Season 6 Episode 20

The Choice

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • Lot better than last week

    Haha, House falling asleep in the neighbor's apartment. But where was the kid sleeping if he only found House in the morning? And someone finally mentions that House shouldn't be drinking. Too bad it has only taken all season.

    Hmm, House spending like one minute on a case and thinking the patient is faking and testing it by punishing the patient seems familiar. Exactly like Meaning with the girl who ended up with scurvy.

    So Taub and 13 just break into a random house? I can understand breaking into a patient's house because you know someone won't be there. But breaking into some random person's house?

    13's face after the patient saying he was as straight as any of you was funny. I haven't minded her now that she doesn't get huge storyline's that take up most of the episode.

    I can't believe Taub invited House to dinner to cover up his affair. He has to know House is going to hold this over his head and mess with him. But now he asked House because Wilson paid him $100. Is $100 enough to have House ruin his life by continuing to push the envelope with Rachel? If House continues messing with Taub with Rachel around, she is eventually going to find out.

    So the fiancé figures out what the patient was hiding just by the ex-boyfriend visiting and holding his hand? I don't see how that is possible unless she had some thoughts before the visit.

    I can understand Wilson wanting House to socialize with other people but what was House's reasoning? He has never shown any interest in socializing with his team. We don't even know if he went into the restaurant at the end of Half-Wit. I thought he was going to have some sort of motive with 13 and then Foreman and Chase since he had one with Taub, but he didn't.

    I have noticed that House has been running differentials recently without the whole team present all the time. Doesn't it make sense for the whole team to be present so they are up to date on recent symptoms and developments? Plus, it gives everyone a chance to give their opinions rather than only one or two.

    Of course they have to bring up Huddy. It has been way too long since it has been mentioned (sarcasm).

    At least this week, the case took up most of the time. Last week, with the House/Wilson/Sam thing and Taub's marriage thing and the open marriage discussion; there was barely any time spent on the case.