Season 2 Episode 18

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2006 on FOX
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House has to work fast when a woman comes in with a life-threatening case of insomnia. Meanwhile Cameron is angry at Foreman for stealing an article she worked on.

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  • Lesbians.

    Woah this episode was super amazing, it was about lesbians, they must of mentioned a billion sicknesses that were wrong and finally it's the plague which was unexpected. This episode was also very sad, I cannot believe Foreman said that in the end, he totally sucks! Cameron's face was so sad. From that episode on, I really hated Foreman. Anyways, I like the actress that plays the lesbian. I hate the other girl, she knew all along & she is going to continue the relationship out of guilt. It was surprising though, I like how Cameron was throughout the whole episode. An amazing episode.moreless
  • Ethical dilemas...

    I thought this episode was a little flatter than some of the recent ones. I thought the case was interesting (suffering from occasional bouts of insomnia myself), and that their were many twists and turns during the case. I liked the fact that the girls didn't had conflicting interests, and the twist that the supposed good girl only gave up her liver as a guilt trip- highlighting the controversy the show is willing to take on.

    I thouht the ethical dilema was interesting, and sparked some good moments between the cast- Cameron and House clashing heads, and raising the question of what you would do to save your own life.

    Nevertheless, Cameron AGAIN annoyed me in this episode. She seemed so winy...I don't think Foreman did a good thing, and thought he was quite nasty at the end of the episode, but Cameron's reaction was fairly ridiculous and over the top. I liked House's uncaring attidude- he doesn't give a damn about squabbles. I was also entertained by Chase's wriggling behaviour, telling both his colleagues they where in the right- lying to them, but typical of Chase's fairly weedy character.

    Overall, I thought the episode was good and solid, but lacking in something that would make it stand out like the majority of the episodes this Season.moreless
  • This episode is a good example of how House navigates through a difficult moral situation...

    I think that this was a really good episode of House beacsue it took a moral dilemma which was quite serious, and showed House ploughing through it and taking the mick out of it as he went along.

    What is always interesting in these scenarios in House is Camerons reactions to it. This episode was good because it showed Cameron playing the incessantly good person, trying to be moral, while House played the realist. There is one part where Cameron says it is not moral to go ahead with the transplant, and house says "Is it moral to let her die?!" I thought that at this point it was more about narrating real life morality issues with an absurd case study.

    So overall, this was another genius episode.moreless
  • This episode was well-written and revealing to me since I couldn't get why Foreman wanted to leave in order to avoid being like House.

    In this episode, a patient has a severe case of insomnia and before the team can figure out what's wrong has some pretty nasty symptoms including blood coming out from different places of her body, three swollen bubbles on her arm, and then the not so nasty symptom of sleeping for a couple of seconds without knowing it. The most interesting part to me was when House pull fluid from the swollen area on her arm and the fluid was black. I was like what in the world! until House said it was the plague which isn't what I was expecting at all. I seriously thought that her girlfriend was doing something to her in order to make her completely dependent on her as I had some idea in the beginning that she knew just how much her sick girlfriend didn't want to be with her anymore. Foreman and Cameron get into it over an article that she was originally set up to write, but Foreman gets to the punch before she does and it becomes of battle of principles. In that particular situation should Foreman have backed down and did the moral thing and let Cameron submit her article that she had dibs on first or was he right in doing the professional thing and submitting his own article, therefore, progressing in his career. This show also revealed to me something I was missing the last season about Foreman not wanting to be like House. In this episode, I could see Foreman unorthodox bedside manner with the patients. It seem like he's all about the business of curing the problem, but as far as cozying up or making nice with the patient, not a priority. I loved the conflicts as far as the medical illness, the main stars of the show, and just everything about this show came together very well. I also now regardless to what's going, I'm never going to get a colonoscopy, but I'll save the details to that procedure for anybody who wants to watch the show.moreless
  • Foreman vs. Cameron and the sleepless girl

    Okay so the case was interesting, but with all the drama between Foreman and Cameron, I lost interest.

