Season 3 Episode 7

Son of Coma Guy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • House vs Tritter- Round 3

    A great return to form. House wakes up a coma patient in order to get family history, and it was a great guest appearence by John Larroquette. I thought the interactions between him and House were fanatastic, and the writers did an excellent job in revealing some of House's complexities, learning for the first time why he wanted to become a doctor.

    Tritter, meanwhile, is attempting to divide the team, and it seems not to be working. Cameron, Chase and Foreman all told House what was going on, and it seems House is safe until the end of the episode, when Tritter holds Wilson's accounts in a bid to get him to grass on him.

    Wilson and House's friendship is extraordinary, but it seems to be tested- the writers tease us with an optimistic ending, until Wilson's accounts are frozen, landing House in an even bigger dilemna.

    The Season seems to be a lot darker- Seven episodes has seen the return of House's leg pain, two patients unable to be helped, a couple split up after revelations they were related, and now a suicide- all whilst running House having a formidable enemy.

    Nevertheless, the episode is fantastic, and the Season is dramatically and brilliantly written.
  • Vegetative State guy.

    This episode was pretty sad & makes it painful to watch, what do you do when you only have one day to live? Well this guy buys a sandwich & saves his sons life. Besides that riveting plot, Wilson confronts House about the forged signature, which opens up so many episodes about the cop. House will do anything for drugs it seems. Tritter is getting really annoying, I hope he leaves soon. Cameron, Chase & Foreman get confronted by Tritter, and now are they going to rat out House or are they going to risk their medical license, that's what made this episode good. A great episode.
  • a fun, adventurous episode

    Even though the Tritter storyline didn't pan out effectively, there were a few good episodes where he played a part. This was one of them. In this episode, House notices the son of a coma guy he's been overseeing, almost a nod back to an episode where he was eating a sandwich from a coma guy, has similiar symptoms as his father. Once the boy falls sick, House decides to wake up the dad to figure out the disease and soon takes along him and an experated Wilson, who's discovered that House has forged his name on House's medical prescriptions, on a wild adventure. It was a nice change of pace from the weeks before and Tritter is relegated for now to being more of a background threat. It was nice to see House and Wilson, along with coma guy, to get out of the hospital for once and just interact with the outside world. It was fun to have House telling Coma Guy what he missed out on the last ten years. A big surprise in this episode is that it actual goes into more detail on House's character. What's more, House and Wilson's friendship is being strained to the ultimate test. House and Wilson always have a love-hate, complicated and conflicting friendship. The Tritter storyline, although not effective in itself, did help bring out the rough aspects of House and Wilson's relationship. It was shocking when House actually opened up to Wilson about their friendship and told him, essentially, he does need him and he values Wilson's friendship very much when normally, House often acts like Wilson's friendship is a liability. The storyline with the coma father and his son was touching and very sad and it played off with a spectacular ending. This was a nice change-of-pace episode that played off nicely and was one of the very best of Season Three.
  • Vegetative state guy, his dying son, L-Dopa and a very difficult decision.

    House is one of those series that, whilst each episode follows a specific path (finding the right diagnosis, getting it wrong, getting it right etc.), never fails to intrigue. This is thanks in great part to some terrific acting and some fine writing.

    This takes another turn yet again (and SPOILERS do follow here)

    House is taking time out for lunch and TV, this time in 'vegetative state' guy's room. The son enters and House immediately realises that he has a problem. In order to work out what's wrong with the son, he 'wakes up' the guy in the vegetative state, a la 'Awakenings', using L-Dopa. All good so far.

    Then things take a dark turn. The son is getting worse, the father wants to go to Atlantic City, and the end of this episode sees the son needing a heart and the father willing to donate his, despite the fact that he's actually healthy. So a plot is hatched, which takes House into a completely different place to me.

    And it is about unconditional love, which I believe does exist. It doesn't mean unquestioning; Wilson somehow gets mistreated by House left, right and centre, but still comes up with the goods for him. And the father makes the ultimate sacrifice for a son he doesn't see throughout the episode and hasn't been able to see during the last 10 years.

