Season 8 Episode 5

The Confession

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the town of Cedarville, the townspeople gather for a celebration. Mayor Collins calls everyone up to present their annual community service award to their most outstanding citizen, Bob Harris. After extolling Bob's virtues, Collins calls Bob and his family up to receive the award. As everyone applauds, Bob holds the award cup up in the air.

Later, Bob is in bed at a motel room with the young Miss Cedarville. He suddenly starts gasping for breath and then collapse atop her. She rolls him off and realizes that he's having a heart attack, but when she offers to call the ambulance, Bob tells her to drive him to the hospital.

Foreman greets Taub and Chase back and then wonders why they wanted to come back. He warns them that House is as crazy as ever, and they quickly realize that he wants them to spy on House. Foreman insists that they can still be friends, but he needs to keep House out of prison. Taub and Chase don't believe it for a moment, and Taub immediately asks for a week off, time that House wouldn't give him. He has a nurse bring in his two daughters and says that he needs a babysitter, and Foreman tells him no.

House has his old conference room back and meets with Adams and Park on Bob's case. He went into v-fib but had no other symptoms, and claimed that he was at work. Chase and Taub come in and Park introduces herself. House realizes that Bob has scratches on his knees and figures that he got them from sex. He then asks Taub about his daughters and points out that Taub thinks he knocked up two women at the same time. House then tells them to try and start another v-fib attack Bob, even though Park warns that it could cause cardiac arrest again as well. Chase explains that it's better to do it in a controlled environment and House leaves for lunch.

Adams and Chase talk to Bob, who insists that he was sitting at his desk when the attack occurred. Chase points out that he has rug burns and Bob admits that he was having sex at a motel and started to feel light-hearted. Bob's wife Denise comes in and Chase and Adams cover for him.

House goes to see Wilson and discovers that his door is closed. He keeps knocking until Wilson finally lets him in, claiming he has a headache. House doesn't believe it and explains that Taub brought his daughters in, and figures that Wilson volunteered to watch them. Wilson denies it and House starts to go, but then opens the drapes to reveal the babies outside on the balcony.

Chase and Adams have Bob exercise on a treadmill, but nothing happens. Meanwhile, Park and Taub monitor Bob, and Park points out the procedure is dangerous. Taub tells her that it's typical House behavior, and House comes in with Taub's daughters. He wants to get a sample of Taub's DNA to determine if he's the parent, and a disgusted Taub takes his children back and throws away the swab. Meanwhile, Chase and Adams try to provoke Bob by hinting about his affair while Denise is in the room. He starts to feel stress and then pass out, and they confirm that he's having a seizure and it's not his heart.

Back in the conference room, House has Park and Adams haul in a couch for the unfurnished room. They then discuss the case and figure that it his seizure wasn't caused by a v-fib. House dismisses everyone's diagnosis, including Park's suggestion of pheochromocytoma, and diagnoses photic epilepsy, and orders them to run an EKG to confirm.

Wilson is walking the babies in the lobby to keep them quiet when Foreman comes over. He wonders what House is up to and notes that he's being remarkably well-behaved. Wilson says that House is content because he has everything he needs, but Foreman doesn't believe it and wants Wilson's guidance. However, Wilson tells him to deal with it or found someone who can, because he had enough of that with Cuddy.

Chase and Adams apologize to Bob for provoking him, and Adams says that if she was the wife, she'd want the truth. Bob admits that he can't live with the guilt, but Chase points out that he's willing to let Denise do it. They then go to work trying to initiate an epileptic seizure.

Construction workers are renovating the conference room when the team comes in to tell House that the EKG didn't show abnormal brain activity. House says that Bob has pheochromocytoma, and that Park was wrong to propose it earlier before they ruled out epilepsy. Now it will take all night to find the tumor. Taub refuses, saying that he has to be with his daughters. House, unimpressed, tells him to take Park and go to the cheap motel to check for environmental factors instead. Taub ends up going there with Park and his baby daughters.

Adams and Chase run the test and he figures that someone cheated on her. She isn't interested in dragging up her baggage, and notes that Chase quit medicine after House went to prison. Chase insist that he took a vacation and would get his job back when House got out, and that he had faith that House would be back. A sensor comes loose and Adams goes into fix it, and discovers that Bob's neck is swelling up.

The next morning, the team reports that Bob's temperature is rising. They wonder where the construction crew is, and House says that he's having them work nights. Taub comes in late, apologizing for having to drop his daughters off across town. House notes that he can't say that the babies are his kids until Taub lets House do the DNA test. Park reports on everything they found in the motel room, including five different types of pathogenic bacteria. House figures that one of them is fusobacterium necrophorum, accounting for the mass in Bob's neck, causing a thrombus. He tells them to remove the clot before it kills him and they take off. Once they're gone, House grabs Taub's coffee cup... and Taub comes back to take it away.

As Park and Taub prepare Bob for the operation, he decides that he has to tell Denise. He refuses to agree to surgery until he talks to her. Denise brings in their two children and Bob asks them to leave him alone with his mother for a second. As Taub and Park wait outside, Taub figures that Bob is an idiot but Park defends Bob's decision. Taub explains that he'd rather have hope, but with Bob's approach, Denise has to make a decision. Denise comes out and tells the children that they're going to her mother's. When Park offers her condolences, Denise says that Bob made a mistake and what matters is that he get better.

Later, Taub meets Wilson in the cafeteria and wonders why House is so obsessed with proving that Taub is or isn't the father. Taub figures that House wants physical proof, but Wilson explains that House has started a betting pool. As Taub walks off in disgust, realizing everyone in the hospital knows about it, Wilson collects his fork... and Taub comes back to take it away. Wilson tries to assure him, saying that he's betting they're both Taub's children and that he would have donated the money to charity.

