Season 7 Episode 18

The Dig

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

House pulls up outside a prison and pays a waiting cab driver to leave. He then opens a case and checks the time. A buzzer goes off and Thirteen is released. She sees House and comes over, and he offers her a martini from the case. Thirteen drinks it and hands the glass back.

House and Thirteen drive down the road and he asks what she did to get herself in prison. She says that she was arrested for excessive prescribing, but House knows that there's more to it than that, and wants to know why she plead down to that charge.

Masters wants the team to take on the case of a science teacher who started coughing up blood in homeroom. House sends a page saying he'll be gone for three days and Masters' teammates are quick to take advantage of their vacation. However, House has been listening in and tells them to describe the case. He avoids telling them that Hadley is in the car with him. They describe the symptoms, insisting it's just a nosebleed and fever, but Masters suggest exposure to ammonia and House tells them to test. He informs them that he's heading to a chili cook-off in Schenectady while Dominika is with her boyfriend. After he hangs up, House refuses to drop her off and heads for the cook-off, explaining that there's also a spud-gun competition.

Masters and Chase check on the patient, Brian, who admits that he had nosebleeds. He was hit in the nose during volleyball warm-ups, and Chase figures he got a serratia infection from a dirty shower. As Chase leaves to check the shower for red bacteria, Brian coughs up what is clearly blood.

Thirteen wants to know what House wants, and he notes that her license is suspended and she doesn't have a job to come back to. She insists that the medical board hearing will get her reinstated, and House figures that she needs some clothes in the meantime. He stops off at a mall and considers her problem while she changes. House figures that she was running a medical consulting business a sympathetic under-class, but Thirteen denies it. When she wonders why House is bringing her to the competition, he tells her that she came in fourth at a science fair with a clean combustion project. House wants her expertise to help him beat the first-place winner four years straight, Harold Lam. She agrees to help him, but says she needs to make a personal stop and refuses to explain further.

Taub and Foreman go to Brian's home, and Foreman wonders where Taub went the previous night. Taub admits that he went out on a date with the new CNA, Ruby. They go in and find Brian's home filled with piles and piles of junk. The electricity, water, and gas are turned off, but Brian is getting electricity for his refrigerator from his neighbor. Inside is a dead cat and rotting food, and Foreman figures that Brian has aspergillosis as a result.

Thirteen directs House to a suburban home, while House continues to speculate why she ended up in prison. She knocks on the door, and knees a man in the groin when he answers. Thirteen then bends over and talks to him, gets up, and walks back to the car. She doesn't offer an explanation, and says she wants to get something to eat.

Foreman and Taub talk to Brian about his home. He insists that he's not a hoarder, but they say he needs a psych evaluation and point out that he collects earwax.

Thirteen and House get something to eat, and she asks why House didn't send Lucas to investigate her. House breaks the news that he was dating Cuddy, but Thirteen doesn't believe it at first. She quickly realizes that House is telling the truth, and asks if he's okay. House says that he's fine and insists that it's not a big deal. Thirteen then tells House that she killed a man.

The psych eval turns up negative, and the tests prove negative for aspergillosis. Brian is getting worse in the hospital, meaning that it isn't environmental. However, Foreman suggests that since Brian was using a gas heater, leaking the carbon monoxide and improving his lung capacity. Someone has to go to Brian's house to test, and Masters volunteers herself and Chase.

Thirteen takes over driving, but refuses to answer House's questions about why she said she killed a man.

Foreman talks to Ruby and asks how Taub got her to go out with him. She doesn't see that it's any of Foreman's business, but finally admit that they had a date that night but Taub cancelled.

Thirteen tests House's spud-gun and says that it sucks.

Chase and Masters examine Brian's home, and she's fascinated with how it's Brian's interactive life history. Chase doesn't see it that way, and confirms that there's no carbon monoxide. He does find raccoon scat, suggesting Q fever, and Masters admits that it fits. She keeps looking and finds a girl, Nina, hiding beneath a sheet. The woman is Brian's wife, and they take her to the hospital. Chase explains that they're going to treat both of them for Q fever. Brian explains that his wife is the hoarder, and he stays with her because he loves her.

House and Thirteen go to a hardware store for parts. While House continues to speculate on why Thirteen was in prison, she decides to go for raw power to beat Harold.

Foreman waits until Taub is in the locker room shower and then checks his cell phone. When Chase arrives, Foreman explains that Taub has broken up with Ruby to meet with another woman, and they'll be at Foreman's apartment that night when he would normally be in the gym.

