Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on FOX

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  • Jumps the shark. (spoilers)

    Hello? The show is called House not Foreman. Foreman is hired help, and House is apparently just a consultant now? Pathetic turn for what used to be a great show. Ah well it was still fun to see house come to the rescue despite the writers atempts to make House VS everybody anything but bad soap (except Wilson, who rules) ah well.
  • Great patient storyline.

    Finally it seems like they're beginning to come up with something other than cancer. Most of this season seems like the patient has turned out to have cancer. This episode had a new twist, which was quite unexpected and turned out really well.

    The case as a whole was pretty interesting, and the characters worked rather well. I liked the subplot with the mother being overprotective, although I could have lived without the cheesy "you're going to school on Monday" ending. It seemed as if they put a bit more effort to creating the puzzle this week, and it paid off, though the main reason why the storyline worked so well was that the guest characters were well written and well acted, making you sympathise with them. I guess the only thing that irked me a bit was how they just seemed to have drawn a red line with a tiny marker to pose as a surgical scar on the girl. It looked completely unrealistic and weird, given that she didn't have any scars from stitches, which means the scar would be much wider. Normally these things don't bother me, but in this case it really stood out as ridiculous.

    Now here's something I've never really understood with this show... Why on earth is Wilson friends with House? And furthermore, why does Wilson regard House as his best friend? It feels like there's a lot going on between them that we never get to see, but at this point it's getting a bit over the top, since no reasonable human being would be friends with someone like House when he acts like he's been doing the past couple of episodes. He's not the least bit supportive or sympathetic, he's only being a jerk. I would really like to get some more insight on the inner workings of their friendship, and see a few more glimpses of House acting like a friend. I think I remember two such moments in season one, and so far none from this season. In the first season there was the thing with Vogler, where towards the end House seemed to be willing to step up and act as a friend towards Wilson, although not too willingly. And then there was a scene in the pilot where the patient said something about how you show people you care by what you do, not what you say, and House had taken on the patient only because he thought she was Wilson's cousin. Aside from those two bits, it seems like the House/Wilson friendship mainly consists of House doing everything he can to insult and annoy Wilson. I would like to see an episode where he needs to rely on Wilson more, and get a better glimpse of their relationship. There must be some reason Wilson considers him a friend.

    As a side note, can you imagine House as a best man when Wilson got married? Somehow, I'm having trouble...

    One character who is sinking fast is Cameron. This episode she was annoying, being testy and arrogant towards everyone and everything. She's my least favourite of House's "ducklings", but in many episodes I quite like her. This wasn't one of them. They seem to have a hard time finding a middle ground between Cameron being too soft and Cameron being too arrogant. Or maybe there's some revelation to come, regarding Cameron?
  • House & Wilson at their finest :)

    Once again, ANOTHER top notch House episode! I saw half of this ep on the TV years ago, so it was good finally watching it. Worth the wait ;) this episode was, ive said many times before, sexytime! Great medical case first of all! Teen girl getting sick in an environment cleaner than a hospital, left me wanting to know more :).

    And what about House and Wilson! Hellz yeah, they are awesome in this episode. Highlight from House, was him pulling the tick outta the girl...elevator door opens, she's legs wide open with House probing and *drumroll* Cuddy, Wilson and the babes family all looking inside. Foreman had the LOLest expression on his face like "ahhhh sh1t, we're boned!" And what about Wilson, lashing out finally! Tinkering with House's cane! Genious! Oh, even I admit, it was about time Gregory got his just deserts ;)

    All in all, another one of my favourites, but seriously, right up there in Top 5. 10/10 all the way baby! :)
  • Simply perfect...

    This was yet another series classic, and I cannot fault the writing all the perfomances. The case surrounding Melinda was brilliant, and one of the most heartfelt yet dramatic of storylines. I liked House's interactions with the boyfriend at the beginning, and how Cameron taunted Chase ("Too bad its not you giving the sample- we'd be done by now").

    I thought the patient storyline was very well acted by the whole family- they all played their roles well, and brought out different reactions from the cast (well...Foreman and Cameron, Chase didn't really seem to care!). The ending where House and Foreman were stuck in a lift was quite thrilling for something so simple.

    The interactions between House and Wilson were brilliant throughout- I loved the pranks they played as House put Wilson through "therapy". I laugh out loud each time I see House's cane collapse!

