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  • This is the only show I watch religiously. I finally have a reason to use my DVR unit.

    I caught this shows first episode and have seen every one since then. Hugh Laurie is great as House M.D., and you'd never know he was a Brit from his performance on the show. Not a hint of his native accent is apparent. The writing is fresh, and suprising, and unpredictable. All the things that make for great TV. And I agree whole-heartedly with another reviewer; it is a great show for those of us who like Medical Mysteries/Dramas but are too depressed by ER.

    The supporting cast is equally brilliant and imminently watchable.

    This show manages to range from comedy, drama, and thriller while infusing it all with a good dose of irreverence and political incorrectness that is refreshing in todays world of sterile, homogenized TV writing.

    I just hope it catches on like a brushfire, because shows this good don't usually stay around very long.

    I applaud FOX on this one!

    HOUSE is a winner!
  • I love house

    He is hot, and funny. This show is my favorite, mainly because of him(house). I wish they would have kept Chase, Foreman,and Cameron but hay I love him so.... what ever. There is never a dull moment on this show, I want house and Lisa Edelstein known as Dr. Lisa Cuddy to get together one day. they are a match made in heaven don't you think??????? But anyway, I have heard some say negative things about house(the show), but at least you can learn a couple of things while viewing. I wish that fox will let house guess star on the Simpsons, cool.
  • House is the answer for those of us who are interested in medical shows, but find E.R. too depressing.

    I fell into the House trap after being led into the show by American Idol. I assumed it was an E.R. clone, but the show caught me a little off-guard; not only was it not depressing, it was centered around a misanthropic cripple. The premise is interesting enough--each episode centers around a single medical mystery, with some romance and comedy thrown in for filler--but what makes the show entertaining is the interactions between the main character and... and pretty much everyone else. No matter who they are or what the situation is, House says all the things you wish you could say--and he gets away with it because he's a medical genius. There is a softer side to the doctor, but I for one hope the writers of the show keep it covered up as long as possible. Uninhibited, crabby, insulting, blunt far beyond the point of rudeness, Dr. House is a uniquely entertaining character on a great new show.
  • Yeah, I never liked these E.R Medical shows.. until House came onlong.

    Well don't get me wrong, the show Scrubs has some pretty good content. You also got the A-hole doctors making insults every 4 mintues.. But house brings this to a new level. It is kind of like CSI but the idea is for the living. Without Dr. House, this show would be another mundane show that FOX tried to shove down our necks. (FOX has lots of lame shows). You may need to force yourself to watch it, but once you do you will be hooked.
  • A once brilliant, abrasive and wonderful show that has been downgraded to an average medical drama without much originality but a lot of soapy elements.

    Romance isn't always a good way to pump some fresh blood into an 'old' show. You have to do it right, especially when the main character of a show claims to not give a damn about anybody. Of course we all knew from the start this was a lie. But let's be frank: Since the writers decided to actively hook up House and Cuddy this show started sucking. The best episodes after the first kiss were those who either focused on the medicine or on House's soul or - even better - on the things House can learn from his patients while he treats them. The way they stir something up in him. The formula worked perfectly during the first four seasons. It made the audience see the mechanics behind this abrasive, yet brilliant and deeply hurt character. It also worked perfectly to get insight into the team members, Wilson and Cuddy. But at some point in season 5 the storylines got cheap. The psychology started to feel simple and harmless, a tendency that grew stronger in the course of the last two seasons and lead to the utterly cheap and cheesy 'revelation' that only love can save you ('Help me'.

    Ugh. Seriously. That House needs saving is obvious, but the storyline that made him realize it feels really really forced. It could have been done much more subtle and clever (after all, we know what the House writers are capable of). Don't misunderstand me, I don't mind House hooking up. But the way it was done was so... 'Grey's Anatomy'- like. Come on, we can expect a bit more realism of this show. It just felt so forced (can't repeat it enough)!!!!
    I also don't mind witnessing personal issues of the other characters. But they don't really develop anymore. Their personal lives evolve around kissing, affairs, stolen sperm, divorces, dating issues and open marriage. Soapy stuff. And there are rarely any connections between the main characters and patients anymore. Much too often the cases feel shoved in, as though somebody in the writer's room remembered at the last second that this show was created to be a MEDICAL drama.

