Season 2 Episode 4

TB or Not TB

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2005 on FOX

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  • House deals with an arrogant yet noble patient...

    I thought this episode of House brilliant, yet not perfect, simply because Sebastian Charles was so irritating as the patient. His message was inspiring, yet he was inexplicably annoying. No doubt he was meant to be, but I found this a little bit wearing at times.

    Nevertheless, the storyline was interesting. Cameron's interest in Charles and House comes head to head here, and I think Chase summed it up perfectly when he says "He's not House- theres nothing there". I thought House's diagnostic processes were very funny in this episode, especially when he burst into the room during the press conference.

    The clinic scenes were also very funny, and how the obnoxious clinic patient who was shirty with Foreman was dealt with at the end was inspired and ingenious writing.

    Overall, another solid episode of a very decent start to Season 2.
  • One of the best episodes of House ever by far!

    This episode was simply amazing I would have to say, having a practical celebrity as one of the patients of Dr. House, the whole thing with the press conferences, love interests, just all seems to fit perfectly, I liked the patient up until the point he wouldn't take the pills but he finally did, an unintentionally funny part is when the patient puked & fell down a flight of stairs with Cameron, I also like how Foreman & Wilson are watching the TV while House is trying to figure out what's going down with the patient, also when Cameron fixes the patient's robe & sees his butt, at the end Cameron doesn't end up dating him & he gets better & we find out why House hated him, and it was a pretty stupid reason but a great episode.
  • A generic episode that could fit anywhere in the first three seasons (save an appearance from Stacy) -- but still a great episode.

    In "TB or not TB," Ron Livingston makes a guest appearance as an American doctor who treats overseas children for Tuberculosis. House spends a majority of the episode arguing that he's not a hero and is pompous like the rest of us, but just hides it better. His opinion does not change at the end of the episode when the patient leaves the hospital and has a press conference ("Look at him, he's enjoying this"). I laughed out loud with the not-so-subtle writing in the opening sequence when Sebastian is appealing to the Pharmaceutical company's board room full of executives and he collapses. His executive friend, a chemistry major in high school, comes to his aide on the ground and looks around the room asking "Isn't somebody here a doctor?" I found it funny because it brings to realization the fact that the industry is run by businessmen, as evidenced by the differences between Nexium and Prilosec (esomeprazole and omeprazole), and the actual doctors are just highly paid tools to help the businessmen make money.

    The writers seem to have started a pattern in which there is one clinic case and one major case per episode. The clinic case was seen by Foreman (wearing Dr. House's lab coat), and the lady became very mad at Foreman, whom she thought was House because of the nametag. The clinic story crossed paths with the main patient story in a uniquely written part where House proves that you can influence how people think based on a stereotype (in his case -- the cane). And while proving this to Cameron -- doubling as his argument against Dr. Sebastian -- he gives an apology to the angry female patient for putting his cane on her foot, which and overlooking Cuddy mistakes for his actual apology.

    The series is starting to fall into a rut, but we have a feeling that this Stacy situation will come of something soon. Even in the 'rut,' the writing is above average and the episode is very entertaining.
  • Review

    I thought this was a good episode, with another wild change it up sickness that wound up being exactly as House projected it would be. I thought the episode was randomly comical, which is what I love about this show. I didnt think I was a big fan of the Cameron-House hook up until I saw her talking a lot to the doctor from africa. Every scene that he flirted with her my heart was racing that they would share some kiss that would change the way she felt about House. I dont think I want them to be together, I just like the fact that she likes him and he dodges it all the time. I think this show needs to bring House back to the Clinic a little more often as thats where the humor in the series actually originated from. Solid Episode though
  • An okay episode

    This wasn't the greatest episode ever. Dr. Charles was well I agree with House on him, I didn't really like the guy. And I hated Cameron. When they were doing the differential and House made a comment about Dr. Charles' cologne smelling like an elephant dung smoothie Cameron had that yuck look on her face and then she went and said it smelled fine.

    I didn't really like the light tension between Sebastian and Cameron. It is obvious that House was a little jealous when he saw Cameron and Sebastian holding hands.

    Foreman and House making a bet on the tilt the table test was amusing though. House won like usual and he was a sore winner when having Foreman go and take an extra hour of clinic duty for him.

