Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

House is meeting with a father who has brought his daughter Callie in. Callie thinks that she has asthma and says that she has been to a clinic in Trenton. However, House realizes that they're unrelated and figures that Callie is homeless. He figures that Callie is the one who organized the scam, but says that she should stay because she's bleeding from the ear. House points out that it's usually the sign of a skull fracture, but she says she hasn't had any trauma and House admits that she might be right. He tells her to pay the fake dad and once he leaves, admits that he has no idea what is wrong with her.

House calls his team to a diner 30 miles away from the hospital, glad to enjoy his newfound freedom from the ankle monitor. They go over the case and Adams immediately wants to turn Callie in to Child Services. House refuses, saying that he made a deal with her so that she wouldn't bolt. They rule out malnutrition and HIV, and are then surprised when Foreman comes in with an attractive woman. House is totally not surprised to see Foreman there and takes a photo of his boss, and Foreman comes over. He tries to claim that the woman is a pharmaceutical rep but House points out how unlikely that is. Foreman ignores him and goes to join the woman, while Taub notes that Callie may have a cerebral infection. House orders them to treat ceftriaxone for pneumococcus no matter whether Callie says she's vaccinated or not. House then walks off, leaving Taub with the check.

Adams and Taub treat Callie, and Adams talks about how she ran away from home. Callie insists that it isn't a vacation and she's not acting out, and her life at home sucked. She takes offense when Adams goes through her stuff, and the doctor notes that she has a history book. Callie explains that she doesn't plan to be homeless forever.

House is on clinic duty and treats George, a Civil War reenactor with diarrhea who plays a general. When Sheldon, George's brother, stays in character and insists that they swore to see the elephant together, House gives George some diarrhea treatment and they salute him and leave.

Chase and Taub meet with Foreman in the cafeteria and tell him that they got hold of House's phone and erased the photos. Foreman admits that his mistress, Anita, is fun and smart, and he didn't plan on having an affair. However, he admits that he does feel guilty about ruining Anita's marriage. Taub defends him, surprisingly enough, admitting that if he hadn't cheated, he wouldn't have two daughters. Now he's preparing for their visit that weekend and tells his friends that he can't pay attention to them because they're boring. Adams calls to tell them that she's checked Callie's school and confirmed that she had vaccinations. However, she used a fake name to register and a foreclosed home as an address. Park and Adams go over the house and learn that Callie is storing food there. Adams objects to the entire situation, but Park notes that Callie is flourishing, and they discover mold on the pipes.

Back at the hospital, Adams tells Callie that they need to treat for a fungal infection. Callie says she can get it treated at a clinic and tries to walk away, but her legs go numb and she collapses.

House calls the team to a shooting range because he's been waiting to skeet-shoot for months. Adams insists they should call Social Services but House figures that Callie is fine outside of the system. Chase suggests vasculitis and House orders steroid treatments, but Adams insists that she will call Social Services. House offers a wager: if she can hit the clay pigeon, he'll let her call Social Services. If she doesn't accept the wager, he'll fire her. Adams takes the bet and easily hits the clay pigeon, much to House's astonishment.

A Social Service worker comes by and Callie seems okay with the visit. She also responds to the steroid treatment. However, Adams realizes that House hired a hooker to impersonate the worker and complains to Foreman. Foreman calls House in, confirming that House impersonated another doctor and reported that Callie left the hospital, so that he could fool Adams with his own hooker. Foreman threatens to give House extra clinic hours for treating an underage patient, and tells him to check his phone if he thinks he can blackmail him. House reveals that he already has photos of him from other dates. He suggests that Foreman give in rather than ruin both their lives and gives him the copies.

House meets with Wilson, who says that House is wrong for protecting Callie, who he sees as himself if he had taken a different route in life. When his friend denies that he has a connection with the girl, Wilson says that he'll prove it when the parents show up and he protects Callie from them.

