Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on FOX

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    I do not want to declare House dead yet, but it definitely has flatlined. The show started to fall apart last season and it has just been unbearable completely this year. It is not just the House and Cuddy relationship, although shoving that down our throats is anything but a positive. The show is just not creating the compelling drama it used to, I mean look at the cold opening tonight: a female roller blader pushing a kid in a wheel chair around. Really?

    House needs to step up their game. Hopefully this "controversial" episode that they keep teasing us with for next week does that because this certainly did not.
  • Med mystery not bad, the rest of it not good.

    This episode had a pretty good heart-wrenching med story, especially good acting by the dad character, but the rest of it was pretty bad. House/Cuddy interactions, Taub's juvenile preoccupation with it, Wilson saying "this is huge" with all the enthusiasm of a coma patient, the ass and crotch grabbing...weak.

    House used to be a great show in its early years when House was an irascible yet hilarious genius. Then it started sucking when he became just a huge jerk to anyone and everyone. It got a little better with Andre Braugher, but then it got horrible with the Alvie/Alfy(?) hug, then the unwatchable Huddy romance. The season opener was like watching Grey's Anatomy. Bleah!
  • Parents do not have the right of life and death over their children. I'm rating this episode a 1 because of the moral stupidity of the final conflict


    The parents didn't even consult their son during their anguished discussion about the fate oftheirchild's lung. "He Hugo, me and your mom have decided that half your lungs belong to your sister. Now you be a good boy and hop up on the operating table" Stupid!

    House should have just gone to the son and no one else with the idea of the siblingtransplant. That would be a decision only the organ owner couldmorallymake. Hugo looked like a character who had been dealing with death for some time. He was perfectly able to make the decision, as it was shown at the end.

    Children are more capable of making decision that effect them then we give them credit for. How do parents think their children are going to grow into responsible adults if we don't treat them a functioning human beings.

    I like the series and greatly respect the writers but they must have been chugging stupid pills for this episode.

  • The secret is out!

    A very nice episode, definitely better than the previous one. I like the scene where Cuddy grabs/catches (it's not shown, therefore I have to guess) House's groin. Wilson's flabbergasted. I love the scene the most! As for the medical mystery, it's good, but not great. The ending is definitely touching, I actually felt sad for them. House and Cuddy try to connect, but then realise they don't have an honest conversation until the end. I like it when Cuddy says they need to continue their brutal conversations, because this show can't survive without any brutal conversations or bickering between the both of them. And weirdly, House doesn't seem to care when Thirteen goes. It's very unusual of him. He probes into their personal lives many times and this time he ignores Thirteen's? Very unusual. Overall this is a great episode.
  • House&Cuddy can make it work?

    As season 6 ends, and 7 begins, main focus is on House and Cuddy, and their doomed relationship...or so it seems. I found the resident-mediator Dr.Wilson, very on the spot, House can´t play with Cuddy like before, and some middle ground has to be set. So i guess they being together is a plus for the series, but how can House´s "dark passenger" be satisfied, if he wants to please Cuddy? That show would be..well... boring! What about a new selection of helping experts? Forman and Chase are very old news, and Taub is getting there, plus it´s a very macho diagnostics team :(
    And just for the record, House can be with Cuddy, but don´t make him a saint, that is not on is character.

    So great episode, but watch were you step from now on ;)
  • House and Cuddy discover being lovers and colleagues at the same time isn't easy.

    A huge improvement from last week's episode and it felt like good old House again.

    While the House-Cuddy part might have been predictable, it was interesting to see how they stupidly admitted to eachother's requests, only to realize the other one's completely wrong. Their fight at the end was great and even though I'm really enjoying their relationship, I hope we can see some more fights again soon. Laurie and Edelstein are great in their roles and that scene was really a joy to watch.

    The rest of the team, on the other hand, might benefit on some more screentime. While the focus is obviously on Huddy for now, the team is feeling pretty useless right now and serves just as a conflicting party for the new couple.

    The case started off a bit slow, but eventually turned out to be one of my favorites of House's entire run. Great drama and a horrible situation for the family, and they had some good young actors there.

    Definitely an upgrade from last week's slow start, with one of the best POTW's.
  • House is back, indeed.

    Like all TV shows that last for years, this one had to change. It was inevitable. No more Vicodin addiction, but it is still looming out there in the dark and can creep back ominously any moment. But not yet. This was a "traditional" House episode, with a lot of funny situations, witty comments, even a few long-awaited love scenes well incorporated in the episode. I'm writing this because I haven't found a TV show this good for years. Not a single one has attached my attention for so long. So I'm ready to forgive a few weaknesses (such as Now What) if the majority can still be on the level of the House we know and love. Selfish has that "classic housian" quality.
    The main "weakness" of the show is that it relies almost completely on the main character. So, when audience becomes tired of the cranky doctor, the show will go down, no matter how Hugh Laurie might try. Let's hope the final episode will be finished and aired before that happens.
    p. s. I'm House addicted. Couldn't live without it. My opinion is highly biased. :)
  • House is back!

    after a terrible premiere, House is back to normal. The case was intresting (and I think this is the first time I was actualy intrested in a case, since Season 5) and it was very touching. well played by both of the kids.