When Thirteen and House arrive at the contest site, Harold is waiting with them. He fires off a warning shot, impressing Thirteen with his firepower. After he and House exchange veiled insults, House introduces Thirteen as a famous Russian physicist. When that doesn't work, he tries introducing Thirteen as the physicist's daughter. That doesn't work when Thirteen accidentally fires her gun.

Foreman comes back to the apartment early and finds Taub on the sofa... with his wife, Rachel.

At their motel room, Thirteen brings in several rhubarb pies and explains that they're going rogue and replacing the spud gun with disks made out of the pie tins. As they eat the pies, House insists that Thirteen tell him what happened. When she still refuses, House offers to make some calls to expedite her board hearing, and warns that he can hire an assistant to replace her. Thirteen finally admits that she met a guy on a date and he OD'd. She ended up doing time for it, and he died.

At the hospital, Masters checks on Nina and Brian as they undergo Q fever treatment. Brian explains that he loves Nina's ability to see the story in everything, even junk, and it makes his life better. Masters confirms that he's doing better, but Nina has a heart attack.

House wakes up when he hears Thirteen at the window, sobbing. He rolls over and leaves her alone.

The next morning, House calls in to get an update. Taub notes that Q fever wouldn't cause Nina's heart attack, House figures the hoarding is a symptom and Taub says they should do a MRI, while Foreman suggests hydrogen sulfide. House tells them to test, and Foreman and Taub pawn off the return trip to test for hydrogen sulfide on Masters and Chase.

At the contest, House and Thirteen are preparing to fire their gun when she mentions that her father used to take "us" to the county fair. House realizes that she has a sibling that Thirteen has never mentioned, and that she's slipped up because the sibling is on her mind. He deduces that she euthanized her brother, who has the same genetic disease, and that the man she attacked was the doctor who wouldn't cover it up. Thirteen says that the man was actually her cellmate's cheating boyfriend, but everything else was true. She congratulates House and walks away.

As Foreman and Taub run the MRI on Nina, Foreman accuses Taub of messing with Rachel both physically and mentally. The MRI turns up negative, disproving Taub's diagnosis.

At the house, Masters and Chase look around, and chase notes that she is able to interact with humans without actually interacting with a human. The hydrogen sulfide tests prove negative, and Chase leaves while Masters goes through Nina's yearbook and her cheerleader photos.

House approaches Thirteen, who explains that her brother couldn't do it himself. He was slowly losing his mind, but managed to ask her to kill him. She used drugs, keeping the authorities from tying her directly to the injection, but they confirmed that she obtained the drugs. Thirteen says that one day it will be her, and there will be nobody for her. House doesn't have anything to say, and Thirteen accuses him of a total lack of emotional involvement. She says that it's no wonder that Cuddy broke up with him. House turns and goes without a word.

At the shooting grounds, Harold mocks House, asking if he can hit on Thirteen. House turns toward him, pointing the spud gun, and Harold says that he wouldn't dare.

Later, Thirteen picks up House as he's released from jail. She offers him a can of pop instead of a martini, and House explains that he got off with a warning because Harold felt up the sheriff's daughter at the potato mixer the night before. Thirteen accuses him of always getting his way, and House points out that today would have been his one-year anniversary with Cuddy.

Masters goes to see Brian and Nina and says that the oldest hoarded item she found was a set of baby pajamas. She confirms that the couple is infertile and calls in to House, saying they have a new symptom. House points out that if the infertility is Brian's, it doesn't help them with Nina. Thirteen speaks up, much to the team's surprise, and suggests that Nina didn't have kids for another reason. House says they can talk to her more on Monday when she comes in. Masters goes to tell Brian and Nina that she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes miscarriages and accounts for the other symptoms. Nina admits that she hid three miscarriages from Brian, and the miscarriages triggered the hoarding. They can treat the physical symptoms, but the hoarding requires psychological treatment. Brian is shocked that Nina lied to him for nine years, and she admits that she was worried that he'd lose her. He points out that he's never done anything to make her think that and walks out.

Taub meets with Rachel and says that he's being selfish and they need to break up. She refuses, insisting that they've been doing things right and proper and all it got them was a ruined marriage. What they have is confusing and dirty, and she wants to see where it goes. Taub points out that it's kind of weird, but Rachel doesn't care and they make love.

Brian comes back to Nina and takes her hand.

House drives Thirteen back to her apartment and asks her for gas money. As she pauses, House tells her that he'll kill her when the time comes, if she wants him to. He even offers to do it now. Thirteen tells him that she'll see him Monday and goes inside.