Season 5 Episode 7

The Itch

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on FOX

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  • Phobia.

    An intriguing episode in which the patient stays in his house instead of being hospitalised. Love it. I like it when Cameron joins the differential. I miss it. Every since Cameron, Chase and Foreman leave the team, I keep hoping they'll rejoin House for at least once to solve a case. Although Chase doesn't join them, Cameron brings the old feeling back. Anyway the patient, to me, is kind of annoying. I know he has phobia, but I really have trouble believing that hospital is a dangerous place. At least compared to his house.

    The final diagnosis is unexpected. I never know bullet shards can cause a damage so severe. Overall, the episode is good.
  • It`s pretty much the right formula

    Ever since the Season 3 finale, the show has been a mixed bag. The thing last season is that there was too much characters..uninteresting ones at that. They tried to keep the show fresh by sidelining part of the original cast and brining in new faces. It might have work and simply hasn`t. The new characters are copycat of the old ones and the most annoying thing is that the writers keep on trying to force them onto the audience. But there is the no dynamic as before and the best episode of centered on the original cast. Kutner is meh, Todd`s problems a waste of screen time and 13 being a lesbia scenes are hot but she remains forced, boring and a bad copy of Cameron. Add to that, we get very little of Chase and Cameron usually and Foreman is in the background (remember the Foreman centric episode in the season 1? That was quality). It is the wrong formula. There were uninteresting cases in the earlier seasons as well but covered up by good characters, now any centric about the new characters is bound to failure.
    NOW that the rant is over, onto the episode. 3 episodes stands out so far for this season:Birthmarks, Joy and this one. All have one thing in common: they center on the original cast, there you have it. This is the first episode in a long time we`ve had so much of Chase and Cameron. Meanwhile the thing going on between House and Cuddy with Wilson in the middle is ever interesting and entertaining. No 13 dying, no forcing of flat characters, that right here is the right formula for this show. House is awesome, Cuddy, Wilson, Chase, Foreman, Cameron and even the detective guy is great...the others ruin the show, it`s as simple as that.
  • Return to form!

    After the last two episodes, this one was much better- perhaps because of the involvement of Chase and Cameron.

    For the first time in a Season and a half, we learn more about Cameron. Her interaction with the patient was classic "House", and her care for someone who was damaged expanded more on her situation with her dead husband and her relationship with Chase. We saw their relationship move forward a bit, and it was nice to see more of them. As much as I'll stand up for the new team, I do miss the old ones presence a lot.

    House and Cuddy also try to deal with their kiss- and it was very well dealt with. House and Cuddy's dynamics have always been brilliant and its interesting seeing them developed more in this episode, and in a new light. I love how Wilson was sticking his nose in as well- he was more worked up than the ones who actually kissed!

    House being plagued by his subconscious was also good- I was freaked out by his dream when his appartment blew up! It was so frustrating when he refused to knock on Cuddy's door at the end of the episode.

    Overall, a much better episode, capturing relationships, the old team, and House and Cuddy's dilemna so well.
  • house is house, won't fold or let his emotions come out easily and that's so tiring but in the series is so exiting .

    First i was so happy that the writers went the way on house , where his emotions are about cuddy and for real it's the greatest season of all , first the breakup with his only trusted friend Wilson and now with cuddy who i think will be his love , i'm sure the coming episode will be also interesting but the one after will be better , just because i think it's where cuddy and house will face each other , again it's just a hunch about the coming episodes . . . . . . . . . .
  • 507

    Well this episode was really good! Good focus on the old team. Cameron and Chase's interaction really livened up the episode and I like how they're giving the old team more screen time now. As it turns out, Cameron still likes broken people, first with her husband, House, and now the agoraphobic. I really didn't how Cameron made all the wrong choices just to comfort the patient. It completely clouded her judgment, and made her have problems with Chase. Cameron's sort of a weird person, now that I come to think of it, but Jennifer Morrison does great. The aftermath of the "Huddy" kiss, I disliked how House didn't ring her doorbell, but it was nice how the patient finally stepped outside. Wilson interfering with the relationship was hilarious. The mosquito was funny too, I like House's dream, when his place blew up! Hilarious! Great episode.
  • Another good one