    It's interesting, because as annoying, caustic and downright unfriendly as House can be, no matter how sarcastic or even hurtful, people still go to bat for him. Obviously this is largely due to the fact that he's brilliant at what he does. I'm very glad that they haven't given House a 'soft' side, even though there's a hint every now and then. It makes for a very interesting character and very compulsive viewing.

    Plus, whilst I'm no doctor, I feel like I know a lot more about a lot of diseases I never even knew existed, which is both fascinating and terrifying!
  • Review

    House decides to awaken a comatose patient so he can question the man regarding the family history of his son, who may have a genetic condition and the father is the only living relative. Meanwhile, Wilson confronts House about the stolen prescription pad as Tritter approaches Cameron, Chase, and Foreman in an attempt to divide the team and reveal their loyalties. Another episode that kind of goes away form the standard routine and gives the show a new look. I really like the direction that the show is taking with this mini-story arch with the cop on houses case. I do wonder when it will end and how it will end. Right now everything seems to be stacking up against House. Wilson and the rest of the team are being pushes to the brink of giving House up. Obviously I am all ready on Season Four and am just going back to watch the portion of season three that I have missed. Im very interested to see how all of this plays out in the long run. I thought the case in this one was once again a little meh. The case seems to be getting less and less important as time goes on with this show. Its more about the characters and there relationships now it seems. Overall, solid episode with House and the Coma Guy having a great connection but I just couldnt get that involved with the actual case back at the hospital.
  • House meets his match.

    Yet another adventurous episode of this excellent series. The continuing story of the police inquest in House's addiction offers a nice secondary plot line. The complicated relationship of House and his assistants becomes even more tangled. But the best part of the episode is House's struggle with a man who comes out of a coma and displays the same kind of sarcasm that characterizes House. The road trip House, Wilson and the patient take, turns into a battle of wits. What struck me throughout these scenes was that John Laroquette might have made a good House himself. And Wilson finally becomes more than just the nice guy who helps a friend.
  • Gabe is as cynical as House, but he redeems himself in the end. House, as usual, thinks only of himself. Thank goodness for Wilson.

    This episode is a classic example of what two great actors can do to make a series even better. John Laroquette was very good, but the backbone of this show is the relationship and banter between House and Wilson. Even though many episodes of this season were difficult to watch, this episode was a pure joy. I wish David Shore and the other writers would watch this episode and learn from it. Use it to bolster their strengths and let loose of some of the other things that drag it down. It was a great show to watch in the middle of the tragic goings on with Tritter.
  • House wakes up a patient who's in a vegetative state in order to question him about his family's medical conditions. The man's son is in a coma and House needs all the information he can get to save him.

    I loved this episode, it was classic House with lots of great one-liners, great drama (the dad who didn't want to see his son in a coma, but is willing to die for him) and also great annoyance. I absolutely adored the man who plays Tritter in St Elsewhere and The Green Mile, but don't like his character in House, it detracts from the medical drama and is quite unnecessary and in parts unbelievable. If every patient House was ever rude to started "stalking" him like this, he'd never get any work done, surely! ;-)

    Loved the whole sandwich thing, and Wilson offering to make the darn thing himself :D!
  • Amazing!, How much can Wilson take in name of friendship? Does really exist unconditional love?

    House abandon Coma guy for a vegetative stage guy because he saw this guy' son with motion troubles. House wakes Gabe (vegetative stage guy) from coma to get Kyle's detail medical history after he put him in a coma, ironic, huh!

    Guilt is a heavy load to bear for 10 years. Imagine doing so while unconscious. Gabe's guilt over not being able to save his family resulted in a road trip for House and Wilson, who struggled with their own issues — namely Wilson's lying to the police to protect House for forging prescriptions.

    House-vs-Tritter: the determined detective questioned hospital staff, including Cameron, Chase and Foreman. All three stood by their boss but were less forgiving among themselves. Interestingly enough, Tritter and House share the same belief that, "Everybody lies." The difference is that House uses this adage to help his patients, whereas Tritter's usage is less noble.

