Season 6 Episode 11

The Down Low

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Eddie is trying to make a drug deal with Gorski, a criminal, who is offended by Eddie's lack of respect. When Gorski's man Tommy draws a gun, Eddie's partner Mickey tries to intervene and a shot goes off. He collapses, but they discover that Mickey wasn't shot, although he scrapes his head on the concrete. Gorski and Tommy leave, and Eddie calls for help. At the clinic, House checks Mickey's head injury and soon realizes that they are avoiding the ER because they were dealing drugs. They start to leave but House slams his cane on the examination table, causing a loud noise that causes Mickey to feel vertigo and collapse. In differential, House describes the symptoms and notes that Chase has got a haircut. Mickey's medical history is blank and House explains it's because Mickey is a drug dealer. As they talk, Foreman notices a pay stub lying on the ground. He then speculates that Mickey's problem is either ears or brain, and suggests acoustic neuroma. House figures Mickey is taking cocaine, causing lidocaine toxicity or bencozaine, and suggests that caused the problem. He tells them to test his ears while he looks for the cocaine. Wilson is chatting with one of his new neighbors, Nora, who seems to like him. He finally asks her out for dinner… and Nora admits that she thinks that Wilson and House are gay. Taub and Foreman check Mickey's ears, and Foreman has Taub take a look at the piece of paper he picked up. It's Thirteen's pay stub, and Foreman doesn't think she's getting paid that much. Taub points out that he's getting the same, and realizes Foreman isn't. House talks to Eddie and demands the drugs. When Eddie refuses, House tries to get him to admit what they're dealing without incriminating himself. Eddie explains that nobody cuts or touches the drugs, including Mickey. Wilson arrives and tells House that everyone thinks they're gay. House isn't concerned, despite the fact Wilson wants to date Nora and he can't convince her that he's a heterosexual. Eddie interrupts and explains that Mickey hates drugs, and he's the only one that Eddie trusts. House assures him that Mickey will be fine. In the lab, Mickey goes into convulsions from high blood pressure. They get his hyperdilation under control and go back into differential. The team figures that Mickey's conditions weren't brought on by exposure to drugs once he was brought to the hospital. Foreman notices that Thirteen is wearing a new, expensive watch, but she says she treated herself. She suggests they check for clogging of the arteries due to carotid stenosis and House agrees. Once the others go, Foreman asks Chase how much money he makes. Foreman then goes to see Cuddy and demand more money, but she refuses to discuss his teammates' wages and points out that he has nothing to negotiate with since no one else is competing for his services. Taub and Thirteen report to House that Mickey's arteries are fine, and discover that he's bugged Mickey's room to listen in while the patient and his partner talk. House doesn't have any luck with the radio receiver, and tells Taub to tell Mickey that the tests will take weeks. Mickey demands that they discharge him, just as House planned, and Taub goes to get the forms. Once Mickey is discharged, Chase and Thirteen follow him. As they drive, they discuss the fact that they're playing with Foreman over their salaries to take him down a notch. Unfortunately, they lose Mickey in traffic and a policeman pulls them over for running a stoplight. House stops by to see Nora at the mailbox and claim that they're both straight. He then brings in a poster of A Chorus Line, oohs and awes over it, and compliments Nora on her shoes. Foreman tells Taub that he plans to wait until his review in August to ask for more money. Taub agrees that's what he'd do himself… but he's a coward. They get a page about Mickey, who has been brought in by Eddie after he collapsed again. He's delirious and they treat for the symptoms. The team meets except for Foreman, who is with Cuddy. House asks if Foreman fell for the paycheck thing and compliments them. He then decides that it's infection rather than environment, and the symptoms have moved to his brain. Chase and Taub go to do a lumbar puncture. As they do the puncture, Mickey tells him that he knew they were following him, and he lost them so he could take care of business. As they try to get a clear puncture, Mickey insists that what he does is illegal, not immoral, and it's nobody else's business. Mickey's heart rate remains normal, despite the stress of the test. Wilson goes to see House and confronts him over his plan to make it appear they were straight, and how House is sabotaging the idea. House admits that he's doing it to mess with Wilson, and also so that he can hit on Nora by hanging out with her when he "breaks up" with Wilson. He figures that eventually he'll get Nora to have sex with him. Wilson insists that he saw him first and House figures he's insisting on the guy code because he's going to lose. Chase arrives to tell House that Mickey isn't showing autonomic function, giving them a new symptom. However, House disagrees. House goes to see Mickey and calls him a wuss, and says that he's taking beta-blockers for stress. Mickey explains that he's been doing something illegal, and he's been buying pills to control the stress. He wants Eddie to remain ignorant so his partner doesn't think he's going soft. House realizes that when they brought him to the hospital, he was cut off from his beta-blockers and suffered withdrawal. Eliminating the withdrawal symptoms, House has a new diagnosis: pheochromocytoma. He tells Chase to test Mickey's adrenal glands to confirm. Wilson returns home to discover House giving Nora a massage, eating Chinese takeout, and watching women's TV. He sits down to