Season 7 Episode 21

The Fix

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Tony is looking at a photo of a girl, and tells his friend Glenn that he's fantasized about it for months. Glenn then boosts Tony up to the top of a missile target in the middle of nowhere. Tony tapes the photo to the top, climbs down, and drives off with his friend. As they go, Tony calls in and says that the target area is clear.

At a bunker, Dr. Wendy Lee, the woman whose photo Tony put on the missile, explains to the military about her company's test missile that they are planning to launch. As they fire the missile, Tony and Glenn watch from a distance, and Tony says that he's feeling better. At the bunker, Dr. Lee collapses from a seizure.

House is at home exercising his right leg and then meets with the team to discuss Lee's case. They wonder why he seems disinterested, and get an answer when Wilson comes into gloat and asks for the $50 that House bet with him on a losing boxer, Terry Foley. House refuses to pay, insisting that the fight was rigged, but Wilson doesn't believe it and gives him one day to prove it or pay up. Once he's gone, House figures he'll deal with the case that is costing him money and tells them to deal with Wendy.

Thirteen and Chase take Wendy in for a MRI, and Wendy explains that her family is also unhappy at her chosen occupation of designing bombs. She insists that they can be used to make things better or worse. They start the MRI scan.

House approaches Terry at a diner, and the boxer insists that he didn't take a dive. He points out that he's poor and doesn't look like someone who threw a fight, and explains that he just sucks. House then goes to see Wilson and shows him a photo of Terry's face. The pupils show that he is has tachycardia, and House insists that since he couldn't medically continue, the bet is off. Wilson refuses to believe what could be a Photoshopped photo. As House leaves, Lee's boyfriend Cesar arrives and says that Lee's last boyfriend Tony was crazy, and he poisoned Lee.

House informs the team about Cesar's theory, but Foreman says that Lee tested negative for common poisons. Taub suggest there are plenty of poisons that they didn't test for, and House admits that the case is getting a little interesting. He sends Thirteen and Chase to break into Tony's apartment. As they look around, they get a call from Taub and Foreman, who are checking out Wendy's apartment and explains that she's been poisoning herself with overdrinking. They confront Lee, who says she's saving the bottles for an art project. Afterward, Thirteen suggests that Wendy has no reason to lie, but Foreman figures that treating her for alcohol is the best they've got.

Meanwhile, House has Terry in for an EKG but it proves negative. When Terry tries to leave, insisting there's nothing wrong, House says that he's sick and can be made better, and then Terry doesn't have to suck. Terry tells him to fix what's wrong with himself first and leaves.

Lee has stomach pains from pancreatitis, and Thirteen suggests that it's stress. Foreman disagrees and they argue, and Taub finally pages House, only to get no response. Foreman goes to Wilson and covers House's bet, but Wilson says that House is ignoring him because he trusts them. Wilson defends his friend, explaining that House has been seeking out crazier things to do, and now he's found something relatively normal to do, just because he's interested. Foreman doesn't buy it, takes his money back, and goes to tell the patient.

House is back in his apartment exercising his leg, and then takes out a needle and shoots up with a white powder.

The team is unable to come up with a differential for Lee, and House comes in and asks them to help him differentiate Terry. Taub focuses on their cases and suggest she has a neurological condition exasperated by her sexual escapades, and they go with his treatment. As they leave, Foreman reluctantly asks if there's anything he can do to help House. House ignores him and goes to the gym where Terry is mopping. He tells him that he has an underlying neurological condition, sympathetic overdrive, and says that Terry can go back to winning. Terry figures House is just doing it to win the bet, but House denies it and then injects him with epinephrine. When Terry's heart goes into overdrive, House gives him a light punch and then a harder one. Nothing happens, and Terry knocks him to the floor and tells him to get out of his life.

Wendy has a heart attack despite the fact that she runs marathons. Later, Foreman tells Cuddy that House is doing what he's doing because of her. She doesn't believe it and insists that House is fine, same as always. As she tries to walk away, Foreman accuses her of avoiding House and putting Wendy at risk, but Cuddy tells him to do his job so she doesn't die.

At home, House continues to shoot up as Thirteen arrives and sees him. He explains that the pain is getting worse and he can't take Vicodin, so he switched to heroin. She explains that they're implanting an automatic cardio-defibrillator to buy time to diagnose Lee, and that Wilson and Cuddy both sent her over there to check on him. Thirteen realizes that House isn't taking heroin, and he explains that he's taking an experimental treatment, Compound CS-804. She points out that it's only been tested on rats, but House insists that it's his best chance.

