Season 2 Episode 18

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • Lesbians.

    Woah this episode was super amazing, it was about lesbians, they must of mentioned a billion sicknesses that were wrong and finally it's the plague which was unexpected. This episode was also very sad, I cannot believe Foreman said that in the end, he totally sucks! Cameron's face was so sad. From that episode on, I really hated Foreman. Anyways, I like the actress that plays the lesbian. I hate the other girl, she knew all along & she is going to continue the relationship out of guilt. It was surprising though, I like how Cameron was throughout the whole episode. An amazing episode.
  • Ethical dilemas...

    I thought this episode was a little flatter than some of the recent ones. I thought the case was interesting (suffering from occasional bouts of insomnia myself), and that their were many twists and turns during the case. I liked the fact that the girls didn't had conflicting interests, and the twist that the supposed good girl only gave up her liver as a guilt trip- highlighting the controversy the show is willing to take on.

    I thouht the ethical dilema was interesting, and sparked some good moments between the cast- Cameron and House clashing heads, and raising the question of what you would do to save your own life.

    Nevertheless, Cameron AGAIN annoyed me in this episode. She seemed so winy...I don't think Foreman did a good thing, and thought he was quite nasty at the end of the episode, but Cameron's reaction was fairly ridiculous and over the top. I liked House's uncaring attidude- he doesn't give a damn about squabbles. I was also entertained by Chase's wriggling behaviour, telling both his colleagues they where in the right- lying to them, but typical of Chase's fairly weedy character.

    Overall, I thought the episode was good and solid, but lacking in something that would make it stand out like the majority of the episodes this Season.
  • This episode is a good example of how House navigates through a difficult moral situation...

    I think that this was a really good episode of House beacsue it took a moral dilemma which was quite serious, and showed House ploughing through it and taking the mick out of it as he went along.

    What is always interesting in these scenarios in House is Camerons reactions to it. This episode was good because it showed Cameron playing the incessantly good person, trying to be moral, while House played the realist. There is one part where Cameron says it is not moral to go ahead with the transplant, and house says "Is it moral to let her die?!" I thought that at this point it was more about narrating real life morality issues with an absurd case study.

    So overall, this was another genius episode.
  • This episode was well-written and revealing to me since I couldn't get why Foreman wanted to leave in order to avoid being like House.

    In this episode, a patient has a severe case of insomnia and before the team can figure out what's wrong has some pretty nasty symptoms including blood coming out from different places of her body, three swollen bubbles on her arm, and then the not so nasty symptom of sleeping for a couple of seconds without knowing it. The most interesting part to me was when House pull fluid from the swollen area on her arm and the fluid was black. I was like what in the world! until House said it was the plague which isn't what I was expecting at all. I seriously thought that her girlfriend was doing something to her in order to make her completely dependent on her as I had some idea in the beginning that she knew just how much her sick girlfriend didn't want to be with her anymore. Foreman and Cameron get into it over an article that she was originally set up to write, but Foreman gets to the punch before she does and it becomes of battle of principles. In that particular situation should Foreman have backed down and did the moral thing and let Cameron submit her article that she had dibs on first or was he right in doing the professional thing and submitting his own article, therefore, progressing in his career. This show also revealed to me something I was missing the last season about Foreman not wanting to be like House. In this episode, I could see Foreman unorthodox bedside manner with the patients. It seem like he's all about the business of curing the problem, but as far as cozying up or making nice with the patient, not a priority. I loved the conflicts as far as the medical illness, the main stars of the show, and just everything about this show came together very well. I also now regardless to what's going, I'm never going to get a colonoscopy, but I'll save the details to that procedure for anybody who wants to watch the show.
  • Foreman vs. Cameron and the sleepless girl

    Okay so the case was interesting, but with all the drama between Foreman and Cameron, I lost interest.

    It was kind of interesting that Hannah had the plague; because well we don't exactly live in the 1500s we have so many more medical advancements now than we did then!!! I liked the patient's relationship with her girlfriend. That relationship actually had an affect on the team and them doing the differential. It was terrible to see Cameron going on about love after they found out that Hannah was planning to leave Max. I loved how House figured out that she was leaving Max from the "allergic reaction" she had to the dog, and then Cameron going on to say "We could base our diagnoses on your admittedly keen understanding of lesbian relationships or we could do a scratch test." That was probably the best line Cameron had the entire episode.

