Season 2 Episode 14

Sex Kills

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2006 on FOX

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  • An interesting twist...

    One of the most important things with formulaic dramas is keeping it fresh, and the writers manage to do this with most episodes. This one was fantastic in the way the patient was diagnosed quite quickly, but then House had to find a heart for him.

    I thought the dead womans husband, played by Heroe's Greg Grunberg, was absolutely fantastic, and gave a great scope to the episode. House's determination (or obsession, depending on the semantic you want to use) was clear in his determination to cure his patient- one whom he seemed to quite like, judgeing by their brief scenes together.

    The one liners were once again spot on in this episode. It is always amusing to watch House at work, but a lot of it depends on Hugh Lauries timing, as well as the great timing of the rest of the cast, in particular Robert Sean Leonard. The scenes between House and Wilson were yet again brilliant, and with the added twist of Wilson's marriage falling apart.

    The clinic scene was fanatastic again, although he was pretty screwed up!

    Overall, the Season keeps on delivery cracking episode after cracking episode. I must be getting repetetive...Oh dear! =)
  • Wilson's marriage falls apart.

    Well this was painful to watch in 2 way like in many other episodes, first of all, at the beginning it seems as though Wilson is cheating on his wife which is always a downer, then it turns out his wife cheated on him which totally bites & then he goes to House's house at the end to move in, I really felt for him. Then the whole case in which there is 2 patients in one, the guy from Heroes is in it! Anyways after everything seems to be impossible to figure out, it turns out the husband was the unfaithful one, that was a big shocker, Cameron's face was hilarious, how could he do that to his dead wife, a good decent episode.
  • We're going to cure death? MUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......No!

    What a brilliant episode, the idea of house curing a dead person was genius. I really like how he said things like: give her 4 times the normal dosage. then when Cameron got all wussy, he said "what, are you afraid of, well kill her?". Its brilliant the way that House's callousness throws other peoples failures in their faces.
    It was a brilliant example of smugnness, and this episode was rammed full of house-isms. The only bad thing about this episode was heart attack-guys wife. They made her out to be an evil cheater at the beginning, but all of a sudden at the end she was good and everyone was happy to see her. Apart from that, this episode was marvelous.
  • Different twists in this one make it even better

    This was such a brilliant episode because it was different. Unlike usual where the entire episode is spent making mistakes in attempt to get the diagnosis, this one they get it almost immediately. And really who would have thought that cheese was Henry's problem?

    I loved the relationship between Wilson and House in this one too. I loved House accusing Wilson of having an affair while his marriage was continuing its downhill slope.

    I really enjoyed the fact that everything connected with sex. Everyone was ashamed of sex and House made that fact so clear and funny.

    I liked how House sent Cameron looking for a fresh heart for Henry and then when they found one House totally manipulated the guy who had just lost his wife. I loved when they were doing the differential on Laura, and Cameron asked if they were gonna cure death. That was such an awesome scene.

    Clinic guy was just incredibly weird and I think he had some screws loose in his head.

    Great episode I loved it.
  • Review

    The cases in these episodes seem to be getting stranger and stranger as time goes on. In this episode the old man needs a new heart and the only way House can get one is from an overweight woman who just happened to have died in the Operating Room that day. House has started to slowly start going back to the clinic, but he gets a guy that has an obbsession over cows because he has a thing for his mom. Theres a point where the show just gets down right wierd and I think this was one of those episodes. I thought this episode was comical, but not the best Ive seen from this series. the daughter of the old man was...oh my amazingly hot I cannont even begin to describe. She made the episode worth watching
  • House bassicaly has to give a man a heart but the problem is that there is no more hearts great episode!

    Dr. House tries to treat a man who has a seizure but doesn't realize it. It turns out that he has an infection and now he needs a new heart. Because there are no hearts immediately available, House tries to get one from a dead woman whose organs were rejected. Dr. House and his team have to cure a dead woman's heart before giving it to the man. Meanwhile, another man claims to be attracted to cows, and wants House to give him a libido-repressing drug, yet it turns out that it isn't really cows that he is attracted to. Also, House continues to suspect Wilson of having an affair.
  • Does that really happen? Do you need special health insurance for that level of treatment?

