Season 1 Episode 17

Role Model

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2005 on FOX

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  • Vogler's not the only one getting on my nerves.

    Vogler is getting on my nerves. And not just getting on my nerves, but much worse. Imagine my nerves are strings of wool, and Vogler is a morbidly obese elephant trying to walk across my strings of wool. That is how badly he is getting on my nerves.

    Fire one of the staff. Sure, great, no problem. Chase can go, nobody like Chase, he's a snitch and he has a nasty accent. And the moment House realizes this, Vogler decides that Chase shouldn't get fired. I bet Chase paid the fat billionaire off.

    And then there's the black senator running for president, who might have AIDS, so he tries to keep the AIDS test off the record. What do you think would look worse? A black man running for president who stops because he has AIDS, or a black president who suddenly dies because of AIDS? The second one, yes.

    You know what, I am actually too annoyed right now to type something worthwhile for you to read, since Allison quit.

    House is a mini-Vogler.
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