    House's clinic patients were very funny. I loved those two Mandarin ladies. That girl coming in to say that she wanted birth control pills for her Mom's cold was so amusing. I loved that the girl got the medicine mixed up and then they came back in and House told her Mom that she was pregnant in Mandarin. That was such an amusing scene.

    Reasonable episode but the whole argument with Cameron and Foreman made it really annoying.
  • Review

    I think this episode can be broken done into two parts and neither were that good. The case in question felt a little stale to me, I never really got into the case like I have gotten into others in the past. The obvious flaws in the relationship sparked a little interest at first when I thought the healthy girl didnt know about it, but when it turns out she was just trying to guilt her lover into staying with her I kind of lost interest in the case all together. The drama between Cameron and Foreman was pretty boring throughout the entire episode. Neither one really threw any good insults back and forth at each other. The episode was saved by the intense 2 minute conversation at the end where Cameron tried to make up and Foreman threw it back in her face. I thought the seriousness that Foreman showed throughout the conversation was great and might be something that affects Cameron in future episodes. This episode wasn't too comical either, so all in all I would rank this close to the bottom as far as House episodes go.
  • Is Foreman a jerk?

    Yeah, that's the question we can ask after looking to this eps :) It was a great one btw, not only for the classic storyline about a mysterious illness, but for two other things :
    - The first is the problem with Foreman, who stole notes from Cameron and write a report with them, without no regrets at all, even saying to her that she's not her friend and he has nothing to apologize to her when she cames to seek peace. It promises greats moments beetween those two. Will Cameron became a less cute character in the next eps ? seems, and that's what's House wants, teasing her during all the ep about the fact she's too confident about other humans beings.
    - The story beetween the two lesbians girls is interesting too, the first giving his organ to the second knowing she has intention to dump her. Here too, Cameron was wrong to think that the giving girl will refuse to donate the organ if she knewn the truth.

    A Cameron-Foreman eps mainly i would say, no Chase at all, and House solving the puzzle at usual.
  • An episode focusing much less on mysteries, focusing much more on emotions.

    This is one of House's worsts. The thing is, this episode hasnt really got any medial mystery. Especially if u know the title before you watch the ep - sleeping dogs lie - of course it is the dog causing the sickness, cuz its in the title, doh.

    The Foreman - Cameron thingy was great and what a twist at the end. Damn Foreman, what an a$$.

    Okay, overally, it was decent, but nowhere near as good as the other House episodes in my humble opinion.

    I missed the big medical twists, the Cuddy-House convos, House making Wilson miserable..
    so yeah, 10/6.8 this episode gets from me.
  • This episode shows us that some heroic actions are not as it apperars

    Cameron needs to get a backbone. In between her whining about the ethical dilemmas of allowing a patient, Hannah, to receive a liver transplant from Max, the girlfriend who's about to be dumped, and whining about how Foreman "stole" and published "her" medical article, I've about had it with Cameron. Even Cuddy told her to get over it. Yet my favorite advice of the night, "I need you to relax your anus," came from Chase. Sure he was speaking to Hannah while performing a colonoscopy, but it's advice our dear Cameron should take to heart as well. However, after Foreman's verbal smackdown, I suspect Cameron will be even more tightly clenched.
    I'm not saying Foreman wasn't a jackhole when Cameron, hat supposedly in hand, suggested mutual apologies, but her starry-eyed world view can be tiresome and at times disingenuous. When you juxtapose Foreman's coldhearted "we're not friends, we're colleagues" response against Cameron's magnanimous forgiveness, it's easy to overlook the fact that Cameron had not so innocently spent the day maligning Foreman. That's reason enough for his surly 'tude. Cameron admitted that Foreman had as much claim to the case as she did, so her tirades stink of sour grapes. It would have been nice if Foreman have given her a heads-up, but Cameron could also have been more aggressive in getting House to sign off on her article. Like Max, whose liver donation was not entirely selfless, Cameron chose instead to use guilt to aid her cause. The thing is, Max, Foreman, Chase, Cuddy and House are all much better game-players, and Cameron again finds herself the odd woman out.
  • This episode was a great addition to the House series!