    Other topic on the show (everything is conditional) forced Wilson and House to acknowledge their commitment to their friendship and address the question of whether or not House wants to destroy their relationship by pushing Wilson too far. "I don’t want to push it till it breaks," was as much of an admission of love as we'll ever hear from House. He is a man whose actions speak almost as loudly as his comebacks. His steps to protect Wilson from implication in Gabe's suicide prove this. Gabe forced a not-so-surprising revelation from House about his reason for being a doctor. "If you're right, nothing else matters." That explains a lot, since every patient is an excuse for House to prove just that. But if House needs to be right, the people around him have just as much need to let him be so. Wilson cannot say no to House, and Cuddy pays considerable lip service to the word but always let's House have his way. Tritter, on the other hand, holds his stop sign high, and House may finally have to realize that some things in life really do matter.
  • Who would you be if you can wake up a guy from a ten year coma?

    In this episode Dr. House is still being pursuid by that police officer. In the previous episode he was arrested and charged... In this eipsode Doctor House must bring back a patient that has been in a vegitative state for ten years back to normal to help figure out what is wrong with his son because he needs the family history. To make sure that the illness taht the son is experiencing is not inherited. But the father is not giving up anything unless they play a little game and take him to Atlanta City to have a great sandwich that he know where a place did. In the end the father kills himself to give his heart after the diagnosis that House made turns out to be the correct one.
  • House wakes a man from a ten-year coma to see if he can provide medical history for his son's declining health.

    I am a new and ardent fan of this show, since finally checking the program out in late January. Not one to watch medical shows, at least not since the days of St. Elsewhere, I was instantly smitten with House, especially the title character. Hugh Laurie is amazing, and while I've seen only a few episodes, this is the one that has made me into a believer. Watching House's interaction with Wilson and Gabe is a fascinating glimpse into a character, and also into the ability of an actor to convey the character so strongly. There is a moment when House admits that maybe he doesn't want to stretch his friendship with Wilson til it breaks; that, coupled with Gabe's decision to give his son a final lasting gift, had me reaching for the tissues. Because I watch this show on Canada's Mystery network, I'm trailing behind the season's actual timeline--the character of the vindictive cop is the only flaw in what is otherwise a remarkable show. I hope Tritter--played by an actor I've never cared for--is soon gone from the program.
  • Coma guy wakes up.

    I loved this episode because it revealed more about house. You also got to see Wilson angry. I loved when the coma guy was like 'I like power and now I the only power I have is to annoy you' or something along those lines. I loved when House was talking about why he became a doctor. I liked how much emotion he said it with. I also liked how in the end House lies to the son to make him feel better, something that was not House-like at all. House's character seems to be evolving in this episode, you see how simple moments in his childhood effected his life now.
  • The episode is about a simple guy in coma and his sick sun, and House who wakes the guy up from coma with \'questionable\' medicine and goes on a trip with him. Acts as a filler, but works like an amazing character development episode.

    Note on my reviews:
    I will always avoid any strong spoilers in my reviews so even if you have not seen the episode you may safely read on and decide if the episode might interest you or not.

    Episode Review:

    You rarely see an episode that acts as a filler but works as a character development episode really well. The episode is about a simple guy in coma and his sick sun, and House who wakes the guy up from coma with \'questionable\' medicine and goes on a trip with him.

    It is definetly one of my favorite \'simple\' episodes this season. While the use of questionable medicine is a strange element in the episode, I\'m glad that it does not do more than \'kick things off\' for the long run.

    Son of a Coma Guy features some good acting by House, Wilson and Gabe (played by John Larroquette) and takes the characters away from the hospital environment which is a good change (but not completely, the episode has plentiful scenes by other characters within the hospital)

    One of the main things in the show is the relationship between House and Gabe and their game of questions. Both agree to ask each other questions in turns in a way that if House wishes to ask a question from Gabe that would help Gabes son who is sick, he gets to ask a personal question in return.

