Season 4 Episode 2

The Right Stuff

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • The Contest begins!

    What a fantastic start to Season 4! House testing the candidates and firing them both randomly and wisely is certainly an inspired idea. I loved how many candidates there were, but already there seems to be focus on a few:

    1- "Cut throat-pixie"- I won't spoil the future episodes by naming them fully, but she was an interesting if **** character- I loved how she got many to quit!

    2- "Number 9"- I thought he got focus for being a little crazy, though, on this episode alone, it is unclear whether he will be a focus in the future.

    3- "Thirteen"- Made a few diagnoses and had quite a few camera shots- also very attractive! Could be a contender.

    4- "Scooter"- the old dude was quite immense- on this episode alone (although I know the future ones), I was interested in him most of all.

    5- "The Mormon"- he reminded me of a young Foreman! I think there is plenty of character development there!

    6- "Plastic Surgeon"- Helped solve the case and got a lot of screen time- possiblity.

    I think the new additions made a welcome addition, and it was interesting to see how the cast reacted to new situations- it was good seeing Cuddy react so horrified at House's games.

    Meanwhile, House starts seeing his old team. I thought it was a little cruel of Wilson to play that joke on him, but they always wind each other up anyway! Chase giving the diagnosis was a nice touch, and I wonder if House was tempted to hire him back. It was also interesting the only was he halluncinated was Foreman- possible he misses him? Cameron seemed pretty much the same; she saw House's good qualities, and the fact he didn't want to destroy her dream.

    Overall, a perfect start to Season 4, and brilliant writing to incorperate so many people! Fantastic.
  • Job interview.

    I don't know which poor doctor had been fired by House right in the beginning. Just poor. House meet more than 30 doctors for the job, but he will only hired 3 doctors. This is the first appearance of Thirteen, Kutner, Taub and Amber. I still miss the old team, they have know House for 3 years and then they left. At first I don't think the show will still be great, but this episode changes my mind. Cameron works in ER, Chase works as a surgeon. But Foreman? How House saw Foreman? Imagination? Probably. Great episode, good acting and writing. This is one example why the show continue to live without the original team--Chase, Cameron and Foreman.

    Final diagnosos: Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome
  • The team is introduced.

    I loved this episode, the new team is piecing together, when 40 applicants are fighting for the job. I really wanted that girl with accent to stay, but she had to go, which pretty much sucked. Cameron & Chase appear to be still a couple. My favorite people are Thirteen, Cutthroat B***, ad the guy that got fired in the middle of the episode. I cannot believe he got fired for telling on someone when Amber is the same thing. I love Amber's attitude about the whole situation, the people are getting eliminated fast. The girl from the last episode was fired, she would of been good on the team. A great episode!
  • What wasn't to like? I'm loving the idea of the contest to be on House's new team.

    Yes I've given this one a ten again and that's purely because there just isn't anything I can think of to criticise. I love the idea of the contest for the new team and am liking most of the applicants. Stand outs here being 13, the foreign one (Number 2 I think), the guy who changed his number from 6 to 9 and finally Anne Dudek's character.

    The latter is completely brilliant and is so entertaining to watch. I loved how she got rid of the other team-mates during the carwash. The patient made things more enjoyable because House had to hide it from Cuddy. The whole Osama thing was quite amusing.

    I was happy to see Chase and Cameron back even if they only stared for about five minutes each. The former was pretty good when talking to House in his surgery but Cameron was the one who really shone for me. She has been without a doubt one of my favourites for the other seasons and I really like how she talked with House.

    Almost like she understands him. It was a great ending when she said when she grinned and said she thought he didn't grass up the patient because he didn't want to ruin her dream. Another brilliant episode and only two in...
  • The vetting process has begun.

    A room full of 40 doctors, soon to be whittled down to three. The case itself was typical: a future astronaut trying to be incognito. It cracked me up when there was a fire inside the hyperbaric chamber. With much less fanfare than normal, the team arrives at a diagnosis.

