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  • Spoiler alert...pfff....

    Please Tony., an interesting take, but allow me to retort with a few simple insights as to how your logic is fatally flawed.

    First, we have to believe that the always grounded Wilson, never the illicit drug user, somehow looses it and resurrects House from the dead in his mind. If that were true, then who rings Wilson during the eulogy? OK, so you could say Wilson imagined it...but what about this...who then placed House's hospital ID under the unsteady leg of Foreman's office table? Who else besides House would have done such a thing with his ID? And who else besides House was in that room when Foreman was messing with that table to begin with and knew about it? That in itself shoots your theory down.

    Of course Wilson had reason to believe there was some elaborate trick by House. House's elaborate trickery is an underlying theme of the show!!!! I knew that House would fake his own death. It was no surprise at all.

    Lastly, when considering the title of the last episode...let ye not forget, that "Everybody Dies" is but a play on another underlying theme of this series, and one of House's most revered maxims....EVERYBODY LIES.

    The final lie, was his own DEATH.
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