At home, Taub entertains his daughter but quickly grows bored. He notices a book of DVR instructions beneath the couch and starts reading it. At the hospital, Taub admits to Adams that he's an ass, and she admits that more kids are boring but he'll get over it eventually. They go to Callie's room and discover that she's packing. She says that her mother beat her but she doesn't trust the system. Adele Brown from Social Services arrives with Callie's mother, Ellen Rogers. She says that things are different after two years but Callie doesn't believe her. Callie starts coughing and then vomits up blood.


House is at a turtle race at a bar and calls the team in. They discuss the fact that Callie doesn't have auto-immune. Adams wants to discuss Callie's home life and figures that Callie isn't lying about her mother. The rest of the team is more interested in the case and House tells them to do an upper endoscopy to confirm for Zollinger-Ellison. He tells them to get permission from Ellen, but Adams doesn't think Ellen has consent if she beat her daughter. House doesn't care, noting that what matters is if Social Services says Ellen beat her daughter.

Adams gets the permission from Ellen, who is concerned about the pain caused by the endoscopy. She insists that she never meant to hurt her daughter, and explains that he's a drug addict and a lousy mom since her husband died. Ellen couldn't handle the pressure and took oxycontin until she lost her daughter. However, she insists that she never hit Callie.

Foreman calls Anita at his home in the middle of the day and tells her about how House is blackmailing him. He says they have to stop seeing each other, but Anita tells him that she told her husband about the two of them. He had sensed that she was happier recently and she told him the truth. Anita's husband has accepted her needs and she has no intention of giving up Foreman.

At the clinic, House is treating George the "general" again when he manages to shoot himself in the foot when his hands go numb. He apologizes for his brother Sheldon and explains that he never drops character. They had a falling out and only bonded recently over the reenactments.

As Adams treats Callie, she asks the girl if Ellen hit her. Callie admits that Ellen didn't and says that she wanted to get out of the hospital. When Adams asks for an explanation, Callie tells her that Ellen couldn't keep a job and so Callie had to work double shifts just to keep the power on and food in the house. She eventually decided to be the grown-up on her own terms. When Adams defends Ellen, Callie says that her mother will eventually revert to her addictive behavior.

As they run the endoscopy, Adams asks Chase if he thinks people can change. He doesn't believe that they can, and then they find an ulcer high on the esophagus, meaning it isn't Zollinger-Ellison. It starts bleeding again and Callie starts coughing up more blood. The team meets in the conference room for once and goes over the case. Adams suggests that Callie may have an addiction inherited from her mother, while House suggest a berry aneurysm that comes and goes as the blood pressure makes it expand and contract. When Adams wants to discuss it with Callie and Ellen, House doesn't see the point, saying that they have discussed it and they need to do a cerebral angiogram to locate the aneurysm and surgery to repair.

Taub and Adams tell Callie and Ellen about the diagnosis, but Callie realizes that Adams doesn't believe it. Adams admits that she doesn't and figures that Callie is an alcoholic, and that she has beer at her apartment. Callie says that she has a drink occasionally with her friends and uses it as payment, but insists that she doesn't have a problem. She then says that she wants the surgery, but Taub points out that it's Ellen's decision. Callie tells her mother that she's not an addict, but Ellen notes that's the same thing she said. She asks for a few minutes to think and leaves the room.

When House finds out what Adams said, he calls her in and says that he pays her to do what he says once he's decided on a diagnosis. He figures that Adams is projecting and doesn't want to believe that Callie is doing fine without parents. As House walks off, Adams tells him not to bully Ellen, but he warns that Ellen will feel guilty when Callie dies of the aneurysm that Ellen decided not to treat.

House sits with Ellen and tells her that Callie doesn't need her making decisions. When Ellen refuses to leave it up to Callie, House tells her to leave it up to him and leave. She refuses to abandon her daughter, but House points out that Callie hates her for good reason, and the girl is better off without her. House then tells her that he'll do the surgery and accept the consequences. He walks away, leaving his bottle of Vicodin next to her. Ellen picks it up and considers it... and then gives him the bottle and tells her to treat Callie for alcoholism.

