Season 6 Episode 11

The Down Low

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on FOX

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  • What can i say , another spectacular episode brilliantly written and acted.Wilson and House go to war over a female in their apartment, an undercover cop with a mysterious illness and the team try a joke on Foreman that....

    The story is another wonderful episode that takes some unexpected turns.A drug dealer with a mysterious and worsening illness that maybe related to the environment where he works but he wont let the team do a sweep of the area because he's actually a deep undercover(cop, agent we never find out) His drug dealing mate who shows surprisingly that even there is honour among drug dealers(their final scene together was beautiful he knowingly sends his caring drug dealing pal to a drug buts,while the pal walks away knowing he might not see him again cause he was dying) i kept thinking how do they come up with this stories!the dying scene was brilliantly executed and juxtaposed with the drug bust.
    House and Wilson are their bickering selves House wont honor the 'Man Code' and tries to cut in on a neighbour that Wilson saw first and liked but she thinks they are both gay.House's plan to play the sensitive gay guy into sleeping with the neighbor was brilliant But Wilson( am really beginning to fear for his soul hanging around House) comes up with a winner to trump House! (the restaurant vignette where Wilson proposes to House and utterly ruins his chance with the neighbor was awesome and shows House has more than robbed off on Wilson and Wilson could be just as diabolical as House.) that resturant scene has to go down in House moments.
    as usual the team is back again and they trying to play a prank on Foreman, But i guess he's been around House too long. a gorgeous bitter sweet episode certainly ,most certainly a 10!
  • A woman thinks House and Wilson are gay

    House has been one of, if not the best medical drama for the past few years, but this episode just made my head hurt. House and Wilson, who would possibly think that they were gay Why the show felt the need to do this 1990's sitcom like storyline I'll never know.

    And the notion of Taub making more than Foreman? Or more than anyone in the building, including the janitor, just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Not one of House's better side storylines for the supporting cast.

    The episode as a whole just felt very skippable to me. The only remotely good thing to take away from this was that they didn't really delve into the House/Cuddy love-hate relationship here.
  • Thankfully (and unexpectedly) much better than "Wilson"!

    I really enjoyed this episode. It felt like a good all-rounder and a very solid plot. I hope that's not the last we see of Nora, because her and House looked kinda good together! The team trying to prank Foreman and him knowing about it all along was a great idea, as it reasserts him in our minds as the team leader, and higher ranking than them. One thing that slightly bothered me was the fact that in the scene with Chase and Thirteen in the car together, they showed a much greater chemistry than the whole "Foreteen" thing ever did. Which secretly pleased me because I have never really liked Foreman. One annoyance- the writers seem to think that they need to have great romance and high drama to get viewers, and surprise, surprise, they don't! We started watching House because we loved the medicine and the clever way they figured things out. The character relations always took a back seat, but that seems to be changing now. Maybe that is a good thing but somehow I think not. Hopefully they'll get back on track soon.
  • Massive return to form

    I really enjoyed House from the beginning of the first series. However, I felt that it was beginning to drift a little recently. I mean every episode it would be that they'd constantly misdiagnose, just like they had in previous episodes. You'd expect lines like "it could be lupus" "no, it's never lupus" and so on. House and just about everyone else would psycho-aanlyse each other's motives for doing or saying anything. It had become predictable in spite of the ongoing sub-plots.

    This episode, without giving anything away, is highly inventive, brilliantly scripted and has the hallmark humour that we expect. We get the series here in the UK some time after they are made (usually around a year) and I hope that we are going to see more great episodes this season. In any case this could just be the best House episode yet seen.
  • House and Wilson both go after the same woman who thinks they are gay while the patient who is a Drug dealer? or is it a cop wont give up any info about where he has been.

    This has to rate up there as one of the funniest shows of House's shows, when House's plan to win the women's attention starts to backfire because Wilson also wants to be with her you can see it in House's face that this will be war , and when Wilson pulls the asking house to marry him when the old women says "say yes" i almost pee myself that was one of the funniest scene i ever saw on a show and the ending when wilson is singing the song the show never lets you down for great ending's a song i don't like myself but i couldnt stop singing it all night, well done House writter's you did it again thanks for the great hour of joy to get away from life's real drama i just love this show and watch every rerurn thats played no matter how many times ive seen it.
  • And episode focused on the House/Wilson relationship

    Haha, sooner or later someone had to question two guys living together. And then House played right into it. And then Wilson proposing to House was hilarious. At least the competition for the neighbor meant they laid off of Huddy, if only for an episode. But maybe they will finally drop it. Cuddy got serious with Lucas, thinking of moving in and House gives up acting like a love-sick teenager.