    Foreman's clinic patient was great though. I loved how she complained to Cuddy and House was supposed to apologize for what Foreman did.

    It was an okay episode not the best though.
  • Interesting, good patient, and a tense ending made this episode definitely worth while.

    This was pretty much what id expect from a House show, nothing more and possibly a tad bit less. In other words i consider this to be slightly above average. The patient was more than just an interesting support character because he was a doctor as well. But he was one that people liked, unlike House. House kind of seemed to be competing with him throughout the episode, especially at the end where he says he gets partial credit for every life he saves from now on. The disease and symptoms itself could have been a little more intriguing i guess, but they did the job. The way it was discovered (with House putting the light right on his face during the press conference) was pretty cool i must say. Overall good episode, good writing, helped further House's character.

    Medical Problem: tumor in pancreas that reacts to stress
    Rating: 9.4/10
  • house was fanatastic as usual! it was crazy as usual!

    that dr. charles was he a mcdreamy or what, he can treat me anytime! it was a classic! am an african so i understand the doc's passion for the substandard drugs that come this way all in the name of third world countries. for a min there i thought Dr. cameron was going to agree to elope with him. fanatastic episode!
  • Not the best House episode.

    This episode is definitely not my favorite house episode.
    The patient is annoying, and the whole storyline is dragged out. No intense scene, no drama, no nothing. Lame ending with Cameron and the patient.

    Few good scenes(House turning up heat, or 'apologizing' to the lady), but the main plot was full of clishes and was weak...

    The tumor was resolved too easily, although that is because the writers didnt have enough time, since they wasted alot with the TBC or not question.

    The scheme of the episodes is getting a little repeatetive, and the writers cannot come up with something new. There needs to be a change real soon.
  • Great episode with a special kind of patient.

    This episode is one of my favorites. In this episode, House gets to treat a fellow doctor, one who works in Africa and treats people with TB. The doctor is the total anti-House, and one of those fools who tries to save everyone, even though they know it's pointless. Him and House immediately take a disliking towards each other, and start playing mind games with each other. Then it really gets interesting when the doctor asks Cameron out, and even asks her to come back to Africa with him. Of course, him not being House, she ultimately tells him no, and he is surprised at how much she enjoys working with House. In the end, after a lot of drama, the inevitable happens, and it is proven that the doctor is not dying from TB, at least not yet. The humor in this episode is also hilarious, and a show I highly recommend to any House fan (or any random person on the street).
  • I fell i just started to feel about people just the way House does!!!!!!... and the thing is: I'm not ashame of it!!!

    This was not particullary one of my favorites, but i am still objective and it was a great episode. For a change, the patient was a doctor (by the way doctors are the worst patients in the whole world) who is famous for his humanitarian work in africa treating tuberculosis. He assumes he has TB, but House, who (not surprisingly) scoffs at the doctor's mission, suspects that something else is wrong. According to House, this doctor is the most hypocrit and selfish of all, trying to become a martir because of the great work he is doing found death.
    Particulary, i didn't like this Sebastian Guy either, looked to me he was trying to hatd to be a good samaritan. And i have to submit i don't like very much Alisson Cameron. I just don't buy that good girl act.
    I really like Chase and Foreman Characters, because they have flaws like everybody else in this universe.
    Meanwhile, an imperious clinic patient doesn't like Foreman's bedside manner and complains to Cuddy about it. Trouble is, Foreman was wearing House's name tag at the time. Another reason to love Greg House, everybody expects the worst of him as a person, Cuddy forcing him to apologize, and of course he got away with it, as always.
  • My first trip to the House, and I already know I'm coming back for more.

    This episode was just plain exciting from beginning to end. Is it TB, is it not??! This episode marked my first time watching a full episode of House. I watch primetime TV about a tenth as much as I used to, and I'm glad I got to watch a great hour of television. One more episode and I'll probably be hooked on another show.
  • Interesting Patient

    I liked this episode because House had to deal with another doctor. He kept saying how he wasn\'t a real doctor, and that he just always treated TB. I think House seemed annoyed with the media attention he was getting because he refused to take the drugs. As always he acted harshly towards him, and treated him like anyone else, but in the end he was right and saved him. It was interesting that he asked Cameron out. I wish there was more between them. Overall, I thought it was a great episode.
  • House is back after a break and while his return is a welcome one, it's sad to say it's become all a bit too cliche...