    It is interesting to see how House avoids many questions in a way while giving either too short answers or replying with his everyday sarcasm.

    The episode eventually ends up as a trip that Gabe is leading in his -one day out of coma-, while at the same time House tries to solve the problem with his son. One of the hilights of the episode is the magnificent series of scenes in a hotel room that involve some strong insights into House as a character.

    Recommended definetly as a character development episode and thus as a must if one is to watch the series without having the chance to see all the episodes.
  • HE IS ALIVE!!!!

    Ok so after 10 years of being in a coma House decides to try an old native remedy to wake him up. Why whould he do this you ask? So that he can get more information on the guys son who might die. So House trys the remedy (to the great disatisfaction of Cuddy, Cameron, and Foreman). But it works. And the guy is given 24 hours to stay awake. So House and the man take turns asking the other questions. House's questions are all about his son but the mans are about the world and what he missed, and House. And Tritter also decided to get House through his friends like Wilson. However, Wilson didnt incriminate House and lost his right to fill out prescriptions.
  • House has a heart and goes on a road trip with a patient ..

    This episode starts with the classic scene of House eating and watching tv shows whilst patients are comatosed beside him.. Enter Wilson and the show begins its paced enthralling informative episode. We finally see House having to answer much antispated questions.. Why did he become a doctor being the main one on house fans lips. In the background of the impending road trip with an awakened patient finding answers to his sons illness is up to house, we have the revenge cop. Everyone seems to be able to relate to him in the sense that most people feel they have been wronged by a doctor and would like to get their revenge.. back to the plot which centres on Wilson agitated annoyance for having to lie to the police for house and the addict line plays again.. The povotal mometn is house explaining how the sleepign patient can help his son by donating hos heart and the only way that ill happen is if he dies.. emotional and warped perceptions come into play which house totally seems oblivious too.
  • This episode was kind of a filler, but at the same time it showed that he definately does have a heart, with that being said, House did show a side that we arent use to seeing and explaines why he is where he is today. Exciting.

    House showed a side in this episode that alot of people have not seen before. That is not a bad thing either, it is actually a good thing. It keeps things up and refreshing. The father dying was dramatic, but without any final words was sad. If the cop were to find out about what happened he would have a hay day and try and nail him for more. This episode definately showed a side of Wilson that we didn't expect to see, you can tell that hes getting really mad with the way house is treating this lawsuit, it's obviously effecting him in a huge way, all this on top of a divorce, it definately would hit a nerve or two. And He's completely right, I mean how far will he go to get his way?
  • This storyline was about House curing a coma victim for one day and his son dying.

    I believe that this episode was kinda boring. I think it was a filler episode. I loved that they gave us a peek inside houses past about the rock climbing incident. We got to see why he always wanted to be a docter. I thought the episode was stupid because nothing really happened or too much happened at once I really don\'t know. I did NOT like it but I guess it was alright. They couldv\'e had more order to the storyline and I think the diagnosis was kinda weird. but I guess kind of cool in a way. They couldv\'e pushed the story a little more with a flashback.That\'s it.
  • House awakes a man in a vegetative state hoping to get answers about his son and cure his illness. A very well done episode.

    This episode is the reason why I devote an hour of my time to the TV. All the actors and actresses were brilliant in their acting, especially John Larroquette. His character was a character unlike any we've probably seen on House before. Gabe's friendly and fun attitude clashes with House's grumpy and sarcastic attitude more than with Detective Tritter's, both Gabe and House butting heads throughout the episode about their opinions of different subjects and ideas. House trys to get answers from Gabe in a clever way, but Gabe's way of getting answers proves to be a bit more effective. In the end, Gabe asks House why he becomes a doctor, one of the questions that fans have probably been wondering the answer to for quite some time. Well, I'm glad to say that he has finally answered our riveting question. Now if only we could get even more questions answered about this wonderfully complex character...

    Overall, one of the best House episodes to date.
  • Good, but not awesome.