    Got to love the textile conversation between the drug dealer and House. And then Wilson coming in and knowing what the actual stuff was. That sure didn't make you look gay at all, Wilson.

    Why would 13's car be impounded for running a red light?

    The joke on Foreman was only mildly amusing. He can be an arrogant jerk most of the time (and hasn't earned the right like House) so it is good to see him taken down a notch or two. But then of course he played them and gets to be a jerk again. And of course House figures out what they are doing. And yet another person quitting/resigning/leaving/whatever. How many times do the writers want us to think someone will be leaving and then they don't? I stopped counting how many times someone was going to leave but came back. Everyone has left at least once. Cuddy might be the only exception. She wasn't really thinking of leaving when she got her kid; she just wanted some time off.

    Interesting turn of events, the guy being a cop. Maybe Tritter will hear about it.

    House said that the drug dealers who take the spot of this guy will be thankful for his risking his life. Yet they didn't touch on anything of the sort with Dibala. Chase thinks he saved all these lives just by killing Dibala. Yet look at Iraq. I don't want to get in an argument on whether the US should have gone in, but look at how it is now. Now imagine if the US wouldn't have been there. Who knows if someone even worse took Dibala's spot. Or a bunch of different people all killing people trying to gain power.

    I still wish they would have showed more of a reaction from people from Cameron leaving. Chase was somewhat affected the episode afterwards and then the episode after that was Wilson so we didn't get to see how he was. However, he admitted he got drunk on Thanksgiving and didn't even remember it. And House tried to get Cameron to come back to his team more than once and he was clearly affected so much by her speech that he almost went after her.
  • Really Funny...

    Very nice to see a new side of House (the show). This episode was more of a dramedy than most. While it's true that the plot involving House and Wilson and Nora wasn't the most original thing ever, it was acted well, and added some fascinating character development. There were some great jokes, and the chemistry between RSL/HL/Sasha Alexander was almost tangible.

    The other side, the patient, was once again, repeating the constant refrain, underwhelming. They had some moments, and there was of course (this being "House") a web of lies and ethical dilemmas. The joke on Foreman was OK, not terribly special, but it provided an opportunity for the team to mesh, which they are starting to do nicely.

    House/Wilson storyline: 9.7
    Team/case: 8
    Absence of Cuddy/Lucas relationship: priceless

    Total: 9.5
  • Good one..

    So.. House has his own games and he is not the only one. The team, seems to have caught the bug and are playing Foreman who is also playing them.. So, some nice side stories but the best thing on this episode is probably the case or House vs Wilson game.

    The case is good.. It has quite much emotion from the start to end, some jokes and maybe more the bond that cop had with that dealer and the end.. the decisions he made and the way it all "worked out".. And that the ending was not very usual.

    But most fun game from House vs Wilson, running after the same girl. I think that different comedy part also added much to the episode and.. it was quite logical from that woman to think that..
  • A Drug Dealer suddenly passes out during a bad drug deal, while Wilson has the hots for the woman in their new appartment and House tries to beat him to the punch!

    This was by far one of the best episodes in the shows history! This episode had it all, it had the typical plot with the typical house twists and turns but double the usual amount, and it also had double the amount of comedy!

    The three sub-plots in this episode were all as equally entertaining as the other. The main investigation into why the drug dealer was sick, the constant bickering between House, Wilson over the woman from 3B, and the pranks between Foreman, Chase,Thirteen and Taub.

    This was a perfect episode of House, and most definitely the best way to bring the show back for the new year!
  • I really liked this episode !

    One of the greatest episode of House I've seen in a long time. The medical case was great, hard to solve for House ans the relationship between the cop and the bad guy was well delt with. He spent so much time undercover and the guy was really caring for him and he is sorry he will be busted with the other. Great acting the look on the guy's face when he figures who the cops really is. Unusual ending with the dead guy walking plot but I think necessary from time to time or it's not realistic anymore.
    The best for the end, the house/wilson gay plot wad hilarious :)) great to sea sasha alexander on screen again I think since NCIS it's been a while. I liked her character and the way she reacted with House'craps lol. This said, House didn't actually answer Wilson's question, did he ;)