Season 6 Episode 11

The Down Low

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on FOX

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  • What can i say , another spectacular episode brilliantly written and acted.Wilson and House go to war over a female in their apartment, an undercover cop with a mysterious illness and the team try a joke on Foreman that....

    The story is another wonderful episode that takes some unexpected turns.A drug dealer with a mysterious and worsening illness that maybe related to the environment where he works but he wont let the team do a sweep of the area because he's actually a deep undercover(cop, agent we never find out) His drug dealing mate who shows surprisingly that even there is honour among drug dealers(their final scene together was beautiful he knowingly sends his caring drug dealing pal to a drug buts,while the pal walks away knowing he might not see him again cause he was dying) i kept thinking how do they come up with this stories!the dying scene was brilliantly executed and juxtaposed with the drug bust.
    House and Wilson are their bickering selves House wont honor the 'Man Code' and tries to cut in on a neighbour that Wilson saw first and liked but she thinks they are both gay.House's plan to play the sensitive gay guy into sleeping with the neighbor was brilliant But Wilson( am really beginning to fear for his soul hanging around House) comes up with a winner to trump House! (the restaurant vignette where Wilson proposes to House and utterly ruins his chance with the neighbor was awesome and shows House has more than robbed off on Wilson and Wilson could be just as diabolical as House.) that resturant scene has to go down in House moments.
    as usual the team is back again and they trying to play a prank on Foreman, But i guess he's been around House too long. a gorgeous bitter sweet episode certainly ,most certainly a 10!
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