    * Clinic is back! I'm so happy about it. I missed the clinic because It always reminded me the first (and the better) first seasons. * The salad part was halirious. * I liked the ending scene. Usually at the end of the episode, the patient gets released from the hospital and everyone's happy. This time the dilema was hard, and there's no option for a real happy ending.
    * Huddy didn't bother me this time, because we finaly saw the problems of this relationship, which is more realistic. * I love Wilson.

    I hope they keep it that way, because this was one of the best episodes of the last few seasons.
  • The good old House. For realS!

    I liked this episode more than the first one. We had everything we like about this show in this one. Plus Houses's fooling around with Cuddy. For reals :-) As I suspected, House probably knows what is going on with 13...unlike the others. Still no trace of Kuddy's baby. Like she never existed! So, Huddy can work together and be in an emotional relationship! Still, they will have to do some adjustments to each other. One thing I don't understand - Kuddy said she loved House just the way he was, so why was she yelling at him and was mad few times already? However, their relationship will never be dull and boring, that's for sure :-)

    The story about sick girl and her already sick brother was really emotional, very hard decision for parents to make! All in all, the old House is beck and I like him even more that before!
  • kid collapses and House is a jerk about it as usual

    OMG its Alyson Stoner I didnt even look it up cause I like surprises so gotta sat Aly was definetly a good one. But then I guess disney girls are going Drama. First Demi now Alyson. anyway good episode, I like House is paranoid and is just siding with Cuddy cause he just wants her ass but thats typical him. He's not nice he just does stufd to get by in the world.

    I wonder where 13 went now. I hope she comes back Olivia is cool since I obviosuly cant have Cameron who was totally awesome

    good episodes all the way
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house . house and kuddie are having a relationship and they made it public .and some of houses team thinks that its effecting the way he makes decisions and kuddie the same thing and wilson is tring to help house and there is a brother and sister and they are both sick and the sister is really sick and they think she is going to die and they are in need of a lung and they cant get a approval again because a lung had already burst and they ask the parents to make a descion and the brother gives part of his lung this was a good ep
  • back to normal

    as much as I liked the previous episode (not many did) I missed the hospital House. It was a great show, the way House and Cuddy struggled with their relationship, and the team's reaction to the news (lol, wilson even needed additional proof), the two old men, father and son, and of course the main case. it was sad to see the parents try to reach a decision and if I were in their shoes I wouldn't know what to do either as there's no one you love more in this world than your own children.

    the case of the old man is actually a sad truth, many symptoms are sometimes overlooked because the patient is old, some doctors just don't pay that much attention to old people. anyway the end of it all was pretty funny. even though i expected the father to come too and pay House, the end caught me by surprise. I don't want to spoil anything for anybody but the whole scene was awesome. is it just me, or Chase is seeing 13? that's the vibe i got from this episode. I might be wrong though. I'm sorry she broke off with Foreman but we can't all have what we want.

    I was also sorry for the girl who got sick but how could no one notice that she was feeling sick for a year? how could she not get concerned or even scared a little when the cold didn't go away? thank god for the witty dialogues that lightened the sombre atmosphere otherwise i would have had some tears to hide.

    all in all this episode was great, loved House's reactions towards Cuddy (especially one part of her) and now that they decided to be brutally honest to each other I'm looking forward to what "disasters" will the next episode bring.
  • A very nice, but sad episode. *spoilers*

    House's case is of a 14 year old girl who collapses skateboarding to support a disability charity. Her brother is in a wheelchair, and has a condition where he will not live many years longer. The girl already had a donor lung, which she rejected, so when she needs another once House solved the case, the committee would not give her another. Her parents must choose whether to risk her death, unless the team can find a new lung, or to cut her brother's already short life in half by giving her part of his lung. Both siblings are selfless, and only care about the well-being of the other, and it is a very hard decision to make *watch if you don't know*.
    I thought this episode was very well-written for a normal episode. It was sad in the way that the parents had to choose which of their children to let live, and which to die. Their decision which they made in front of House and Cuddy was very surprising to me, but I was glad that it turned out the way it did in the end.
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    Looks like House is getting back to the norm now, after that awful premiere, we got the good old House back. I heard plenty of witty remarks from House, and most of which made laugh and appreciate House's character, in the last episode, it was the complete opposite situation.

    The end of this episode was a breath of fresh air, all the scenes of Cuddy & House in bed together make me want to throw my remote at the TV screen considering how out of character House gets, but by the end of this episode, I have a feeling that things are going to be back to normal. By being brutally honest, which I sure am relieved about.

    The concept of this episode was genius, sometimes it's good to be selfish when it comes to making the better decision. Alyson Stoner did a great job in this episode, and I'm glad to see her in a serious role like this. Overall, just a good House episode, that's worth watching, unlike the season seven premiere.