    House used to break all the rules of the genre and now all that was so special about it has been shoved aside almost entirely to make room for soapy elements and schmootzyness. I know it sounds harsh, but I think the shrinking audience is proof enough that a lot of other people seem to dislike the change of direction on all levels, too.

    Let's hope TPTB will appreciate the old style of the show again and create some good new 'old' stuff.
    Otherwise I am not sure I will continue watching. It really hurts to see your favourite TV show go downhill like this.
  • Not a show you would want to miss out on!

    You won't get enough of this show. Hugh Laurie's sarcastic, mean sense of humor won't make you stop laughing. What really makes this show different is the medical cases. They're interesting most of the time and you can't believe what will happen next. The rest of the cast are just as hilarious and intriguing as House. Chase's dramatic storyline and Foreman always disagreeing with House just makes it better. This show has drama, comedy, and a medical theme;what more could you ask for? This show just keeps getting better each season. Hopefully, there are a lot more seasons to come!
  • House is based around a team of specialist Doctors (headed by Dr House) who are as much Detectives or Investigators as they are Medical Practitioners. When contemporary thinking and medicine fails to diagnose or treat a patient, House's team swing into a

    Recently launched in the UK, House is one of the very best shows around at the moment. While the genre is already well covered these days, the concept of the show is certainly original. The cast also deliver their performances in outstanding fashion and the personality of Dr House perhaps answers the question of how our Health Professionals manage to "get through the day" considering all the sadness that they have to see.

    Worthy of a special mention is Hugh Laurie (Dr House) who I would call a "Proper" Englishman (very post accent!), as he appears to deliver the US accent with no apparent trouble or error - In particular, in one episode he makes a telephone call and "puts on" an English accent and manages to make it sound fake.

    If you haven't seen the show, DO take the time to watch it. Do you like ER? Chicago Hope? CSI? If so, you'll love 'House'.
  • I'm hoping House will be my doctor every time I am in the hospital!

    You don't have to be a nurse, a doctor or someone with a degree on the medical field to enjoy this show. I for one does not fully understand the medical terms on most of the episodes but i am still loving every minute of House. There's just nothing that you can't like about this show. There's drama when you need some and it's always full of fun every time House opens his mouth. I just wished "13" didn't have to leave the show though. I'm a huge fan of her and it really saddened me to see her leave House. The show, not the doctor. It's also nice to see House and Cuddy finally together. What took them so long? The episode where they finally realize their feelings for each other was one of my favorite episodes. The other is the one where Wilson's girlfriend died. That was a very sad episode that a true fan of the show must not miss. My week is not complete if I can't watch the episode of House.
  • Slightly Down

    This show is gold. I've been watching since about season 3 or 4, but I really like it. My sister got me into it. I like House and I like the way he acts. He sometimes comes off as a big jerk but it is funny. I like a lot of the storylines, as well as the acting, which really makes the show. However, I think this current season is the worst so far. Others may disagree, and of course, that is perfectly alright, but I haven't been getting into this season much. Hopefully the quality increases.

    But, still a fantastic show overall, hopefully more seasons to come!
  • My review of House

    Great show I love it especially the ongoing stories throughout the seasons.As a minor critics I would like to see more of that and maybe less of the one off medical solutions. I think it would give a lot more depth to the already well crafted characters. When House does do that as in the episodes 9 - 5 and Wilson that followed the day in the life of key characters, it does it really well. Season one wasn't the best, but from the end of that season moving into season two I find that the writers really seem to find their feet.

    The end of season five was really well written with lots of twists and turns, I am intrigued to see what happens at the end of this season, will there be a season finale?

    It's a great show, in fact it's my favourite on TV at the moment, I can't wait to see more....
  • Who would have thought that your doctor was the one with an illness? House, a genious medical show with a twist of humour.