    First of all, i will just say, that this is the episode that turned me onto the show in the first place!

    This episode was a great addition to the House series. It starts with a woman around her twenties who has insomnia (unable to sleep or has difficulty sleeping). Even though she downs a whole bottle of sleeping pills, she still won\'t sleep. Its not just a bad case of insomnia...

    The most anyone has ever gone without sleep is for eleven days, comments Cuddy. This girl went for ten days so far. Which means House and his team has 22 hours to diagnose her problem. This episode will keep you guessing, in more than one way. In the end, the patient had the Black Pleague she got from a dog given to her as a gift. I would recommend watching this episode if you love it when House keeps you on your the edge of your couch when you watch it!
  • The problem for me is that this episode has too much in common with Cursed from Season 1. It felt a bit, well, recycled to me.

    Here, we have an unsympathetic couple of lesbians who do not look like lesbians. One nice and giving but boring to her partner, and one sickly but with higher expectations of life. The first scene is extremely interesting visually, with the clocks and the insomniac lesbian's frozen face as everything around her moves.

    Eventually, the plot weaknesses catch up and it becomes extremely tedious. On the one hand, Cameron's character, even more uppity and stodgy than is in character, wants to take moral high ground. Then Foreman becomes even more than is characteristically pragmatic to the point of being moralistically challenged.

    But that's just on the team. Meanwhile, the sick woman gets more and more irritating and creepy while the boring soon-to-be discarded lover becomes more and more clingy and pathetic.

    That's not the worst of it: the disease is the same as in Cursed, season 1. Gee, maybe there's a batch of the Plague popping up in Princeton! Shouldn't House have figured it out sooner?

    Finally we are left thinking if girl A had just broken up with girl B, maybe she wouldn't have gotten sick in the first place.
  • Overall i think the episode was great but i have a feeling they are going to take tihs cameron and foreman grugde where it shouldn\'t go.

    I like this episode alot but ireally don\'t like this cameron and foreman grudge. You know what happens two people fight alot. They end up getting together and i think that will make the show very weird. You know cameron is not over her feelings for houseand i think house is starting to develop some for cameron. Anyway i would never guesed her insonia would be caused by something a basic as the plague. they were looking for the most common diases but they should no from experience that is never that easy. I agree with house when he said that the girlfreind did\'nt need to know that she was palning on leaving her. I would do the exact samething.
  • \"House\" turns into a morality play

    A fascinating episode, less for the medicine than for the morality play taking place among the main cast members. First, the case: really, while it was reasonably interesting, it didn\'t blow me away. The pet as vector ploy\'s nothing we haven\'t seen before, and the acting by the two guests - while solid - didn\'t blow me away. The cynical behavior on both of their parts isn\'t anything new, either: we\'ve seen plenty of occasions (the recent \"Sex Kills\" included) where the partner who at first seems the victim turns into just as much of a villain. I have to say, though - cynicism aside - I was a bit suprised that genuinely selfless motives didn\'t factor into the girlfriend\'s decision too. A person would have to be pretty screwed up to risk her life expecting a liver to heal all wounds.

    But the real meat of the episode was the interaction between the doctors. Great, fascinating move to turn Foreman into an amoral bastard: the world\'s full of them (as someone inclined towards Cameron-ian idealism can attest) yet in entertainment, they\'re virtually non-existent. Kudos to the show-runners for having the guts to assassinate Foreman\'s character like that.

    More importantly, I love that they\'ve introduced more moral and ethical complexity to the various cast members. In the past, the dynamic has been pretty straight-forward: House is ultimately a good guy, albeit one whom (perhaps due to being burned before) can skirt the edge at times, and who\'s always prepared to compromise on his means to achieve his ends; whereas the others (and especially Cameron, and occasionally not Chase) maintain their idealism and present a simple moral foil for House.