have some with them. As they run more tests, Taub asks Foreman how it went. Foreman explains that he got an offer to run a neurological department, but it was a bluff and Cuddy called him. He plans to leave once the case is over. Wilson tries to explain to Nora that House is lying. She accuses him of lying and refusing to admit that he's gay, and figures that Wilson is jealous. House returns and Taub and Foreman tell him that there's no indication of a pheochromocytoma, eliminating stress as a symptom. Thirteen is listening in on the radio receiver and has figured out how it works. However, she's unable to get an open frequency, and House realizes there must be at least one open frequency. He goes to see Mickey and gets Eddie to leave by offering to do a rectal exam on Mickey in front of him. Once Eddie is gone, House asks why Mickey is taken beta-blockers. He reaches under the mattress and removes his bug… and then finds another one behind the pillow, one that Mickey planted himself. They realize that Mickey is a cop working undercover. House tells the rest of the team, but Foreman and Taub are unimpressed, noting it doesn't help give them a diagnosis. House has Chase and Thirteen go in and threaten to tell his superiors, but Mickey points out they have no idea who he is or who he works for. Mickey notes that Eddie killed a snitch a few weeks ago on the orders of his boss, and is planning to expand. If the team gets caught poking around, it'll blow the arrest Mickey's people have planned the next day when Eddie and his boss meet a major buyer. Thirteen says that he can't risk his life, but Mickey explains he's been undercover for 16 months and hasn't seen his wife. He asks them to keep him alive for another 24 hours. Once the bust is completed, he'll tell them what they need to know. Eddie comes in and Mickey has another attack, caused by thrombosis bringing on a GI infarction. The team removes the bowel to stop the attack, but they're left to determine what is causing all the symptoms before the clots spread. They suspect environment but have no way to narrow it down. Thirteen suggests that they give Eddie the same symptoms so he'll take them to his manufacturing plant. She sits with him and offers him some coffee, and tells him that Mickey is getting worse. She tries to convince him to tell her where Mickey has been, warning that Eddie and his people may be at risk. Eddie starts to feel dizzy, but realizes that Thirteen has drugged him. She admits that he'll be fine in an hour and starts to leave, but Eddie wonders if Mickey could die. He finally relents, saying it's just a deal and his friend's life is more important. He takes Thirteen to the dry cleaners where they've been keeping their stuff. She takes environmental samples while Eddie warns that they're not supposed to be there. When one of his men arrives, Thirteen pretends she's a prostitute to cover and the man believes it. House goes to dinner with Nora and complains about how his relationship with Wilson is going. Nora invites him to stay at her place, saying it'll be fun. Wilson comes in and publicly declares that he loves House, and he's no longer going to deny it. He takes out a ring and proposes to him, and Nora leaves to let them talk things over. Taub and Thirteen go over the samples but don't find anything. Thirteen figures the dry cleaning chemicals are responsible and they wait for the results. Chase comes in and worries that their joke has gone too far and they need to talk to Cuddy. Foreman comes in as Thirteen discovers the dry cleaning shop is using "green" solvents. However, they still have nothing. A scan shows a series of four pulmonary aneurysms, indicating a fungal infection. However, none of the samples show fungal infection. House thinks Thirteen missed something but she insists that she's correct and House is forced to agree. They put Mickey on anti-bleeding meds to stop the flow of blood into his lungs. Eddie tends to his partner and Mickey blames him for taking Thirteen to the dry cleaners when it didn't accomplish anything. Eddie admits that he couldn't just sit and do nothing while Mickey died, and insists that Mickey would do it for him. He considers staying at Mickey's side, but Mickey says he needs to finish the deal after all the work they've put in. Eddie reluctantly agrees and Mickey says that he wishes he was there when the deal goes down. Chase, Thirteen, and Taub confess what happened with Foreman. They ask her to give Foreman his raise out of their paychecks. Cuddy agrees, but then tells them that she hasn't seen Foreman in three days. As they leave, they find Foreman outside, smirking. Nora comes to see House, and he explains that he's been screwing with Wilson to get to her. She angrily starts to walk off, but House tells her that Wilson is a good guy and really likes her. However, she realizes that House is still trying to sleep with her and using honesty. House points out that Wilson isn't exactly a Boy Scout, and gets an idea. House goes to see Mickey and explains hat his hypertension was a real symptom, and the beta-blockers reduced it. He has an auto-immune disease, Hughes-Stovin. However, once it's so far advanced, they can't do anything. The aneurysms will eventually rupture and Mickey will die. Thirteen points out that Mickey telling them everything earlier wouldn't have changed anything. Mickey says that he needs to call his wife. Eddie goes ahead with his deal. The police arrive and arrest him and the others. Mickey's wife come to see him and is there when he dies. As Eddie is lead away, he realizes who betrayed him. House and Wilson are watching hockey in their new home and House figures that at least Mickey died as a hero. Wilson notes that Nora talked to him, and now knows the truth: they're both dirtbags. Wilson starts singing musical numbers to get House to get rid of the sofa that he hates.