Season 2 Episode 13

Skin Deep

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2006 on FOX

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  • Another perfect installment..

    First of all, let me apologise for the obscene amount of tens I give the show- unlike the old rating systems, I only have a choice between .5s and whole numbers! Nevertheless, this episode was once again the nearest to a ten it could be.

    It was simply a great piece of writing, and yet another interesting medical dilemna, with lots of shocking twists and turns. I thought how House confronted the father about sleeping with his supermodel daughter was shocking and dramatic, as well as the reactions of House's staff to the unpleasent news. And then learning that she seduced him was just sick. The big twist came at the end, however, when it turned out she was a boy! I didn't see that coming at all, and House was brilliant yet shocking in breaking the news- I am sure the best think for her would have been a soft, sensitive diagnosis, but House was quite cruel (yet hilarious) in the procedings ("we're gunna cut your balls off" and saying to the dad "No, a joke would be me calling you a homo for example). The only thing I did find hard to take was the pining over the supermodel- she wasn't that beautiful. Cameron is far more beautiful, as seen in the scene where she confronts her about her father. Small quible though.

    House also is suffering from increased pain in his leg, and his scenes with Wilson are yet again fantastic and provies some of the best dialogue in the show- seen especially when House is having an MRI.

    Overall, the episodes continue being spectacular, and its a credit to the writers who continue to find dramatic or shocking storylines and balance it with brilliant humour.
  • A very shocking episode that left me very speechless. House is going through stuff and a girl is really a boy.

    i'm still new to this show, but this episode left me shocked. house is missing Stacy, but would not tell anyone, he can play the prano really well. When that girl was really yo be a boy, I didn't believe it. She/he slept with her/his father and two other people... gross. I never thought that she was boy, she was a female model. What she said and what house said was genius. Foremen, Carmoen, and the others were in this epiode and another threat to fire House. Overall, a very good episode an deveryone should see it. Girl a guy.
  • House has feelings!

    Well this episode was revealing in 3 ways, one way was that there could be a sickness triggered by being a girl & actually being a guy, which was sort of disgusting since that fifteen year old girl/boy was doing everybody in the city, the dad got what he deserved, also the girl, cancer & male genes. I like the finny side is when the guy turning in to a girl, him having real girl boobs was out of this world. I'm thinking if they should of censored that or something. The second reason why this episode was revealing is because House shows that he has feelings left over for Stacy showing that he misses her & can't work without her, and finally the third reason, you get to see House's wretched leg, gross! A good very revealing episode.
  • Overall a really good episode.

    Last week's episode was a let down, but now they're back to the normal quality. Good balance between the patient storyline and the regular character storylines, and both were interesting.

    We'll start with the patient storyline. Personally I was a bit bugged by the fact that the model was only decent looking, and not the complete knockout the kept referring to her as. I don't require the actors on a show to be gorgeous, but if a character is SUPPOSED to be extremely beautiful it helps if the actor actually is. She wasn't that good an actress either, but other than that I liked the storyline. There were some interesting twists and turns along the way, and it's always interesting when House has one theory, one of his ducklings (usually Foreman) has another, and both theories turn out to be irrelevant. I find those storylines interesting, because usually one of them is right (or sometimes both are) and yet it's still not the solution to the case. Anyhoo, it was a bit irritating that it turned out to be cancer - it feels like it's always cancer nowadays. But the hermaphrodite thing was new.

    My favorite scene of the episode: Wilson playing God while House was getting his MRI. It was a lot of fun watching the two of them goof around like that, and you got a sense of why they're actually friends. Most of the time it feels like Wilson might be a masochist for putting up with House out of his own free will, but in this scene they seemed to have a lot of fun together. Of course, then House wacked Wilson with his cain and it was back to the masochist thing. But it was also interesting to see House with Cuddy. What I really like about their interaction is that she doesn't take any crap from him, but she really does care. It's very refreshing to have a character who doesn't always need to be right and doesn't go out of her way to protect her pride or avoid losing face. It's also great to see that she knows how to handle House. Smart move with the placebo.

    Can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Interesting case and I really liked the clinic guy not the best but still amusing

    I loved House and his leg pain. Wilson was great when they were arguing saying that the increased pain was in House's head. I liked how Cuddy reacted to House when he asked her for the morphine and how she made him think that she gave it to him because it was something that you would and would not expect from Cuddy.

