Season 1 Episode 17

Role Model

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a sentor who becomes really ill and volger has house take the case and tells him that he will be let off the hook if house fires someone on his team and house and the team must figure out whats wrong with the sentor and they think after doing amount of tests they think he has aids and also volger wants house to speak at his party for a new drug and house does not want to but goes there and ruins it all for volger at the end and he gets really mad this was a good ep
  • House screws up...

    Don't get me wrong, I love House, couldn't have it any other way, but this episode did not show him in the most flattering light. I cringed at the scene where he rips the oxygen mask or whatever was keeping the senator dude breathing- that was torture, plain and simple, it was painful to watch. He got answers, but that was beyond unethical, it was horrific. All was forgiven, amazingly, so I guess I'll move past it eventually. But that speech as well- why did he have to be so idiotic and ruin everything? Sure, his pride was wounded, but surely something could have been salvaged from the fact that dumb patients would be paying exorbitant fees for essentially the same medication- sounds just like the unethical methods he enjoys, but coz it's Vogler, he balks...and honestly, what would it have cost him to shake Cameron's hand at the end, when she resigned? I was disappointed with that, the scene ended so dismally...
  • Worst episode i have seen...

    Totally Boring And Awful!!!!!!(i would have that in caps lock if i was allowed) It was just painfull to watch!!!i just sat there think damm when will this be over which is highly unusual!! coz i love house. i was partly comforted by the fact that i had not w8ed a whole week for this episode by the fact that there would b another tommorow but still argh awful.
    The only good parts was when cameron left(not that that was a good thing that sucked!!) it was just a good storyline. and the speach. The speach House gave was a classic and those 2 things we what made the show not quiet a totally flop. lol arent i nice but i just want to tell my opinion.
    luv jayde
  • House is told by Vogler to do a speech for his pharmacial company and screws up. Cameron tells House that's she's leaving after the speech

    House was good in this episode but I was sad when Cameron left. It was funny when House gave that speech because it told everyone on how he hates Volger and that he wants to keep his department. I think that cameron did that right thing because House couldn't fire Chase and had to choose between cameron and Forman.
  • Vogler's not the only one getting on my nerves.

    Vogler is getting on my nerves. And not just getting on my nerves, but much worse. Imagine my nerves are strings of wool, and Vogler is a morbidly obese elephant trying to walk across my strings of wool. That is how badly he is getting on my nerves.

    Fire one of the staff. Sure, great, no problem. Chase can go, nobody like Chase, he's a snitch and he has a nasty accent. And the moment House realizes this, Vogler decides that Chase shouldn't get fired. I bet Chase paid the fat billionaire off.

    And then there's the black senator running for president, who might have AIDS, so he tries to keep the AIDS test off the record. What do you think would look worse? A black man running for president who stops because he has AIDS, or a black president who suddenly dies because of AIDS? The second one, yes.

    You know what, I am actually too annoyed right now to type something worthwhile for you to read, since Allison quit.

    House is a mini-Vogler.
  • Very Cute

    That was such a sweet episode. It was really nice to see that Cameron was finally getting her due for her feelings towards House. At least to some degree he did show that he cares for her. And then again he values his principles above everything else which is most admirable and something which I can readily identify with. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything.

    Vogler I better not mention him. Throughout the episode I just kept saying to myself, "Just 2 more and he'll be gone".
    Chase is increasingly getting on my nerves. Disgrace to Aussies all around.
  • Another good one obviously, didnt really amaze me though.

    I would say this is about the average House episode. I am thinking that the main focus of the story was not the patient, but rather Vogler and his plans. They also incorporated a lot of real life occurances and problems into this episode, the biggest one obviously being how there has still been no black president and that people believe black people do not have even a slight chance.

    The initial symptom that we saw could have been a little more captivating in a way. He just kind of passed out like a lot of the other patients in previous episodes. The way they presented hid paralyizsation was pretty intense, i sure liked that scene a whole lot.

    Medical Problem: seizure medication combined with Epstein-Barr
    Rating: 9.3/10
  • Hooray! I've seen this episode nine times!

