Season 8 Episode 5

The Confession

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • House sips martinis and builds a new secret door to Wilson's office.

    I like this episode. It's not one of my favourites but its still good.

    Chase and Taub return to work for House.

    House makes a betting pool as to which of Taub's kids are biologically his.

    The case of the week? The guy ended up having Kawasaki's Disease. It made the patient lie about doing things which he didn't really do, although he did cheat on his wife but later blamed the disease and said he didn't really cheat on her.

    House gave a speech about honesty and lies. He said some remarks about Adams' breasts and said he only noticed because Chase was staring at them. lol.

    House screws with Forman by essentially not screwing with him. House stays in the hospital watching TV and sipping martinis, and Eric ended up staying at the hospital for 4 days.

    House hires a construction crew to make a secret door which links House's outer office and Wilson's office.

    House says this is phase one in outer office 2 point 0. What does that mean? Is he going to make more changes to the outer office? Also, what was the big deal that he made a secret door to Wilson's office? Can someone explain? Is it just because he doesn't have to scoot around the back or go around the front and knock on his door?
  • come on people. . . what the hell is wrong with you?


    Have expectations for this show finally reached such a low point, that any old tripe will get great reviews? "The old crew is back!", yay! The same people that were growing tired and boring 2 seasons back have returned! and Guess what? Chase is still a womaniser and Taub still has 2 children that he suddenly doesnt know if are his or not. . strange, because he sure wasn't questioning it last season or the time he has been away?

    This episode was so bland and predictable that I almost gave up watching it half way through. Glad I didn't though! Or I would have missed the brilliant reveal of some sort of magic wall that joins houses office to Wilsons? Foreman, and of course nobody else in the hospital noticed this- because it was all done at night. And hospitals are empty at night? And Foreman is an idiot?

    The medical mystery this week was semi-interesting, but as always served as nothing but a backdrop to Houses insubordination.

    3 things this weeks House has tought me about the world:

    People Lie.
    House never changes.
    This program is on its last legs.

  • As is true with most long-running shows, these days, House has a certain meta feel to it.


    Shows have concepts that get them started, but the longer they run, the more a strict adherence to that premise starts to seem less like a natural development of characters and their world and more a foregone conclusion to satisfy producers and a network. There's no real, believable reason that House is still working at Plainsboro at this point. Even if we accept Foreman's promotion, House is a major liability who, if anything, has gotten worse with age. There's no indication he has any interest in self-improvement, he alienates most of the rest of the hospital staff, and he routinely flouts policy and medical law. Also, he just got out of jail. Being good enough to solve the weird cases was enough to justify his presence in the first few years, but now, it's hard to deny that the only reason House continues to have a job at Plainsboro is that the show needs a place to put him where it can keep using the same sets and most of the same cast.

    I mention this not as a criticism, but to point out one of the ways in which this current season of House is surprising me. In a good way. Sure, I could rail about how implausible all of this is, because the show continues to be completely ridiculous, but I think, at this point, the reality boat has sailed. The series has always had a somewhat tenuous connection to the real world, and essentially forgiving the lead character after he drove a car into his ex-lover's home in fit of jealous rage is about as definitive a shark jumping moment as any I can remember. Except, well, last season of House was a pretty dour affair, with lots of angst and misery and romantic woe. If a shark was jumped in this show, it happened before House ever hit the gas and made a hard left into the living room. What this season has done is embrace the absurdity in a way that makes it fair less painful to watch. More than that: I've laughed more these past few episodes than I can remember laughing at the show in a long time, only I'm not laughing at, I'm laughing with. If nothing else, we now have hard proof of how much a drain the Huddying was on the series. With all due respect to Lisa Edelstein, her absence has done House a world of good.

    That's not to say this is suddenly a classic drama or anything. I don't intend to backtrack on the faint praise of the preceding paragraph, but it's also important to keep expectations at a certain level. Characters still tend to talk like debate team opponents, and House is often a dick for no more reason than, hey, that's the only thing the writers can think of for him to be anymore. The main patient in this week's episode, "The Confession," is, as has often been the case in the past few years, not particularly memorable. Happy as I am to see Jamie Bamber, his struggles with infidelity and a neurological affliction that cause him to first confess, and then make up, sins, is less a focus than an intermittently interesting running gag. Oh look, the handsome man's neck is bulging. Oh look, the handsome man is losing his skin. We got some tension in a scene where Bamber tells the people of his hometown who apparently worship him that he's been rooking them over for years, and it was never a tedious story, but I think it's safe to say that the PotW structure, while still a linchpin of the show, isn't the reason to watch anymore.