    Overall, nothing short of fantastic writing- this Season is probably one of the best Seasons of television (of its type) that has ever been written. Brilliant.
  • Michelle Traghtenberg guest stars!

    Anyways sorry if I spelled that wrong, but Michelle Traghtenberg guest stars! This plot line started out very slow in the beginning, like any other patient. What was interesting was the mother, she was a freak! I like how she wants to get out through the whole thing & at the end, the mom finally allows her to go back to school. But anyways the slow to fast part is when House had his epiphany. The girl has a tick! Wow, he stops the elevator to get the tick out which danger the girl's safety, also when House was having all those flashbacks about that night. Amazing! The subplot, funny plot was well funny! Wilson & House pull pranks on each other. Great episode!
  • The girl with the allergies

    This was such an amazing episode besides Cameron and Chase. They were so annoying when in a scene together. I couldn't stand the tension they both had going on.

    Melinda’s allergies were so crazy, I loved Wilson telling House about it in the beginning. House and Wilson were just so amazing together in this one. I loved them arguing over whose day it was to wash the dishes and all of their trivial things were amusing as well. House putting Wilson's hand in the bowl of water so he would wet the couch was too funny as was Wilson filing House's cane while he was sleeping.

    Melinda’s parents were so extreme I loved how Foreman went and made all of those attempts to make her mother a little less protective.

    Foreman and House with the white board and black marker were so humorous I loved that scene. I loved the two of them in the elevator too.

    I can't believe that a tick caused all of Melinda’s health problems. The paralysis was scary.

    Great episode except for the Cameron and Chase parts.
  • Review

    This episode can be divided into two parts - House and Wilson and then The case itself. I really like how the writers have been giving Wilson a lot more air time. Wilson is the only true friend that House pretty much has, so I like that they are living together for the time being. It doesnt look like it will stay that way for long, but I do like the interactions between the two in this episode- relaxing and having fun at one another expense. The case in this one was good, albeit a little odd. A girl locked up in her room for the last two months all of a sudden has all these things go wrong with her simply because a tick got into a place where it shouldnt have. I thought the case dragged at the beginning a little bit but really picked up at the end when House and Foreman had to team up for a race against the clock to find the tick. Had the beginning not dragged so much, I think the episode could have been a series classic. Still solid though
  • Outstanding performances, remarkable stories as always

    Mel Harris and Michelle Trachtenberg guested this week as an overprotective mother and an allergy-prone daughter whose unrelated anaphylactic shock and progressive paralysis stumped the doctors. What most surprised me about the show was that House figured out the problem and no one agreed with him. I mean that's not a tried-and-true formula or anything. Even more shocking was House taking such extraordinary measures as trapping himself in an elevator with Foreman and the at-death's-door patient to search her nether regions for a wayward killer tick. Surely that would incur the gloriously coiffed Cuddy's wrath. Unless, of course, he found the tick — which, of course, he did. Surprised?
    Foreman took the "black" marker and gained control of the "white" board and I’m not talking race relations. House actually took a seat and let Foreman take the lead. Pretty significant, I'd say. It seems that Foreman's recent argumentative, and now cane-grabbing, ways have proven to his mentor that he's got the right stuff. And here Cameron thought she had to sleep with House to write on the board.
  • Incredible behavior

    It is great to watch and learn that House after all is not such a bad human being with his friends, I got a lot of fun with all the jokes (college type) that House did to Wilson, and even more fun did I get when Wilson did broke House's cane, it is great to see that House still have feelings as small for his only real friend.....Also I would love to see that House might get interested in Cameron, as he declined or mess up his opportunity with his ex, he must try to have something with Cameron and save a lot of money with those "paid woman" he hired
  • Spectacular this episode


    Spectacular this episode, mood, action, adventure, everything.
    The House one more time proved that she is optimum personage of the Series, very good.
    This being a sequencia of incriveis episodes, very legal. This 2x14 2x15 had been spectacular.
    This series exactly deserves to be indicated the Emmy.

    Good,Very,Very Good!!!

    House is Brilhant!!!!

    Safe 9,7

  • Classic episode... diagnoses after diagnoses are rejected... then House ends up being right...