    It's entertaining, but it's hard to deny that House relies a tad too heavily on the formula. It's why episodes such as Three Stories, which go against the mould, are fan favourites. Wait... actually there was one of those episodes.

    TB or Not TB is a good episode. A bit of character development, an amusing clinic subplot and a patient with an interesting background who gives the ever-angry Dr. House a few words of advice on how to live his life, all the while ignoring the fact that House does have a kind heart and everything they're suggesting he has, only that he hides it behind a wall of nastiness in order to keep his distance.

    Yes, you've seen it all before. When it's this good, that's not nessecarily a bad thing... but unless House shifts away from the "same old, same old" formula soon it's not going to last more than a couple seasons: there just won't be the material. If they go for a third, they'll probably have to do something really crazy like move his team to another department of the hospital and that will just make it ER with a bit more humour.
  • House "pwns" them all!

    In another 40 minutes of twistful storyline and Hugh Laurie worshipping, the story features a famous, self sacrificing doctor who works in Africa. He collapses during a presentation where he delivers his plea for them to donate better medication, since they just give away old "best o' luck" medicine to third world countries. He believes he has TB, but asked (more like forced) to be examined by House and his team. Unlike him, House thinks this guy does not have TB. He also thinks he is a 'cheater' doctor; he already knows what he will face over there in Africa, repeating the same story and giving the same medicine but still acting like a hero (which is something that only House has the guts to claim) The test results show something close to TB, and Cameron (who takes care after the doctor, and doctor apparently has a crush on her like we all) Cameron convinces House to treat the guy on TB. To make things more interesting, our 'hero' refuses to thake those medicines, saying that it is unfair for him to be supplied with this is far too advanced medicine while people in Africa are forgotten. Of course he is sacrifising himself, and thinking that his death from TB will force medicine suppliers to provide better medicine to Africa. House, pissed, gives him the Africa climate by maxing his climate controller, flushing his cell phone, taking his water away.. But of course this doesn't stop the hero. He arranges a live press conference (right in his bed). As House and Wilson watch him rock on TV (in the room of another patient who is in coma) he realizes thhe heavy sweating of our hero, which is, apparently, odd for a TB patient. He rushes in, interrupts (live), and says that there is something funky going on, and he is about to go into cardiac arrest (live), and right at that moment, the guy crashes into heart attack (live), Cuddy tries to kick all news people off the room, but Cameron rushes to 'zap' the hero (live).. And when he is back, House looks right through one of the cameras (live) and says "Now that is not TB!"

    At that moment, we can say House pwned all.. But there was more to come..

    Patient doctor still refuses to use the medicine. House believes there is no problem for him to be treated differently then those in Africa. And when doctor insists, he says "I will let you die, and when you die I will perform autopsy on your body to find that it was not TB, and then I will have my own press conference and announce the world that you didn't die because of TB. How will your suporter pharmaceutical companies will feel after that, eh?"

    Pwned, again.

    The rest of the story is usual; guy takes the pills, and does not get better, eliminates TB from the white board. More medical mumbo jumboo and at the end House says it is a tiny tumor on his pancreas and cures it. Doctor gets back to his beloved media attraction and eventually to Africa.

    One side story is that House asks(!) Foreman to take over his clinic duty (under the name of House) and it becomes a problem when a patient scared of a possible breast cancer. Foreman knows she does not have such a thing for %100 but cannot resist the woman bi***ing so sends her to biopsy, which freaks the hell out of her (some extremely idiot patients are out there) Bi*** demands an explanation from Cuddy and Cuddy, unaware of the switch, demands an apology from House. And House delivers one, both like and unlike House style.

    I think what is most important in the story is the doctor. He is not arrogant, he is infact in a really good relationship with the occupants of his place of duty in Africa, and really workin ghard for them. But on the other hand, he probably dislikes any other doctor who does not do the same, which happens to be House. I guess he thinks House is wasting his talent by serving "rich white people", and being one of them disturbs him. On the other hand, House dislikes the guy because and his job is to treat probably only one type of disease over and over again but the "holiness" of the idea eventually turn things into a show. Both are somehow true. And this episode is as good as any other House M.D..
  • Wow

    My friend has been bugging me forever to watch this show. Each time I would sort of laugh and shake my head.