    Then again, it hasn't really been for a couple years now. Instead, we have House playing mind games and the staff working against, around, and occasionally with him. What impressed me tonight was how each subplot turned out far more entertainingly than they really had any right too. Taub and Chase are back, which is both inevitable and welcome, and there's some awkwardness between them and Foreman, who is now the boss, and, as such, difficult to trust. Taub is apparently watching his two sons, and House is determined to find out if they're both really his. Then there's the construction going on in House's newly liberated office. What's he building in there? Or rather, what has he hired a group of men we never see to build in there? Foreman is worried, so Foreman hasn't been leaving the hospital lately.

    Silly, right? I can kind of see how Taub and Chase would rag Foreman; that's believable behavior between three men who worked for a while as equals. But House's obsession over the babies' paternity, and, more importantly, Taub's susceptibility to that obsession, is a little out of left field. There was nothing to indicate last season that the babies weren't his, so why have any doubts? And the builders between the sheet of plastic is a goofy mystery. It's hard to imagine House getting away with too much without Foreman finding out about it. And yet, all these stories worked, I think, because each of them embraced their absurdities to differing degrees. Chase and Foreman talked about House playing games, and Chase gave Foreman the info he wanted, because hey, that's what Chase does, and it was harmless enough, and these guys have a history. I'm not sure just how much Taub was playing a long game against House with the DNA testing, but House's hospital-wide pool over the babies' daddy led to the hilarious sight of Wilson trying to snag some DNA from Taub's fork, and it also ended with Taub winning, which worked out nicely. And the construction led to the biggest laugh of the night: Part of the wall on the far side of the office lifts up to reveal Wilson's office. Just the look on Robert Sean Leonard's face made this worth the effort. This is a House I'd be happy to watch on a weekly basis: implausible, occasionally dumb, maybe a bit on the pandering side, but with a minimum of angst, and a lot of humour. It's fun now. Isn't that nice?

  • Season 8 finally begins


    With Chase and Taub back for the duration of the season the quality of the episode itself went up. The renowned man from the small town community approach was a nice touch. He wants to confess his affair that led to his hospitalization to his wife was noble. But then he confessed all of his sins when he needed a liver transplant. Meanwhile, House plants seeds of doubt in Taub by trying to convince him that the twin baby girls he has aren't in fact his and even goes so far as to start a betting pool with the whole hospital. Chase and Adams appear to have possible chemistry. House begins redecorating the new office with new features such as a TV. This episode explored the nature of truth, as many episodes have before, but what made this one unique was fact that the patient had a tumor that made him make each of his stories bigger than last one leading us to wonder which lies were true to a certain point. He even decided to lie to his wife about the initial truth that he intended to tell in the affair he had. I like that we don't get to find out about Taub's paternity test but this episode made me so darn curious I think it's almost a shame to bring up the question and then not get anything out of it. Park still kinda rubs me the wrong way, but maybe she'll grow on me more as the season goes on. House messing with Foreman by not messing with him was a great also, but the ultimate point of the episode was giving cheers to a new age with the team with a wall that raises to Wilson's office being remotely activated. Wilson's "No" response was perfect and House holding up his martini in cheers was solidified the moment as the funniest bit in House in quite some time.

  • The first good episode this season.


    Things actually returned to a level of normal with this episode. The females were actually tolerable. Taub and Chase made graceful returns and were quickly added back to the team. Even Foreman and Wilson made likeable appearances for the first time.

    Funny: House vs. Taub and his DNA testing babies. Chase talking to Adams and immediately jumping on relationship topics. Taub ends up shredding the DNA results after being incredibly reluctant to take the test... but I bet that will come back to haunt him soon.