    Now? Deliciously complicated; the last shot PERFECTLY sets up the situation. Here, the writers (very soundly, I think) set up House as a flawed character: even though he probably does think Foreman acted like an ass, he refuses to take the blame for his laziness and take decisive moral action. While Cameron reels from Foreman\'s ruthlessness, House is sleeping in his office.

    Cameron\'s idealism\'s imperiled: we\'re left wondering if she can heed the example of Cuddy - who here stands for the high road, getting revenge by doing the right thing - or will fall from grace.

    Foreman\'s becoming something of a villain, perhaps even moreso than Chase at the end of last season. Here, he\'s absolutely cold-blooded and cruel; even when Chase betrayed House, he did so more out of fear than anything else. Foreman just wants to get ahead.

    Chase has started to evolve into a somewhat more moral character - we saw him try and take the blame for his error without making even reasonable excuses in \"The Accident,\" all out of his overwhelming guilt and self-loathing, and now we note that he sides with Cameron and told Foreman that he should have picked a different case.

    Wilson\'s almost like the angel on House\'s shoulder, trying to spur him into caring, into taking some sort of positive action to do the right thing.

    I really wonder how this is going to develop - will House start caring, and try to save Cameron from the fate of becoming a disillusioned cynic? Will Foreman repent for his behavior?

    Fascinating stuff.
  • Awesome as usual.

    House continues to get better and better. I saw in online entertainment write ups that its starting to beat American Idol in key demographics. I have to say I hope this means that the bell is starting to toll for reality shows.

    This episode was really good, House is ascerbic as normal and can be outright mean. His political incorrectness and lack of filters on what he says is one of the reasons I LOVE this show.

    This episode was finely written and there were really no good 'guys' (people) in it. I won't reveal the ending but this episode is well worth watching.
  • An unusual episode that didn't run at the correct pace for me.

    An interesting episode but it seemed very disjointed. The ailment of the patient seemed slightly less believeable (if thats at all possible) than normal and the interaction between the patient and her partner was also strained i thought. The Foreman Cameron situation seemed to be at the wrong kind of pace and the dialogue between House and teh interns was again out of sync with the series im my opinion. Foreman's reaction was disapointing but I look forward to seeing how this changes the group dynamic. Cameron obviously can't leave again. I feel the writers are playing up to Cameron's softheartedness and its become slightly overused.

    Usually every House episode would get a 10 from me so a 7.7 is disapointing. Not to say it isnt a good episode. Just not for me.
  • Great episode, not the best. HOUSE AND PILLS?

    So im not going to talk about the show, although it did involve lesbien lovers, an original house m.d. colaberation. But my question is how come it stopped showing dr. house's addiction to the pain medication. Has anybody else noticed how the non shaulantly took that out of the recent episodes. maybe they decided not to go that route. I know some people wanted to see the house from the first season, still same house, but less addicted... So now we have our same ol House back. I want to see where the Drug addiction was going..... and i almost forgot, what is up with Foreman's charachter development on the show... are they tring to make the fans hate him? i love Omar Epps, but i dont like that he is playing the outsider, mean, charachter. oh well
  • A good medical episode with an even more interesting subplot between Cameron and Foreman.

    The medical plot of this case was good, and the relationship between the couple involved was quite complex -- a good Housey kind of relationship -- but what most interested me was the sub-plot between Drs. Cameron and Foreman. It was another great example of Dr. Cameron's need to look at the positive and morally kind way for something to be done, but it added something new to Dr. Foreman, a deeper look into the professional walls he places around himself and how refuses to make anything personal. To be honest, it made me somewhat dislike Dr. Foreman, whereas up until now I didn't have much of an opinion about him either way, except admiration for the fact that he is the only one of them truly ballsy enough to to stand in strong opposition to House about anything. I suppose I am a Cameron type, and think that what he did was wrong, and how he reacted to her apology was unacceptable. I also think Dr. Wilson was quite right to insist that House was, in some way, to blame, and that he should have had a hand in helping them resolve things. It makes me wonder what Cameron's reaction with be to both men in the next episode.
  • House loses sleep over someone losing sleep. Cameron and Foreman fighting.