    Last night, however, I had nothing else to do and I decided to watch it. Wow! This show is amazing! The characters are all extremely well developed and written. They aren't just some shady nobody that stands there in a scene.

    Heh, I couldn't stop laughing at all of House's comments. This show has EVERYTHING going for it! What a wonderful job -bravo. Are all the episodes THIS GOOD?
  • Leave It To House

    Doc House is a heartless cad. And that is why we love him so much. There is nothing he won't say. This particular episode was very well written, and very original. House is quite always contradicting the mainstream, and in this episode, that was in the form of the media. House got in his quick comments and the cripple incident at the end was purely hysterical. I never thought I would see him be polite, even if it was just to prove a point!
  • House is back and ready for action

    Since the beginning of Season 2 of house I have noticed that Dr. House has changed. His comedy and the way he treats the other people in his department had changed. But this episode is the first one returning to the old ways. The humor was the same, suspense was the same.

    If the rest of the season is as good as this episode I will have no trouble watching every episode.
  • Spy vs. Spy is nothing. Let's watch Dr. vs. Dr.

    Imagine for a moment a doctor who is everything House isn't. there you have a picture of this week's patient. He is the superhero taking TB drugs to the stricken in Africa.
    Of course, someone this goody too shoes really gets House's motor running. His is not the only one. There is a little flirtation between Dr. Dogood and Dr. Cameron. I guess she is so over House. Cuddy makes her brief but meaningful appearance. Now that I think of it, other than the two love birds, almost everybody makes brief appearances in this one. Thankfully, House's wit gets a full workout.
  • I have never laughed so hard. Between the one liners and the story, I could watch it over and over again.

    This was another excellent episode, I have never laughed so hard. It was chock full of hilarious one liners. House was so jealous of the other doctor in this ep.(personally and professionally), he was practically the color of Kermit by the end of it. Who could forget the ever colorful clinic patients, the lady with possible breast cancer, and House covering Foremans butt. You just know he will hang that over Foreman\'s head in the future.

  • loved it. it was classic house. loved the allergy patient. " i got a bag" too funny

    loved it. it was classic house. loved the allergy patient. " i got a bag" too funny. house just keeps getting better. i have to watch just to see what he is going to con his team into doing next. great writing and acting.just all together a great show that all who watch will like.
  • Chase is jealous!

    Cameron's annoying obsessive-compassion disorder shows up again, imperfectly paired with this episode's medical case, a supremely self-righteous doctor-saint who wants to martyr himself to increase awareness for "his" disease. Yea, as though he owns it.

    House wrestles with matters of hypocrisy and public perception. Misrecognition also reigns in the episode's subarc, when Foreman is the latest House-surrogate in the Clinic and tangles with a hypochondriac. Brilliantly resolved through more misrecognition.

    A minor qualm: I'm not pleased with Cameron's continued use as a sexual foil; she may be eye candy, but the writers need to quit using her as the obvious crutch for whenever sexual tension is needed.

    Quote of the episode- House to Newsweek on the phone: "In my opinion, Dr. Sebastian Charles is an idiot. Yea, you can quote me. C-U-D-D-Y."
  • House pushes it again

    House proved once more why he is the doctor that he is. Ruthless, yes. Stubborn, yes. Hilarious, definitely. This episode had me once more wanting to see House and Cameron together. Yet, seeing her tendency to take on cases and crusade made me want to whisper naughty things into House's ear. The lines were scathing and timed so perfectly, I was laughing through the commercials.
  • An arrogant doctor who finds the most bizarre cases facinating.

    This episode was the whole reason I watch this show. House was up to his old tricks again, with a vengence. I laugh so much watching this series and tonight was no exception. I find his sharp words and snide comments to be funny and totally Dr. House. I'm still hoping in the back of my mind that Dr. House and Dr. Cameron will go out and fall in love. But I will leave that for another show. I love the way Dr. House gets away with not going into the clinic, passing all his "chores" on everyone else and basically being able to tell the "man" where to go. Just another great installment from the people of House M.D.
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