Season 2 Episode 8

The Mistake

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

At a children's talent show, a young magician is giving his show while a mother gets her daughters ready to go on next with a dance number. As they perform the mother takes some painkillers then screams in pain from stomach pains. Six Months Later Stacy is preparing for a disciplinary hearing with Chase and House, while expressing her reluctance to work with House. After a tense meeting with House, she briefs Chase that his career rests on what happened, and has him review the case for her. The patient, Kayla, presented to the clinic with stomach pains and Foreman tested her for cerebral coordination. Her iris was inflamed, attracting House's attention. House sends Chase to check for genital sores after Chase spills his Vicodin pills. Chase and Kayla bonded as he found ulcerations and he recommended minor treatment. She came back later for the pustule on her arm and ended up with Chase, without an appointment. He claims they didn't even go into an exam room, but he's lying and Stacy quickly catches him at it. Then he reveals that the medicine he gave her didn't help and he gives her a stronger antacid then left her without pursuing the matter. House is responsible since he is Chase's superior, and Wilson wonders if Stacy might get Chase to rat on House to clear himself. Chase reveals he called Kayla an hour later to follow up, and then the EMTs brought her in with massive bleeding. Chase ran a tube down her stomach, which was filled with blood from an ulcer. Chase cauterized the rupture but there was a perforation and stomach content leaked into the rest of her body, causing sepsis and liver damage. Stacy talks with Cameron and questions whether she's biased. Cameron tells Stacy to talk to House…so she talks to Foreman. Foreman isn't impressed with Chase's bedside manner and wonders if she's talked to House. House is dealing with a patient with a continuing cough when Stacy demands to speak with him. She finally asks him why Chase screwed up but House says he didn't screw up. He reveals how he spotted the second ulcer with the perforation, then confronted Chase over the fact he didn't check Kayla earlier. When the patient, Chuck, overhears, House lays a story on him to convince him to get health insurance so he doesn't' have to come to the clinic. Afterward Kayla needed a liver transplant and her brother offered, but she went into convulsions before they could arrange anything. Cuddy refuses to authorize the transplant because she's too ill, but House manages to get her on the list by pointing out the legal ramifications. The brother managed to rush through his medical test to confirm he's a perfect match, and House has to explain how he convinced the transplant surgeon, Dr. Ayersman, to take on the case…by slipping him money. When that doesn't work, he resorts to blackmail him with his affair with a variety of nurses. After Ayersman performed the surgery, House ratted him out to his wife anyway. The surgery went well, but two months later Kayla returned and House forced Chase to check her out to rub his nose in it. He noticed a fever and ordered tests – her temperature spiked an hour later and Foreman suspected she was rejecting the transplant. Chase believes it's an infection and the brother Sam barges in. House spots the fact he has hepatitis and he faked the medical test – but House concludes he gave her liver cancer based on the symptoms. They operate on both of them, but due to the cancer Kayla rejected the liver and couldn't get authorization for another transplant. The legal papers come through and they confirm gross negligence – Chase has to reveal that Sam came up with a second transplant through an illegal source, and he confronted Sam and Kayla over it. He admitted to them he made a mistake and tells her of how his father died, and that she shouldn't die alone seeking a hopeless cure. She agrees despite her brother's pressure and guilt, and is happy Sam was saved. She died a week later but now Sam is pursuing the lawsuit against Chase – Stacy believes there's something personal from when Chase met with Sam a week earlier. Chase reveals that Sam told him he planned to move and take Kayla's two daughters with her, and he admitted he misdiagnosed Kayla because he was hung over. House calls for a private conference with Chase and confronts him with the fact that Chase wasn't hung over, but claimed he was out of guilt. In reality Chase had received a call from his stepmother with the news his father had died – upset, he didn't pursue the matter with Kayla. House reveals that he knew but Chase's father asked him not to tell, and that it's better for him if Chase goes down. While waiting for the results, House and Stacy discuss their relationship and his concern he might do something while distracted, and Stacy admits it's not all negative but neither one knows what to do. House is called in and the committee notes Chase screwed up and will get a one-week suspension, but they otherwise feel his father's death clears him of further punishment. They're not happy with House, however, and order that he be supervised by another doctor for one month. Cuddy has to choose the doctor and reveals that…Foreman will be his supervisor.