    At the end, there are only 10 doctors left. I expected the process to drag on longer, but I suppose having so many new cast members is too difficult. It is obvious who is going to stay, given the air time alloted to certain doctors. At least I know how Thirteen got her name.

    The best part: House is seeing things. Or people. How can Chase and Cameron be milling about when they are working elsewhere? Or are they?
  • Old Skool House

    Hes back! Great episode, loved the interactions going on between House and the candidates for his new team. On top of that House thinks he sees Cameron, Chase and Foreman back at the hospital, even though Wilson tries to mislead him a number of times that they have gone their seperate ways.

    Most of fun in this episode comes from House subjecting the candidates to his perculiar trials for selection. Several groups must perform medical tests, while another must break into the patient's appartment to find out more about their life - a usual House plot device. Another group must wash his car. It is through these endevours that we learn a little about the core group of candidates that make it through to the next round and therefore the next episode. There are some potentially great characters that may flower in future episodes, though most will surely go. I hate to say it, but Im almost not missing Cameron, Foreman and Chase. Though each had their own annoying little habits, just like House, together they were almost the equal for the big guy.

    The conflict between the team and House was the key factor that made the show what it has been - for me unmissable!

    I was worried that losing the team would lessen the comfort value of the establish team and what they brought. However, the team selection process has been done very well and I hope that the action continues to become more exciting as the selection process dwindles the candidates to the chosen few.

    House is back (almost) to its best.
  • Awesome stuff.

    House is approached by a fighter pilot named Greta, a candidate for NASA's astronaut training program. Greta suffers from a neurological disorder in which she is converting visual images to sound. Knowing that NASA would reject any possibility of her becoming an astronaut if they knew of her problem, Greta begs House to treat her in secret. Meanwhile, House is ruffled when he thinks he sees Cameron, Chase and Foreman in the hospital hallways. It just gets better and better, House is one of my fastest growing favourite series and after last weeks fantastic episode this awesome episode did not dissapoint. 9.6 out of 10.
  • All this review is in portuguese (my first language). But if you ask nicelly, I translate this for you!!!

    Como estou a ficar farta de estar sempre a escrever em inglês, esta critica está escrita em português, a minha língua materna.

    Este episódio, na minha opinião, revela os verdadeiros sentimentos de House pela sua equipa. Quando começa a pensar que os está a ver, revela o quanto precisa deles!! e quando vai ver a Cameron às Urgências...e quando fala com o Chase durante a operação...adorei!! Mas em portugal, ainda só deram os dois primeiros episódios :-( Mas disseram-me que a equipa original volta! Espero que seja mesmo verdade!! Toda a gente pensa que o House não se preocupa com as pessoas, ele próprio diz isso. Mas quando os começa a ver, mostra que o Dr. House não é um idiota que não se preocupa com as pessoas! É exatamente por isso que adorei este episódio!
  • House continues the search for his new team and - (as we all knew that he would) - finds his old one.

    The opening credits revealed that his old crew were appearing again in this episode - thus spoiling the show a little for those of us who can read - but maybe the company are aiming for the illiterate market. The usual fast moving pace is interspersed with the (also usual) comedy moments as House 'sacks' one interviewee after another [for no good reason of course]. You get the feeling that the producers were interviewing here too with many good faces in the crowd who could make cast regulars. The old chap, the black guy (only one black man made the cut?) and the 'Russian' girl all stood out but the twins too could make for some interesting side plots. It will be tragic if many of these 'kids' are not brought in as regulars.

    But both Chase and Cameron have been re-hired by the hospital as full time staff so they will hopefully be 'on call' for House when the newbies get stuck. Where is Forman? He did make a 'walk on' appearance in this episode so they have not sacked him. No doubt he will surface next episode.