    In this episode of House, the following happens. Cameron is brought back to the team, when an agoraphobic man collapses and seizures in his own home. He team manage to trick him and put him under and then transport him to the hospital. When he finds out he freaks out and is taken back home. Once there the real operation is actually performed. It goes well, but then when he is recovering from the operation he can no longer fell his legs. They soon learn that his condition is due to the chemicals he has been using o clean his bathroom. They soon learn that his condition is actually caused by the led from the bullet which was used when he was shot a few years ago. Throughout the episode Wilson tries to get House and Cuddy together but it doesn't happen. At the end of the episode we see House going to Cuddy's house, where he watches her through a window.
  • An agoraphobic man becomes ill and House, with the help of his team and Cameron, have to test their theories and diagnose him at his house. As a subplot, House and Cuddy have to deal with Wilson's match-making ideas and CHAMERON is explored further.

    This was a hilarious episode. I couldn't help but giggle at Wilson's unsuccessful attempts at trying to convince House and Cuddy that them getting together would be good. I would've rated this episode higher but it seemed as if the case of the agoraphobic man was not priority and that House and Cuddy were more important. Perhaps they are but stick to the episodes that have made House a number 1 hit show. Concentrate on the patient and insert a few humorous, character-developing scenes. I paled when Wilson announced that he had feelings for Cuddy and my shoulders tensed up. It was a huge relief when I found out that Wilson was just trying to get House jealous and realize his feelings for Cuddy. The part where Cuddy practically slapped Wilson's left cheek and pecked him on the right was definitely a laugh-out-loud scene.
  • Just what the doctor ordered.

    The team must find a way to treat an agoraphobic man who refuses to leave his house. Cameron and Chase work out a rough patch in their relationship and House must deal with his nagging itch for Cuddy. While the patient and his diagnosis was the most interesting in quite awhile, the main focus was on the relationship between Chase and Cameron, which at last seems to be in a solid place. House solicites the advice of Wilson in dealing with a problem that is bugging his subconscious-Cuddy. The funniest part of the story was the dream sequence in which a misquito and a flame provide the perfect metaphores for House's unresolved feelings for Cuddy.

    The ending showed more hope for the agoraphobic than for House-but nothing can be accomplished without a series of baby steps, which House seems to be interested in taking, at least for the time being.
  • A man with a sever case of agorophobia falls ill but resfuses to come into the hospital to be treated; meanwhile, House and Cuddy are trying to iron out their new relationship with Wilson egging them on and Cameron and Chase suffer problems of their own.

    House. To know it is to love it. To watch it is to have a full hour of enjoyment.
    The Itch is the follow up of Joy, in which House and Cuddy kissed and brought a new aspect of their relationship to light. Its not a great day for couples: Cameron and Chase are having difficulties and Taub and his wife are seperating. In addition, there's a patient that collapsed of...well, who knows anymore? The problem is, he won't leave his house. Cameron takes an active role in this episode, which is nice in small doses, but I tired of her quickly. Chase also got some time, which is always a bonus with me ;)
    In the end, House says one of those things that make an impact: "Your a coward." Face your agorophobia and learn to live. Stop quibbling. So we cut to Cameron and Chase happy again, Taub and his wife happy again, the man walking out his door slowly (n my head I saw a car run him over as he took his first steps outside. I know. I'm horrible.) and House walk up to Cuddy's door. Looks inside. Steels himself. Walks away.
    Overall, an excellent episode. Just bring in Foreman more and have Chase appear and I shall be content.
  • Chase and Cameron

    Not quite what I expected the episode to be but it was still good of course, I throughly loved seeing Chase and Cameron again! Kudos to Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison, that can't have been easy given their real life break up. Anyway hings didn't go down between their characters the way I expected. For one thing I kind of thought that they might go down once and for all in this episode, even before it began actually. As it wore on again I thought okay they're going to break up but they really got somewhere which is really nice. At first I wasn't super clear on what the problem they were having actually was, one minute it seemed like it was Chase and the next it seemed like it was something to do with Cameron. It turned out to be Cameron but it was nothing that was actually her fault. She wasn't keeping Chase as a distance on purpose she was still just dealing with some left over things for her last relationship, her ex-hubby who died. But hey they worked it out, Cam saw what she what she was doing and fixed it. She gave Chase a drawer, very sweet moment.