    The medical case was a complete baffle-fest. It was hard to follow as it provided several twists and turns. At one point, the man's skin sheds like a snake, in a case so odd that I've never heard of anything like that other than a burn victim. Another interesting finding was the impulse control vs. brain area relationship - as the brain area increased in volume, the patient's impulse control delusions increased. Cool, just like the altruism case a couple of weeks ago. Overall, the performances by the patient and his wife were well played.

    Weak ending though. They should have just had a new room... we know Wilson's office is NOT that close by. Come on.

  • Going out on a High note


    Adams is starting to look like Cameron 2.0

    Oh and Chase and Taulb are back. If this is indeed the final Season House is going out on a high note after 2 drag Seasons with a few high points House is Fresh and exiting again.

    Park's Role is lessening though which isn't a good thing but we know her now.

    The Case was interesting but felt like it was been there done that but the case isn't what the show is about it's the Interactions and the interactions are pretty good this episode.

    The previews for next week show another amazing episode next week.

    So back to what I said IF this is the final's going out with a bang not a wimper.

  • 805


    "The Confession" is the best episode of House since the season premiere and more reason that I hope this is not the show's last year because it seems to have found its momentum back.

    There were some great lines tonight, such as House saying that "it was a pretty good idea, and I'm talking about your breasts" and the exchanges with Wilson, Taub and House.

    And we had an intriguing case with a good moment about the revelation of the "sins" the man created. The medical drama part of the show has improved just as much as any other aspect this season.

    Great episode tonight. Hard to find much to complain about it.

  • old team's back


    Finally, Chase and Taub are back and yes, finally, the story picked up too. This week's episode is much much better than the previous ones. The medical mystery was interesting and the relationship between House and Taub is as uncomfortable as it gets. The new girls are still a bit out of place in House's medical team, maybe after a few more episodes the writers will think of something how to assimilate them better.

  • Two things I look forward to in House: the case and the characters' personal stories. This baby gets an 8 for the former, a 6 for the latter. Averages out to a 7.


    Hey all, I'm Anant. I'm new to, but I've been a die-hard fan of House for years - seen every episode. I'm a college kid from Texas who loves drama, medical or otherwise.
    OK, with that out of the way, let's talk House.

    The Confession opens with a brief awards ceremony for a local hero in a small town. This caught me off-guard, because it really didn't seem like I was watching House. Then I remembered the episode intros have ranged from meetings of business hot-shots to scenes with medieval knights...
    But I digress.
    Right after the ceremony, we see the hero in bed with a girl who...let's just say is clearly not his wife. They fall on the floor and his breathing becomes labored. He nearly passes out. Now that's a House intro.

    I'll do the abridged version of the rest: Chase and Taub return. Taub has two infants to deal with. Everyone (especially House, who gets the whole hospital betting on the issue) questions whether they are actually his, culminating in Taub finally providing House with DNA samples to do the test, but then shredding the results to prove he really doesn't care and loves them no matter what. The patient confesses his affair to his wife right before his first operation. The team soon decides he needs a liver transplant. Before the many townspeople can finish registering as potential donors, he confesses many other sins. The case gets more dramatic, culminating in Chase discovering that the patient's more unbelievable confessions - including murder - are manifestations of a neurological problem and completely untrue, and House correctly diagnosing him. We finish with a typical House-screwing-with-somebody (specifically, with Foreman) discovery by Chase and Foreman and the aforementioned shredding scene.
    Oh also, House installed a levitating wall between his and Wilson's offices. Hey, I don't make the news, I just report it.

    So, why do I give the episode an 8 for the case? Two reasons: first, it's just an interesting case, but that's coming from somebody with no medical background. Second, there are two "House epiphanies", as opposed to just one, but the first is by Chase, which I thought was really cool.

    In spite of the rather big deal of Taub's kids, I really thought the personal touch of this episode was somewhat weak. The story should have been much more fleshed out. In fact, it would have been best to ignore the issue of Taub's kids entirely and just focus on Taub and Chase returning, a pretty big deal! In any case, the only scene that left me truly satisfied was the last one, where Taub takes the test results from House not to look at them, but to make sure all 3 samples are actually there - i.e. make sure House is not *just* screwing with him - before shredding them himself.