    It was kind of interesting that Hannah had the plague; because well we don't exactly live in the 1500s we have so many more medical advancements now than we did then!!! I liked the patient's relationship with her girlfriend. That relationship actually had an affect on the team and them doing the differential. It was terrible to see Cameron going on about love after they found out that Hannah was planning to leave Max. I loved how House figured out that she was leaving Max from the "allergic reaction" she had to the dog, and then Cameron going on to say "We could base our diagnoses on your admittedly keen understanding of lesbian relationships or we could do a scratch test." That was probably the best line Cameron had the entire episode.

    House's clinic patients were very funny. I loved those two Mandarin ladies. That girl coming in to say that she wanted birth control pills for her Mom's cold was so amusing. I loved that the girl got the medicine mixed up and then they came back in and House told her Mom that she was pregnant in Mandarin. That was such an amusing scene.

    Reasonable episode but the whole argument with Cameron and Foreman made it really annoying.moreless
Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When talking to Foreman, House was grinding his pills to add to his reuben. House also made fine particles of his histamines to snort up his nose because the medicine would travel faster into the person's systems compared to swallowing the pills. But as a doctor, House should know the breaking the pills apart makes them ineffective and not recommended - to get the benefit of the medicine, one must swallow the pill whole.

    • In this episode, Foreman claims that he is not Cameron's friend and they are nothing but colleagues. However, in the episode "Love Hurts" from the first season, Foreman shows an interest in Cameron's well-being regarding her date, and says the words, "Cameron's a friend."

    • Bubonic plague is not contagious. It requires the person to have been bitten by an infected flea. The human form, pneumonic plague, which affects the lungs, is highly contagious and will spread from person to person through aspiration, coughs, sneezes. Hannah had the bubonic form.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • House: Great battles kick up a lot of dirt. Obscures the battlefield, so the generals can't see what's going on.
      Dr. Wilson: So what are your orders, General House?
      House: Sound a retreat.

    • Dr. Cameron: Does Max know Hannah plans to leave her?
      House: Didn't come up, so I guess no.
      Dr. Cameron: If she knew there's no way she'd go through with this.
      House: And if you didn't have a pathological need to create a close personal relationship with every dying person you meet, we would be blissfully ignorant of any ethical dilemmas, and might actually be able to concentrate on the differential.

    • House: I need a little help.
      Dr. Cuddy: Inexplicable rash on a patient's scrotum you need me to look at?

    • Dr. Cameron: You have to sedate a patient to do a colonoscopy.
      House: Why? Because of all the pain?

    • House: So she sleeps, but she just can't stay asleep.
      Dr. Foreman: You going somewhere with this?
      House: You know what keeps me up at night...? Monsters in the closet.
      Dr. Foreman: There's no monsters in the closet, we looked.
      House: Certainly not showing up on the scanner.

    • Dr. Cuddy: She took the pills to sleep, not to kill herself.
      House: Clever alibi.

    • Dr. Foreman: So the butt bleed's just a nose bleed.
      Dr. Cameron: That much blood is not "just a" anything.
      House: When two people fight this much, you know what it means.
      Dr. Foreman: It's gotta be a massive sinus hemorrhage that was draining down her throat and out the back.
      Dr. Cameron: The question isn't what, it's why.
      House: Oh, get a room!

    • House: (to a Chinese girl translating for her mother) I'd say her problem is more likely a URI, than a PMS.
      Anne: URI?
      House: Upper Respiratory Infection, a cold.
      Anne: I-I don't think so.
      House: I also think she's got a problem with SAC.
      Anne: SAC?
      House: Thanks for playing. Stupid American Child. If you want the pill, all you have to do is to walk into any health clinic in Jersey, alone and ask for it.