    This was a very, very, very good episode. I would have given it a higher rating if it wasn't the one where Cameron had quit, but she did look really pretty in the final scene.
    I am very oblivious, but I hope some people notice stuff more then me, because it took me nine times to notice that, when House is bashing Vogler and his company, Chase drinks his whole glass of wine really, really fast. My brother and I could not stop laughing!
    Seriously, case wise it was not very interesting, but it was still good. I was Just happy when Cameron came back two episodes later.

  • The conflict between Vogler and House comes to a head on collision at a pharma convention.

    Vogler has been ripping into House for the past few episodes because he doesn't like the guy nor appreciate his contribution to the hospital. House is given an ultimatum, either speak on behalf of Vogler's Pharma company's new drug or fire one of your staff. In the mean time the tension between Chase, Foreman and Cameron increase as they all fight to keep their jobs.

    But alas, as House gets up on stage to deliver his speech, he instead insults Vogler and tears into his company. Needless to say, he will have to fire one of his gang. I was actually surprised that House even agreed to give the speech to begin with. It would have been out of character for him not to take the opportunity to embarras Vogler in front of the assembled guest, and I'm happy he did! Consequences be damned.

    Cameron also confronts House with her feelings for him. When he refuses to reciprocate, although its obvious to everyone that he likes her, she resigns. ::sniff:: What will happen next?

  • A US senator

    This was actually a pretty good episode. House making a deal with Vogler to keep his team was something that I didn't see coming. The senator's case was very neat. I loved how House thought he had AIDS and then the test results were positive but he talked to him and then redid the test that was surprising and very not House.

    House's speech at the end was very much House. It was funny though to see House bash Vogler's company publicly and the looks on Wilson and Cuddy's faces was so priceless.

    I hated how Cameron quit at the end it made me sad.
  • Review

    I thought that was the worst possible ending to an episode ever, but the pulse pounding intensity that I was starting at the television at when Cameron and House were having that disscussion really shows how well the writers did in writing the episode. Once again I simply cannot wait for the next episode, hopefully by some miricle Cameron will not be gone from Houses staff. I think that by losing her the show loses a lot – unless it brings in some character to replace her. I thought the case in question was okay in this one, but not the best that they have ever had. Overall the episode was solid, with House being able to one up Edward during the speech. Edward lost a battle for once, while House stands strong.
  • Vogler makes a deal with House.

    The subplot was way better with the patient plot, I really like how he still has to make a choice until he has to make a speech, I love how he totally embarrassed Vogler, that was such a burn! And he ended up rubbing in his face. The tearjerker part of this episode is Cameron quitting. Confronts Cameron on how she likes him, she admits why & when she reaches out for a hand, he doesn't give it to her, he doesn't even looks at her. So sad to say goodbye. The patient plot line, just another regular case, he gets healed at the end, a sad episode indeed.
  • House vs Vogler- Round 4

    This was a very special episode for numerous reasons. First of all, on an asside, didn't the Senator remind you a little of Obama? Maybe that was just me =).

    The case itself was quite interesting, full of the normal twists and turns you would expect from a House episode. What struck me was the dialogue between House and the Senator, as we see once again House's softer side- seen especially as how he is often touched by his speeches, about trusting people, and not winning every fight.

    The interactions between the staff and House were also good, as House prepares to give a speech to save his staff. Cameron and House's relationship progresses, whilst Chase realises he is safe and is postively swaggering. Cuddy was also there a lot in the episode, and we can see the strain on her as Vogler takes more and more control of the hospital. Wilson seems to relay more and more to House's conscience, and its their friendship that makes the show what it is- to me at least.

    But the ending of the episode made it perfect for me- the speech House gave was very House, you could tell he wasn't going to give it. It was a shame he couldn't manage it; you could tell he wanted to keep his staff yet was unable to let go of his pride and sense of whats "right". The ending with Cameron was also very special, with Cameron supposedly leaving the team, and confessing why she likes House so much.

    Oh, and the clinic scene was once again hilarious, providing some comic relief.

    Overall, the series has kicked off into full swing, and it leaves many questions unanswered for the upcoming episodes- Will House and Cameron get together? Will Cameron come back? And how will Vogler react to House's speech?