Season 2 Episode 8

The Mistake

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on FOX

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  • Yes please! What an ace episode :)

    OK! Previous episode to this one was very 'meh' for me. Nonetheless i went into this episode with my usual expections, to be wowed and left wanting for me. Badda-bing badda-boom! This episode did it! OK. So the 6 MONTHS LATER in white font plastered onto a black screen made me smile :) because i love these type of episodes from ANY show and House was about to produce one. The plot was pretty darn good with Chase doing the usuals, until it becomes 'complicated' and to put it lightly, Chase screws up. The repercussions are presented well. With Stacey weaving her magic along with the constant flashbacks! I loved how it led up nicely to the ending. And yes the ending did take me by suprise! No not Chase being suspended for a week, but who became House's new boss!

    I know OMIGAWSH House having a boss (bar Cuddy)? Badda-bing badda-boom! 4MAN comes in outta nowhere and just takes over the reins! Yes ma'm this episode was sweet!
  • Fantastic story telling...

    I thought this episode, a flashback or an old case, was absolutely brilliant, and one of my favourite episodes of all time.

    Not only did we get further development between House and Stacy, but we also got the first episode in a while where Chase was the central character; arguably since "Cursed". The writers did an extraordinary job of storytelling whilst making it realistic as well. Because of this unique, one of piece of storytelling (it would be indeed very hard to repeat this, as the audience would find it repetitive and predictable), the story and patient plotline had many twists and turns, right up to the ending, where not only do we realise why Chase screwed up, but also that Foreman will be House's supervisor for the next month! A perfect, seemingly unnoticeable transaction from giving Chase more viewing time to Foreman. It will be interesting to see how he and House will interact over the next few episodes. Overall, this was one of my favourite episodes, and one that I can watch over and over again- like I do :)
  • One of the best episodes of House, M.D.

    I love the format of this episode. A story that was 6 months in the past & they're telling the story 6 months in the present, I like Stacy in this episode how she's on everyone's back about the lawsuit, it's weird because you don't know the whole story until you saw the whole episode. Chase makes a mistake but it doesn't stop there, the steps it takes to reveal the other mistakes are just fabulous. I also like how Stacy figures out about him rummaging through her records, that really killed the buzz. Also another thing that makes you intrigued is in which Foreman is now in charge of House, that's a bit crazy & Chase is suspended. A perfect format to a perfect episode!
  • I love this episode! It is nice to have the spotlight on one of the other main characters instead of always House. Chase's character develops which makes watching the show more interesting. I like the episodes where they recap what happened already. Good!

    These episodes get more interesting everytime I watch them. I already saw season 3 then I wanted to watch them from the beginning. So I saw season 1 but I like this season a lot better. House shares his spotlight with the other cast members which gives a different view on the whole plot. Stacy's character develops more into her own. She still likes House and House knows she does. I love Wilson's line at the end because it shows the humor side of the show.
    Dr. Wilson: Guess I'm his best friend now. (pointing to Foreman.) I love it!
  • This episode was definitely the best of the season so far, and one of the best episodes in general.

    There were so many strong sides to this episode that I'm not sure to begin, and I can't think of a single negative aspect. I love the way they retell what happened through flashbacks, and add moments of comedy here and there along the way by altering the flashbacks (like removing the Vicodin). It's also a clever way of giving different versions of what happened.

    The plotline itself was really good, focusing on a dead patient and the roles Chase and House played in the events. It felt like the first step to get these two characters to clash and fight out the tension that's been there since Chase ratted on House last season. Their bickering has been getting tiresome, so finally I hope we'll get to see some resolving of the situation. And we also got to see that House still respects Chase and has as much fatherly concern for him as he is able to muster. In his own weird way he supports Chase and sympathises with him regarding his dad.

    The episode also gave a quick but believable fix to the situation that arose with Stacy last episode. Instead of several episodes of her being angry with him they began to resolve it in this one, which is a relief.

    I have several other thoughts about this episode, but I'm unable to jot them down at the moment. Really, really great episode though! A must-see.
  • One of the best of the series.