    • Cuddy: Twenty-five-year-old female with sleep issues.
      House: I'm guessing she's... what's the medical term? Upset. These 25-year-old females are usually completely rational. They're rocks. Really.

    • Dr. Cameron: Lovely. Revenge as motive for success.
      Dr. Cuddy: Well, it doesn't have to be the motive. But it sure tastes good.

    • Dr. Cameron: If we want this to not get in the way of our friendship, I think we both have to apologize and put it behind us.
      Dr. Foreman: I like you, really...we have a good time working together. But ten years from now, we're not gonna be hanging out, having dinners. Maybe we'll exchange Christmas cards, say "Hi," give a hug if we're at the same conference...we're not friends, we're colleagues...and I don't have anything to apologize for.

    • Dr. Cameron: We're withholding information relevant to her decision to risk her life! How is that not an ethical dilemma?
      House: It's not medical information.
      Dr. Cameron: Who cares?
      House: The AMA.

    • Dr. Cuddy: (waking House up) You've seen one patient in the last two hours!
      House: Complicated case. I'm a night owl, Wilson is an early bird: we're different species.
      Dr. Cuddy: Move him into his own cage!
      House: Who'd clean up the droppings from mine?

    • Dr. Cameron: If she talks, if she does the decent thing then you don't get to solve your puzzle, your game's over, and you lose.
      House: Yeah. I want to save her. I'm morally bankrupt.

    • House: Given the choice of life versus death, those bad, bad people are going to choose life.

    • House: I'm saying 'I don't care what they do as long as my life isn't interrupted by pointless conversations like this one.'

    • House: It's only moral to save a person if they love you? That's kind of a selfish way at looking at life. I like Wilson's disease, I like cancer, I love mushrooms.

    • Dr. Cameron: (to House) Okay, well we can either base our diagnosis on your admittedly keen understanding of lesbian relationship or we could do a scratch test.

    • House: You, on the other hand, continue to be flabbergasted every time someone actually acts like a human being. Foreman did what he did because it worked out best that way for him. That's what everyone does.
      Dr. Cameron: That is not the definition of being human. That's the definition of being an ass.

    • Dr. Cameron: Right, we're both victims. A simple heads up, that's all I needed. Maybe between your incredibly witty remarks about anal sex and Cuddy's breasts you could've tipped me off.
      House: Then I'd have Foreman pissed off... and as annoying as you can be, at least I know you're not gonna pop a cap in my ass. Witty, huh?

    • House: (to Chinese mother about Anne) Not the sharpest chopstick in the drawer, is she?

    • House: We can only hope Cameron learned something from this.
      Dr. Wilson: Right. Because you're all about the teaching.
      House: Our children…are the future.

    • Dr. Cameron: You're on his side?
      Dr. Cuddy: Sides? This isn't dodgeball.

    • Dr. Cameron: You can't ask the person she's about to dump to donate half her liver!
      House: It does seem tacky, doesn't it?

    • Dr. Cameron: Do you have any idea what it feels like to have a 6' hose shoved into your large intestine?
      House: No. But I now have a much greater respect for whichever basketball player you dated in college.

    • Dr. Cameron: Depriving her of even the few minutes of sleep she does have, it's torture.
      House: So is cutting people with knives, but you can totally get away with that if you have a doctor coat on.

    • House: If it has anything to do with who made the mistake, I dont care. If it has to with with me making a mistake, I really don't care.

    • (Cameron, Foreman, and Chase come in)
      Dr. Cameron: We've got rectal bleeding.
      House: What, all of you?

    • Hannah: I've got the plague?
      House: Don't worry, it's treatable. Being a bitch, though...nothing we can do about that.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Coincidentally, the day this episode originally aired a woman in Los Angeles was diagnosed with the plague.

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: May 8, 2007 on SBS 6
      Bulgaria: June 7, 2007 on NOVA
      The Czech Republic: September 24, 2007 on TV Nova
      Belgium: October 18, 2007 on KanaalTwee