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  • Really?

    This episode was full of fail. Cameron's exit was belittling to her character but more importantly was really boring. The storyline was tiring and the end...just whatever. The porn star was something that I really expected to like but ended up being really boring. This episode was preachy and moralistic in an overtly simple way. Normally House is much more subtle in its message but it went full frontal with the porn star and Chase and Cameron judging their marriage even those theirs was the ones with the real problems.
    Also, I don't know why House is back in charge, Foreman being in charge longer would of brought more drama, but he just gave up in a way that was so boring. Overall, just boring.
  • This is it then?

    So that`s it, Cameron is written off of the show(at least, she is no longer regular)...first member of the original cast to walk. I understand that this is a "creative" decision by the producers. Really? Are you freaking kidding me? This is damn sure frustrating. After 3 brilliant years, House suffered from the decision to bring in a new, bad copy of original, very indifferent team that constantly prevented the show from keeping the level that made it famous. Then came season 6 where out of no where they got rid of the newbies and brought back the original team. This was a very pleasant surprise. Since the start of the season, the show have had a very good run of episodes. Unlike last two seasons, when the camera is off Dr.House, the supporting cast was engaging enough to keep us interesting. That right there was the winning formula but they just couldn`t keep it that way. Cameron is off, the character that had the ability of being annoying and likable at the same time. And guess whose back? Thirteen and Tobb of cause. So:
    -were we supposed to miss them and say "please come back" at the screen when the were having their little ballet about coming back? cause I actually wished they never came back.
    -when exactly Thirteen`s motivation to re-join the team really changed? I mean one minutes she`s like no chance in hell and the other she is back?
    -Tobb`s dream job was being a plastic surgeon. He quit and agreed not to EVER work in that field again so that he could protect his marriage. Now he is back working as a surgeon(whatever happened to the agreement), he is his own boss(living the dream) but decides to quit and go back to House where he will actually be underpaid and best of all, put his marriage at risk. Talk about inconsistency and nonsensical character motivations. He is an annoying character that will serve no positive purpose to the show. But hey, surprise me.
    -The decision of choosing Thirteen over Cameron baffles me. Is it because Olivia Wilde is hotter? This is about the only reason I can think of.

    The episode itself was not bad. Heavy in consequences. Really interesting to see that new dimension of Dr.House this season. Medical case was ok but bottom line, I cannot help but think about the repercussions of the events of the episode. The prospect of more Thirteen/Foreman romance torture, Thirteen centrics :O or Tobb doing nothing except being annoying just doesn`t get me excited about the future episodes. At least Chase will remain in the team for now and I`d like to see where recent developments bring him. They better not write him off too.
  • Teamwork

    The ending was a bit disappointing just because Jennifer Morrison was such a pivotal character in the show and her departure just didn't live up to the past six years. Although I don't really blame the writers, I guess they did they best they could with her story line.

    My only question is why? Why would they have Cameron & Chase marry and then break them up only episodes later? I don't know, but I guess in a way, it worked here. Cameron's goodbye to House was very heartbreaking but it was great to have Thirteen back. Now Taub's a different story but I can deal.

    The case was quite interesting and the episode really lived up to it's title. Everyone came together in the end as a team to work together. Really just a superb episode of House, very well done. I could have done without the Cuddy/Lucas scenes though, but other than that, this episode was really good.
  • Could do better....

    Good episode, but not nearly enough of House the focus shifted to Cameron and Chase marital problems and took it away from the medical drama. Good, but House is better than this, more of seasons four and fives kinda writers. They were more grittier and comical than this seasons, although great to see i'm nowhere near as absorbed in the story of this season as i was in the last two seasons, ALL the characters worked in fluid motion together and now it just seems to House, Cuddy and Wilson with Foreman as a nice switch from the drama to the medicine. Good to see Chase is staying, sad to see Cameron go (for now at least) brilliant to see Taub and Thirteen back on the scene. Huh, that rhymes...
  • Controversial

    I do not know. I cannot say it was bad episode. In no way it wasn't, but it really left me angry. I do not remember last time I was so angry after watching tv.. Ok I do, it was after a very moving movie about injustice in the history. So.. how that kind of documentary like movie what was meant to move and House episode.. what I watch every week to have a little laugh, enjoy mystery and some excitement even comparable? They are not.. As I said.. I expect all the different things from House. I am happy when it moves me, in possible way. It can be even very hard story, some really good point proven (like pilot of this season) but no way I want it to make me angry.