    I think it\'s safe to assume that House was losing sleep because Wilson is keeping him up. Ha ha, he still hasn\'t found a place yet.
    The case was brilliant. There were times (and there are always times like this with this show) where I thought that House knew the answer and he was just having too much fun letting the ducklins guess. To him this is all a game, which makes it all the more fun to watch.
    The younger girl was hilarious. I can\'t belive she got them mixed up! Like he said, how hard can it be. And when he started speeking the same language and telling the mom that her daughter was pregnant (at least I think thats what he said), I laughed so hard.
    I\'m still tring to dicide weather I liked the last bit with Cameron and Foreman or hated it. For now I\'m going with hated it, but ask me again tomarrow.

    Overall a really good episode, not the shapest choopstick in the drawer (pun intened), but good.
  • House's sleep is interupted by a new case involving an insomniac woman who is on a path to dying from exhaustion, and Cameron and Forman argue over an article that Forman got published.

    This was an excellent episode of House, a show that I have come to regard as one of my very favourite. This episode showed us deeper into the doctors' mindsets. We got to see a much darker, harsher Forman; one who is only concerned for his own career. Cameron remained her over-involving self and once again got caught up in ethical dilemmas for most of the episode. House, on the other hand, was his usual sarcastic funny self, making witty remarks left and right about everything from anal sex to Cutty's breats. House's minor case was also quite amusing, leading us to the revalation that House can speak a little Mandarin!

    I give this episode 8.8 out of 10. (I love House, but I'm saving my scores for the finale).
  • Not my favorite episode but still a very good one.

    This was definitely a well written episode. One of the things I liked best was how they were dealing with the ethical questions. Cameron was definitely a bit much over the paper but I really didn\'t like Foreman\'s reaction at the end, it was just too cold and hurtful. Once again I love how House gets around the ethical issue by bringing in Cuddy to talk to the girlfriend so the truth wouldn\'t be revealed. This was a rough episode for Cameron to find out that there really is a lack of ethics in this country and everyone is guilty. I was a little surprised to find out the girlfriend knew she was planning to leave her and by giving the transplant figured she could keep her. It only proves that once again House was right, everyone is looking out for themselves.
  • Another great episode!

    The episode from last night was probably a turning point in the series. We saw a new side of Foreman and Cameron. We never really taught that the 3 doctors we're good friends, but we only had the confirmation of that in last night episode. At the end of the episode, when Cameron went to see Foreman, and apologized for her behavior, I was really surprised, and a little bit upset by Foreman's answer: I have nothing to apolagize for". Come on...

    Beside this story, I taught this was really a great episode. Hugh Laurie's Dr. House is always so hateable, and obnoxious, but, this is the way we like him!!! Don't we?!?
  • In this episode, the ethical lines are drawn, with House and Foreman on one side and Cuddy and Cameron on the other.

    This episode was quite good. It was quite a twist when after Cameron spent the entire episode worrying about Max's well-being, it ended up Max was aware her girlfriend wanted to break up with her and was acting in an even less ethical manner. It was certainly a relief for Cameron that no one was tricked (at least not into donating an organ), but it was only by luck that she didn't have to deal with the guilt of caving into House's demands and not informing Max of the situation before surgery.

    This episode was an especially harsh learning experience for Cameron, because not only were her ethics tested on the hospital floor, but she was betrayed by Foreman (who really is a selfish jerk, BTW) and, to a lesser extent, House. Her resolve is being tested, and this episode seemed to give the feeling that she'll have to make some major life decisions in the near future.

    While it seems the distant, removed, truculent, anything-to-win Dr. House is who Foreman is patterning himself after, Dr. Cuddy seems to be what Cameron could become if she sticks it out. Cuddy's learned to make certain compromises (e.g., not looking at the patient file on House's behest), but she generally acts in an ethical, empathic manner, when it comes to dealing with patients, and never allows herself to be intimidated by House.

    While, after this episode, Cameron may be tempted to question her scrupulous honesty and morality as a weakness and a hindrance to being a truly good doctor, if she can overcome her unsure nature, she can realize that these qualities are strengths that could allow her to one day transcend House and Foreman as a doctor (and a human being).
  • A good mix of both worlds

    Well what to say about this episode.

