Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on FOX

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  • Great patient storyline.

    Finally it seems like they're beginning to come up with something other than cancer. Most of this season seems like the patient has turned out to have cancer. This episode had a new twist, which was quite unexpected and turned out really well.

    The case as a whole was pretty interesting, and the characters worked rather well. I liked the subplot with the mother being overprotective, although I could have lived without the cheesy "you're going to school on Monday" ending. It seemed as if they put a bit more effort to creating the puzzle this week, and it paid off, though the main reason why the storyline worked so well was that the guest characters were well written and well acted, making you sympathise with them. I guess the only thing that irked me a bit was how they just seemed to have drawn a red line with a tiny marker to pose as a surgical scar on the girl. It looked completely unrealistic and weird, given that she didn't have any scars from stitches, which means the scar would be much wider. Normally these things don't bother me, but in this case it really stood out as ridiculous.

    Now here's something I've never really understood with this show... Why on earth is Wilson friends with House? And furthermore, why does Wilson regard House as his best friend? It feels like there's a lot going on between them that we never get to see, but at this point it's getting a bit over the top, since no reasonable human being would be friends with someone like House when he acts like he's been doing the past couple of episodes. He's not the least bit supportive or sympathetic, he's only being a jerk. I would really like to get some more insight on the inner workings of their friendship, and see a few more glimpses of House acting like a friend. I think I remember two such moments in season one, and so far none from this season. In the first season there was the thing with Vogler, where towards the end House seemed to be willing to step up and act as a friend towards Wilson, although not too willingly. And then there was a scene in the pilot where the patient said something about how you show people you care by what you do, not what you say, and House had taken on the patient only because he thought she was Wilson's cousin. Aside from those two bits, it seems like the House/Wilson friendship mainly consists of House doing everything he can to insult and annoy Wilson. I would like to see an episode where he needs to rely on Wilson more, and get a better glimpse of their relationship. There must be some reason Wilson considers him a friend.

    As a side note, can you imagine House as a best man when Wilson got married? Somehow, I'm having trouble...

    One character who is sinking fast is Cameron. This episode she was annoying, being testy and arrogant towards everyone and everything. She's my least favourite of House's "ducklings", but in many episodes I quite like her. This wasn't one of them. They seem to have a hard time finding a middle ground between Cameron being too soft and Cameron being too arrogant. Or maybe there's some revelation to come, regarding Cameron?