Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2012 on FOX

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  • Runaways

    Like several of my fellow users have pointed out, this episode of House just did not do it for me. They introduced a very unlikable patient, and just did not give us anything in the actual medical mystery that made us care. House was also more annoying than comedic throughout the duration of the episode.

    Sorry, but my 4 out of 10 score is rather generous here.
  • Not as bad as some this season. .

    This episode was a hit and miss affair.

    I enjoyed that the medical mystery took priority for once, with House/Wilson motives shoot off being reduced to a few tedious scenes.

    I was not so keen on the Adams vs everyone else story. Its been done to death on House with new team members being broken in or just broken. The first few times it was interesting and made for good viewing. It is now just predictable and filler. A show which changes its cast so frequently is going to have to think of something else to do with them I am afraid.

    The Foreman love triangle angle was a bit painful to start with, but I do enjoy the ever present arc that he is becoming more and more like House. That could lead somewhere very interesting if handled well.

    One other thing, they have got to stop with the same conclusion every damned week.

    House stopping in mid sentance, suddenly having all the answers jump at him- the show is becoming a parody of its own material. Can we let someone else solve the case? Or a group conclusion? Or any other way that doesn't involve a mid sentance epiphany.

    I can see why this episode has taken a battering, I actually didn't think it was as bad as some episodes this season. This show needs to improve fast, or end while it still has some fans.
  • Slow As 'Tortoise'

    BORING BORING BORING.. definitely the worst House I have ever seen..."Civil War reenactors showing up IN a hospital.. Come on...Realism is out the window. A case that moves along, as the episode shows, at the pace of a \tortoise. Taub needs more advise so he turns to Wilson? Since when have they been close. It ends with the (lately) "give her a few pills and she will be fine" finale. The guest star..looked eerily like a young Jennifer Morrison which was either intentional or the producers REALLY miss Morrison who is off to a hit show of her own "(Once Upon a Time). Foreman suddenly has a girlfriend? This episode doesn't';t work on every level. Sorry..can't rate it higher than ONE.. Why would I bother to even review an episode I hate so much..because HOUSE used to be an amazing program. They have lost it. A dozen or less episodes and that will end House...I don;t see how the episodes can get worse.
  • House & Patient VS. Adams

    I liked this episode. It was played very well. The fact that the patient was a runaway because of her mother was an interesting plot. I loved how House was on her side the entire time, even though he did so only because he wanted to solve the case.
  • MedStud2014

    Watched this episode of House MD and was disappointed. Patient presented with bleeding, paresthesia of lower extremities and hemoptysis and had an esophageal ulcer. Differentials were brain aneurysm and alcoholism yet the final diagnosis was ascariasis. I know that ascariasis is not common in the United States but still they should have detected eosinophilia in her CBC. And yes, I know this is just a TV show and it focuses on the drama of life but still: DISAPPOINTING.
  • Stank!

    Sure we know the magic of the show has long gone, but does it really need to go down with such a flop. Seems like the writers main job is now just coming up with unusal locations for the team to make diagnosis.. if you thought the monster truck thing earlier was bad, just wait for the turtle pit. Goodness what a steamer!