Season 5 Episode 7

The Itch

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: When House grabs his keys off his desk, they are sitting on a book. The book is Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • Quotes

    • House: (to the lawyer after flames come out of the patient's stomach) That always happens during surgery. It's just the gas buildup in the blockage. Nothing to sue about. Treat him for the burns. Put him on antibiotics for the Whipple's. He'll be fine.

    • Dr. Chase: All right forget about the patient. What is going on with you? This is why we left House's team, to avoid the constant flood of pure craziness.
      Dr. Cameron: That's why I left. You got fired.

    • House: Why are you siding with him? Oh yeah, you're that girl who likes broken people. Because her husband died and since Chase isn't all that broken...
      Dr. Cameron: Hey, why don't we operate on his infarcted leg while we're at it. Who cares if he said "No."
      House: I was risking my life to avoid becoming a cripple. He's doing it to avoid sunlight and fresh air.

    • Nozick: (to House) You obviously can't stand people. But for me it's worse, all right. I'd rather die in here than live out there.

    • House: So it's a bleed, clot, tumor, metabolic or infection. Stick him in a CT.
      Dr. Cameron: Can't.
      House: I'm assuming he has a giant head.

    • House: Anybody can hate humanity after getting shot. Takes a big man to hate it beforehand.

    • Dr. Cuddy: I know this is awkward, but we need to talk.
      House: There's a reason that we've evolved a feeling of awkwardness. It tells us not to talk about things.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Thank you.
      House: Any time you want to stop kissing, I'm there for you.

    • Dr. Cameron: What did Cuddy want?
      House: I kinda hit that last night, so now she's all on my jock.
      Thirteen: Wow, she looks pretty good for someone on roofies.

    • Dr. Wilson: You hit? Like making out or full-on sex, or…
      House: Got a chart laid out with all the bases. I'll take you through it.

    • House: Hey, speaking of breathing hard, Cameron, you engaged to Chase yet?
      Thirteen: Sorry, we should have clarified. We're calling about the patient, not Dr. Cameron's love life.
      Dr. Cameron: We're aren't engaged. Moves things along much faster if you just give him the answers.

    • House: Interesting.
      Dr. Cameron: You would have said interesting no matter what the answer.
      House: And no matter what the answer, it would've been interesting.

    • Dr. Wilson: Everything else good?
      Dr. Cuddy: Uh, everything involving me kissing House is good. Oh God, you dragged it out of me. You're a genius. It's no big deal. I was feeling vulnerable. He's a friend. And I leaned on him.
      Dr. Wilson: It's funny. I've leaned on friends in the past. Never leaned so far my tongue fell into their mouths.

    • Dr. Cuddy: The benefit of being boss is that I don't have to argue.

    • Dr. Wilson: It's like the red badge of idiocy.
      House: If the Confederacy had mosquitoes, we'd all have Southern accents and I'd be paying Foreman less.

    • House: (on the telephone) Foreman, listen to that little voice in your head that's coming from the telephone. Force-feed him!

    • (House answers his cell phone as Wilson talks)
      House: Sorry, I get better reception when you're not here.

    • Dr. Wilson: You're not staying here.
      House: Oh, come on.
      Dr. Wilson: Nope. You can go home. Or, you're going to Cuddy's, you're gonna ring her doorbell and you're gonna ask her out on a date like regular people do.
      House: At three in the morning? When do regular people sleep?
      Dr. Wilson: Buh-bye.

    • House: I am not imagining things.
      Dr. Wilson: House, you're a drug addict. You're always imagining things.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: November 12, 2008 on TEN
      Portugal: January 6, 2009 on Fox
      Latin America: January 22, 2009 on Universal Channel
      The Netherlands: February 19, 2009 on SBS 6
      Germany: April 14, 2009 on RTL
      Denmark: May 9, 2009 on Kanal 4
      Poland: September 23, 2009 on TVP2
      Slovakia: October 7, 2009 on STV1
      Czech Republic: October 19, 2009 on TV Nova
      Sweden: November 10, 2009 on TV4

    • Music: I'm In Love With a Girl (Big Star)

  • Allusions

    • Dr. Chase: How am I going to place the leads in the exact spot on the right ventricle without fluoroscopy? The Force?
      The Force is an allusion to the George Lucas' Star Wars universe, where The Force is an important part of this world.

    • House: Ric Ocasek'll kill me it I... oh, you mean Cuddy.
      Ric Ocasek is the lead singer of the American rock band, The Cars.

    • House: We still need Trapper John.
      Referencing the chief surgeon of the M*A*S*H 4077th in the novel, and also in the movie, and two TV series, as played by Elliot Gould, Wayne Rogers, and Pernell Roberts. The character appeared in the original series in its first three seasons, and then was spun off into his own series, Trapper John M.D., which ran from 1979 to 1983.