Season 8 Episode 5

The Confession

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • come on people. . . what the hell is wrong with you?


    Have expectations for this show finally reached such a low point, that any old tripe will get great reviews? "The old crew is back!", yay! The same people that were growing tired and boring 2 seasons back have returned! and Guess what? Chase is still a womaniser and Taub still has 2 children that he suddenly doesnt know if are his or not. . strange, because he sure wasn't questioning it last season or the time he has been away?

    This episode was so bland and predictable that I almost gave up watching it half way through. Glad I didn't though! Or I would have missed the brilliant reveal of some sort of magic wall that joins houses office to Wilsons? Foreman, and of course nobody else in the hospital noticed this- because it was all done at night. And hospitals are empty at night? And Foreman is an idiot?

    The medical mystery this week was semi-interesting, but as always served as nothing but a backdrop to Houses insubordination.

    3 things this weeks House has tought me about the world:

    People Lie.
    House never changes.
    This program is on its last legs.

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