    Dr. House, a drug addict with a brillant mind who runs a medical diagnostics team. He rarely meets his patients, yet diagnoses them and most of the time cures them. However he is the one with the more serious problem, drug addiction. This intelligent show leaves people who have watched it wanting more, because of the tension between the characters and great research into the medical problems. House is a show that must be watched by all who want to view something that is intelligent but fun at the same time. I highlu recommend this show for anyone who doesn't watch it, because you are missing out.
  • A true HOUSE fan!!! The show definatly keeps you on your toes. It is serious but with comic relief. I just love Hugh Laurie's sarcasm towards everyone on the show. What a great character he plays and a wonderful actor.

    Overall love all the actors on the show, but I think that Hugh is perfect for playing the role of the doctor. Hope the show will stay on air for a long time. Every Monday I count down the hours until it comes on. I enjoy a great laugh with a little suspence waiting for what will happen next. When House first came on, as a viewer I was already hooked. As a matter of fact if I so happen to miss one of the episodes I go online to view the show on hulu. Thank goodness for hulu, I can get caught up until I can see it on television. This is a very good show!!!
  • Hugh Laurie seriously impresses as grumpy, sarcastic Doctor Gregory House. More please.

    I started watching House by pure chance. The only stuff I had seen with Hugh Laurie before were some movies and his UK comedy stuff (his show with Stephen Fry was hilarious). Laurie really impresses here - he has depth, humour, and a few of those quirks all leading men seem to have these days. The supporting cast isn't bad either, and the cases vary from very interesting to quite dull. However, the medical cases isn't why you watch House - you watch House to enjoy all the sarcastic remarks, the interactions between the characters, and the drama playing out in the backrooms of a New Jersey hospital.
  • Great TV

    Hugh Laurie is excellent.

    Very good show.
  • Great Medical Drama! :)

    House is the BEST and most unique medical shows. Just the thought of a doctor with a disability treating and healing people was genius. At first I actually despised Dr. House and thought he was no good, but now he is one of my top tv characters. The show's writing and directing is so good, and just brings out the best out of the actors. I love his negative and rude/ arrogant attitude. Sad thing for Wilson and Cuddy is that House is always right no matter what. Pisses them off a lot, especially when he has broken a million rules to get what he wants. I just think this show is genius, the CSI themed Emmy Award Nominated medical drama starring the amazing British actor Hugh Laurie. I think it's about time [H]ouse won that Emmy!
  • Best Show In The Universe

    Actually there is no further commentary required for this if you just say "the best show ever on TV". But if there is a at least 100 word limit i should carry on.

    First of all it contains every little pieces which are necessary in a drama. The thing that seperates House from other shows / drama shows / hospital drama shows is the lead character. There is nobody in this world who can play House as well as Hugh Laurie. His mimics and all that stuff are great and we have to give a huge credit to the writers. When you watch House, in every episode there is a quote that somebody in this world can hang it into his wall and arrange his / her life around it.

    It is show that combines great writing, acting and scenes (setup).

    I haven't said a word about the soundtrack because I don't have time for a review which has more than 1000 worlds in it. You can check it out, it's a unique element what makes this show "complete".

    What else can someone want from a TV show.
  • If you don't know what kind of sickness you have, then, you might wanna consult Dr. House and his team of experts. He might be a jerk, but there's no better doctor in that hospital, than him.

    This is an incredible show which combines the tension of E.R., the mystery of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and the suspense of Prison Break. Dr. Gregory House, helped by his co-workers Dr. Eric Foreman, Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, Dr. Chris Taub, Dr. Allison Cameron, Dr. Robert Chase, Dr. Lawrence Kutner, by his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy and by his best friend Dr. James Wilson, tries to solve cases that most of the times no one is able to solve. Coming up with methods which are everythingbnut orthodox, House is able to solve the cases by combining his experts in many fields, along with his ablitliy to predict human responses and instincts. The cast is probably one of the best ever chosen for a series of this magnitude, and the proof that the series still has things to show to everyone, is the fat that the actors are so good, and the fact of the scriptwriters coming up with cases so complex that makes us want to know more about them.

    Personally, this is a great series which I think will run-off for many more years to come. Long Live House M.D.
  • Stop whining. It was a fantastic episode that probably saved the series. You're welcome.