    Michelle Trachtenberg guest stars as Melinda, an immuno-compromised teenager. Melinda’s case is an infection, an infection whilst inside a clean room.
    House instructs his team to question and swab the family of Melinda, and her clean room, to find nothing. The episode takes many turns at this point, the boyfriend Dan (Jake McDorman) told off for sneaking in for some Friday night love. Semen allergy was suggested as a possible cause. The team gets no where with House and Foreman at each other throats. After many series of tests, Melinda finally breaks and gives up, at this point Foreman notices a limp in Melinda’s stride, and he diagnoses a progressive paralysis of Melinda.
    House terrorises both Melinda and Dan to find out more information, thought which House somehow diagnoses the symptoms and tick paralysis. This diagnosis is rejected by all. After many arguments with Cuddy, and a fight with Foreman in an elevator, House with the use of force, pulls a tick out from inside Melinda.
    House is right, as always.
    This episode also shows a side of Wilson we had not seen before. With House pushing Wilson to near insanity, Wilson decides to pull a prank on House. Wilson saws half way though House’s cane while House is asleep. The result; the downfall of House.
  • I think this show gets better each episode, I am really enjoying it and looking forward to each episode.

    I really like the way House & Wilson get along they have this complicated friendship that House take advantage of at times but they always worked things out, I especially like the fact that this time Wilson retaliate, it was very funny indeed.Foreman was very funny I like that of the three ducklings he really stands out. He is more I think like House he really says what he means and I think House admires him for it, unlike chase who I think is a little afraid of House.
  • Excellent episode, not too way out there when you think about it…

    A lot of these claims to the “over the top” nature of the show, or “perfect set ups” using extreme situations; and, gratuitous use of Deus Ex Machina are sometimes a little too hard on the show, considering what this show is. Sometimes not 100% on medically, however if you look at it a certain way it can make more sense. House is about a team used to solve unknown odd cases (extreme dangerous cases). The team doesn’t get the cases we see every signal day, we simply get to see the real gems of the week or so. I think this episode really showed House’s caring side. The extreme way he handled it seemed to be the first time it was less about being right and simply knowing he was right and saving the girls life. My favourite little part was Foreman trusting House even though the situation could have ruined them both. This episode was top notch for some character development. My only disappointment is the approaching end of the season.
  • This may be the best ep yet! There are no major spoilers in my reviews, so you can read them before watching the ep.

    "Safe" is a great example of how great House MD is. This episode is about a teenager who is having a strange series of life-threatening symptoms six months after heart transplant surgery. Dr. House and his crew must figure out the common bond between anaphylaxis, heart failure, and some other symptoms that present (as usual) much later in the episode.

    The teenage girl is played flawlessly by Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) She's not only the victim of physical illness, but of an overprotective mother... but *is* her mom *truly* overprotective? That's one of the pivotal points of the story.

    The "B" plot of Dr. House's new roommate is explored a little deeper, as well. The series' writers are finding ways of developing their characters without crossing over into soap opera/fanfic territory, and it's a welcome addition to the show's dynamics.

    This is a must-see episode. Watch it! Go! Now!!!
  • A kind of going over the top episode. But brilliant nevertheless.

    The interaction between House and Wilson reached kind of a climax point. House was so mean and annoying towards Wilson, it almost seemed over exaggerated and too childish. But at the same time House opened up Wilson's eyes about the divorce, and what he's really doing to himself by not admitting it is over.

    As House said : Everything sucks, might as well find something to smile about. That sort of is the essence of this episode in terms of the silly college pranks, the deeper relationship problems and also the suffering girl who basicly has no hope even if they fix her for now, I mean living with that kind of alergies...

    Even Cameron dared to make sarcastic jokes about Chase and House which was refreshing.

  • it's safe

    i don't always watch it but when i do i like it and the commercials bug me because i want to see what happends. so yah they should keep up the good work! they do a good job at making hospital stuff look and sound interesting.two thumbs up!
    can't weight to see what happends next!
  • Great series

    House proves to be a mainstay on Fox tv and should be for a long time. The acting is incredible and the writing creates great suspence leading to a fourth quarter find that watchers have grown to expect. Fox has renewed this series for another season, and I hope for many seasons to come!
  • Waw again a super show. Like House would say: NICE

    I must admit, I was laughing like crazy. That face that House made when the stick broke. Incredible, really superb. I thought for a time that this show has reached all the humour he could. Apparently I was wrong and I am happy about it. It still remains my favourite show. Anyway this episode was well created and we could see that Wilson is confronting House and he is good at it. But House remains House. Now something about the tick. So tiny thing and House made 2 jokes about it. See the real talent. And the elevator thing was just brilliant.
  • Second terrific episode in a row

    Another great episode; perhaps not quite as great as last week, but great nonetheless.

