Season 8 Episode 19

The C-Word

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2012 on FOX

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    One of the best episodes of House in years. WIlson and House finally do more than 'talk" about their day. ALmost as compelling as last years episode in which House removes tumors from his leg. Sean Leonard's finest acting on the series. Excellent episode which explores Wilson's fears, guilt, and House's loyalty. Despite all the years people called House a bastard, when his friend Wilson needed him--he was THERE. The B plot--was also decentbut certainly NOT as interesting as Wilson's Cancer diagnosis. One important line was stated by Taub "House wanting to help Wilson is the Sign of the Apocalypse". (that line means something with only three epsisodes to go! Also make note of Wilson asking House about his pain "is this how you feel eveyday" (trust me Wilson--IT IS--I know the same)

    . A top rate episode. and it is obvious we already know who is I expect MORE of a surprize than Wilson Dying (last episode title is listed as EVERYBODY DIES (hint anyone?). A rare episode this season with little fault. I would have liked a few mroe scenes between House and Wilson vs the B case--but I suspect they have more scenes already filmed for the final three. WHy House is suddenly out of vicodin 9again) is too convenient . you would think by by now he would have a nice stash but they have neglected his PAIN storyline for two years so who knows what he gets, who prescribes them to him, what he is taking. What happens to the rest of the cast--at this point--they haven't been all that engaged this whole season (Forman, park, Adams etc) IS a mistake--but it's too late to turn back. The last three belong to Wilson and House.