    House in the clinic was funny and boring all at the same time, but I loved how Cuddy reacted to the guy when House was MIA. The girl was totally messed up in the head. I can't believe she got her dad drunk so she could sleep with him. It was interesting that she was really a he.

    Good episode but not the best.
  • Review

    I thought the lack of Stacy is starting to bring back a lot more humor in the show, but I still feel that we arent getting the comedy that we were getting during the beginning of the season. House returned to the Clinic for once, but really didnt crack anything seriously funny when he was there. I think he should have been there when the man showed him his breasts and then connected the case with the supermodel with that, not after being paged to the room. I think this episode was comical, but not as comical as it could have been. The case was kind of distrubing, with the supermodel being a man and the father sexually assulting her. It wasnt my favorite storyline, but it looks like things are getting back on the right track again.
  • Hilarious, exciting

    \"No, me calling you a homo would be a joke. Catch the difference?\"

    I wonder why this quote wasn\'t posted above, it is the most hilarious thing I\'ve heard house say in a long time, delightfully innapropriate, yet painfully true. Is anybody else totally thrilled by the music in this show? I\'m making a pandora list with all the music of house, and so far it sounds pretty amazing.
  • House really does have a heart, and it's aching for Stacy. Since Stacy left, he has been in increasing pain, and it's getting hard to watch.

    House's emotional pain is manifesting itself physically. So much so that he's having Cuddy shoot morphine directly into his spine. The fact that the placebo Cuddy gave him relieved his pain proves everyone's point, especially Wilson's, that the increased pain in House's leg is psychological. See? House really does have a heart, and it's aching for Stacy. Since Stacy left, he has been in increasing pain, and it's getting hard to watch. Frankly, I wasn't sure where they were going when he started to undo his pants in Cuddy's office, but like everything else House does, his actions served some nobler purpose. If exposing his atrophied thigh is what it takes to get some relief, then so be it. If only there were some of that purpose in the medical story line. Fifteen-year-old supermodel Alex has a heroin addiction, naturally perky boobs and boy parts. Oh, yeah, and she's seduced her father, but he's only really disturbed by that fact when he realizes that his hot daughter is really a boy. So then it's OK to sleep with your daughter? I wish the writers had shied away from the hermaphrodite shock value and written a decent child-abuse story instead. I wish that Cameron would stop being so predictably annoying. Most of all, I wish for more of Wilson and House playing around in the MRI, "House, this is God." Priceless
  • this episode Epitomises the show. Funny dramatic and at times worrying and unethical (in terms of medical ethics)

    Houose is a Phenominal character. this episode truly proves his attitude and his ways. he really is a great doctor and this is epitomised by his actions in this installment. this episode also shows alot of House\\\'s funny side as he originally treats the patient slightly different as she is a model ... for once he actually goes and visits a patient. nonetheless from there ownwards he continues his great approach to his work again showing his excellence in the field of diagnostic medicine, wilst simultaneosly in the background the idea of him perverting on a 15 year old remains floating in the air.
    PSE the twist at the end is hiliarious too.
  • This is exactly why this show is so good.

    You see the faults of House (and how even some of his problems are in his mind) and then you have a great great medical mystery that no one (even the professional doctors among us) would have figured out.

    How can you not love a show where you find out the object of 'every man's desire' is a man?

    House slaps us with his arrogance and at the same time galls us with how desperately he denies his own fault and tries to hid it from both his colleagues and himself. If doctor heal thyself ever applied to someone....
  • a little strange

    is this the episode where the girl turns out to be a guy? one of the things that i remember about the episode was that the girl suduced her father. now that is a little disgusting even for what you usually see on this show. this is not one of my favorite episodes, but some of house's comments were very funny.
  • Great episode!

    Well another great episode.
    House is a hard guy to figure out and I really hope he deals with his demons cause he seems to be getting worse. That tigh muscle thing really freaked me out. How much pain would that cause!
    I wonder if house will ever get clean? I hope so but I would hate for him to loose his charm!

    The teenage supermodel has some serious issues not only with the drugs and sleeping with her father (and everyone else) but also finding out she is actually a male! She has not had a great life so far and I hope she can get it back on track. It would be great to see a follow up of this case later on.
  • Greatest one yet!

