Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • Another sports episode...

    When I first heard of this episode, I believed they were simply doing a very similiar story to "Sports Medicine" in Season 1. However, this episode eclipses it.

    For starters, the patient admits to doping first of, so the puzzle is far more intriguing. The character is quite dislikable, and raises the points of athletes cheating to be the best.

    House was also hilariously funny in this episode, especially at the end when he "cures" the athlete, and lets him colapse on the floor.

    The development between House and Stacy was also interesting, and moving along nicely. House stealing the therapy notes at the end was very him, although surely can only end in tears.

    I liked the conversations between Cameron and Wilson this episode- I think there was a good development in their friendship. It most certainly is more realistic than a friendship between Wilson and Foreman/Chase for example.

    Overall, this was another solid episode, yet whilst Series 2 has been excellent so far, it still hasn't hit the same pace as the end of Series 1.
  • The kid form iCarly guest stars.

    This episode was a bit nerve wracking & mysterious but not what I expected, just an okay episode but what did interest me is the little kid from the beginning, he's the kid from iCarly who plays Freddie! He looks so small! Anyways I really think the patient was a real jerk, he fired his agent, just because of a hunch, and Cameron didn't rat him out either, he seems to be blaming everyone throughout the episode. The subplot was amazing, Mark vs. House, I think House won that battle, and the end was pretty good, him looking at Stacy's files, makes you want to see more, what's in the file, an okay episode.
  • I thought this episode was great, more than the usual one liners.

    There was a comment at the end between Dr Allison Cameron and Dr James Wilson about cheating. They were seated in a room together and it had been mentioned before but this time Allison admits she 'almost cheated' on her husband with his best friend. Dr James Wilson said he'd cheated on his wife and had told her and that's what killed the marriage. I was trying to remember the wording about the comment made that went along the lines of something to do with emotions and also with actions. Does anyone know what was said exactly? Been driving me nuts.
  • Review

    I both love and hate the scenes between Mr. Warner and House. I like them because they are always intense and meant to hurt each other, yet it seems like Mr. Waner always gets the better of House at the end - which is what I dont like. House should never be one uped on this show and it tends to happen often when he is talking with Warner. I think the on going "Does she still love me" storyline with his wife needs to stop. It takes away from the humor of the show every time they have a scene to do together, they always fight which doesnt turn out to be funny. The rest of the episode was tradition House style. Funny comments and a pretty stadard case. I thought it was a good episode overall
  • This wasn't my favorite but it was a really good episode

    I loved the fact that House only got interested in the case after Cuddy told him that the guy wasn't denying the drugs. That scene and the scene with Stacy and House in the beginning were the best.

    The differential was good but the case as a whole was kinda boring.

    House joining Mark's group so he could piss him off was really quite funny. I love House and Mark talking about Stacy. Stacy yelling at House for going to Mark's group was amusing too.

    I liked the clinic patient who was being poisoned by gum because it was just so random and funny.

    Cameron and Wilson talking about cheating was an interesting way for them to go. Cameron looking at old photos at the end was okay.

    An okay episode but definitely not my favorite.
  • house never seizes to amaze me. the way fretted the truth from the bic guy was classic. everyone lies.

    seriously dr cameron should go and work for the united nations if she keeps looking at the world in white and black. my God she has to get a grip. so the bic guy does drugs, he makes the kids happy, it like telling the kids santa's is a lie. i really like the way wr wilson set her straight. stacy i love her, i wish she and house would get back together so as spice up the show a little bit. all in all i love the series.
  • I kind of felt as though i was watching another filler episode , with nothing too exciting happening. Still as every epsiode manages to do, it made for one well spent hour.

    I kind of also felt i had seen most elements of this episode in one during the first season. Im thinking "Sports Medicine", the one with the professional baseball player who breaks his arm throwing a pitch for a commercial. The patient just was not too original or anything. The initial symptom was ok, again kind of just fainted. But it was really deceiving how they made the kid look like he was going to be the one that was going to be sick.

    The disease and symtoms were just regular, nothing too spectacular. There was some humour i this episode that i still find very funny even now, for example where House gives Jeff a temporary cure then afterwards he collapses on the floor.

    Medical Problem: thymoma, causing PRCA, resulting in anemia
    Rating: 9.1/10
  • I guess not everyone always lies.

    Good episode. Getting the confession right at the beggining really helped propel the show, in my opinion. Reviving the spat between Mark and House was also a nice way to go. The jealousy between those two guys is enormous and I can\'t wait to see the way it will play out this season. House being wrong was also a nice change. Shows that he can be a jerk and still be wrong without apologizing. He did say oops. I also really enjoyed House giving the patient the drug and then not telling him he might collapse. That part was great when he just slumped to the floor. Good episode.
  • This was an awesome episode.