    Dr. House in this episode was a ass. But not the lovable unlovable ass we are usually treated with. I for one, enjoyed this episode but it wasnt the greatest. It was a tad outlandish compared to other episodes of House. I mean come on, House Wilson and the vegetative state guy all travel to the city to get a Hoagey, all so that House can get the answer he wants!! Thats just insane craziness that is so outlandish even I dont buy it. I thought the episode has been written hastily and didnt take into count all of the prestige the HOUSE show has created for itself. Overall a disapointment.
  • A Father waking up from a coma and giving his heart to his son. and that creepy cop still trying to bust House.

    This eps was alright well acted by all. I may not know the law. But when that creepy cop froze Dr. Wilsons bank acount in so he has to help sent House to prison for ten years. I know its only a tv show but I dont think thats even leagal The cop also has a personal agenda against House he should not even be investergating the matter also since when does a police dective stop speeders?
  • House entcounters a \"Son of a Coma Guy\" and the only way to save the son is to wake up the father who has been dead for 10 years. Well, House wakes him up and starts questioning him about family history. Mean wuile the cop promtps Houses team.

    For some reason, that was one of the best house episodes ever. Of course, the season finales are always the best and dramtic, but this one was hilarious. I mean, the \"coma guy\" wasnt a typical pateint. When someone wakes up from a coma they have been in for 10 years, they don\'t just say. I feel like having a steak. But of cours,e house and his patient are always out of whack, so I expetced it. And I still think that Cameron still likes House, I mean she finally has the oppurtunity to send probably the meanest boss in world history to jail, but she still sticks up for him. Although, I feel bad for wilson, but that is the price you have to pay to be friends with House I guess
  • Now Tritter has something else to investigate ... House\'s involvment in a suicide.

    I don\'t think they will simply whitewash over this ... otherwise what was the point in Wilson covering up for House. It could get even nastier for House when Tritter starts to dig deeper into his life.

    Poor old Wilson ... he has probably had better days. First he finds that House stole and forged presciptions using his name. He felt compelled to cover up for House when Vegitive State guy committed suicide. Finally he finds his bank accounts have been frozen ... presumably because Tritter thinks he might be a drug dealer.

    When House had a run in with his last great adversary ... Edward Vogler ... Wilson was fired. Now its worse ... he could end up in prison.

    Imagine having to spend a lengthy prison sentence locked in the same cell as House.
  • House brings a man back into conciousness to save a dying son only to realize that the man has other plans for his new found free time.

    I thought this was a great episode. Much better than the last one. However, there is an error that I feel I should correct for anybody watching. A vegetative state, if that's what the man was in, is not something that can be brought back into conciousness. A person in a vegetative state is WORSE off than someone in a coma. A person in a vegetative state has lost higher brain functions and will not be the same even if you manage to bring them back. The show's fact checkers should have scrutinized a little more over this rather large factual error. Usually, House is a great show for anybody with medical knowledge because they keep it so real to actual medical truth. Other than the mistake, it was a great episode with some revealing secrets about House!
  • House has stopped being fun because the main character (House)has lost his charm. I'm hoping for the show that they're setting him up for a big fall with a chance for redemption, because he is now as ugly inside as his demeanor has always been outside.

    The new House is an amoral drug addict that beneath it all has lost interest in his patients and has lost his charm. You know something is wrong when you root for the detective to nail him and send him to jail where he might re-learn about caring for others. Let's face it, he is the bully that he is accused of being. But worse, he's a bully with life-and-death responsibility so his mistakes hurt people more than your average bully can. He's a person that will shove a thermometer up a patient's you-know-what because that patient has the audacity to insist on being treated for his illness instead of being ignored. Worse, he is a person that uses his authority and manipulative abilities to convince a man to commit suicide so that he can donate his heart to his son. This year's show is out of control. The audience once believed that under all that bluster, House had a heart and he had limits. The "new" House has no heart and no limits. Let's hope he gets help before it's too late (if it isn't already). And while the writers rediscover House, I hope they give Wilson some backbone. What a wuss. But I've canceled my TIVO auto-record setting so I won't be there to see it.
  • Everything is conditional; you just can't always anticipate the conditions.