    Some people are trashing this episode, and they're entitled to their opinions, but those who are saying that the writers "killed" House or that this "wasn't House" clearly didn't pay attention to the episode.

    SPOILER WARNING: Season and episode spoilers below

    The basic premise of House was starting to get stale. The producers tried to salvage the show by replacing Foreman, Chase and Cameron with Kutner, Thirteen and Taub. They realised that they still like the original three character but couldn't get rid of the new three without spoiling the plot, so they kept the old three in the background. Failed revitalisation attempt #1. At the beginning of this season, the producers flirted with the idea of getting rid of Wilson. They quickly changed their minds on that one. Failed revitalisation attempt #2.

    However, through this one episode, which barely changed anything in the larger plot--except Thirteen is now optimistic for a Huntingdon's treatment--the producers have finally renewed interest in the show. And it was simple! Have a sick guy demand a diagnosis at gunpoint. No recurring characters had to leave and no new recurring characters were introduced. Better yet, in all the commotion, we see Dr. House remain the same while everyone else changes drastically, always the rock on which the other characters are anchored.

    To those who lamented in their reviews, "This is not House! You're ruining him!" how was it not Dr. House when the episode started with him fooling around in Cuddy's drawer and ended with Cuddy's drawer bottoming out when she opens it? Especially since he preserved the drawer in it's booby-trapped state while the gunman was threatening his life? That's certainly the Dr. House I'm used to. He invoked an obscure calcium deficiency test as an excuse to slap an idiot gunman. That's Dr. House. He refused to leave until he knew the answer to the puzzle, even while lives were at stake and he was ordered to leave the room. That's House.

    This was not only one of the best episodes of the series, but it's the episode that has done more to revitalise the show than a season and a half of shuffling around cast members.
  • A Great Series with a Wonderful Lead

    Hugh Laurie was the perfect choice for Gregory House, who throughout the series played the role impeccably. His personality was definitely polarizing. I thought his personality was appropriate, considering what he went through and how intelligent he was. It was good to see Robert Sean Leonard as James Wilson, since he is a great classic actor who we haven't seen much since the 90s. Wilson was the perfect character to have as House's friend. Lisa Edelstein as Lisa Cuddy was a great counterpart to House. At the beginning she didn't quite fit in her role, but later developed perfectly into who Cuddy should be, a strong female lead who could stand up to House in a scene. It was unfortunate that she wasn't in the finale.

    Omar Epps was good Eric Forman, House's protge who was an understated character throughout the series. Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison, Chase and Cameron were a good supporting cast that fit their roles very well. The rest of the actors that played doctors, House's support staff also did well, especially Thirteen, Taub, and Amber.

    The cases were a combination of medical mysteries and detective work, which made for exciting episodes every week. I thoroughly enjoyed the series even though I couldn't understand much of the medical jargon. House ended how it was supposed to end and I loved how Wilson was included in the plan. I really enjoyed watching "House", after 8 seasons it was a good time to end the show.

  • There is a Doctor named Gregory House.He is rude and disrespectful.Hes not very liked by people.He has a staff of three doctors and his bosses name is Cutty. She s pertty hot.Alot of people think so. He hurt his leg and uses a cane and is on pain killers.

    So I'm a big fan of the show House and I've been wathing it sence the first episode was on television and I think its one of the best television show out there. I've also always been a big fan of Hugh. So he plays a doctor named Dr. Gregory House, everyone just calls him House anyway hes only has a couple of friends but mostly poeple think he is rude and dis- respectful and he is but he is really funny about it. He's very obanctuse. But I look forward to the show every week and if I missed an episode i thought I would have to wait till it came on television again but then I found out about hulu. Thanks.
  • its great!

    House is great and i think that if you were to watch this, its something to watch from the beginning. Its a great TV show which has many great characters. House is especially a great one as he is not an ordinary doctor and that why i love him. Although he can be quit distracting and even anoying, he is still the main character and the one to always look for. Another good reason for the show is that all of the medical facts that they say are actually true, therefor you learn a lot while having fun watching the TV Show.

    All around thought its a great TV Show and i recommend watching it!
  • If I were rating this show on season 1 alone, or even seasons 1 and 2 together, it would be right up there in the high 9s. With season 3 and 4, it's limping painfully down into low 8s.