    As I said I adored seeing Chase and Cam again, reminded me why I miss them as seperate characters and as part of the old cast of the show. The dynamic was so much better when it was Chase, Cam, Forman, House, Wilson and Cuddy. It's nothing personel against the new fellows, they all have thier charms so to speak and I don't hate any of them (except Thirteen a little) but the cast they had before was just so much better and the newbies forced two of the best (next to House and Wilson) out and this episode was just a big reminder of that and how great and wonderful Jesse and Jennifer are as actors. Again I loved seeing them so much and I sincerely hope they keep them on screen.

    The POW was very interesting this week, I loved that they tied in some House/Cameron scenes even if they werne't very ship-y, House's dream was pretty nuts, and they even squeezed in some Wilson. The episode felt a little packed at times but not severely. Still if the new fellows weren't there the show would feel much less crowded and be able to get back to their most interesting/orignal characters. Then again they didn't always do that when the show wasn't crowded thing I didn't understand though was the end bit with the mosquito. It landed on House's hand, he looked at the other bite then just blew it away. What was that? A realization about Cuddy?
  • Right up there with Birthmarks as the best episode of the season.

    Right up there with Birthmarks as the best episode of the season, if simply because of the fact Cameron and Chase had more than 10 seconds. The case was interesting; with having to use only stuff they could take to the house. I would have rated it a 10 except for the House/Cuddy parts. It was great to see Cameron so much and have her take on her own patient. She still cares for her patients, which was nice to see. It was also interesting to see where her relationship with Chase was, even if I don't like it that much. However if their relationship gets them more screen time, I will gladly take it. Cameron figuring House would switch the morphine for saline was great. As was House's quote, "the Formster and Camster kickin it old school." And hardly any 13 at all, another plus.
    Why is Wilson so interested in getting House and Cuddy together? That storyline just took away from the patient. I also didn't understand the mosquito and how that made House decide to go to Cuddy's house.
    Hopefully this is the start of the new and old team being incorporated together and not the writers throwing Cameron and Chase fans a bone and they don't have anything else important for another 7 episodes.
  • Different than usual...

    It was surprisingly good - I am glad it was concentrating more on the old char instead of the new staff - we haven't had many Cameron and Chase episodes and the whole thing with House, Wilson and Cuddy was good too. It was surprisingly good - the whole different way House acted, Wilson trying to play a middle man...

    And the case.. I think it was very.. first emotional, then the whole dying thing and Camerdon off the case thing.. and House bad dream and that mosquito.

    Oh.. overall, I really like it.. it was different than I expected, little new winds on the show...
  • Picking up where last week left off, House and Cuddy are having issues dealing with the "kiss".

    I love how Wilson has to tie the psychological perspective in to anything that is going on with House! The "Itch", how brilliant. This episode had several twists and turns, not always ending how I expected. I love how this episode started right in with the kiss and House's refusal to address the matter. I laughed more in this episode than I have in a long time. The whole "roomie" thing between House and Wilson was hillarious! The stethescope on the door, the cane breaking, the wet spot on the couch and then Wilson's own pillow to sop it up...these two crack me up! Of course, it was equally as intense with the whole divorce discussion between the two...made my heart break a little for Wilson as House's theory hit both Wilson and myself at the same time, then the dishes that House intentionally left just to get Wilson to do them.

    I loved all of the Chase and Cameron time. I really never expected Cameron to give Chase a drawer. I kind of saw them as coming to an end. The end was brilliant.
  • I accidentally put this review in the show reviews, I'm sorry, I don't know how to delete it! =[ Lots of Cameron in this episode, and hardly any 13, which is ALWAYS good.