    House has a new phrase, now that Tritter has stolen "Everybody lies", and how right this one is for him, who has the most curious mind and assumes nothing and everything at the same time. Waking up the vegetative guy was a bit too miraculous, but at least this time around it was backed up with some plausible explanation. And on the whole, what a good thing it was that they woke him up, as the interaction between HL and John Laroquette was wonderful. It takes a hungry guy who just woke up from a 10 year vegetative state and has about a day to live and is into the power game, to get House to confess about love and life…. How easy is that! The idea was great though – House needs to be completely pushed to the corner in order to submit anything personal. Now we know why he became a doctor despite the fact he doesn't like people all that much. We know that he identified with the outcast and admired people who couldn't care about social niceties from a very young age. We learn that despite it all, one of his biggest motivations is that he wants be the one that everyone will have to listen to, because he's right. Sending them out of the hospital and putting Wilson to witness all this was great. Wilson always assumes he knows everything about House's motivations but now he finds out he still has a lot to learn. Maybe he'll learn to ask a few questions rather then preach all the time. House is always portrayed as someone who is dedicated to saving life at all cost, but here we get yet another reminder that he also takes the quality of life into consideration. "Everything is conditional" and death by choice is not just a suicide but can be a meaningful act, giving the father the opportunity to save his son's life. I thought the moment when House lied to the son about his father's last words was brilliant. House, unlike his own father, is willing to lie to the kid just to make him happy and ease his struggle in life. Tritter at the background is so annoying. Is he quoting House or did he phrase to imply to Forman that he knows House better then it looks? The man is an evil manipulator. I still can't figure out his real motivation. Hopefully he will expire soon, though David Morse is doing a good job. On the whole, a very well written episode; full of new insights about House's past and motivations. HL is always an amazing actor but when given a chance to have these intense insight moments, he is at his very best.
  • Proberly the best of the season.

    This episode of House was very great because of the plot between House and Wilson. I like how Wilson is starting to show his anger angainst House because it seem House is pushing him to much and I want some steam between them. John Larroquette did an outstanding job on guest staring.
  • Lots of very cute House/Wilson interactions, and Laraquette did a great job.

    I'm already tired of the Tritter storyline. Vogler was a good adversary for House. Tritter isn't. With Vogler there were good points brought up about the down sides to House's ways, Tritter really just comes off as a petty jerk. I kind of felt like the two storylines didn't blend well at all.

    All the stuff with House and the questions game and his dealings with Wilson were very interesting, and the game was a good character development device. This may have been the first time that House has admitted to valuing Wilson and their friendship. I would have liked to see more about the ducklings.
  • This was one of the best ones this season!

    Favorite quotes:

    House: There are reports out of South Africa about a pill that'd temporarily revive someone in a vegetative state. We've all seen Awakenings. It made me cry. I wanna cry.

    Dr. Wilson: What are you doing down here? I thought you usually had lunch with Coma Guy?
    House: This is Vegetative State Guy. He’s better company. Dr. Chase: Genetic tests take forever. You can’t just keep testing for every inherited condition you think it might be.
    House: Well not me, I’ll be leaving early. You guys can. House: How deep does that awareness go? You picked up scraps of conversation that you have the vaguest sense that the hospital administrator dresses like a trollop, or that the new Star Wars movies were a disappointment.

    Dr. Wilson: Rumor in the cafeteria was that Caustic Guy was waking up Coma Guy.
    House: Technically Vegetative State Guy was woken by, well, Caustic Guy. Dr. Wilson: This is like trying to control the weather, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t eat in the car. I just had it detailed.
    Gabe: I drive.
    Dr. Wilson: Oh the hell he does! House: Where else did you live? List everywhere including vacation, start with when your wife got pregnant.
    Gabe: We lived in Jersey. Then we moved to Jersey. From there… Jersey. What are you wanting to hear, about the little cottage in the Amazon with the mosquitoes and the lead paint on the wall?
    House: Yes. Gabe: (to House) I like power. And now the only power I have left is the power to annoy you. House: If I'd know (Wilson) was going to be so annoying, I would have stolen Dr. Cameron's pad and Dr. Foreman's car. At least she appreciates my brooding melancholy. (answers phone) House's House of Whining! State your complaint! Gabe: (in a coma for 10 years) Hey what's this? It says "ihp-od." House: Everything is conditional. You just can't always anticipate the conditions.
  • Character Background saves this episode.

