Season 7 Episode 18

The Dig

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2011 on FOX

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  • Odd relationship.

    You know you are dealing with an unusual relationship when the nicest thing he has ever said to her is "I'll kill

    A very touching episode.
  • Hoarders and Spud Guns: A House Investigation

    Obviously House's writers are trying to mix it up now with the 150th episode debuting which shows 13 getting out of jail after 6 months with House picking her up and he tries to find out what she did while preparing to compete at a Chili Cooking/Spud Gun competition where 13 helps pimp out his Spud Gun to defeat his rival Harold. Meanwhile back at PP, the doctors receive the news that House will be gone for three days and before they can rush off to leisure they get a case of a middle school teacher who may be a hoarder, or at least connected to one. This episode was definitely a curveball attempt to reboot House to adrenaline leveled hoodlum status now that Huddy has disbanded and ultimately we are left with a surpringly off scew but wildly entertaining offering that brings Olivia Wilde back into the fold, but leaves us with even more questions as to the quality of this midseason arc and where the story seems to be headed from here on out?
  • 718

    A well done episode of House, no matter how much people might be disappointed with Thirteen's return, you can't deny, this was a superb episode. I was satisfied with Thriteen's return as we just got great interactions between Thirteen & House, plus seeing everyone's reaction to hearing her voice was great.

    Great, now we have to go through more Taub/his wife drama. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. I thought we were already over with this story line, it just has ran it's course, plus it never was a great story line in the first place, so it's just odd, the writers are still running with it.

    The medical mystery was also great, now I'm really pumped for next week's episode, and I'm also looking forward in seeing the Thirteen & Masters interactions. House's line in the end was touching, superb comeback.
  • thirteen is ba..

    I liked this episode. It is an episode what was supposed to be made. Plus, we finally get to see Thirteen again. I hope that she is back for good, not only for a few episodes. I must say that the medical mystery wasn't so easy to solve. It is extremely difficult to go through all that garbage just to find what Masters found at the end, at the bottom of the closet. That requires decication, and this shows Masters true character and a sign that she is a fully capable doctor and a mature person who doesn't quit so easily.

    The adventure Thirteen and House had was amazing (the road trip and everything). It was like watching a movie, not a TV Show. Well Done !

    The stud gun competition and House's rival was also very well done. When Harold started talking down to thirteen, and House aimed the gun at him, I thought that he would shoot him, and we learned that he did. That's just crazy, but this is House. All in all, a great episode.
  • Thirteen with the spud gun

    Nice to see Thirteen finally back after a year of absence. Episode tonight - revelation about House's other side - The empathetic House. A change to see House being compassionate about someone, in this case towards Thirteen - he showed his concern by picking her up from the jail house, keeping the jail event from his group and listening to Thirteen as she opens up to him. And House is still hurt regarding the break up with Cuddy - which I think is very realistic since he has always been in love with Cuddy.

    I like Taub and Foreman story line too.
  • House is back (and so's Thirteen)

    This season has been such a disappointment so far, that I wasn't expecting anything except to see the show being canceled very soon. Finally, this episode was worth watching.
    Thirteen tries to lie to House about why she was in jail but he's not buying it, he knows there's something deeper than what she's telling. Their conversation at the end was very revealing, yes, despite how hard he tries to deny it, House DOES have feelings for people.
    I could have done without the spud gun thing, although it was entertaining and gave a comic relief to the episode. Couldn't care less about Taub's sex life (plus, come on, HOW is this guy supposed to get all these women, he looks like an egg and has the personality of a ... well, an egg too actually). I wish they'd get rid of him instead of whatshername (Amber Tamblyn).
    The medical case was moderately interesting because of the hoarding issue.
    Best of all, NO CUDDY!

    All in all this episode gave me hope that maybe House can get back to what it used to be.
  • The Dig

    A very special episode of House tonight as Olivia Wilde returned in the role of Thirteen. Not sure how long she will stick around now that she has a burgeoning movie career, but she definitely added a much-needed missing dynamic from the show and that is a woman that could hold her own with House. Cuddy just can't do that.

    So, yeah, the scenes with those two were very good and deserved the hype they got, but the rest of the episode was nothing that special. Taub, just yeah, couldn't care less about that. And the case was a little weak this week.

    But if you look at the episode as a whole, this was definitely a strong House.