    I always could take Stacy or leave her--she gave a depth to House that we wouldn't have seen any other way, but I watch the show for the six main characters, and up until The Mistake, she rarely interacted with any of them but House. But she was pivotal in this episode, acting as the bridge between characters who couldn't or wouldn't talk to each other about the chain of events that led to Chase's tragic mistake. It was amusing, in an otherwise fairly dark episode, how Chase always knew when she had been talking to House because she would be in a bad mood and taking it out on him immediately after. It was also nice to see some closure of the Rowan Chase story begun in the previous season. Too often this series leaves storylines hanging and moves on without completing them. The use of flashback, and telling a story out of order, is a tricky process that takes a talented writer to pull off, but when they do (as in Three Stories) the results are wonderful. The Mistake is such an episode. I think even if House goes on to enjoy a long run, this episode will always rank as one of the best of the series.
  • Review

    Wow, I actually liked the ending for a change. Instead of everyone feeling sorry for themseleves over some depressed music the bomb that now Foreman is going to be Houses boss (if only for a month or so) was still a huge bomb for the episode. I enjoyed the flashback sequences that resulted in Chases mistake. Its not too often that House can do something out wack with one of their episodes, "Three Stories" being the one from season 1 where I thought the writers were very creative. I thought this episode was very well written and like I said I enojyed the twist at the end. The scenes between House-Stacy got a little more involved in this episode, but there hasnt been any huge plot twist yet that would suggest a relationshis is coming between the two. Either way, I would love to either see her quit or see her get with House. Enough of this emotional back and forth ride between the two of them
  • First time I saw this I was like this is the worst episode of House ever the second time a little better by time number 3 this one was the best. It gets better and better every time I watch it

    The beginning made me believe that it was just going to be a typical episode but boy was I wrong.

    Stacy was great when she was talking to Cuddy. I loved how Cuddy was just "40% of our lawsuits last year were involving House if you can't work with him you can't work here" And then how Stacy just went and threw the papers at House to have him sign and House and Wilson. The beginning was just amusing.

    I loved Chase when Stacy was trying to advise him. He just didn't stop lying and then Stacy going to ask Cameron and Foreman about why Chase screwed up. I loved how Foreman described Chase because I'm not Chase's biggest fan.

    I was laughing hysterically when House was telling Stacy about how he bribed and blackmailed the transplant surgeon.

    I liked that the brother paid off the person doing the tests so his sister could get his liver and in the end the liver caused her to die.

    This was an awesome episode of House and I loved how Foreman got the job of being House's boss.
  • Australia has waited three long, perilous weeks for this. And we are so amused.

    First, I'm happy we're straying away from the usual House-mucks-up-then-finally-gets-it-right plot layout. That was good to see. Three Stories is the exception.

    Six months later after we see a young mum howling in pain at her twin daughter's performance, we work out that for some reason, Chase is in deep @#!$.

    Over the next half hour, we gradually see Chase whittled down to about three inches tall. However, I do think he seemed to show more real emotions this time of fear and anxiety.

    Personally I thought "Someone dies, someone flies" would be used on him after that. But the death of a parent is traumatic, and both of them have died before he turned 30. So instead, we see "To err is human, to forgive is divine".

    There were some let-downs though. not enough House-isms, and who da fark asked Cameron to dye her hair blonde/orange?

    And for the Jesse Spencer fans out there, I think I speak for us all when I ask: How come we didn't see him shirtless after having a whole episode dedicated to him? (Shallow, I know, I know.)

    Plus, Foreman is certain to use it against House in the future. Becoming his boss I mean.

    Brilliant stuff. Rest in peace Kayla.

  • the most recent episode in australia after a long hiatus, definately well worth the wait.

    i thought this episode was fantastic!! it\'s gonna be good watching foreman try to boss house around! and chase getting in trouble was great. it\'s about time something happened to bring that boy down to size (even if he is an aussie like me!). i can\'t wait to see the rest of the season. it sounds fantasic so far.
  • Great episode, you just have to love the ending when we find out Foreman's going to be House's supervisor.

    I loved this episode, great little conflict there with the whole case. Plus, that nice twist at the end where House gets a new supervisor was great. I wonder how things will turn out in later episodes. There will probably be a power struggle between House and Foreman, I wonder who will win. Or, if it'll be a draw.
  • A different episode story line, not at all formulaic!! Plus, the non-chronological sequence of events was brilliantly told.

    This was one of the best episodes of the show. I love that it was centered around Chase, we don't get to see many storylines that involve him alone. I was really glad that they didn't make him leave for good. House was, as usual, charming and wittily funny. Brilliant.
  • Excellent! Just what the show needed.