    This is one of the series best episodes, it's well written and has a surprise ending! The only one that comes close is the one with the black plague lesbian (sleeping dogs lie) and the one where Chase accidentaly kills the young mother (the Mistake)!

    I especially like, the way the writters push you in one direction, wich is absolutly true, but in the end it turns out , that the truth is to be seen with an other perspective, besides the leading «Lady» gets the shock of her life, wich goes to show that perferction isn't always what it seems!
  • Supereb funnyest one yet

    This is the funniest episode of house I have ever seen, especially Wilson when house is in for his MRI scan and Wilson pretended to be God over the phone, and makes some remark about Cameron. There are plot twists when cuddy tells him that it was not morphine that she gave him and how he reacted this would be funny to see what he dose in the next episode. In this episode that house comes out with the weirdest things to be the cause of, like if the farther was sleeping with his daughter and as always he is wrong, which is no change there. If you are looking for an episode that has the potential to make you laugh and still have all the medical stuff then I would watch this episode.
  • House treats a suprmodel with a heroin addiction.

    Although the plot held some very gross moments it was very well written. With lots of twists and turns making us think different things it was really good. What a shock the end result was.

    House's leg hurting could be a good sign, I hope it is, it would be good for him to be back to normal. He is funny when he is grunmpy though!
  • One of the bes Episodes.

    This episode was very well written. I especially enjoyed the venture behind the real problem behind House's leg pains.

    This episode is possibly one of the most funniest episode ever written, i enjoyed it very much and could not stop laughing. Especially near the end where he says "No, a joke would be me calling you a homo."
  • House finds many problems with a very young supermodel admited to the hospital. He is also having increased pain in his leg and we can really feel the pain he is having.

    I thought this was a very good episode with many plot twists. We got to see more of House's private life and his grotesque leg scar. I am not sure where I stand regarding his bedside manner, but I do enjoy his problem solving skills. There are some humorous parts as well. So an emotional rollercoaster. This episode really does test our prejudgements in many ways.
  • Saline instead of morphine = HA! God in the MRI = HA HA!

    Wow. Cuddy is the best. The look on House's face when he learned it wasn't morphine! The story line didn't do much for me because, WTF? Do I care she's all man? Not so much. She slept with her dad? Eeeew. The cap on this delightful episdode, however, is Wilson as God. That line about Cameron wondering about why things are bad almost had me on the floor. It's nice to see these two can really get along as friends.
  • Excellent episode!

    This was undoubtedly one of the best episodes thus far. There were plenty of intense scenes and unexpected plot twists.
    I almost jumped when they showed House's leg. And the final diagnosis left me totally flabbergasted. This episode also alleviated my fear that the writers were slowly trying to transition the show from less of a comedy and more of a drama. The scene when House whacks Wilson's leg: absolutely priceless! We were also given a momentous insight into House's addiction when Cuddy told him she had given him a placebo. I cant wait to see how he reacts to Cuddy in the next episode.
  • Why was it a problem that the girl had male DNA? She was still the same person.

    I really didn't get why it was such a big deal that the model had testicles and was genetically a boy. She was still the exact same person, the only difference is that she could never have children of her own.

    If it was me, I would be very surprised and think that it was wierd but I wouldn't be so upset because I would still be me - a woman.

    That the father had sex with her was disgusting but the fact that she had male DNA didn't make it any more so.

    I found it VERY disgusting that House was commenting on how hot she was. He is always rather mean to people and never politically correct but that was a little too much.
  • An excellent episode, complex, full of twists and unpredictable moments

    I found this episode to be one of the best in the second season.

    Yes, there were quite a few gross moments, but they all served a purpose.

    For those who were appalled by the way House treated the girl/boy situation I'd like to remind that it looks like he Intentionally wanted to shock both the patient and her father:
    the girl/boy's behavior - using her sexuality in order to manipulate people - needed to be dramatically changed for her own good. House also didn't leave it at that and indicated later that he scheduled a physc checkup for her. So it's not like he was completely out of control and it had nothing to do with his pain.