    I have loved this season so far. It has been amazing. I mean, having House "healed", having old team back. It really sounded too good to last and with every episode they have crawled closer to this point when it ends, as for sure, it ended in this episode. I really liked Cameron. I mean, she had compassion and she was different from others. I cannot say she was my favorite char or something but I liked her around as the dynamic of team. 13 tried to replace her when she was brought in.. I mean, the dynamic part.. but soon the writers took different approach with her (what was also a right thing to do). So.. I think the team dynamic will never be the same and somehow.. I do not know. We have seen what Foreman is able to do. We now know what Chase can do. Will there even be anyone with conscious left?

    I mean.. I, at least, knew Cameron is leaving the team because of all the news but I had hope, always, that they will give her a happy ending. I was wrong. Maybe I should say it was brilliant twist because everyone was expecting it? Or wasn't? I do not know. And the things she said about House... that somehow turned so many things up-side-down. Maybe she was right.. I do not know but it all sounded so cruel and the way it ended. I mean.. it was real anger and that kind of negative emotion. I had preferred positive one. I do not know about others, but I watch tv to forget my everyday problems and bad things in life.. to get more of that kind of bad things on tv.. it really somehow ruins all the "fun"

    I will not stop watching House or tv or something.. I probably feel little bad about it, and try to cope next week having 13 and Taub back..
  • Good episode but shifts of focus keeps it from greatness

    So the rumors are confirmed about Jennifer Morrison leaving as Cameron says good bye and we get a good compromise between the new and old. Ok the episode. I love me some porn So the sick porn star was interesting but as is the flaw with most episodes since the end of last just don't care and you even forget exactly what was wrong with them to begin with. As is the case in this episode House gets his License back and instead of a limp baby he decides to treat a porn star. After Chase's confession at the tail end of the last episode Chase and Cameron decide to move elsewhere but they don't. So the original team since episode one gets it swan song.

    The Antics were still house but the antics and House trying to reassemble the old/new team was good. and seeing Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) in Tight outfits earned this episode a few points. But The patient we never really get to know or care about. The Patients are getting to be background noise as I've said. Though it seems like this point it should be about the characters we've grown to love over the last 6 or so seasons but the compelling cases were what made this show great to begin with. House is still House and that's great and all but the show is leaning towards getting stale.

    That said I hope it's a back to basics even more so next episode with the mixed team and the focus is on the patients again and less on staff. It's still a good show and I look forward to it every Monday before I get my Dose of WWE but the show is in danger of slipping away from what made it so great and amazing the first few seasons.
  • Good episode, featuring an upsetting ending.

    Even though I was well aware that Jennifer Morrison was leaving the show that did not mean that her departure was still not a big moment in show history. She was definitely an underappreciated talent on the show. Cameron was the reliable, supporting character who helped balance out the sanity in Princeton and she truly is irreplaceable, yes, like the Beyonce song.

    The episode as a whole was well-done as there was the right combination of comedy and drama mixed in. The only storyline I was not a fan of was Cuddy and her new beau, but I've never really enjoyed Lisa Edelstein on this show so that was no major surprise.

    Good episode of House. Now let's see where they go from here.

    If only they didn't bring Taub back.
  • A porn star has eye problems. It's a weird / bad problem like normal.

    So, Cameron left and House got a team back. It would have been nice if (new) House felt more upset about losing Cameron. Of course it also would have been nice if Cameron weren't such a closed-minded, hypocritical paladin wanna be. She's always on that moral high horse judging everyone else's actions. She holds the whole world to *her* code of conduct, yet she herself has had reason to break her own code on several occasions. I think the reason that behavior irritates me so much is that I'm prone to it myself. :-/

    That said, I think Chase's and Taub's lives would be better, at least in the near future, if they had, had the sense to stay away from the House craziness and keep their spouses happy. Yes, I know House is better now, and I'm happy for him. But he's still the master manipulator, and I don't see that changing ever. For Thirteen, I think going back to House is actually the right thing to do. As Wilson recently said, she never really got pulled into the House manipulation stuff and, as House said, she's got Huntington's. It makes sense for her to work on weird medical cases.
    -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
  • Goodbye, House.