    Here's something I've been wondering: This whole "searching the patient's house for clues" business. Does that really happen? Do you need special health insurance for that level of treatment? Just curious. Anyway, I realize that this is kinda the point of the show, but House is such a know-it-all it's no wonder Wilson is his only friend. Speaking of which, House should tread carefully or he might just lose that one friend. After all the shoulder support Wilson provided during the Stacy episodes, you'd think House could at least pretend to care that Wilson was "going through something." Perhaps I ask too much of the man whose motto, when desperately hunting for a transplantable heart, is "a big, fat sloppy heart beats no heart at all." Somebody call Hallmark. So, Howard Hesseman: Aged a bit, have we? I thought he was playing Amy's (Keri Lynn Pratt) grandfather initially. Then she called him "Dad"; color me surprised. I can sense that this line of thought will not endear me to the man, so I'll end it now. All the same, it was good to see Dr. Johnny Fever out and about and apparently still getting it on. So Greg Grunberg: you left Alias for this? Again, just curious. While I enjoy the comedy provided by House's clinic scenes, I had a "Wow, they are not doing a bestiality subplot" moment and then things veered off into oedipal regions. I then had a "Wow, they are not doing a... " — you get my point. Maybe House ought to search this guy's home.
  • I loved this epp. Poor Wilson. . . ok, maybe not.

    I really liked the begining part where they were going through different diagnosises (is that a word) and Camron got all hung up on their shoes. So funny. I think the best was the reacuring theme of House beating Wilson up for cheating, but in the end finding out that it was Julie cheating on him. The end scene was hilarious. The case was pretty cool too, He dosn't want his daughter to know he did her mom. I think she would have known that, I mean, she is there right? Still great.
  • The futher into each season we go, the further Dr. House's moral boundies seem to fly

    I loved this episode. This one really got into the characters. It showed a little more about house's personality but really got into Wilson's personal issues. Of course, House still needs to work on his communicational skills though it wasn't his fault that the husband of the guy mistaked her for their doctor. Trouhgout this episode, House shows that he does not care for the dead, only for the living which makes you wonder what he would do if one of his friends were dead, assuming his has one besides Wilson (I'm not sure if he could count Cuddy, Stacy, Foreman, Chase or Cameron as his friends). He also works on Wilson as he dissects him from head to toe particually on how neatly pressed his clothes or. I think this show shows just how close House and Wilson really are even though Wilson doesn't agree with House's methods
  • Out of the frying pan...

    I was sooooo glad when they finally got rid of Stacy, and sure enough, no more love triangle, no more emotional conversations, and no more ridiculous psychoanalysis. And thats just the way it should be! Now we have the old House back, the abrasive, inconsiderate, misanthropic House who doesn't give a rat's posterior about feelings and emotions. But I'm afraid that it is too good to be true. Now that Wilson is living with House, I have a bad feeling that now they are going to start psychoanalyzing Wilson, who will likely go to House for help, who will likely get all sappy and considerate again. Blehh!

    Good episode, bad omen.
  • House rules.. er.. yeah, so does Wilson (spoilers)

    I'll say it again, the best part of the show is when House and Wilson interact. I REALLY hope House snuck some sort of annoying thing into the drink of the guy that punched him, and then I can watch him back on Alias. Though it's kind-o sad that Wilson got cheated on, I really look forward to the odd couple living together.
  • while he is trying to save his patient, no one wants to give him a heart for the operation. so he takes an unwated heart and try to cure the heart and use it. at the same time his friends having problmes inside the house

    very fast pase show although there it was less intense than there last ones. it brought more drama into the show by kicking Dr houses friend out of his house and movd to Dr house appartment. and this time they didnt go deap into the patient life, cause they have 2 patient to cure. the Dead one and the live one, which is good. but less detail they can put out if there is one patient they working on.
  • Throwing off the shackles of she-devil Stacey and getting back to basic House--telling it like it is and miffing people off in the process...

    This episode really felt like a transitional one to me. House , thank goodness, is starting to step out of his horrible Stacey-induced funk and back into his wonderfully grumpy, snarky self again.