    As for the father, as House said later to Cuddy "the good news is that daddy will not be sleeping with her again - now it's gross" - so that's another indication he knows exactly what he's doing and does it for a reason.
    As off-putting his behavior may seem to some, House is not heartless. We've seen how much he does care about his patients after all (remember he risked his license in order to get his patient a heart in "Control?".

    As for his leg's situation - I think his pain is real, despite the placebo effect that was only temporary. He has real nerve damage and that can't be "healed" with placebo.
    Let's not forget that he ended up with his leg so badly damaged because no one believed his pain in the first place!!!
    How can Wilson and Cuddy forget that is beyond me. Instead of admiring a man who keeps his wit and intelligence and solves complicated problems despite his pain and handicap, he is looked at as a junky by his peers. That's really insane.
    Wilson deserved the pain House caused him by hitting him hard on his leg. I loved the "Oh, you miss Stacy too?".... -:)

    All in all, a highly complexed episode and one of the best in this season to my opinion. Great writing.
    Hope it'll go on like this.
  • I must disagree...

    I thought that this was the worst House, well, ever. While it was interesting to learn more about House's leg condition, I thought the case was totally unenvolving and poorly handled.

    House has always be curt with patients, to put it lightly. And I realize this was supposed to be House at the breaking point of pain. But to me this episode never hit the right tone, and House came off border-line irrational. I felt no sympathy or even empathy for anyone in this episode. And then on top of it I found Houses handling of such traumatic and important news disturbing and out of character.

    The one and only highlight of this episode were the scene with House and Cutty. As engrossing and well done those scenes were, the rest of the Ep was a total miss.
  • A few gross moments, but character was...very revealing!!!

    What to say, what to say....I love the character moments on this show. This episode was another great example of interconnecting the medical with the character moments and coming out with a well-baked cake in the end. In this particular instance, the character moments were a lot better than the medical, and they carried this episode.

    Starting out with seeing House at home, revealing the pain(real or imagined) he awakes with every day. Also ending with him at home playing on his it when Hugh plays the piano, we haven't seen it in many episodes, and it was missed. It shows the stark loneliness of this character...just makes you want to hug him, even if he acts like a prick at work!!!

    The whole MRI scene with House and Wilson was hilarious, it's great to see the two of them joking around. And of course, House wacking Wilson on the calf with his cane, when he got annoying was hilarious as well. Of course, if he doesn't stop bringing up Stacy, I may have to wack him on the head with House's cane!!!

    I can't forget to mention the great job the make-up dept did on the infarction scar on House's leg. Nasty as all hell, but very detailed and believeable. I felt so bad for House in that moment, he looked like he was about to cry.

    Cuddy pulling the wool over House's eyes and giving him a placebo shot, instead of the morphine....what a wake-up call for him, and a great move on her part.

    It was great to see the return of the clinic patient, it was missed greatly. We get most of our great comedic moments in those rooms.

    I love Cameron, and this season the writers have been writing her better, barring a few exceptions like "Hunting", but they had another weak moment in this one, with the continual "I'm not in trouble!!" Once was more than enough. I know it was probably done to show that House wasn't reacting like he normally would have, and she was shocked, but there had to have been a better way to show it, than with her nagging him.

    Last but not least, who can forget our PotW. What can I say, models aren't my thing, but in my eyes she was far from beautiful. I know she was supposed to be sick, but none of the other models on that catwalk, were all that either!!! House focussing on her sexuality and commenting on it constantly was more than a little creepy. He thinks Cameron is too young for him, but he thinks a 15 year old is hot!!! Ughh. The whole hermaphrodite thing has been done before....on Grey's Anatomy, I was hoping for something a little more surprising, but oh well, you can't win everytime. The incest was gross, but it always is....the unfortunate part was it didn't add anything to the storyline, medically or character wise, expect for the fact that the father slept with the "son". It seemed it was used for shock value only, and for me that wasn't enough of a reason to have it on screen.

    Another 2 weeks till the next episode AGAIN, damn AI is really messing with my tv schedule, and I won't even have the Olympics to rely on next week.

  • An episode full of twists and House's sarcasm, the special air-time was bound to grab new viewers.

    This is definitely a good episode to place on the American Idol bump timeslot. It had everything a good episode of House was supposed to have. Mystery, intrigue and House's witty sarcasm.