    No one knew what was the cause of the illness until the end of the episode. It’s interesting that so many hypotheses were drawn and tested and often times it had failed. But luckily all was well. My favorite scene though was when House stuck the needle in the guy and said, “You are healed, rise and walk.” That was just funny. I love how manipulative House can be; it’s just so deliciously evil.
  • Not my favorite, episode.

    I have to tell, I'm not a big fan of Cameron but she was really great when she told Wilson about how we can not control our feelings, but we can caontrol our acts.
    All this surrounding a profesional cyclist who suffered of breathing problems during a race. He admitted to use drugs and Cameron was all Judgemental about. He even was planning to tell the press about it. She and Wilson had the "Talk" and the phrase i told before came in.
    On the other hand i agree with all who say we are tired of Stacy / House situation. He already said he never forgave her and, apparently, she understood because she said Mark did forgive her.
    It is a great show, but the medical plot has always been the star, not the other way (i mean the characters life), so i hope it wil continue this way.
    The jokes about Pro player sports using drugs were really cool. Those Acting dramas denying the use o it.
    By the way, i saw first Haunting, and then spin because Universal Channel Latin America Aired that way.
  • Chase, were you wearing your short shorts?

    That was one of the many great lines of the episode. I actually didn't really take much interest in the character development in this episode. No idea why, just didn't find it that intriguing.

    However, the case itself was actually of great interest to me. One of my close friends has anaemia, so I found it fascinating to watch an episode of House dealing with that issue.

    Plus, they were fairly on the spot with what can happen (my friends and I were given a bit of a workshop so we knew what to do if she faints or feels dizzy, thankfully that doesn't happen often).
  • Some nice character development right here!

    While I did not exactly enjoy the plot of this episode, I did enjoy the character development. This episode brought back issues from last season and showed us sides of characters that may not be so obvious.

    Cameron and House have more development than any other regular on the show. House has to deal with issues from last season as he tries to figure out whether he should help a patient or not.

    It's a question of ethics vs. treatment for Cameron. She battles with this issue throughout the episode, until she finally comes to a decision.

    In the end, secrets are the only topic of discussion.
  • This is what I tune in for every week. A medical mystery with lots of twists and turns. Basically a whole lot of "suspects" and no idea which one actually did it. In this case did the bicyclist do it to himself?

    You'll be thinking of Lance Armstrong the entire time you are watching this one. That is if he used drugs and if he admitted it to his doctors!
    What a fascinating twist. He's quite comfortable with winning at any cost. But has it been at the cost of his life? You won't know until you watch. It is all so carefully written and plotted that it is completely believable. Things are becoming clearer between House and Stacy Webber, but never enough that it interferes with the medical story which is always number one. It is first time I think that House admits that he is handicapped. Will he soften up? I doubt that.
  • Not up to the normal standards.

    It was a good ep. I will give it that. But the plot contrivance of Stacy the ex. is sorta annoying. She seems to bring out the bad side to House and makes his character do things that seem even a little extreme for him(ie. breaking into a therapist office for her file). I will be glad when January comes and we can get back to some really good medical storylines with the character stuff mixed in, instead of the medical stuff pushed to the background and the screwed up relationship that was of Stacy and House. Like Stacy said to House "Let It Go!" It was however interesting to get some backstory on Wilson and Cameron...makes me wonder where they plan on going with those revelations and how House will play into them.

  • Great character revelations....

    To me this episode was all about character development and not so much about the storyline. I didn’t really pay much attention to the cyclists storyline as it was clear he would be on drugs and would get away with it. It was pretty easy to figure that out from the promos. It’s so clear that this was about Lance Armstrong, especially when the publicist said “If they think you have cancer, you’ll get tons of sponsorships.”. Could that have been any more obvious.

    However, the character revelations in this episode were the best part. I absolutely loved when House went to Mark’s therapy session. You so when it was mentioned that Mark was in therapy, House would find a way to go, but oh was it hysterical. It’s so clear that he still loves Stacy, but why did he actually let her go if he loves her so much? However, it’s also clear that Stacy does indeed feel something for House but where could it lead? I was a little surprised by the fact that House broke into the therapist’s office to read Stacy’s file. I’m wondering what he found. Perhaps that is what is going to happen next week. I think House finds out something that Stacy may not even know about herself.

    For once, I actually enjoyed a Cameron storyline this season. I really didn’t blame her for debating about telling the media about the cyclist’s cheating to win. This perfectly set up the storyline about cheating that involved Wilson and Cameron. I felt really bad for Cameron as she told about her husband and thinking about being with his best friend as he laid dying in the hospital. I was so glad we learned more about Wilson and what made him actually cheat on his two ex-wife. It makes me wonder if he’s cheating now and if he’ll end up being with Cameron. That would make for an interesting quadrangle-- House, Stacy, Cameron, and Wilson.

