Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on FOX

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  • House & Wilson at their finest :)

    Once again, ANOTHER top notch House episode! I saw half of this ep on the TV years ago, so it was good finally watching it. Worth the wait ;) this episode was, ive said many times before, sexytime! Great medical case first of all! Teen girl getting sick in an environment cleaner than a hospital, left me wanting to know more :).

    And what about House and Wilson! Hellz yeah, they are awesome in this episode. Highlight from House, was him pulling the tick outta the girl...elevator door opens, she's legs wide open with House probing and *drumroll* Cuddy, Wilson and the babes family all looking inside. Foreman had the LOLest expression on his face like "ahhhh sh1t, we're boned!" And what about Wilson, lashing out finally! Tinkering with House's cane! Genious! Oh, even I admit, it was about time Gregory got his just deserts ;)

    All in all, another one of my favourites, but seriously, right up there in Top 5. 10/10 all the way baby! :)