    This episode should have been much better than this. Spoiler alert.

    Camerons big goodbye episode was such a backburned it was unbelieveable. Their was no tension or drama involved with it. It was almost sad.

    Jennifer Morrisons last seen with House was so touching however. You could really feel the emotion behind it, and I am so sad to see her go. I really want her to come back! I miss House-Cameron dynamic, it has been lacking for quite some time on this show. Even when they brought back the old team.

    The old team-new team scenario was done quite well, and was actually quite entertaining. Both Taub and Thirteen- maybe they have finally settled on the show? Either way, it was quite entertaining to see. House getting 4 out of 5 was good, but I wish Cameron stayed (as I said).

    The patient didn't interest me in the slightest, which again is a sad reflection on the show at the moment.

    Overall, however, decent, but not as heart rendering as it could, and should, have been.
  • Oh No! Good Episode but very sad ending!

    This episode was a good one. But I felt like House was back to square one. Like he used to be.

    He was imposing on everyone and everything what he thought he believed to be going on. And in the end thats what happened he won and someone lost.

    I love House but I did not think that letting Jennifer morrison go and cameron from the show go a good decision personally. I loved her and her bickering with house and the chemistry they both had.

    Brining Taub back is not too exciting for me. Nor is bringing 13 back. I didnt like the relationship between 13 and foreman and i dont think they would be good together.

    House has this sort of thing in his mind where he can manipulate other people, even though those people are happy with their lives or moving on he sort of manipulates and convince them otherwise.

    Thats what I saw in this episode. He convinced each character of what he thought was going on in their lives while he doesnt even live with them. Which is why he is interesting but by changing someone's mind like that is not the House I would have thought House would end up doing again.

    He broke chase and cameron up. They would have lived a happy life, only if they were not told by House what is going on and what is not going on.

    Other than that the episode was good but I just hated the ending.. I hated how cameron just left! it sucks!!!!
  • Conclusion

    This episode really felt like a conclusion to a story arc that has been building since the second episode of this season.While it is saddening the Cameron is leaving, it felt like it was inevitable that she would.

    The Medical Case:
    The case this week was a little more interesting than the ones of the last couple weeks. The porn star angle was very funny (although the moral conflict felt less like a moral conflict and more like a didactic rant). There were actual moments of suspense, which was a refreshing change, and the case was used as a way to throw Chase's moral dilemma back into the spotlight, and as a wedge to drive him and Cameron apart.

    The Soap:
    The saponaceous portion of the show was alright, although the soap was a little much. Interesting to see how Taub and 13 couldn't stay away.

  • House regains his sanity and his medical license in this charming episode that focuses on relationships inside and outside of PPTH. Chase and Cameron come to a decision about their relationship following the fallout from the Dibala case.

    The team treats a porn star with eye problems that quickly becomes a source of amusement for House, who pulls Taub and 13 back into his web of manipulation in order to get them back on his team. Cameron and Chase make a choice to leave PPTH in order to put Chase's guilt over Dibala's death behind him but things don't go according to plan once House gives Chase some unsolicited advice regarding Cameron's motives. I found the POTW enjoyable and the scenes between him and Cameron only reinforced my belief that she is an idealist who sees the world as one dimensional where shades of grey aren't permitted. I also like the way the writer's used the fallout of the Dibala case to pit Cameron's unwavering idealism against Chase's ability to see things in a realist way-which puts the brakes on their marriage.

    House hasn't lost his touch when it comes getting people to see what is reality, most notably the scenes with Taub, who finally realizes that plastic surgery is unfulfilling and that the real high comes from working with House. One of the best things about this episode was Cuddy finally telling Wilson that she's getting a life which doesn't include House. While Lucas probably isn't the best person for her, the writer's seem to be establishing a blue print for House and Cuddy's future as a couple.

    I found the ending to be nothing short of satisfying. For the first time, House actually appeared to be affected by her final words, which is a developmental milestone for him. Cameron wasn't my favorite character, she did serve a purpose and I'm hoping that at some point, the writer's will bring her back.
  • Endgame

    Well, there's certainly a lot to write about concerning this episode. So many things have come to a definitive conclusion. It's normal to have mixed feelings about them, we've been watching this series (and loving it) for 5,5 years, and such groundbreaking changes are hard to digest. Nevertheless, this was a perfect episode and that's why I'm giving it a 10.