    It was an improvement on most of this season and last season's episodes because it had a lot of Cameron and Chase. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it still seemed off. House seemed really unhappy the whole episode because of all that Huddy stuff going on... he wasn't really interacting as well with Chase and Cameron as I had hoped, cos he was dealing with some personal problems. I loved how much screen time Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer got for once, though.

    It still is nowhere near as good as seasons 1,2 & 3. I guess I just really liked how things used to run, you know? I am like House, I hate change =P It seems like the writers are running out of ideas for their medical cases, and really, I don't blame them- it's in its fifth year and it's hard without things getting repetitive, but I still miss the old seasons =[ I think the audience used to really connect to the patients, and now it's just all about the doctors lives and emotions, they seem to be concentrating less on a good medical case, and putting more effort into character development.

    Overall, I still liked it. There was lots of interaction between House and Cameron. I still don't think Chase and Cameron will work though, I've never really seen them as having chemistry at all. It seemed a little forced.
  • So apparently House knows what he needs to do . . .

    So this episode we learn that House knows what he needs to do to start moving on and being happy (as demonstrated by his good advice to the patient who will not leave his house), however, he appears to afraid to do anything. I think Wilson has it right that the House Cuddy relationship could be good for both of them. House has had long term relationships in the past so he is capable of some sort of commitment and openness. No I'm not saying we could get a nice, smiley house, but seeing the contrast between how he treats everyone else and how he treats a significant other would be fun. I have my fingers crossed on that one. We also so a lot of Cameron and Chase in this episode. It is nice to see they are acting like grown-up now that they are out on their own. Not a lot of 13 in this episode, which for me is good. She is not a very strong character for me. Anyway, a good episode with lots of possibilities.
  • "I kind of hit that last night, so now she's all in my jock." -House.

    We had to wait 2 weeks for this damn episode. I was biting my nails up until it started. And now...

    So, lets see: Wow! I really loved this episode. From the beginning to the end, it was awesome. To start, the case was kind of...unusual, but it was different for a change. Having the case in the patients house was a nice change of venue.

    Bad: Chase and Cameron's relationship. I mean, it kind of seems...stalled or something. I don't know, but to be honest, I don't really care about their relationship. In the end, it seems they patched up all that needed to be mended, but who knows with Cameron. I have a feeling we'll have more of them later into the season. They oth had major roles in the episode, but I was just kind of getting used to them NOT being in an episode. LOL

    So, House and Wilson. LOL. I love how Wilson was trying to be the matchmaker. Very cute...especially in the beginning when he confronted House in his office. OMG! The look on his face when House was like, "Kind of hit that, so she's all in my jock." And then Wilson's all like, "Whoa. What...What?!" LOL So damn funny and cute of Wilson. And then Wilson goes to Cuddy when she's eatting lunch, and the way she just KNEW Wilson knew about their kiss. LOL It was sarcastic as hell and perfect for her. "Oh god, you dragged it out of me, you're a genius." LOL And then Wilson's says, "Funny, I've leaned on friends in the past. Never leaned so far my tongue fell into their mouth." LMFAO. So perfect. And then she all tries to deny she has feelings for him. And the explanation for why it WOULDN'T Work out between the two of them was even better. LOL A little later into the episode, Wilson confronts Cuddy again and...says that he has always sort of liked her. LOL Of course, she said it was to make House jealous, yada yada yada. I get why he did that, but I've actually always thought that Wilson DID like Cuddy. I guess, what do I know, right?

    The end...oh wow. Why didn't he just knock on her damn door!!! The coward (patient) did, but he couldn't? Come on, House! Don't be a damn coward. I kept hoping that Cuddy would turn and see him through the window, but noooo!!! LOL
    Can't wait for all the fanfics on this episode!

