Season 1 Episode 12

Sports Medicine

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • better then law and order

    Exceptional acting on the part of the actress playing the wife of a faded baseball legend makes this episode stand right up there with the very best of the greatest show in TV history, LAW & ORDER. She is by turns sassy and frightened, elated and depressed, and uses a minimum of dialog to express her chaotic feelings. The ending of this episode, involving the athlete standing before death's door, is also a stunner, which is often the case with HOUSE -- but not always. Of course, you'll have to watch it to see what happens because I'm not telling. SPORTS MEDICINE also contains the legendary clinic waiting room scene where House diagnoses several waiting patients in about a minute's time. The guy with the sticking contact lenses is not to be missed, as is House's solution to the man's problem.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house . a patent is admitted for a bad broken arm but the x rays reaveal that its more then just a broken arm he has sufferd from savear bone loss and they think he did stearoids and drug abuse but he wont admit it and then his kidneys start to fail and he tries to take his own life and then he they try to save his career and camron goes with house to a monster truck ralley since he had two tickets this was a good ep i thought it was very interesting
  • i thought it was nice that house asked cameron out after jimmy told him that he had other plans!

    Of course, the show isn't really about what will happen between Dr House and Cameron but I thought it was nice that they went out - they seemed to have loads of fun at the monster truck!
    House had wanted to go with Jimmy but he said he was speaking for an onkology seminar, which House then found out from Cameron that it was cancelled two weeks before.
    House reveals something interesting about his past when Cameron asked if he's ever married.
  • Art mirrors life. What medical show hasn\'t done a bit on athletes using drugs? Combine the choice of one life for another (abort a baby or donate a liver) and you really muck things up. I enjoyed it, but I usually do.

    Art mirrors life. What medical show hasn\'t done a bit on athletes using drugs? Combine the choice of one life for another (abort a baby or donate a liver) and you really muck things up.

    I enjoyed it, but I usually do. House is a well developed character, and the support staff rounds thing out well.
  • Another good one, just as good as the others.

    Just great! It was not really an episode that would come to mind when some one asks me for a good one, unless they are asking for a fantastic starting. This one, sort of like the previous episode, caught me off guard but this one even more so. I was just sitting there with my friend kind of laughing at him because he is such a bad actor, then it does that cool zoom into the body and CRACK! We both jumped out of our seats!

    The middle part of the episode was probably about average for a House episode, if not a bit worse than that. I do like it however that House asked Cameron to go to a Monster Truck Rally! Then it picked up around the ending when House had his traditional revelations that i love so much. It was kind funny when he said "he peed on me."

    Medical Problem: Cadmium Poisoning
    Rating: 9.3/10
  • Oh Lord, did his arm just.. split in two?

    I can stand a lot of things. I can stand blood, I can stand gore. I have seen my share of shootings, car accidents and broken limbs. But if there is one thing that just freaks me out it\'s when fingers, or worse, entire limbs are positioned in such a way that would be practically impossible if your sad limb was in a ood condition.

    So to start by watching an episode that starts with an arm that literally snaps into two made me spit out the Coca Cola Lemon Light I was drinking, but that could have also been the lemon, or the light. Such a mouthful. What\'s next? Coca Cola Light Lemon with a hint of Strawberry/Banana sprinkled with some Cherry?

    We can clearly see the makeup of, well, every House episode, appear here. House doesn\'t want to take the case, is then convinced, takes on the case, someone is pissed at House, House becomes more human, the medicine prescribed fails three times and make things worse, but then shows House more about what is really going on. In the end, he sees the light and saves the day, often at someone else\'s expense. Almost always a liar.

    Wait. What did I say? House becoming more human? He tried asking people to come with him to a Monster Truck event! An admirable try, and it is really sad to see that everyone lied to him.

    I swear I could almost see a glimmer of sadness in his eyes.
  • Exellent episode!!!!!!

    This ep was funny and interesting.

    I think that the funniest part was when House went to see his team when they were all having dinner with the drug rep., and asks her to get him a drink, then goes, "Ok, whos sleeping with her?" Then goes to Cameron, "Oh, God, please tell me its you!" Then adds, don't worry, your not gay, your... adventurous,"
    lol, the look on her face was just hilarious!!

    But I thought it was really interesting how all his symtoms was because he was on pot. His wife should've laft hin though, thats what I would've done.

    All in all, a great episode!!!!!
  • I gotta say I loved the monster trucks

    From beginning to end this one was awesome and who would have thought that Foreman would have a girlfriend? The case was pretty much all about the drugs. The guy is on drugs he needs a new kidney he tries to kill himself. I think the guy has lots of serious problems. The case was pretty awesome though.

    I loved how Foreman was sleeping with the drug rep and House knew that someone was sleeping with her and how he thought it might be Cameron that was histarical.

    I also loved Cameron and House with the monster trucks that was my favorite part.
  • Review

    I thought this episode was very good, a big improvement from some of the other episodes in season 1 where I thought the comedy went down and the interest in the patience went with it. Couple of things here- the case was interesting, a baseball player who continually lied about being on or off drugs. I thought that the wifes emotions and decisions about how to take action were wonderfully acted. I thought the ending of the episode was the best, how could anyone not. I think Cuddy-House have the best on screen connection but I didnt mind seeing House at a monster truck date with Cameron either. I thought the episode was everything you expect from House - Comedy and Good drama without all that medical surgery jibber jabbish.
  • House goes out with Cameron!

    This episode is very revealing and might foreshadow that Cameron likes House & they kiss in Season 3. The patient wasn't so interesting, about someone who wants to have a baby but since he still is on drugs & needs a transplant from his girlfriend. He is so stupid, the girlfriend should of just dumped his ass, I didn't like Foreman's new girlfriend, she seemed a little snooty. Back to the date, how the whole monster trucks, Cameron & him referring it to a date without the date, seems all a bit awkward, of course the patient is healed because they find out it's weed. An okay episode.
  • Not as good as the last 3 or 4 episodes, but still fantastic- a sign of a brilliant show!

    House treats a baseball player who breaks his arm whilst pitching. The patient storyline was quite interesting, especially with the "is he/isn't he on drugs" aspect. The wifes emotions was also very good, and they brought the discussion of abortion to save anothers life very well into the context of the episode.

    The clinic scene was very funny as House tries for a "personal best" in diagnosing the patients. His interactions with Cuddy were, once again fantastic, although I disagree with the reviews that claim they have the best dynamic- that award belongs simply to House and Wilson, and this was shown once more in this episode when House scores great tickets to a monster truck rally, and Wilson turns him down as he is catching up with House's ex girlfriend, Stacy. It was interesting seeing this very first, albeit minor, insight into House's past relationship life.

    Cameron and House fans rejoice at their first date ("without the 'date' part"), and their interactions were very funny. I have to admit, though I saw the chemistry between them, I saw them doomed before they even began. Sorry Hameron shippers!!!

    Overall, this was another great installment. It was certainly lighter than the last episode, with far more comedy aspects in it, and a lot smaller emphasis on character development. Although not a perfect episode, it was once again far greater than most other dramas out there.