    First of all, Cameron and Chase broke up and Cameron decided to leave Chase, the hospital and the city. House got hugely involved into whether their marriage would last or not, by questioning Cameron's forgiveness of Chase and trying to discover the real motives behind it. He might have looked like a horrible person in the process, but how much of his assumption was really wrong? In the final goodbye scene between Cameron and House I believe it was clear she was still in love with him after all. Much as it seems extreme to admit it, I think Chase was just a diversion for her, a way to move on with her life and stand up to House at the same time, an effort to escape his influence. It's not that Cameron didn't have affectionate feelings for Chase or that she didn't love him. It's just that Chase was more of an outlet for those feelings than their real origin. As it turns out, House knew that all along and when the time came for Chase to make a decision whether to stay on the team or not, House helped him see the truth in his usual ruthless, painful way. It would be more traumatic for him to escape the place where he killed Dibala, and run from the emotional and mental consequences of what he did. His action would've haunted him for the ret of his life, and instead of facing up to it he would've turned it into a dirty little secret. Leaving the hospital would've been good for Cameron, because she could continue with the life she had chosen for them, but bad for Chase. Chase understood the clarity behind House's admittedly ethically fuzzy ways, and made the decision that was right for him. The situation kind of forces Cameron to see the truth too, she has to leave and figure out things by herself, without resorting to some version of an ideal life outside House's sphere. She will be alone and will have to face her feelings, her motives and so on. The scene where Cameron gives House her hand and he refuses to take it is repeated, only this time Cameron breaks the isolation with a kiss. And then off she goes, and that's it. No more Cameron for the show. I liked her and she brought the freshness of a positive attitude to the team. I'm going to miss her, it's too bad Morrison's personal issues drove her away from the show, she was liked and loved by many fans. There was always a big "if" on the back of our heads about how these two would've been if House had given it a shot. The other thing is House and Cuddy. House finally admitted his interest for her in the previous episode, and in this one he seems contemplative of his loneliness, and regretful about how things turned out with her. He believes it's fair however, since he doesn't make any effort to sabotage her relationship with Lucas. Lucas seems like the right person for Cuddy, he's very smart, inquisitive and energetic, but there's a lighter, fun side to him that makes things smooth, something Cuddy would never have gotten with House. The situation with House is too emotionally charged and too dramatic, and I think she just chose what would make things easier for her and her baby. It's hard for me to see House suffering over a lost love, but there you have it, he's human after all, lonely, troubled and worried about the future... I hope his acceptance of things gets the upper hand and that he doesn't fall back to melancholy, as it could be dangerous for his mental health. Now, the new team coming back and House manipulating them into an interesting case and jeopardizing the patient's life in the process. Typical House, moral dilemmas all the way. It's not ethical but on the other hand, isn't that what he always does with his diagnostics team? He knows the diagnosis before they do in many occasions, but he manipulates them into finding the solution themselves. That's why working with House makes them great doctors, that's why they went back and why they put up with him. What he did for Taub and 13 was ultimately a good thing, 13 needed to do important work so she can appease her sense of morbidity for the future, when the Huntington's will kick in, and Taub was obviously bored to death in his new job. I like both of them so I don't have a problem that they returned, on the contrary I'm glad. Taub has a cynical, calm and matter-of-fact way to deal with things, which is extremely useful to House, while 13 isn't influenced by him as a man and she's a great doctor, so her insight is also unbiased. If only she can work out the Foreman issue, everything will be super-cool in the team!

    I also liked the porn-star case a lot, especially his views of things and some of the lines he delivered, who would've expected to hear a philosophical rejection of neo-puritanism from a porn star, when I first saw him in the episode I immediately assumed he was shallow and vulgar. So I learned something about myself in this episode, namely that my prejudice against something specific might lead me to form negative opinions of others without proof, and that I need to not rush into judgment... a valuable lesson if you ask me. Just as the porn star turned out to be an interesting and straight person (no pun intended there), my opinion of someone else may equally change once I know more about them.
  • Hmm... guess my prediction wasn't too bad after all. Three out of four ain't bad at all. [Spoilers]