    The show's more than returned to form, in my opinion. While the Stacy-arc produced some great character insights and phenomenal dramatic acting on the part of Laurie, it went on for far too long. Sela Ward never really made Stacy a believable House-wrecker, in my opinion, and the melodramatic will-they-won't-they dragged on forever, dulling the show's razor-sharp wit as a consequence. Now that House has returned to relative normalcy, and Stacy's not around to steal screen time from the other characters, the show's really begun to shine anew.

    The House-Wilson chemistry continues to amaze, thanks to Laurie and Leonard's excellent work. They're Holmes and Watson meets the Odd Couple, driving one another crazy while clearly maintaining a poewrful friendship. The sheer juvenility of the pranks, so incongruous given the characters' prestige and brilliance, cracked me up. Wilson's reaction to the stethoscope incident couldn't have been played better, and - for the second week in a row - Laurie's talent for madcap physical comedy's on display, in both the elevator scene's conclusion and the cane break.

    Of the young'uns, Foreman and Cameron come across particularly well this episode. Increasingly, they hold their own against House and one another - Foreman's "black marker" comeback worked quite nicely (interesting note - in promotional clips from that scene released on sites such as IGN, Chase can be seen breaking character and cracking up in the background upon hearing House's "white board" remark, but this gaffe was edited out of the aired episode). Meanwhile, Cameron's sarcasm toward Chase suggests that her newfound edge won't be going away anytime soon. Which is wonderful if true: besides making her less of a predictable pushover, it makes her interactions with House all the more intriguing. Last year, he essentially dismissed her as naive and unaware; now, she's giving as good as she gets, while still generally adhering to her ideals.

    An unusually strong guest cast as well; overall, wonderful energy propelled by great acting, scripting, and directing. Another terrific episode, essentially.
  • Though not the most "amazing" episode I've ever seen, it was very fun and upbeat, reminding me of why I love House so much!

    I admit, last week's episode really disappointed me, it wasn't as exciting, THIS episode however kept me interested, and laughing all the way through. "I told you it'd be more dramatic". I will say, though, that I am still waiting for a little bit more of the original House "spice". Though funny, (I love the whole pranking between House and Wilson) and interesting, there wasn't as much of that House sizzle. Cameron has kind of fallen off the planet, her charachter has become dry and I'd love to see some of the old sympathetic her return. Loved Foreman, loved House, loved Wilson, loved the family/patient. All in all, very good, next week's looks even better!
  • best episode of the season

    Best episode of the season thus far. Humorous, witty, well paced and with a puzzling medical problem to boot. And teenage love thrown in for good measure. It even has some college humor. Something for everyone. And the scene in the elevator is classic. Episodes like this one are what got me watching this show in the first place.
  • House wins again

    House is always in question on his decisions. But it seems he is always right. I am not sure I would want House as my doctor because he had a rude and gruff demenor but he has the knowledge of a genious. When he can't find out whats wrong in the beginning like in the case of the girl last night. He tries everything and ususally gets to the bottom of what is wrong. House is a brilliant doctor and if it weren't for him the ticks would never have been found. He was right again. A great episode as usual.
  • They just keep getting better.

    House is always right,you think the "Ducklings" would have figured that out by now.He's an arrogant jerk,but he's right.The best part of the show was when they had the scenes at House's place.Men never relly grow up do they?At least Wilson got him back for the warm water thing by filing his cane.I haven't laughed that hard for awhile.
  • House does it again!

    House always is convinced he's right, does something completely ridiculous, and usually solves the case. He did it again! He completely ignores what everyone else thinks and does want he wants to anyways, finding the tick. I thought the episode was really good, the tick thing was really interesting. My favorite bits were the House and Wilson interractions, the cane breaking was amazing. The stethoscope on the door was amazing! All around a really funny and interesting episode!