    Wilson's "bombshell" that he moved out after his wife had an affair wasn't that shocking...I mean, the guy is NEVER home. He more or less completely avoids going home if he can help it...

    And now, with Wilson shacking up with House, all the House/Wilson shippers out there have something to squeal about for the 3 week hiatus...
  • Another great episode!

    This episode is just another reason as to why I watch "House"! I love the way the characters interact! Tonight's show was another wild one. I love trying to figure out what he is going to do or say next! Tonight, you got to see a somewhat human side of Dr. House, even if it was a brief moment. He had a small amount of compassion towards both the husband of the woman, who's heart he needed, and the father and daughter. He seemed to take a more active role in this case. Oh, and I can't neglect mentioning how he handle the cow (really his step-mom) lover! I don't know whether to laugh or be disgusted by some of the things they do on this show, and that was one of those times!
  • Another good ep, what can I say?

    I really liked this episode because the main storyline intersected another and it was good. There were little twists and turns-did the wife in the accident have the affair-nope it was the husband. Was Wilson cheating again-nope it was his wife. It broke a little bit from the same old pattern and it worked. The cow guy was annoying though. House is back to his old self, Stacy has been put on the backburner. I am a little mad at Fox however- they move/not show House for American Idol and then we are going to have to wait AGAIN for another new ep???
  • Just why I watch this show.

    A man has a heart attack and is in need of a heart transplant, but he’s not eligible because he’s over 65. This leads House to explore other avenues… if the patient isn’t eligible for a heart transplant, then get an ineligible heart. Everyone wins!

    Poor Wilson is having trouble at home, and is looking for a sympathetic ear from House. Not really the kind of thing House is good for. Though he has no choice now Wilson needs a place to stay and House’s sofa fits the bill quite nicely. Guess he’ll have to listen now… and who knows. It might do him some good.

    Oh and some guy loves cows. Really, really loves cows.

    I enjoyed this episode much more than recent ones, because… well… No Stacy! No more wallowing, no more psychic pain… just House being his usual jerky self, resorting to all manner of underhand schemes to get want he wants - just the way we love him. Well acted, emotional and hilarious. Everything an episode of House should be.
  • This is the reason why I watched this show Dr.House is so complicated.

    I think this episode was good but I didn't like the way he dealt with the dead lady husband,he went to him to get information about the lady and did not tell the man that his wife was dead. At that point I was saying to myself not nice Dr.House. He treated Wilson bad also.
  • Big fan of this episode.

    I love episodes like this. Low on Stacey high on octane. The Octane here being two puzzles that need to fit together.

    I found the accident victim case was twisty and turny enough to suit my fancy, which made up for the fact that the initial case with Howard Hesseman was a little...well, regular. (His daughter was not regular however, one of the most beautiful faces I've seen on television.)

    The clinic case was next to a dairy farm, it was well, not relevant, but interesting.

    Third thing, Wilson. Gotta love the guy. I really appreciate his relationship with House. The many layers of Wilson...

    Of course, there's always the fun of house bucking the system. I'm sorry, did he just steal someone's heart? How is this not the Valentine's day episode?

    Oh, and I must give props to the scene where house took one for the team. I did not see that coming.

    Seriously good storytelling from a wonderful show.

    Good Ep!
  • Good episode with great performances.

    This episode was quite busy with two main patients and a clinical patient, plus personal issues. The first main patient was a father who needed a heart transplant, and he came with his daughter who turned out not to be as naive as we were lead to be, which was refreshing. The other patient was a car accident victim, and House had to deal with her seemingly devoted husband. Greg Grunberg gave a great performance as the husband, but I personally have adored him since "Felicity." The clinical patient who was attracted to his step mother was a nice dose of comic relief. We finally got a little personal with Wilson and found out that his wife was cheating on him, which he had suspected and was why he was so moody recently. Glad that he wasn't the one having the affair as House assumed because I want to like Wilson since he's the only other doctor besides House I could fully tolerate, instead of the others which I could only partially tolerate. Overall really decent episode, but I was upset that we have to wait 3 weeks for another new episode, especially since we just had break, oh well.
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