Season 8 Episode 5

The Confession

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • House sips martinis and builds a new secret door to Wilson's office.

    I like this episode. It's not one of my favourites but its still good.

    Chase and Taub return to work for House.

    House makes a betting pool as to which of Taub's kids are biologically his.

    The case of the week? The guy ended up having Kawasaki's Disease. It made the patient lie about doing things which he didn't really do, although he did cheat on his wife but later blamed the disease and said he didn't really cheat on her.

    House gave a speech about honesty and lies. He said some remarks about Adams' breasts and said he only noticed because Chase was staring at them. lol.

    House screws with Forman by essentially not screwing with him. House stays in the hospital watching TV and sipping martinis, and Eric ended up staying at the hospital for 4 days.

    House hires a construction crew to make a secret door which links House's outer office and Wilson's office.

    House says this is phase one in outer office 2 point 0. What does that mean? Is he going to make more changes to the outer office? Also, what was the big deal that he made a secret door to Wilson's office? Can someone explain? Is it just because he doesn't have to scoot around the back or go around the front and knock on his door?