Chase and Adams operate on Bob and discovers that it's not a clot, it's tissue inflammation of the lymph nodes caused by lymphoma. As Chase takes a biopsy, Bob's liver fails. Back in differential in a fully-restored conference room, House says that he was right that it was an infection, he just got the wrong infection. He orders broad-spectrum antibiotics, and Chase realizes that they'll have to get a liver transplant first. Adams and Chase give the couple the news, and Adams says they can do a partial liver transplant. Denise volunteers, but Chase says that they want to test his family and friends for a match. He warns the couple that the donor will have to be hospitalized for three months, and that the surgery is dangerous. Bob doesn't want to ask anyone, saying that they don't know the real him. He insists that he'll only accept donors if he tells them the truth first.

The Cedarville residents come in to do the matching tests and Bob comes out to address them. As House's team watches, Bob tells everyone that he cheated on Denise, and she says that she forgives him and it should be enough. However, Bob continues and tells everyone about the unnecessary repairs that he performed on their cars for years, and that he took $10,000 from a scholarship fund and lost it gambling. As people start to walk away, Bob apologizes and says that he's not the man they thought he was, and then leaves.

Later, the team tells House that only two potential donors stayed, and neither one of them are a match. Adams defends her advice, saying she didn't tell Bob to admit everything he ever did. They argue over the merits of honesty, with Chase saying that everyone lies and Adams arguing otherwise. House, who is enjoying his new wet bar, points out that Adams' breast get perky when she's being earnest, and that she and Chase have been lying back and forth and they both know it. He says that since they're not going to get a donor, they have to do something risky, and orders them to CT Bob's liver, cut out the damaged part, and hope there's enough left to survive the broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Taub is at home with the baby girls and apologizes for having to work because of House. He admits that he's sorry for what he's about to do but needs to know, and then takes DNA swabs.

As Chase and Adams CT Bob, Foreman comes in and notes that House is preparing to prep for another operation. Chase defends the decision, pointing out that they have no other choice, but Foreman warns that they're going to kill Bob rather than let him die of natural causes. He insists that it's a real issue, but Chase says that he's going to do what Foreman would have done a year. Adams interrupts them to show that according to the CT, Bob's liver is healing itself.

The next morning, the team informs House that Bob's liver has regenerated 30%. They watch as Denise comes out, disgusted, and walks away. House figures that Bob has been having an allergic reaction and now they're going away. Since the reaction started when Bob cheated on his wife, House figures that the mistress, Cindy, had something that Bob was allergic to and sends Chase and Adams to examine her. She says that she gave Bob a condom from the health fair, and Adams can't help insulting her for having an affair with a 39-year-old man. Cindy says that Bob was giving her a ride home and they ended up at a motel. She's worried that if everyone finds out, it will ruin her reputation in town as Miss Cedarville.

As Park and Taub test Bob for allergies, he explains that Denise plans to leave him and that he was sick of living a lie. Taub notes that while everybody makes mistakes, it's not a good idea to broadcast them at the same time. Park points out that if he lives, he's burned everything in his life. They discover that he has a wheat-based allergy but Bob tells them that he isn't allergic to wheat. They check his blood samples and confirm that he's not allergic to wheat, just as he claimed. None of the samples test positive and Chase orders steroids to see if the allergy reaction clears up. Once they leave, Taub checks the DNA tests as Foreman comes in. Taub quickly makes an excuse, and Foreman complains that Chase accused him of selling out. Taub then notices that House switched the DNA and replaced it with monkey DNA. As Taub stares at the result, he gets a page: Bob's skin is peeling off.

The team meets for differential but is stumped. Park finally says that they're all ducking the issue, and suggest Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. There's no treatment for it, and medication just exacerbates the condition. House declares the case closed and tells them to go to sleep. Chase stays behind for a moment, and then goes to see Bob, who has shed most of his skin. Bob says that he's in hell and Chase warns that he can't give him pain medication without making him worse. Finally, Bob says that he has one last confession: he shot his business partner in the head and made it look like suicide. Bob then goes on, saying that he killed three or four more people.

Chase checks the MRI and shows the team that it's a neurological problem. There's an aneurysm in the area of the brain moderating impulse control and moderation. As it grew larger, so did Bob's confessions. Chase demonstrates, getting Bob to confess to stealing his shoes. When Park points out that an aneurysm wouldn't make Bob's skin fall off, House figures that the aneurysm is another symptom, not the cause. The cause is Kawasaki's Disease, autoimmune. It only presents in Asian children, but House points out that certain carpet-cleaning chemicals have been linked to it, and Bob got it from the rug burns. He orders intravenous immunoglobulin treatment and tells them to monitor.

As House leaves, Taub goes after him and accuses him of using the monkey DNA. He asks for the real DNA results, and will only admit that he was weak for a moment but he cares for both of them. House offers to shred the reports and call off the bet, or let Taub look at them. Taub finally tells House to stop, takes the folder, makes sure all three results are inside… and shreds them himself.

As Bob recovers, Denise returns and informs her husband that they checked and that everything that Bob confessed to was false. The only thing that he confessed to that was true was the affair, and Bob lies and says that he would never have cheated on her. As Denise sobs in relief, Adams and Chase walk away.

In the locker room, Foreman compliments Chase on his work. He then admits that he was wrong for second-guessing Chase. Chase wonders why he's there and Foreman explains that he won't leave House unsupervised at the hospital. After a moment, Chase smirks and tells Foreman that House is screwing with him by doing nothing and convincing Foreman that he's up to something. Foreman says that he's glad Chase is back and Chase agrees.

The next day, House serves martinis to his team and shows them the new version of his Outer Office. It looks just like the old version, until he reveals the hidden panel concealing a window looking into Wilson's office. Wilson says "no" and goes back to work, and House closes the panel.