    First of all, it was a simple yet difficult case at the same time. The Black Plague which was later discovered by House was an uncommon disease, so uncommon even, everyone in the team including House missed it.

    But what was more interesting was the character development in this episode. The fight between Cameron and Foreman over one of their cases a while back was tearing the team apart and stopping them from doing their jobs.

    I was very shocked at the end when Foreman crushed Cameron right after she proposed a truce between them. It shall be very interesting next week to see what will happen between the two and how House will most likely have to solve this before things really get out of hand.

    Foreman is becoming little by little more like House I believe. Just like House he will pretty much do anything to stay ahead of his competition. Pretty much in all episodes he disagrees with House's diagnosis and tries to push his through, it will be interesting to see his Character build up even more.
  • Insomnia, Blood from every oriface, and a girl trying to get \"The Pill\" in a sneaky way.

    A true fine example of what house started out as. A simple and very easily treatable disease toys with House and his staff. Like the pilot episode, it turns out to be something simple, yet modern medical science blocks the true pathways of diagnosis. The Black Plague, killed many people, destroyed cities, and should be remembered vividly by all medical personell. Yet they don\'t and try to come up with the rarest of all diseases. A fine example of what I love about this show.
  • A woman who hasn't slept in over a week is experiencing liver failure.

    House has a patient who has taken a bottle of sleeping pills because she hasn't slept in over a week. The woman begins to go into liver failure.
    The womans partner offers half of her liver in order to give the woman a few extra days to survive so House and his team can find out what illness is causing this.

    The woman is who is sick wants to break up with her partner and Cameron feels it is morally wrong not to tell the partner.
    Come to find out the partner already knows and is giving the woman the liver in order to guilt her in to staying with her.

    This was another great episode filled with House humor.
  • Uninteresting Mystery, Interesting Character Development

    House has gone from a show that was once a guilty pleasure to just a pleasure with no guilt or innocence attached. If you can look past the reliance on formula (which, to give credit where credit's due, they've tried to break away from this season), then you have a pretty good mystery show. As the tagline says, "It's the cure for the common medical drama." Actually, I think it's the cure not only for the medical drama, but for the detective drama as well.

    While tonight's episode wasn't all that interesting, it helped turned me on to an aspect of the show I was previously cold on: the show's characters. Usually, most shows want flawed-but-lovable characters. This show has flawed-and-not-very-lovable, which is pretty ballsy when you consider the misanthropic main character. Even Cameron, who could be labeled as "the good one" is repeatedly shown as someone whose romanticism clouds their good judgement. As for Foreman and Chase, they're both so oriented with being successful, they have no loyalty. As Foreman so astutly told Cameron in this episode, "We're not friends. We're colleagues." And it's true and I think a lot of viewers can relate to this. In school, you would befriend your classmates. When you enter the workplace, which would seem like a similar situation (i.e. you spend five days a week with people you don't know and you're all under the supervision of an authority figure), you don't necessarily make friends. And House (the show, not the person, although he does it too), constantly rebuffs the urge to show these co-workers as all buddy-buddy and instead shows them as colleagues. Just because they work together, that doesn't make them friends.

    I hope the writers will continue to flesh out these characters and take them to new and dangerous places. I'm a little bummed that Cameron's night of meth-fueled sex with Chase has been rarely mentioned. I find it hard to believe that it would stop being an issue and that there would be no awkwardness between them. I'm cool with them not falling in love with each other (it would seem forced if they did), but to ignore it completely seems like a false move.

    I apologize for this not being a deep review of the episode. As I said before, I thought the medical mystery was okay but it was the focus on the relationships between the supporting characters which caught my attention this week.
  • First time I've seen the show and all I can say is: Great, now there's another show I have to start watching!!

    After hearing all the buzz and reading great reviews of this show, I finally tuned in tonight to check it out. Loved it! Hugh Laurie is as good as all his hype. Very interesting storyline and well written script -- which also posed a whopper of an ethical dilemma. (Also liked the comic relief with the girl and her grandmother!) I really liked all the layers present in the character development of the sick girl and her partner. I sure didn't like her, but I still wanted her to get well. (Dr. House's line to her at the end was priceless!!) Very good show -- compelling and thought provoking.