Season 6 Episode 20

The Choice

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • The choice

    If I had a "choice" I probably would not have watched this episode. Sometimes House does this where the episodes aren't, how shall I say this, good. While people will be talking about the ending, that was not enough for me to really enjoy this.

    Eva Amurri became a household name because of her work on Californication, which was essentially being without a shirt very often. I think they could have found a better actress for Nicole in this capacity (wearing a shirt and all.)

    I like House very much, but there have been quite a few of these cash for clunkers so far this season.
  • House 's fate

    People addicted to drugs have a tough life.
    Even if they manage to stop their addiction, they need to constantly fight against it for the rest of their lives.

    From that perspective I understand House's turn to alcoholism. PLus what a dramatic series could be without his hero's drama?

    However, having House in and out of addiction I think it is more a sample of lazy writing. As it is the Huddy situation. I am 100% against the TV sexual tense only couples. Do it or not do it already. Don't drag a love story trying to satisfy every side. This is cowardly writing. Take a decision for your story and stood for it!

    It is a shame wasting Mr.Laurie's infinite talent with such a "safe" story. Kill the character or let him breath a bit. I would even like him outside the hospital. Dunno, he could leave practicing medicine for a while and go traveling around the globe.
    Be creative and dont be afraid to use better such a compeling and interesting character.

    Dr. House and Hugh Laurie deserve a better fate. Maybe a new refreshing start.
  • Not all that good, but a fair enough episode......

    In this episode of House, the following happens. When a groom loses his speech at the altar on his wedding day, House and his team are assigned to the House. Although it seems straight forward and that he is faking it, this turns out not to be the case.
    Wilson pays everyone on House's team to take him out on different nights so that he and his girlfriend can have some alone time. We learn that the patient, used to be gay but has now apparently turned his life around. And as always House realises what is wrong with the patient only a few minutes from the end of the episode.
  • House turns to alcohol to solve his problems.

    In this episode, we have a patient who is having trouble making the choice between being straight or gay When secrets are revealed with an engaged couple that were just about to get married before he got sick. Meet Ted & Nicole, they pose as a happy couple, but by the end, things aren't so happy. We learn that Ted has had a gay experience before, and he went to a rehab to fix himself before he met Nicole. Apparently, that's too much for Nicole to handle. So as soon as Ted gets better, Nicole leaves him. Ted ends up with no one, not a girl or boy. You need to make the choice fast enough before you lose everything. Which relates to House, as Wilson continues to date Sam; he pays all of House's fellows to go out with him. We see that House has developed a drinking problem to fill in the vicodin void. Did anyone notice how out of character House was being in this episode? That's probably my only problem with this episode. Singing karaoke with his co-workers? Really, then he ends up turning down Cuddy? Looks like House has made his choice. He drinks the alcohol, Nicole leaves Ted and it cuts to finish. I liked the Thirteen interaction with the patient, since she can sort of relate. An above average enjoyable episode, that's leading down to the finale. Only 2 episodes left!
  • Lot better than last week

    Haha, House falling asleep in the neighbor's apartment. But where was the kid sleeping if he only found House in the morning? And someone finally mentions that House shouldn't be drinking. Too bad it has only taken all season.

    Hmm, House spending like one minute on a case and thinking the patient is faking and testing it by punishing the patient seems familiar. Exactly like Meaning with the girl who ended up with scurvy.

    So Taub and 13 just break into a random house? I can understand breaking into a patient's house because you know someone won't be there. But breaking into some random person's house?

    13's face after the patient saying he was as straight as any of you was funny. I haven't minded her now that she doesn't get huge storyline's that take up most of the episode.

    I can't believe Taub invited House to dinner to cover up his affair. He has to know House is going to hold this over his head and mess with him. But now he asked House because Wilson paid him $100. Is $100 enough to have House ruin his life by continuing to push the envelope with Rachel? If House continues messing with Taub with Rachel around, she is eventually going to find out.

    So the fiancé figures out what the patient was hiding just by the ex-boyfriend visiting and holding his hand? I don't see how that is possible unless she had some thoughts before the visit.

    I can understand Wilson wanting House to socialize with other people but what was House's reasoning? He has never shown any interest in socializing with his team. We don't even know if he went into the restaurant at the end of Half-Wit. I thought he was going to have some sort of motive with 13 and then Foreman and Chase since he had one with Taub, but he didn't.

    I have noticed that House has been running differentials recently without the whole team present all the time. Doesn't it make sense for the whole team to be present so they are up to date on recent symptoms and developments? Plus, it gives everyone a chance to give their opinions rather than only one or two.

    Of course they have to bring up Huddy. It has been way too long since it has been mentioned (sarcasm).

    At least this week, the case took up most of the time. Last week, with the House/Wilson/Sam thing and Taub's marriage thing and the open marriage discussion; there was barely any time spent on the case.
  • Choice..

    I most say.. that episode was quite good. I love the team interaction with House.. trying to get him out and spend time with him. The singing was great and the way House was pulling Taub, too. Usually I do not like those sidestories but this time.. it was good, had a direction and the ending showed us, that House just cannot be without some kind of "addiction".. I am sure it goes that way.

    And the case.. Case was good. I mean.. there were those moments when they thought they had it, and then.. again, it was wrong.. So.. mystery what needed another "Wilson moment" to House to figure it out.
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