As Chase implants the cardio-defibrillator, they realize that she has rectal and vaginal bleeding. Back in differential, Taub insists that it's a blood disorder and they can treat. Chase focuses on House, saying that it must be about something other than Cuddy or House would have left weeks ago. Foreman notes that Thirteen isn't saying anything and they realize that she knows something. She tells them that House has his reasons for not helping them, and they have to respect her privacy. When Foreman rattles off causes, Taub goes to treat the symptoms.

House continues to exercise his leg until the pain becomes too great, and then considers taking more of the compound. When he realizes that he's out, he goes to see Dr. Riggin, who is running the study on the compound. Riggin says that the chances of it being harmful are minimal, and House complains that his leg hurts. He asks Riggin to get him some coffee, and then steals some of the compound.

Taub stops the bleeding and takes offense when Foreman questions him. They check on Lee, whose gums are now burnt.

Back at his apartment, House finally throws away the compound and takes out a bottle of Vicodin. He pours out three tables and after a moment's contemplation, takes them. As he does, he gets an idea and starts to leave. However, Wilson arrives and knows all about the experimental drug, and demands an explanation. House says that he's off the drug, but Wilson accuses him of thinking that he wants to fix his leg to fix his life, because he wants everything to have a physical solution. His friend refuses to listen and leaves.

The team try to differentiate the burns and suggest AML, and they eliminate all of the causes except one. They take Lee to an isolation room and tell Cesar that she was exposed to radiation that is destroying her immune system. Cesar insists that Lee wouldn't do anything like that, and Thirteen suggests that he doesn't know Lee as well as he thinks.

House drives to find Terry as he's jogging and says that he really needs a drink.

As they prepare a stem cell transplant to bolster Lee's system, she asks to see Cesar. Foreman explains that they can't risk the increased chance of infection, and assures her that they're doing everything they can. The nurse notices a new symptom: engorged genitalia.

House has Terry keep drinking and explains that his kidneys aren't working, and he'll soon collapse from all the water he's drinking. Terry says that House is just making him miserable because House is miserable. House points out that Terry has done everything he's asked because he wants House to be right. Terry drinks the last bottle of water, nothing happens, and he tells House that he's an ass for building his hopes up.

Later, House pays Wilson the $50 and then shoves everything off of his desk when Wilson tries to tell him it's not the end of the world. When Wilson continues, House starts smashing his movie poster frames until Wilson stops and says they'll talk later. House responds by saying there's nothing to talk about and leaves.

Back in differential, Foreman insists that Lee is improving because of the radiation, but Chase disagrees. They both tell Taub to shut up when he says that he's paging House.

House is drinking at a bar until the bartender cuts him off. He explains in some detail why men come there, and that he's there to kill the pain. A patron finally tells the bartender to serve House to shut him up, and House berates him for giving in. Another patron insults House, who asks the bartender whether he should hit him or not. House decides not to compromise and tells the second patron to get up and fight. The man refuses and House takes a swing at him, and he misses and hits his leg on the edge of the bar. Surprised, he freezes and the customer hits him.

Thirteen and Chase tell Cesar that they'll have to treat him as well for radiation exposure since he worked with Wendy. When he refuses, they figure that Cesar knows that they're wrong, which means they know what is killing Wendy. Wendy has been getting better because Cesar was poisoning her, and he couldn't get to her in the hospital. Taub and Foreman are going to his apartment to search for poison.

House exercises his leg again and feels better. He accidentally hits himself in the back of the neck with his cane and gets an idea. He goes to the gym as Terry comes in, and pokes him in the back of the neck with his cane. Terry promptly collapses, to House's satisfaction.

Thirteen explains to Wendy that Cesar is in jail for trying to kill her because he found out she was dating Glenn, while he dated her when she was dating Tony. Cesar gave her Spanish Fly, which contains a lethal ingredient, canthardin.

House comes to see Wilson and demands his $50. He explains that Terry had a glomus tumor on his neck, and it was hit when he was in the clinch before he took the punch that knocked him down. Wilson reluctantly pays the $50 and says that House gave Terry his life back, but House says that Terry will have to have surgery and will never fight again. When Wilson asks about his black eye he got in the bar fight, House says that he's better than fine.

At home, House takes the drugs out of the garbage where he dumped them.

At the lab, Riggin discovers that one of his experimental rats has died.