Season 2 Episode 4

TB or Not TB

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2005 on FOX

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  • A generic episode that could fit anywhere in the first three seasons (save an appearance from Stacy) -- but still a great episode.

    In "TB or not TB," Ron Livingston makes a guest appearance as an American doctor who treats overseas children for Tuberculosis. House spends a majority of the episode arguing that he's not a hero and is pompous like the rest of us, but just hides it better. His opinion does not change at the end of the episode when the patient leaves the hospital and has a press conference ("Look at him, he's enjoying this"). I laughed out loud with the not-so-subtle writing in the opening sequence when Sebastian is appealing to the Pharmaceutical company's board room full of executives and he collapses. His executive friend, a chemistry major in high school, comes to his aide on the ground and looks around the room asking "Isn't somebody here a doctor?" I found it funny because it brings to realization the fact that the industry is run by businessmen, as evidenced by the differences between Nexium and Prilosec (esomeprazole and omeprazole), and the actual doctors are just highly paid tools to help the businessmen make money.

    The writers seem to have started a pattern in which there is one clinic case and one major case per episode. The clinic case was seen by Foreman (wearing Dr. House's lab coat), and the lady became very mad at Foreman, whom she thought was House because of the nametag. The clinic story crossed paths with the main patient story in a uniquely written part where House proves that you can influence how people think based on a stereotype (in his case -- the cane). And while proving this to Cameron -- doubling as his argument against Dr. Sebastian -- he gives an apology to the angry female patient for putting his cane on her foot, which and overlooking Cuddy mistakes for his actual apology.

    The series is starting to fall into a rut, but we have a feeling that this Stacy situation will come of something soon. Even in the 'rut,' the writing is above average and the episode is very entertaining.