    A few weeks ago I made a prediction and at the beginning of this episode, I thought I was going to be dead wrong. If you can recall, I reviewed "Tyrant" and stated the following would happen: Cameron would leave, Chase would stay because Cameron couldn't take it and they would break up, and 13 would rejoin the team. The one thing I didn't see coming was Taub returning to form a 4-pack with Foreman after what seemed like his swan-song exit in the 3rd episode. Three out of four ain't bad at all. However, the writers did keep me pacing. I could have been totally wrong, and as I said, the beginning of this episode is far different than the end result. However, House really works on Chase and although I really did not want Cameron and Chase to break it off, they did. The writers did it in somewhat of a good way - yes Chase is far different because of House. Chase HAS changed. He would have never killed a patient in the first 3 seasons. You kidding? He was such a goodie-two-shoes back then. Cameron was sort of right that Chase has gone down the path of House (and Foreman). It was a little bit thrown together, but it did work. It was sad to see Cameron go. House really digs into everyone this episode. It was however, partly funny for Taub and 13. I especially liked the faxes and the gym scenes. Once I saw Taub, I knew he was a shoe-in to return. That's one thing I did not expect. Taub does like the mysteries, 13 just likes House or Foreman, I'm not sure. Or maybe Chase...
  • A sad day in House-world

    A "creative decision" by the producers to write Cameron off the show which essentially means Jen was fired. One last slap in the face after being slapped in the face a bunch of times. Can someone be any more disrespected? Jen helps make the show a success the first 3 seasons. How do the writers reward her? By giving her at most a minute or two in most episodes and a few more minutes in a couple episodes. When she started to get more screen time at the end of season 5, the writers gave her an illogical and stupid storyline about her husband's sperm and now when she is getting more screen time, they get rid of her. I'm not even mentioning the fact that she didn't even appear in the big 100th episode, no matter whether Shore said it wasn't a big deal or not. I just hope she goes on to have a successful career elsewhere with people that truly appreciate her and makes the House producers eat crow.

    Anyway, enough on how disappointed and angry with the writers I am, on with the episode.

    Cameron may have had doubts about her relationship with Chase but she is definitely committed to it. She came back to PPTH after season 3 and worked in the ER when she could have had a much better position somewhere else and Chase followed her. Now she wants out of PPTH to try and save the relationship.

    Interesting that House went to Taub and 13 to try and run a differential. Alone showed he had problems working by himself and it hasn't changed.

    House makes a good point about Cameron forgiving Chase for murder. She was thinking about it until she had the opportunity and then she couldn't do it. House has changed her morals a little but it is hard to believe her morals have changed that much. Then again, she is trying to save her marriage.

    Snore. More 14 drama. Snore.

    Oh jeez. Wilson is upset Cuddy didn't tell him about Lucas. I don't remember him telling anyone about Amber. And his reasoning that he feels abandoned by Cuddy so he is reaching for something familiar, thus him going after Chase, Cameron, 13, and Taub makes no sense. House showed way back in season 1 when Cameron quit that he likes his team and doesn't like interviewing new candidates.

    The conversation between Lucas and Chase was a little weird. Wonder if part of the conversation influenced Chase.

    House was pushing Cameron with the fax to 13 and Taub to show Chase that she was upset at him because he has done worse things and she has never showed that kind of anger before. And it looks like it worked, Chase wants to stay.

    It makes no sense that Chase just gives up on his marriage just like that. He spent all those episodes at the end of season 3 trying to get her to go out with him and then they had all those problems when they were dating and he just gives up on her.

    Cameron hit House pretty good with her speech at the end. A lot of what she said was true.

    I will be interested in seeing how everyone reacts to Cameron leaving. Chase is definitely going to be affected. Wilson will probably be affected as well. She helped him through Amber's death and went to him to plan Chase's bachelor party so they seem to be friends. And the final scene between House and Cameron showed that while House probably won't show outward that he is affected, it probably will affect him. That being said, it seems like they rushed Cameron's exit. She only had her 2 scenes with House and Chase with her leaving. Foreman showed at the end of season 3 that he considered her a friend and gave her a hug and all he said was he would miss them when Chase and Cameron gave the announcement. And it would have been nice to get a Cameron and Wilson scene as well.
  • Taub and Thirteen return and Cameron leaves in this transitional episode.

    Not really sure what I think of the episode over all. Probably not one of my favorites but I did not hate it either.

    Points that struck out to me in this episode were:

    House was definitely back in full snark mode tonight, I wonder if he has given up on trying to change because he feels it was not making a difference to the things that are most important to him. Also snark seems to be his fall back position when he is feeling hurt or rejected.