    Season 1 established House, Wilson, the ducklings (his staff) and Cuddy and created a small likeable and loathable cast that interacted with great style.

    Season 2 tested them all and that was good fun. Knowing the characters, getting to see more backstory, getting to see them develop, was all nicely drawn out by the writers and beautifully acted by Hugh Laurie particularly and the rest to a great extent.

    Season 3 made a lot of viewers very uncomfortable. Some of my fellow die-hard fans actually stopped watching, so unimpressed by "that cop" who, like a few characters of earlier seasons, was trying to cut House down a few notches. I was also uncomfortable, but not enough to stop watching. I knew it was all part of the theme, after all. A guy like House M.D. can't just go on forever being an ass and never getting called out. And the relationship between House and Wilson continued to be one of the most interesting on television.

    Season 4. Wow. The writers took the fact that you can't go on perpetually with the same old characters and the same old relationships and they ran with it. They ran with it to a dark, horrible place where there were so many new faces and changes in the feel of the show that fans didn't know where to look. The writers gambled, and I think they lost. I started to forget to tape the show when I wasn't going to be around. I didn't mind missing another who-knows-who getting fired by House. There was too much going on that didn't matter.

    I watched the season finale because the advertisements were very intriguing, and it didn't disappoint. The cast has been cut down to a few again and old relationships are being re-explored. I'll certainly watch the premiere. But I hope the stories in this season stick a little more to the formula that made the show great rather than veering so wildly into unknown, uninteresting territory.

    Look at that: I want a show to stop being so innovative. Who would have thought? But it's true that we watch the same shows for something like the same kind of experience, and introducing dozens of new faces for weeks does not work. Just ask Joss Whedon about Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. *wince*
  • House the movie :D

    It was like House the movie - loved every minute (....and to the person who gave these episodes a "1", How dare you call yourself a House fan!")

    Brilliant acting again by Hugh Laurie along with excellent storyline. Loved the whole One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest setting - worked so amazingly well and now we are all setup for new episodes! Looking forward to it although I do wonder how he is gonna interact with the rest of the staff now. Particularly good to see Cutty and Wilson again and how he deals with those situations! Cant wait for next week!
  • This is one of the best TV shows ever made (honestly!). To make it even better, sign this petition to reunite Dr House with his partner in crime Stephen Fry:

    This show has everything.

    Dr Gregory House was based on the famous character of Sherlock Holmes, every episode is a great mix of medical sleuth, drama and seriously witty dialogs. This is a show that will move you to tears one moment, and to tears (of laughter this time) the next.

    Hugh Laurie's acting is simply enchanting, I have known his work for a long time now, and he is completely transformed into a miserable genius New Jersey doctor to an extent I would barely recognize him, if not for his unique face.

    The rest of the cast does a great job as well (Robert Sean Leonard!) and brings the great stories to life in a way that makes any other TV show obsolete.

    The perfect remedy for a stressful day at work, but equally well suited to fill an evening with your girlfriend or to steal your time without your noticing it.
  • I accidentally put my episode review on here, so I am very sorry, I will make it up by creating a new review for this brilliant show.

    This is the most AMAZING show I have ever watched. It is extremely clever and witty, with excellent and developed storylines. I love all the characters (excluding the new team) and everything about this show is superb.

    This has been my favourite show since the day it aired, I own all the dvd's and wouldn't miss a single minute of this show for the world. Hugh Laurie makes the show great, and the writers are pure genius. It has slipped the past two seasons, but still better than all other shows on tv. There are not enough words to describe the brilliance that this show is, so I will leave with saying that I am completely and utterly obsessed, and it is the funniest drama ever. House is such a wonderful character and his presence is what makes this show so unique that it differs from every other show on television, making it so much fun to watch.
  • "Lucky Thirteen" ;) Spoilers

    I loved this episode, and not just for the hot scenes with Thirteen and her one-night-stands.

