Season 6 Episode 11

The Down Low

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The hockey game at the end of the episode doesn't make any sense. It shows Detroit (Red Wings) losing to Toronto (Maple Leafs) by a score of 3-2 at the end of the second period. The last time these two teams had such a score between them was October 9th 2008, but it wasn't until the middle of the 3rd period that it became 3-2. The last time they were 3-2 at the end of the 2nd, was Dec 2003, but it was in Toronto so the Wings would have been wearing white jerseys instead of their home darks.

  • Quotes

    • House: (seeing Chase's new, shorter hair) Cameron get your hair in the divorce?

    • House: Yes, he won't tell us anything. Understandable, since he's a drug dealer.
      Thirteen: So he's dangerous and withholding, which you find irresistible. But guys like that, they never call.

    • Thirteen: So now he's not only a drug dealer, he's a cocaine dealer.
      House: He seemed peppy.

    • Dr. Wilson: Everyone in our building thinks we're gay.
      House: We're grown men over the age of 30 who moved in together. We're two tigers away from an act in Vegas. They'll figure out we're straight eventually.
      Dr. Wilson: Eventually is not when I want to go out with the cute girl in 3-B.

    • House: I heard that you think Wilson and I like to polish each other's swords. And by swords, I mean... pistols.

    • Dr. Wilson: I ran into Nora this morning. She told me about your Evita listening party.
      House: The London and New York recordings are so different.
      Dr. Wilson: You were supposed to tell her that we're straight.
      House: She didn't believe me, either.
      Dr. Wilson: You're doing this to mess with me.
      House: Correction--I started doing this to mess with you. Now I'm honestly trying to hit that.

    • Dr. Wilson: That's... quite a commitment you've made to jumping the girl I want to date.
      House: I'd like to date her. In the sense that I'd like to jump her repeatedly.
      Dr. Wilson: I saw her first.
      House: Seriously? You're invoking the guy code?
      Dr. Wilson: We're guys. It's a code.

    • House: That receiver doesn't respond to manual stimulation. Maybe if you took off your shirt.
      Thirteen: Actually, I resorted to something more exotic. I call it reading the instructions.

    • Dr. Foreman: I don't see how this is relevant.
      House: In the land of no fun, you got a really sensible piece of property.

    • Dr. Wilson: ("proposing" to House) I love this man! And I am not wasting another moment of my life denying that. Gregory House... will you marry me?
      House: Wow. This is unexpected.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Well, someone does something stupid and insensitive I always figure it was House. Good to know it's catching.

    • House: This whole thing with Wilson... it's all my fault. We're not closeted, because we're not gay. For real. Wilson thought you were cute, and I was just yanking his chain. Maybe that's not the best phrasing.
      Nora: So you were only spending time with me to screw with him?
      House: God, no. I was spending time with you because I want to touch your boobs. Enough to listen to Evita, twice. And I really hate Evita. That's how much I like your boobs.

    • Dr. Wilson: Ran into Nora in the elevator. She no longer thinks we're gay. Now she thinks we're mendacious dirt bags.
      House: Mendacious dirt bag comes much more naturally to me.

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