Season 5 Episode 20

Simple Explanation

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on FOX

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  • So that's why the entire episode was filmed with the lights off!

    I can't believe they killed off the best out of the newbies! He was the happy-go-lucky character but I think thats what made it more unbelievable. It was truly shocking that he shot himself and seeing Foreteen try and revive him, sliding in a pool of his blood was horrifying. The mood and tone of this scene and the rest of the episode which is emphasised by the eerie lighting throughout. But from then the POTW and the aftermath of Kutner's death is constantly fighting for the crown of "Plot A".

    The writers trying to deal with both in 45 minutes is virtually impossible and they struggled to do that hence the 9.1 score. Although the funeral scene was moving and Taub finally breakng down was touching, I feel if Foreteen had discovered him towards the end and made it continue onto another episode therefore creating "Simple Explanation, Part 2" it would have been more shocking. Like in Season 2 when Foreman got sick and last season when Amber got sick, they were two parters. Sow why doesnt Kutner deserve a two parter. Plus the POTW would have meant more to us as it had the potential. House's harsh words about the reason for Kutner's death towards his parents was typical House. The need to solve every puzzle is mandatory for him hence why he thinks Kutner was murdered. I think the end where we see a gloomy photograph of Kutner is satisfying for now but I will need to know the real reason behind his suicide!
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