    House seemed to be hedging his bets tonight. It is almost he was afraid that none of them would want to come back or stay. Which may have been why he was being so manipulative. I think Wilson and Thirteen were probably right on that account.

    Cameron was being extremely judgmental tonight first of House and the patient and finally of Chase. I am wondering if it was because she did not want to face her own guilt in the matter of what Chase did. As long as she can blame House for Chase's actions then she does not have to look at her own and how they may have impacted Chase decision to kill that patient.

    I thought Lucas was a bit creepy when he was checking up on Chase. Also I am sorry but Cuddy and Lucas do not cut it for me as a couple. They are almost too cute together and that just does not work on this show.

    Finally I don't think House was trying to get Chase and Cameron to break-up. Instead I think he was trying to get them to really look at what they were doing and why, because otherwise the relationship was doomed anyway.

    Over all the episode seemed a bit rushed and the overload of commercials did not help. The episode worked for what it was as though as a transitional episode.

    Goodbye Cameron, you will be missed.
  • YES! Praise God! Praise Allah! Praise every God in the book! She's gone! She's gone! Hahahaha!

    Cameron's gone. Cameron's gone. Oh, happy day. It's about time that whiney piece of crap packs her bags and leaves. She's been a useless tool since season three. And her reaction to Chase killing a man wasn't what I expected. I knew there'd be some passive-aggressiveness involved, but that was the huge reaction that everyone's been waiting for for weeks now? That was almost anti-climatic. Way to go writers for another useless plot with hardly any resolution. And doesn't anyone remember that Cameron did the exact same thing in season three? Of course, that guy was dying, but still. The exact same situation, so I suppose that she was also ruined by House, which means she should look in the mirror and kill herself. But she's gone. She's gone!

    And of course Taub and Thirteen weren't going anywhere. Why would they? That would mean House would have to hire forty more people. While knowing they were coming back, meaning that the plot of House trying to get them back was useless, I did actually like the fax machine scenes. Other than that, Chase was the only useful character in this entire episode. Even the scenes with the private detective and Cuddy were useless. The way that the writers set up Lucas to come back seems so forced and contrived that the only reason I feel he's back is so that the moronic executive producers of this show can give it another go at getting the guy a spin-off series. No other reason for him being there, not even to collide with House over Cuddy.

    How about we drop all character development and refocus back on the medicine? Let's get some season two episodes brewing once again. If they did it before, then they can do it again. I doubt it seeing as the producers have even said they hardly care about the medicine, which means that it's time to switch out the producers like switching fellows. Bryan Singer should come back and restraighten up the show.

    Back to this episode--the medical mystery was a tad improvement over last weeks, which was hardly focused on at all, and I was actually expecting someone at the conference to get sick, but no, that'd be way too season two or season three-ish. And whatever happened to that neat plot device at the beginning of episodes, that was focused on in season two, where we thought one guy would get sick and then it'd be the other guy? The teasers are pretty boring and straight forward now, with a pinch of mind-numbing special effects once in a while.

    I'm going to keep complaining though seeing as we also haven't seen House explain an illness with the cool graphics of seeing the infection or the parasite swarm through the body.

    But Cameron's gone, and that makes me happy. That gives this episode a ten due to it. The only thing bad about Cameron's departure is having the actress leave the way she did--as in the producers just shoving her off after two years on the backburner. At least in shows like 'ER', they focus an entire episode on a cast-member leaving, not just ten minutes due to a contrived and hollow plot that's taken like five episodes to resolve. I'd like to see the plot take an interesting twist where someone tattles and Chase now has to shake the authorities, and that could bring back Tritter seeing as we're bringing back useless characters.

    Though, I would like to see more of Stacy, my favourite story arc and character, but that'll never happen seeing as they're too focused on the Huddy crap.

    Kudos to finally getting a porno actor as a patient. Negative points to the still lack of clinic patients. At least the show hasn't restooped to season five quality episodes--at that moment I will completely stop watching. At this rate, seeing as House is almost better, his shrink is probably gone for good, and we're now refocusing on Huddy and possibly Fourteen with a hint of now depressed Chase, perhaps that point isn't far off...

    I bet the executive producers are now contriving of a way to off Wilson just to piss us all off.