    I don't know what it was about this episode, it was very middle of the road for me. I love House because it brings to the table a brilliant mix of character and medical. With this episode the medical was very blah, to down right unbelievable. The character revelations were however spot on.

    With the character of House, the mystery makes the man. But every now and again a door opens, even if for only a brief second, that gives you a little insight as to why he does the things he does.

    In this episode, John Laroquette's character Gabe starts the ball rolling with his 'tit for tat' reasoning. For every question he answers for House, House has to return the favour. John Laroquette plays brilliantly off Hugh Laurie, in creating some of the more memorable scenes this season. Because of these scenes we learn why House becames a doctor, how he met Stacy(gag!), and that he has daddy issues(shocker). With this last revelation we got to see some interesting continuity from the Season 2 episode "Daddy's Boy", where the tension between House and his dad was first revealed. I also had to laugh after House revealed to Gabe how he had met Stacy and Gabe asked him if he loved anyone else, House completely clammed up. Hah, great shout out and string along for all the "shippers" in the fandom, no revelation on that one, gives hope to all of them...even the more extreme ones.

    Now, some of the things that were disappointing about this episode.

    Actually, first off. Repeating something I said above...I laughed. It was one of the few times in the episode that I did laugh. House has always made me laugh in one way or another, but in this one, we were at the halfway mark, during a commerical break, and I thought to myself...I haven't laughed yet!

    With the House/ Wilson dynamic, the revelation that was presented at the end of the last episode "Que Sera Sera"...Wilson learning about House forging his signature in order to obtain Vicodin. The follow through was a little weak. I was expecting a lot more than mild pissiness and pointed remarks about friendship from Wilson. Something more along the lines of down your throat pissed, was to be expected.

    Medically this one was all over the map. Okay I have never seen the movie Awakenings, but how can a guy who has been in a "vegetative state" for a decade, wake up just like that, and the first thing they do is go on a road trip and LET HIM DRIVE! I mean there is suspending disbelief and then there's this! Also, House has pulled a lot of stunts, but sitting down and having a heart to heart with Gabe about great ways to kill yourself and then sitting outside the hotel room, while he proceeds to do so..seemed a little out of character. As we learned in "Informed Consent", House doesn't have a problem helping someone end their life, if their case was terminal to begin with....but this was different Gabe was physically healthy. He could have gone back into his "vegetative state" and another 10 years down the road a cure could have come along and he could have lived out the rest of his life.

    I know, I know..Gabe was feeling quilty that he couldn't save his wife in the incident that led to his vegetative state, and this was his way of remeding that, but still...

    And Cuddy, it just rolls right off her shoulders. She tells House that they found a bottle of aspirin next to his body, and that is was a great way to kill yourself without doing damage to the heart. She then turns and walks away! What, hello! Am I the only who sees a problem with this.

    Also, if Gabe was actually in a "vegetative state" why was this episode called "Son of a Coma Guy"....just another anomally in the episode.

    Best line of the night:

    Gabe(John Laroquette)to House: "I love the only power I have is to annoy you!"
  • Oh my gosh It was great!!!

    I abousolty loved it! ! ! ! ! ! ! It was so intresting I mean I couldnt figure out what it was, that was wrong with the kid! It was funny though when House said you know its not going to work and then he wakes up, I cracked up! Man I was sad for wilson though I dont want him to break this off with house but dang if trigger aint pushing it! and i cried when the dad killed himself! at least he didnt go through much pain, I just wonder how that poor kid will be now since his dad is dead I mean that was like the only person he had connections with So will he come back like the angry, I had an affair and you told my wife, guy and come and shoot house?!? Who knows?!?!?!?
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