Foreman and Chase go to Taub's house to visit, and Foreman wonders why Anita would tell her husband about the affair. Chase is busy bonding with Taub's daughters and tells Foreman that now he has commitment- and guilt-free sex. Taub is disgusted that Chase is so happy with the babies, and Chase says that he needs to be more empathetic. Meanwhile, Foreman is worried that now Anita's husband knows that he's being hurt by the affair.

Adams tells Callie about the Social Services report on her mother and figures that she might make it. She tells Callie about House's test with the Vicodin, but Callie is angry that Ellen believed them over her concerning her alcoholism. When Adams suggests that Ellen is trying to act like a mother for the first time, Callie says that it's too late.

House is arriving when Wilson catches up to him and accuses him of doing exactly what he predicted by going up against Ellen. Ellen is stable after the alcoholism treatment and House is hopeful that the treatment is success. Wilson is surprised that he wants his diagnosis to be wrong, and House claims that he is just hoping that the aneurysm bursts without killing Callie. Wilson goes to his office and finds Taub waiting for him. Taub wants advice on how Wilson learns to fake interest in his boring patients. Wilson tries to explain that he tries to find common ground with all of his patients, and suggest that the best way is to focus on yourself instead of the other person. Satisfied, Taub leaves.

Foreman meets with Anita and asks why she told her husband about the affair. She insists that it was the right thing to do and that it doesn't change anything between them. However, Foreman admits that it changes it for him and wants her to tell her husband that they're no longer having an affair... while they still have an affair. Anita stares at him in surprise for a moment and then says that she's going.

George and Sheldon are back at the clinic and vomiting. House comes in and points out that their uniforms are cheap polyester, and that they're treated with antimony. Constant exposure causes antimony poisoning, accounting for all of their symptoms. George realizes that Sheldon bought cheap uniforms, and Sheldon insists that he was being authentic because the Confederacy provided their soldiers with cheap uniforms. House smiles in satisfaction as brother fights brother.

Ellen comes to see Callie as Adams treats her and offers her a banana muffin like the one they had on their St. Petersburg trip. Callie asks if she was high on that trip and Ellen says that she was never high while they were together. After a moment, Callie says that Ellen can stay if she wants to and eats the muffin. However, she then passes out and Adams says that the berry aneurysm has burst. However, when they take her into surgery, they're unable to find the aneurysm. House suggests that it leaked instead of burst but a dye test shows nothing. Callie's BP drops and they realize they only have a few hours until total organ collapse.

The team meets for differential and tries to work out what happened. Adams mentions the trip to Florida two years ago and House points out that fevers don't have a delay period. However, he gets an idea and asks Ellen if Callie ever went swimming in a lake or pond. Ellen confirms that Callie swum in a pond near her mother's house and House takes her into the OR where Callie is in a coma. He explains that Callie has ascariasis, caused by a parasite found in feces. The eggs from the parasites found their way into Callie's system, got knocked loose, and hatched. Then they attacked all of the symptomatic areas, and the steroids stimulated them and caused the bleeding in the esophagus. It can be easily treated and then she'll be fine.

Later, Ellen assures Adams that she and Callie are doing better. However, when they go to Callie's room, they discover that she's gone. Adams finds a note from the girl on the table. After Ellen reads it, Adams goes to see House and says that Callie agreed with him and people don't change. She wrote that she doesn't want to be there when her mother slips again, and wants to remember her the way she is now. When Adams wonders if House is satisfied that he got the ending that he wanted, House says that he only wanted to solve the case, not their lives. He tells Adams that he wants his team to find absolution on their own time and walks away.

At home, Taub is bored trying to entertain his children so he grabs a magazine and discusses football players. He's surprised and pleased when they find him amusing.

House leaves and sees Foreman working late. Foreman admits that Anita broke it off and claims that it's for the best because he's not an affair guy. House says that he just lost interest once it wasn't an affair, and figures that he'll get his adrenaline fix somewhere else and escalate things when it's not enough. When Foreman insists that he's not like House, House concedes that Foreman doesn't have a limp and leaves.