of the show.

    In this episode, Dr. House used his well-known powers of observation to point out when the people locked in the room with him were inexplicably violating their evolutionary survival impulse. As such, this theme divided the cast into those who valued their lives, and those who had already given up on them. And as though we were supposed to wait in suspense to discover which team House played for, his character played the field: from self-sacrifice, to idiocy, to disregard for human life, to suicidal tendencies. But this is not the House I know and love.

    The real strength to House's character - that which I see now that some writers still have not gotten the hang of - is that when all is said and done, he retains the most significant and desirable qualities of a doctor, which why he is the best. He cares about life and it is always his highest moral charge to do what he can to preserve it. It's not about how cool he is, or how much drama surrounds him.

    But in this episode, House handed his life and the lives of others to a deranged patient on more than one occasion. He acted as though he cared about nothing but the puzzle. He empathized with the patient, who would obviously have justified killing just to solve it. And I'm sure that thirteen and everyone else on the show will shrug off his total disregard for their lives and cheerfully work with him in the next episode.

    In reality, House's cold demeanor is a defense mechanism. His pragmatic take on life pushes him to express a lack of caring. He is morbidly curious, and needs to solve riddles to feel in control, but none of this can ever compel his as much as the desire to survive and heal.
  • I don't like this show...

    this is to do with diagnosis.
    It just doesn't interest me.
    And also, what is up with House?
    his character annoys me.
    He's arrogant and so up with himself.
    He's so annoying.
    I much prefer Grey's anatomy.
    Grey's Anatomy has tension, humour, sex, and other stuff.
    Also, I do appreciate Hugh Laurie's acting.
    But what is up with other people?
    everyone else is awful
    Hugh Laurie is the only actor who is good in that show.
    But that is not enough to make me watch this awful show.
    If you want to watch a medical programme that is worth watching, watch ER or Grey's Anatomy. Those are the way forward. House is absolutely terrible.
  • I can\\\'t even begin to describe this crap!

    To start off, I have watched this show numerous amounts of times. I did not like when I have watched it. I am a doctor and I find that this show is completly unrealistic. I mean when you are talking about the left side of the brain dont point to the right. A doctor would never ever tell anyone in the office that he was going to fire someone. You also can't walk in on a patient and take of their oxygen mask! One more thing, women in the office would never be allowed to work with a low cut shirt that exposes all of there clevage. This show is upsurd and should not be on television.
  • Jumped the Shark, unfortunately.

    When I saw my first House episode I caught the bug. My girlfriend and I got the DVDs and watched the first 3 seasons over the course of about 2 months. It was a full fledged ritual: come home, make dinner, eat it in front of the TV watching House. The action, the suspense, the wit of House. We were totally engrossed and emotionally invested in the characters. Hook, line, sinker. But then... one cold and windy night we watched the episode "One Day, One Room" and as the episode ended we looked at each other and said "House just jumped the shark." After watching that episode we tried watching few more, and every one after "One Day, One Room" seemed cheap and uninteresting. For me, the episodes prior to the Shark Jump are still good, but anything after just is unbearable.
  • One of the best shows on television, it took me a little later to become a fan but I'm addicted and I just love Hugh Laurie in the title role as House. One of my favorite shows on television today.

    House is an odd show because it's different then every other medical show. House is who you'd expect to be a villain in just about every other television program, a guy who is a huge egomaniac, a drug addict, and most importantly a jerk who is a genius. Yet it works because Hugh Laurie portrays Gregory House in a way where he is a figure that you just love to hate, because of the way he acts. House works at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where he works in Diagnostic Medicine treating unusual cases. The interesting thing about House is that he doesn't care about the patients like other medical dramas like ER, but he cares about solving the mystery. House is a man driven by logic and everything to him has to be rational, he needs to figure out everything that comes in his way and that's probably what makes him a genius doctor. House usually gets into arguments with the Dean of Medicine and Administrator Lisa Cuddy, spends time making fun of his best friend James Wilson, the head of Oncology and literally the anti-House, as well as mistreating his fellows and the patient as well. His original group consisted of the Australian Robert Chase, Allison Cameron, and Eric Foreman but the original group disbanded and House managed to form a new group (though Foreman remained) with Thirteen (Remy Hadley), Chris Taub, Lawrence Kutner (Something happens to him), and ultimately Chase. House is a jerk but he's so mesmerizing to watch and it's just so bizarre how Hugh Laurie, such an amazing acting talent has yet to win an Emmy for his performance. Very awesome show.
  • This show was one of my favorites but now it sucks!

    I just got into this show earlier this year and it was awsome. I was a little nervous about watching it because i wasn't really into doctor shows and all that medical mumble jumble but a few minutes into my first episode and i realized that it was different. My favorite character has always been Wilson. At times i got pissed at him for sticking up for House but he's just being the sweetie he is. I was so interested in seeing how the House/Wilson relationship will continued but i didn't know they were kicking Wilson off. That pissed me off to know ends. He was the one person that had sense on that show and now they're getting rid of him. And on top of that they're REPLACING him! WTF!! So now i am officially not a fan of this show anymore. That's my story.
  • Show dealt with too much touchy feely - something these characters are severly lacking - but in previous seasons, that was okay - I don't even remember what the doctors were trying to cure in this last episode.

    Guessing that the writers have run out of cool illnesses - now everything is so 'emotional' - definitely not the caliber of the first seasons. This past week's show couldn't even let the girl impregnated by her rapist remain firm in her beliefs that abortion was murder - pregnancy was 'terminated'. The adults that I personally know that are products of a rape are very glad that their mothers held true to their beliefs.
  • If you've seen one, you've seen them all.

    + Great acting from great actors.
    - Too simple of a story.

    House is the name of the main doctor in the show. The problem with house isn't that the show isn't interesting, it's that the show is the exact same every time. It's a good show to watch, but I don't see why people rave over it. Here's a typically episode of House.

    1) House gets a patient with a really weird disease that no one can figure out.

    2) House diagnoses the patient through most of the episode, trying to figure out what's wrong, but ends up wanting to do a risky procedure.

    3) Chief of medicine says "Nope. Can't do that. You're crazy." (even though he's usually always right).

    4) House gets angry, convinces them he's right.

    5) House does his risky procedure; House was right all along. Patient is ok (usually).

    6) Last 5 minutes, play acoustic sad music, or some John Mayer.

    It really happens like that, so I can't really say this show is that great. However, if they really want to fix it up, do something new. Or just end the series.
  • This was my least favorite episode because of the direction that Thirteen's character is heading.

    This was my least favorite episode of House. I think Thirteen's character is heading in a dangerous direction. It's sad that Chase's role has diministed to just a moment here and there....and Cameron's too. The dynamic between Wilson and House continues to make this program fun to watch. House is my absolute favorite TV series. Is there any chance that Chase and Cameron's roles can be increased? I hope this series runs for many more seasons!! My husband has started watching with me and he thinks House is the best. He likes the direction that House's mind wanders, I think most men do.
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