    A few of my friends say they don't like Thirteen, she's too whiney, or Olivia Wilde just isn't the right actress. I say they are wrong, Thirteen is dying and she's on a downward spiral of drugs and sex. I'll admit there were patches that had me annoyed at her (both the actress and the character), but all in all I enjoyed it. From Houses 'comments' to the way he handled it when she screwed up was perfect. I was actually a little suprised to learn that Thirteen's only a 7. But I'm certainly glad he did not fire her. From the plot of House and Wilson, it was excelent. I loved how Wilson tricked House, I believed it too. The end was a bit of a suprise, and I think House has it bad for Cuddy.

    I've noticed some people commenting on how they're going to stop watching House because of the homosexual nature of this episode. I'm sorry, but gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are very real, and its unfair to say it would have been okay if only it were a man she had the one night stand with. I think they went a little overboard with the teaser (which was hot ;D), but not really the point of the episode. Still 30 seconds of lesbian at the begining, a cute kiss in the hospital, and another 5 seconds and people are freaking out. Seriously people. It's not likely we'll get that every episode, so just chill out.

    All in all this episode pleased me and the teaser for next week has me dying for time to pass faster so I can watch it.

    Love and Peace!
  • This show has intrigued me from the first time I saw it.

    Part procedural, part character driven this show about the cranky brilliant diagnostician Gregory House and his fellows is a wonderful moral drama. How far are you willing to go to solve the puzzle? What are you willing to risk in order to save a life? Are some people more deserving of care than others? These are some of the many moral questions that are asked in the various episodes.

    But this show is also a medical mystery. Every week Doctor House and his team race against the clock to to solve the cases that no one else can solve. House is a medical genius who driven to solve the puzzle of his patient's illnesses even if he is unable to save them. He teaches his fellows to search for the truth in ways that can often be seen as cruel and incentive. But House always has a reason behind his actions and his motives are usually more pure than they seem.

    House(as beautifully played by Hugh Laurie) himself is a study in contradictions. As confident and egotistical as he can be as a doctor he seems to have no sense of personal self worth. He cannot accept praise for the good he does and purposely presents himself as an ass in order to keep those who would try from getting too close to him. But for all of his bravado he is really a very sad and lonely man who is terrified of being hurt again. It is the combination of the medical mystery and House's own personal story that make this show so compelling. And the best episodes are the ones that can tie the two together in a firm but subtle way.

    I consider this to be one of the all time great shows and hope to be able to watch it for many years to come.
  • A great medical investigation

    House (also reffered as Dr. House, or House M.D) is a medical investigation drama/comedy about Dr. Gregory House, a jerk doctor and his team while they try to save lives and solve medical problems.

    I havent seen much of this show, basically just parts of season 5 and 6 and some episodes of the previous seasons, but my impression so far is that it is an awesome show. Its funny and dramatic, and is an investigation series that varies from the rest of them, different from the cop serials that we have in tons. House, or Dr. House or House M.D, is an amazing drama/comedy medical investigation!
  • House is the funniest most sarcastic doctor you will ever meet. Everyone lives him, his vicodin, and his quotes. "It's never lupis"

    I love this show!!! I like downloading like 5 episodes at a time. I sit there and watch it, then I add all my favorite quotes to my facebook page!!! You'll never get anything better, Hugh Laurie is just so funny. I wish there was more sex, but that's okay...I guess you just need the right relationships. Just give it a chance if you haven't seen it yet, I guarantee that within a month you'll hear someone talk about it, and you'll be glad you've at least seen a few episodes. Dr. House finds what is wrong with people by treating them with cocktails of medicine, they either get sicker, better, or they die (usually not the last one) But most of the time, everyone seizes, it's like their show's thing.
  • A great little show about a maverick doctor who solves medical quandries that no-one else can... sounds dull but is truly fabulous.

    Who would have thought a show about a Vicodin addicted anti-social narcisist of a doctor would be so damn compelling?!

    Not only is this show brilliantly written but about 99% of the medicine is dead-on and the other 1%... well there has to be some artistic license!

    It also has some great characters in fact one of my only complaints is that we just don't see enough of cameron or chase in the recent episodes. Although i think expanding the cast was a great idea and has really given the show a new lease on life. Plus the plot for the new season is great. I will say no more on that as i don't want to ruin it but I think it is the best it has been since the first season.
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