Season 8 Episode 5

The Confession

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • Two things I look forward to in House: the case and the characters' personal stories. This baby gets an 8 for the former, a 6 for the latter. Averages out to a 7.


    Hey all, I'm Anant. I'm new to, but I've been a die-hard fan of House for years - seen every episode. I'm a college kid from Texas who loves drama, medical or otherwise.
    OK, with that out of the way, let's talk House.

    The Confession opens with a brief awards ceremony for a local hero in a small town. This caught me off-guard, because it really didn't seem like I was watching House. Then I remembered the episode intros have ranged from meetings of business hot-shots to scenes with medieval knights...
    But I digress.
    Right after the ceremony, we see the hero in bed with a girl who...let's just say is clearly not his wife. They fall on the floor and his breathing becomes labored. He nearly passes out. Now that's a House intro.

    I'll do the abridged version of the rest: Chase and Taub return. Taub has two infants to deal with. Everyone (especially House, who gets the whole hospital betting on the issue) questions whether they are actually his, culminating in Taub finally providing House with DNA samples to do the test, but then shredding the results to prove he really doesn't care and loves them no matter what. The patient confesses his affair to his wife right before his first operation. The team soon decides he needs a liver transplant. Before the many townspeople can finish registering as potential donors, he confesses many other sins. The case gets more dramatic, culminating in Chase discovering that the patient's more unbelievable confessions - including murder - are manifestations of a neurological problem and completely untrue, and House correctly diagnosing him. We finish with a typical House-screwing-with-somebody (specifically, with Foreman) discovery by Chase and Foreman and the aforementioned shredding scene.
    Oh also, House installed a levitating wall between his and Wilson's offices. Hey, I don't make the news, I just report it.

    So, why do I give the episode an 8 for the case? Two reasons: first, it's just an interesting case, but that's coming from somebody with no medical background. Second, there are two "House epiphanies", as opposed to just one, but the first is by Chase, which I thought was really cool.

    In spite of the rather big deal of Taub's kids, I really thought the personal touch of this episode was somewhat weak. The story should have been much more fleshed out. In fact, it would have been best to ignore the issue of Taub's kids entirely and just focus on Taub and Chase returning, a pretty big deal! In any case, the only scene that left me truly satisfied was the last one, where Taub takes the test results from House not to look at them, but to make sure all 3 samples are actually there - i.e. make sure House is not *just* screwing with him - before shredding them himself.