Season 7 Episode 21

The Fix

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on FOX

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  • I think you think this- I think you think that because I think this.

    Did the writers let the interns write this episode, leaving only the guidelines- "have everyone question everyone elses motives about 4 times per scene, and then pad it out with some really poor and boring medical mystery."

    Honestly, I was so tired of the dialogue by the end of this episode that I found myself decreasing the volume without even noticing I was doing it. I love house and have been willing to overlook some of the flaws that have been showing up in the past season, but this just drove me to the point of boredom. The stuff with the boxer became dry nearly as fast as the uninspired and poorly resolved main mystery (if you can call it that)

    Genuinely shocked to see this weeks average score on it.
  • so so episode

    Tonight's episode is a bit boring. House's fixation on the case of the boxer seems irrational since his group has a responsibility of solving a case which he accepted. I think that is not good medical etiquette but well, that is what House is known for anyway. The redeeming factor I think is 13. Though a bit like House in character, cynical and a bit dark, she seems to be the only one that has a back bone to stand against House and even be brutally honest to her patients. I don't like the direction of the Wilson character. It seems like his role for the past episode is just to nag House.
  • Wow..who missed the Point..Great episode.

    This was a great episode. Co-written by co-creator David Shore this is what House is about--dealing with pain and the control it has over people's lives. House has always gone for the experimental drugs. He has tried injections into his leg that did not work. He has tried therapy, pain pills, and now an experimental rat treatment for cell growth of damaged muscle. This was extremely well written and detailed. The case also was an oddity. They did suspect poisoning and it was. I admit the boyfriends reaction to being caught was strange (no reaction and no attempt to escape) so I deduct ONE point for that error but the overall case was quite interesting and impressive. The BOXER that House befriended was reminscent of the relationship House developed with his bunkmate in the Pyschiatric Institution and I enjoyed the interplay, very amusing.

    House and 13 are forging a rare bond that the others are not sharing. Cuddy was called out, (finally) by Foreman correctly for her attitude and she responded "Do your job" which was the appropriate comeback since Taub, Foreman and Chase seem to RELY on HOUSE for almost every diagnosis. Great episode and part two seems all the more interesting.

    BTW--David Shore wrote the all time best (by far) episode of House-- "Three Stories." he is the best writer on House and only does maybe ONE or two scripts per season. Quality vs Quantity.
  • I just can't describe it

    I just can't describe it. I was disturbed by House's attitude this week. He was obsessed (more than usual), plus I really thought that he was shooting heroin, but the color of the drug was off. Then we learned that, he is benefiting from an experimental treatment, which is being experimented on rats. Apparently, the compound CS-804 is regenerating the muscle tissue. We can conclude by saying that it's obvious that they are preparing us for the season finale (otherwise, there is no need for this storyline).

    House didn't even bother to check on the patient. Was it the first time? or am I mistaken? But, it was quite funny to see him chase after the boxer. We got to see what kind of doctors are Taub, Foreman, Chase and Thirteen are without taking any advice from House. However, they solved the case. Kudos !

    All in all, a very enjoyable episode.
  • Fixed (Spoilers Ahead)

    House is seemingly taking a new drug that may be heroin but actually turns out to be an experimental muscle growth formula tested on rats. A weapons developer gets admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after collapsing at work but the team is down one House since he takes an interest in a young boxer Wilson and he made a bet on and he believes that young man either threw the fight or has something wrong with him medically. As the team gets continually frustrated with House's absence and struggle to diagnose the patient House stalks and tries again and again to prove the young man has something wrong with him. I really enjoyed this episode especially since House is taking an active step towards recovery, of course we've seen someone having poisoned their significant other before on this show. His beating Wilson at the bet and finding out his leg as more mobility now thanks to the drugs mean that he's on the right path possibly. But the biggest step that this season needed was this episode showing an episode having House be House without Cuddy and getting along with an interesting story in a seemingly underwhelming season.
  • 721

    Nothing about this episode really sparked my interest. The ending was about the only thing I can call noteworthy about the episode. The Wilson interactions were ridiculous, and the case was just lifeless. We got an anti-climactic ending, and a very mediocre story line regarding the boxer.

    House taking more drugs to fix his leg does have potential. Hopefully they don't resolve it within the next episode and actually make a story arc out of it. Remember when House was successful with story arcs? See the first four seasons and you'll know what I mean.

    Cuddy's only scene annoyed me. I'm glad the House and Cuddy weren't put on the forefront like they were in the last episode but what exactly was the point of having Cuddy say "I don't care about House" and walk away. Yes I'm paraphrasing.

    Just a disappointing installment of House, it felt like it had a lot of potential, but it just kind of fell flat.
  • The Fix

    Well, they got House out of the hospital for this episode and had him trying to help elsewhere. I guess you could chalk that down as a positive for the show. They explored fighting and boxing and whatnot, but I would have liked for them to see this through a little bit more.

    What happened inside the hospital was nothing to write home about. Not enough Wilson, and not really enough of anyone to be honest. Our weekly Thirteen fix was surely nothing to rave about.

    House has had some good shows lately, but this was not one of them. Not a good medical mystery and not a good episode period.
  • Kinda dull, but with a few twists

    Still a great episode though! This was clenched by the ending showing the dead rat.. :O The boxer case was interesting, while the missile developer case was rather unstimulating. I liked the scene with 13 and House a lot as well as the one with Cuddy and Foreman.

    The bar scene was unexpected in some ways though I found it to be altogether comical. While I liked the side stories and, like I said, the one case about the boxer was interesting, the episode itself was a little motionless as far as the overall season goes. Then again, season five had a couple episodes like that toward the end before abruptly shifting into absolute intensity. Also, after seeing the final scene I'm somewhat inclined to think this episode was indicative of bad things to come! :O
  • Trying To Fix A Broken House...

    With ratings falling each week, House has lost some of its luster and FOX drama is definitely trying ways to keep the show fresh. After a solid episode with last week's "Changes," House returned this week with a decent outing with "The Fix." House is interested in puzzles, it's been that way since season one, but he's seemed disinterested lately in the various medical mysteries that have come his way. He seems much more interested in finding ways to distract himself from the whole breakup with Cuddy (something that got old around episode 16). This week's POTW did little to gauge House's interest, but this week's episode saw House interested in helping a second-rate boxer, who lost out in a fight House had betted on. The team treated the POTW and after the usually misdiagnose, mistreat, misdiagnose, bring the patient to the brink of death before saving his/her life, solved the case. House, meanwhile, was experimenting with a new drug that supposedly helps regrow muscle in rats. He also helped the boxer out as well. I don't know, "The Fix" had its moments, but the last few episodes of House (dating back to "Bombshells") have been increasingly disappointing. House writers no longer seem interested in presenting interesting medical mysteries, but rather delving deeper into the social lives of the doctors of Princeton Plainsboro. Next week's episode, "After Hours," does look good however. The promo was very good, but promos are supposed to look good, right?