    I only wish they wouldn't have showed his new boss, better suspense to watch next weeks show. I kinda figured Foreman after he was being a stool pigeon about his co-workers to Stacy. House should fire him after this month is over. But what if Foreman is not the boss? What if the boss Cutty was refering to was off screen and it is a mystery? Foreman did roll his eyes toward Wilson when everyone looked at him, as if he was saying it wasn't him....
  • Not one of my favorites

    the story was o.k (not one of my favorites though) but there are so many small details that show that the writers are taking the show to a place i don't care for:
    - Dr. Forman as the new boss??? even for one month - it's just too stupid!
    - Dr. Cuddy is getting too trashy and on the whole it just doesn't make any sense that this is how a hospital director acts, dresses or talks. it's just doesn't feel right.
    - Camron with her highlights and shoes... come on writers! what are you thinking?
    - and the saddest of all - House is losing his wit, sarcasm and great sense of humor. it's time he gets over Stacy - it makes him too mushy! enough is enough.
    i do hope the next episodes will go back to the brilliance of the first season. if the show is going mainstream then pretty soon it'll just die. i really DON'T want this to happen! we have more then enough of middle of the road, predictable and boring shows. I hope the quick success isn't going to be a blessing in disguise.
  • Chase got one week admin leave w. pay and Dr. House got a new supervisor.... DR. FOREMAN!!

    Unexpected turn at the end. Though, I was disappointed that Chase only got a slap on the wrist for his mistake. Typical politics!

    I think I saw the joy on Dr. Cuddy's face when she delivered the news to House. That smirk at the end by House was very mischievious. Like the cat who just ate a canary.

    Love the comment made by Dr. Wilson... "I guess I'm his new best friend now." Hilarious!!
  • Very Good.

    I liked the format of this episode. Also, it was a change to have Chase the subject, instead of House. As always this show let you try and figure out the outcome as it goes along, but this time in a whole different way. I'm not going to to say much else, but Foreman being House's boss should be interesting.
  • That was much better!!!

    Still not up to it's potential, like in the past, but this episode at least had us on the right track.

    I loved how this episode jumped back and forth in time, but the story changed depending on who was telling it. The few camera tricks thrown in were neat too.

    I've never been a big fan of Chase, but I'll admit this episode wouldn't have worked if they had used any other character as the screw up. The continuity gods must work on this crew. By bringing up the death of Chase's dad was great follow-up.

    I'm not sure why House was discplined more than Chase, he didn't do anything he hadn't done in the past. I'm guessing because of the lawsuit, it may have been the first time the discplinary committee got wind of his antics. Foreman as his boss for a month will be funny, but somehow I'm sure House will get around that technicality.

    And last but not least....Stacy actually had a purpose in this episode. She's a lawyer, who knew. Unfortunately she still has to work on that whole "where to have meetings" in not in the exam rooms!!! Wait till he's done the exam for god's sake!! Only 2 more episodes to go, till her character is gone...I can't wait!!

  • Chase's screw up leads to the death of a patient and now he and House are facing a "peer review."

    I've just started watching this show, and I love it! I loved this episode... House cracks me up; he's such a jerk. He had some really great lines throughout this episode (throughout every episode). I loved the scene with him and "Buck," as well as him and the transplant surgeon ("btw, you are the worst transplant surgeon in this hospital, but you are the only one cheating on his wife!" Classic!). I like Chase; good character, well-acted and very nice to look at. I knew there had to be a reason why he made such a huge mistake. Throughout, we just think he's being negligent, but it doesn't add up; from what I've seen, Chase is an excellent doctor and wouldn’t let something like that happen without a good reason... like House. For most of the episode, I thought it had to do with the possibility of him have HIV, but that had nothing at all to do with it. In fact, it was never mentioned, which I found strange, but they will probably deal with it in a later episode. His father died... and even though he may not have be that close to him, he was still his father, who kept a secret (his lung cancer). No matter how close you are to your parents, their death is going to impact you. What Chase did was wrong (not asking routine questions, no exam) but his distraction is understandable. We all make mistakes, even doctors; I wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone was perfect… how boring would that be. It's our imperfection that makes us human… it's how we learn. I’m glad Chase didn’t lose his job for what he did, but he did need to be punished; unfortunately, his “little” mistake caused someone their life… having to live with that for the rest of his life is punishment enough.
  • A very good episode I wish I could see it again so I could laugh my head off

    The Mistake was a very good episode, I really enjoyed it. I thought Dr.House and Wilson was humourous especially when they were playing that game. I felt sorry for Chase knowing that he was so preoccupied with the death of his dad. I also find that House can be real caring when he wants to be.
  • chase makes a mistake and everyone has to figure out why blah blah

    this episode would have been great if chase simply had not been in it. but seeing as how the episode had a strong focus on chase, it was an episode that falls into my bottom 10. chase's character overall is just plain annoying, he lies, relies on his looks, and all in all is not very well acted. so naturally the performance in this episode was mediocre at best. the pelvic exam scene is what really got to me, it just isn't realistic.