    This wasn’t the best episode, but the main storyline was much better than the last episode.

    Best line of the night-- Mark: "It’s not the size of the muscle – it’s where you get to put it."

  • A good episode with lots of twists and turns..

    What is up with House? Does he still love Stacy? Though it was funny and I found myself laughing when House went to Mark's therapy session, it seemed childish to me. Stacy is married now, and House needs to get over it. It was hilarious when Mark told House "It’s not the size of the muscle – it’s where you get to put it."

    I was shocked (though I don't know why because House rarely plays by the rules) that he went into Stacy's file in the end. She is going to be so ticked off when she finds out and apparently she does in the next episode. House needs a love interest other than Stacy, and definatly not Cameron. Maybe Cuddy....yeah right. Maybe he doesn't need a love interest, he just needs to get some like Wilson told him. All in all a good episode that kept my interst though the medical part with the bike rider was not the best medical puzzle the team has worked on, but was better than the last episode.
  • Wilson\'s turn.

    Wilson is a good guy. Wilson is a nice guy. Wilson is a smart guy. He is something of the golden arch-nemesis of House. When House makes a mistake, Wilson notices, and when Wilson says some glittering generality, like, "Andie handles an impossible situation with grace," House says something mean, and Wilson gets ticked. Then House says something flawed or immature, and Wilson makes House look stupid. House lies to him, so Wilson lies in retaliation. This makes Wilson look better. He is the voice of reason when House is confused, and he is the person to turn to when House is upset. The halo effect has infected his character.

    Not much is known about Wilson except that his wife is always mad at him. I feel sorry for Wilson. I wonder why things didn't work out. I think to myself that Wilson must have picked the wrong woman, that she doesn't understand him.

    Then Wilson confesses to cheating on his "wives," meeting women who make him feel "funny," and not wanting to let that feeling go. I guess his wife does understand him. I don't feel sorry for Wilson anymore.
  • This is an episode with more than it seems at first. We learn more about House, Stacy, Cameron, and Wilson from their reactions to a potential scandal involving "cheating" of one form or another.

    The mental comparison of the bicyclist to cycling hero Lance Armstrong is inevitible. But it soon passes, as more of the medical history of the bicyclist comes to light.

    The possibility that the bicyclist uses illegal methods to boost his prowess and success pushes different buttons in all the characters, but Cameron and Wilson especially. Their exchange about adultery left me wondering if Cameron and Wilson would become an item, and what effect that would have on House.

    Stacy and House reveal that they have not yet reached a place of closure, especially when working in close proximity. The possibility of "cheating" hangs in the air because of their past relationship. The appearance of Stacy's husband, leads House to attend a therapy group, with the purpose of engaging Greg in a verbal skirmish.

    House also uses his attendance at the group as a way to gain access to Stacy's personnel file. The look in his eyes leads you to believe that he knows something about Stacy that even Stacy doesn't know, and that it will all be revealed in time.

    At first, not a memorable episode, but on further reflection, the dilemma of the bicylist allowed the character development to spin.
  • House treats a patient who is a professional cyclist who admits to blood doping. However, that's not what is causing his medical problems. Cameron is upset that the guy is looked up to by children but is cheating. Meanwhile, House pushes Stacy to see if

    Watching House this week, I was less compelled by the mystery virus/ailment of the week than I was by the character stuff going on from the regular cast.

    House pushes Stacy's buttons to see if she still loves him and to drive a wedge between she and Mark. (Loved the scene where he invades the therapy session). Cameron debates whether or not she should tell the media that our cyclist hero should be ratted out for taking drugs and blood doping. And Wilson talks about what drove him to cheat and have two ex-wives and now possibly a third. The concept of how far is too far to get what you want or think you want is interestingly explored here--from the cyclist and House on one end to Cameron on the other. There are lots of gray areas and I love seeing how each character justifies and explains his or her actions based on their experiences and perceptions of morality.
  • There are times where...........


    I love House! I am not a House Hater! However........

    There are times where you just have to sit back and say " What the heck just happened !"

    This episode was odd to say the least. It did leave me wanting more , but not because it was a good episode. I just want to know what the heck House was reading in Stacy's file .

    I did crack up laughing when House walked into Mark's group session. On the other hand the dialoge was sloppy , and mundane. For some reason all the characters suddenly feel the need to express their feelings every five minutes.

    The actors worked well with what they were given . Every scene was over dramatic, and kind of stupid.

    The ending felt like a cliff hanger, and left me with a sense of incompleteness.

    I am totally conflicted . I think this will be the last season of House if anymore episodes follow this downward spiral.