Season 7 Episode 8

Small Sacrifices

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2010 on FOX

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    A good episode of House but not near as good as the last episode. Since when did this show become solely focused on relationships? That's what I'd like to know. It's nice to have at least one plot line throughout the episode having to do with relationships but this just felt like too much. I felt like the patient's story line was pushed aside to make time for the relationship problems. For me, the best thing about this episode was Chase. Him asking Foreman to be his wing man was just hilarious, and all of his dialogue was amusing and entertaining. House & Cuddy's plot was the only relationship plot that I actually cared for, everything else fell short.

    Sure, I felt sympathy for Wilson in the end, but we all knew this relationship was doomed from the start and bound to end sometime. Getting back with your ex-wife? You never thought you'd have the same underlying problem? The patient's story line was a bit lacking, but Masters & House interactions continue to be intriguing.

    Overall a good episode, with some minor flaws, but it still managed to be an entertaining episode of House.
  • 708

    The last episode of House until next year, but it was not a terrible way to close off 2010. I think they had a little too much with relationships tonight, this is not Grey's Anatomy after all, but the beginning of this episode was quite the scenery, and the main storylines going on tonight were enjoyable for the most part.

    Things kind of took a turn for the worse at the actual wedding and then in the end, but this was a decent episode of the perennial FOX drama. I think the show is still trying to find the bridge between medical drama and romance drama, but it will get there eventually, I have faith.
  • House works through his relationship trouble with Cuddy while treating a man who has reenacted a crucifixion.

    I thought the writers did okay with this episode. The characterization was pretty believable from most parties, but I wasn't blown away. To be honest, I watch House more for the medical part of the equasion, and I was a little disappointed that the last episode of 2010 drifted away from that for the sake of personal relationships. The case was interesting, especially given the intensity of the opening scene, but I found it a bit lack luster. They have pitted House against severely religious people several times, with very similar outcomes. We know how House feels toward people of faith, and faith itself, we've also seen that cases are miraculously resolved in a way that *should* leave both the patient and the viewer with some unanswered questions regarding religious aspects of the episode, so why they chose to go this route for the 5th or 6th time, I have no idea. In any case, I appreciated House's tactics for getting the man to go through with taking his medicine, it brought his real character back to the playing field. The whole relationship issue with House and Cuddy had been prolonged for way too long as far as I was concerned, and I was happy, albeit dissatisfied with its resolution. Somewhere along the lines Cuddy has at least seen House's point about lying, although not in a way that suited her character. That Dr. Cuddy, a full grown woman with plenty of life experience to warrent this epiphany, had not happened upon it sooner, was beyond me. However, I liked that House lied, in a sense preserving his cyncial character and showing just how far and how much he is willing to compromise.