    House did help redeem some of the episode's boring plot, and he provided a good laugh. Overall I'd say the episode was pretty crappy, I wouldn't even dream of comparing it to Three Stories because it is no where near as well developed.
  • I loved this episode...

    They did a episode like this last season. Stacy has been getting on my nerves lately, but in this episode she was the go between with the audience and the show (if that makes sense). I was kind of bummed that nothing was mentioned about Chase and Cameron and the whole HIV thing. Chase is so arrogant sometimes that it drives me crazy, but in this episode you see a side of him that you hadn't before, of a real human being. Chase got a phone call that really disturbed him and he misdiagnosed a patient that ultimatly causing her death. Why he would tell the brother that he was drunk made no sense. The ending could have had more substance to it, I did notice that the conversation between Stacy and House at the end while Chase was testifying was kind of leading towards Stacy's departure from the show. Foreman becoming House's boss was an interesting twist, however for some reason I don't think it is real, it think maybe it is done to piss House off, or to give him some kind of lesson. It will be intersting to watch that play out.
  • One of my favorite episodes

    This episode was awesome. The reason I loved it so much was because of the whole distorted perceptions of each character thing. It was done only once before last season, on the last episode I believe, or somewhere around the end. The one with Carmen Electra starring as a patient. Good Stuff. I like Chase's character and I feel like the other characters are all against him. I also want to know what happened with that whole Cameron and Chase hookup thing, it was pretty random and she didn't get a clear for whether or not she has HIV, if I was Chase I might have wanted to steer away. Then at the end of that episode he's looking at himself in the mirror when he sees something on his face, it happened kind of quick, but it looked like a coldsore... that sucks, but I don't know what is going on so I'm a bit puzzled. Anyway I talked about another episode more than this one. I was glad when Chase was cleared of his charges or whatever, but then House got a new supervisor which was unexpected, and a nice little surprise. The best part is that it's Foreman, I'm thinking he's gonna have some fun with this.
  • This episode was good until the senseless ending.

    Overall, this episode was very exciting and funny. And although I love House more than anybody else, it was nice to have a story focus on somebody other than him. However, the ending made absolutely no sense. Why would Foreman be the one to become House's new boss when House was the one who hired him in the first place? There is no way that they would put an underling in charge of the Head of the Department. It would have made more sense to have Wilson do it or even Cuddy, but the Foreman choice was just bad. I hope next episode lends itself to a lot of humor, because I don't like the way this story is going.
  • Dr House and his team of doctors find and fix strange medical conditions that pass through the hospital doors.

    Last nights show was why I watch this show. Dr. House is sarcastic and comes off as unfeeling, but deep down he really does love what he does. It also showed how doctors aren't perfect and that patients fail to realize that they have lives and the do have bad days. Dr. Chase was going through a life changing experience and didn't focus on the patient. The ending was particularly shocking to me. I had to rewind my Tivo just to make sure I caught the part where Foreman became House's boss. I like to have fallen out of my chair. Can't wait until next week.
  • To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of this ep.

    There wasn't enough House-isms! But I guess the show was well written and it kept getting better through out the show. I'm just happy that neither Chase nor House got fired. But it's gonna be kind of akward to have Foreman be their boss, don't ya think? I was watching the previews for the next ep and I can't wait! Looks like House is gonna piss Foreman off! It's gonna be great!
  • WOOHOO! I love this episode!


    This is a brilliant episode of House! I ranks right up there with Three Stories and Detox. Wonderfully written , awesome acting , and spectacular plot twists. This episode makes me want to watch this show over and over again.

    This is one of the better Chase episodes. However, I think considering his prior record of medical malpractice ( the angiogram in Control) that he would be more severely punished for the oversight of Kayla's ulcer.

    I am not a big Stacy fan , but I did enjoy the part she plays in this episode. She is the audience's eyes and ears . She learns about what happens along with us , which made her invaluable in this epi.

    At first I was irritated that this was more of a Chase centered episode , with a decreased amount of House involvement . But all was forgiven at the very end of this epi.

    Foreman watching over House was something I did not suspect , and it was one of the best plot twists in the entire history of the series. Hopefully it will be well worth the two week wait.

    Thanks to this episode I am even more of a devout House fan , and will watch this show till the day it ends. I humbly bow my head to everybody who works on House. Who ever wrote this epi was a genius .

    If I had five thumbs they would all be up for this episode.