Season 7 Episode 18

The Dig

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2011 on FOX

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  • Hoarders and Spud Guns: A House Investigation

    Obviously House's writers are trying to mix it up now with the 150th episode debuting which shows 13 getting out of jail after 6 months with House picking her up and he tries to find out what she did while preparing to compete at a Chili Cooking/Spud Gun competition where 13 helps pimp out his Spud Gun to defeat his rival Harold. Meanwhile back at PP, the doctors receive the news that House will be gone for three days and before they can rush off to leisure they get a case of a middle school teacher who may be a hoarder, or at least connected to one. This episode was definitely a curveball attempt to reboot House to adrenaline leveled hoodlum status now that Huddy has disbanded and ultimately we are left with a surpringly off scew but wildly entertaining offering that brings Olivia Wilde back into the fold, but leaves us with even more questions as to the quality of this midseason arc and where the story seems to be headed from here on out?