  • a much-needed episode of House

    Finally, here's an episode of House that I've badly wanted to see. Finally, there's a case that can prove interesting. House and Cuddy duck around each other. And the best part: Chase and Cameron return! Well, sort of. They still have their current roles but for this episode, they're given a more needed boost in roles. Excellent. I've missed them so bad. Cameron is called into a case when an man, afraid to walk outside, trusts her over everyone else while trying to diagnose him of his strange affliction. House is acting squeemish and dodgy around Cuddy after the kiss, acting weird and distant even to Wilson. Wilson reasons that dating Cuddy wouldn't be the end of the world and House may have a chance with her. He's right. His concern towards Cuddy and House seems more than friendly and Wilson does reveal to Cuddy that he always had feelings for her. Cuddy chalks it up to the belief Wilson just wants to mess with House and Wilson accepts her answer but a look at him, and what he said is true. Too bad their relationship as less of a chance of an effective Cuddy and House relationship. Then again, you never know. Cuddy slips that she has thought of a relationship with House before and House. . .just trying to shrug it off. Cameron and Chase are revealed to be having problems themselves. Cameron is unwilling to take the next step in their relationship. Not surprising, since her last major relationship was with her husband. Cameron even sidesteps Chase in order to help the patient and feels free to repremend House on what's right. Even though I've missed Cameron, I've forgotten how annoyingly self-righteous she can be. Taub's love life is still on the rocks since he admitted to his wife he had an affair and not knowing how his relationship will mend. Stuart, the patient, confides in Cameron over how the only time he went outside was for his girlfriend, who sadly died in a robbery gone bad that affected him too. House solves the case and it's revealed the guy's problem hurting him is leftover gun bits from the robber's bullet. That and combined with post-traumatic stress made hating the outside worst. House leaves, saying to Stuart to stop hiding from life. The episode ends with House coming close to Cuddy's door, unwilling to take the next step, Stuart finally having the courage to step outside again, Taub and wife finally starting to reconnect, and Cameron deciding to give Chase a chance. Poor Wilson is still recovering from Amber and Foreman's lovelife is not touched on. Nor is Thirteen's. Doesn't matter now, since rumors have it they'll start a relationship together. Great. I wonder just how far House and Cuddy's relationship will go. Even though it's highly unlikely they'll last, the romance deserves a chance. House is afraid of getting hurt or worst, he'll actually find out he loves Cuddy. Maybe both or neither will happen. It was great seeing Cameron interact with the new team and have her and Chase be on the show again, it was an actual interesting case, and the House and Cuddy romance has been a long time coming. Hopefully, there will be more to come.
  • This episode picks up right where the last one left off and deals with the after math of House's kiss with Cuddy.

    This episode picks up right where the last one left off and deals with the after math of House's kiss with Cuddy. I thought they handled it perfectly with how House chooses to deal with the situation. There was a great subtly with Hugh Laurie's performance in this episode. He really knows what to do with his character.

    I really liked this episode because Chase and Cameron get a lot of screen time and their relationship is explored instead of just insinuated or hinted at. Chase was and still is my favorite character, I always thought that his [Jesse Spencer] performances were the most honest and real out of the whole cast. So I'm glad that he got some more screen time.

    The medical mystery was a lot more interesting, in this episode, than others so far this season. I appreciate that. Some times shows like this will run out of interesting plot ideas and will rely, instead, on contrived drama between characters to keep viewer's interest up. In my opinion. House has gotten dangerously close to that this season, but has managed keep the drama somewhat relevant to the story of a particular episode.
  • House and his team treat an agoraphobic man, as Chase and Cameron try to decide where their relationship is going and Wilson plays matchmaker to House and Cuddy.

    Great episode. I loved the Cameron and Chase story. I felt that this episode did a great job of letting us know exactly where Chase and Cameron are in their relationship. I like that Chase finally was willing to confront Cameron with his concerns (even if he was a little slow to get to that point) and that Cameron responded to them.

    I also loved Wilson trying to play matchmaker for House and Cuddy. It was fun to watch Wilson trying to get those two together and how both of them were resistence to it. House's nightmare was a nice touch to that part of the story.

    I even liked Taubs and Thirteen in this one, but wish they would use Kutner more. The small Taubs' side story added nicely to the story. I was glad to see his wife come to him at the end. And any episode where there is less Thirteen is fine with me.

    I thought parallels between the patient, Cameron and House were well done. It was interesting that the patient and Cameron were able to move forward, when House could not. I couldn't help but feel bad for the House in that last scene. He wants to change his life but he can't bring himself to take the first step.