    In an episode where you weren't sure who to side with, House or everyone else, it shows the power of not only the main character, but the supporting cast. They are definitely his "lackies", but they show some guts as they go against what House says by calling chlid services. However, it would have been nice if they were right. Instead, House remains on top when child services is in effective.

    Outside of this one quam, I feel that this was a top quality episode and one of the best ways to get new viewers watching this amazing show every week. Really displayed to outsiders that House is not your regular medical drama.
  • A beautiful model turns out to be a guy... HOUSE is in pain and angry.

    I didn't like this episode very much. I think they put too much drama in it and they didn't have enough of HOUSE's funny little things that he did. He was angry and upset and in pain the whole episode and it didnt interest me much. I thought they should've put more comedy in it. In this episode they have embraced too much of the dramatic side. I also thought that the model sleeping with that many people was rather unrealistic. The model sleeping with her dad and getting him drunk was a little overboard, but dont get me wrong here. I loved the episode but i jus think that there were too many faults in it. I also found it very funny when the man with sympathetic pregnancy had boobs. House is still a great show and i hope house goes back to the way he was.
  • Great Episode as Usual!

    Ok...let's see. In regards to certain reviews...this is not the first time that incest has been theorized in episodes. Anyone remember Paternity? Thought Dan had PTSD and thus having the night terrors, etc. But since it wasn't that, I guess it's ok. Let's make some other generalizations from the show. All African-Americans are criminals who are from the ghetto and whose families are homeless. All homosexuals are hardcore druggies who have AIDS. All athletes are also drug users. "We were able to find the only athlete in the world who ISN'T on steroids." All Mexicans are poor people living in slums who have to succumb to illegal activity to make ends meet. The list goes on and on. First of all, what House did was inappropriate yes, but what about when Chase kissed that 9 year old in Autopsy on the lips? That was ok? C'mon people...get a grip.

    Anywho...great episode. Got around to gender issues this time which was cool. Only reason I lowered the score was because it was cancer AGAIN. Lots of psychological issues floating around...the placebo affect, PTSD, gender identity issues at the end, etc. Showing House's leg like that was just absolutely disgusting but got the point across :-) Wilson as god was hilarious as well. Underuse of Chase also, but that is not necessarily a bad thing :-) Oh yeah, priceless when House slammed Wilson's leg with the cane! Great episode...too bad the previews from next episode don't look too promising.
  • Skin Deep - very normal espisode for House (SPOILERS)

    The Episode started in the normal fashion of House finding a case but what was interesting is that he actually goes to the patient first before even going to the gang, the reason is the patient is a hot 15 year old supermodel, who House has no problems flirting/hitting on, Another thing that most ppl would find very wrong but its soo right for house.

    I liked this episode for another reason - the continual degradation of cameron's morals. And how the world she sees is actually a fake!

    Another indifferent ep in turns of chase - who i think is underused in the series.

    The Ep's ending is great with a witty remark as usual but I thought it ended a bit prematurely. The twist to the house pain story line was good. Althought I think most of us saw something similar coming.
  • Good stuff.

    It had some good humor, got to always like the House and Wilson stuff. The only thing I personally didn't like is that it seems Foreman still thinks he's in charge or something? After the 'young' .. "girl" .. seduced her/his father and others for her career, House states that after finding out she was a male it was probably too going to far, was just good. This show knows how to push past some of the crap and find the new crap and see a bigger picture than most TV.
  • Skin Deep was very interesting

    I thought this was a great episode. I agree with the other poster talking about the other poster who gave the episode a 1.0, I think it is nutty for someone to take it to the extreme, saying the crew "owes" the world an apology. Yes,incest is a disugusting thing, but it's a topic that needs to be told. People can't shy away from it, because sooner or later it will come up again in a future conversation or something. Anyhoo, I think the girl's condition was interesting, that I decided to look it up. It must be horrible for someone to find out one day, they are the wrong gender. Besides the girl or I should day man, I hope House's addiction doesn't go out of control, and learns his pain is what they called "Phantom Pain" Well then, till next time.
  • okay episode

    i gave a high score only because i love the tv show. it was only funny when wilson did the god voice and cuddy came in and house was like smite her now. that was like the only good part of the episode. and cameron was actually wearing a skirt.
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