    A challenging time ahead here for the production team - how to balance these new characters with the audience anger at less screen time for the regulars. Remember the 'Enterprise' series? Mess with the formula at your peril guys, but the best of luck - we all hope that you pull it off.

    footnote:- I don't know any 'hookers' (honestly) but Cameron's hair looked great to me (though series one saw the best colour).
  • Review

    Back to back amazing episode to start off the new season. I thought seeing Chase, Cameron, and Foreman again was kind of cool. They didnt have much of an impact on the epsiode, which was mroe fouced around House trying to narrow down 40 people to 30 and then down to what I think is 20. I liked the conversation at the end he had with the old man, basically giving him a job at the end of the episode. I do like where this show seems to be going for the next couple of weeks. It looks like a Survivor style challenege down to three people that will form Houses new team while he still is in contact with members of his old team. I thought the beginning of this episode was actually where it seemed to be a little off balance. There were so many people and you didnt really know who you should be trying to get to know and how you should be not caring about. I think the next epsiode will be able to fix that a little better then this one when it continues to get narrow.
  • This was awesome totally well Written

    Second episode of the season Was one of the best ever I loved most of the People who were Trying out. It had great Writing With great one liners. Chase & Cameron Return To the hospital In the surgery department. Some my favourite lines were when that guy said the women was osarma. House thought he was seeing Cameron,Chase & foreman Only foreman wasn't there. I hated that Lady who was trying to get rid of everyone & house let in the guy who didn't go to College. It was all just great this season so far has been the best yet let it continue.
  • House weeds out more wannabes while treating an astronaut hopeful on the sly.

    I'm kind of surprised by the high ratings this episode has received. I love the show, but this season is really pushing the boundaries of what I'll accept. I had thought it was set in something approaching our own reality. The idea that House would go to such extremes to treat this woman was not only out of character, but a serious breach of ethics. To get a large group to agree to go along with him rather than report him was equally unbelievable, especially given the violence of her symptoms. I like him as the rogue doctor who gives it to the patients straight and uses unorthodox techniques to get to the truth, but this persona can be taken too far.
  • A very nice start in this season.

    Simplesmente adorei esse episódio.
    House é uma série que sempre funcionou com uma fórmula bem definida, que dá certo graças ao talento do elenco e aos casos muito bem elaborados, mas agora as coisas mudaram um pouco. Mudaram para melhor.
    O maior número de médicos sob o seu comando dá ao House mais oportunidades de exercer o seu sarcasmo.
    Gostei muito do Wilson nesse episódio. Além de pregar uma peça no nosso médico ranzinza favorito, ele pareceu entender o amago da questão na escolha da nova equipe: ele não quer escolher pessoas de quem ele poss gostar.

    Ótimo início de temporada! Tomara que as coisas continuem assim.
  • Special, well written and cleverly plotted episode

    This episode really has that what will catch your attention for almost hour and without no doubt - you cannot let it go. The start already catches me - maybe not visually not the best way to show what she felt, but it gives the idea how odd and unnormal the emotion for her felt.

    The way the case is built, the game House plays with his candidates - I adore it. This is variety from usual, so many different people, so many different views. I am just sad that not all of them made it trough and I am sure we will lose more and more of them.

    But the most important thing about this episode - they fooled us well. i had never thought that kind of solution. And to admit, I never had thought that... I most say she look familiar too me and reminded me her.. but I have never seen trough it...

    Waiting for next episode
  • A whole lot of doctors going on.

    Not sure that I can add anything that other reviewers haven't but that's not going to stop me.

    I enjoyed this episode for the humor. It had some great House/ Cuddy moments...not to mention House/ Wilson moments. Having no team definitely gives those two relationships a little more chance to shine. Those they got less time this week than last.

    Yes, House is finally doing something about getting a new team. It was almost as fun as him working alone. I like watching the sneaky and underhandedness of the students jockeying for position. I also applaud what seems like a very House-ian move, calling them by number. Truth is, we understand numbers better in short term than name. This was the best way to go from a ...well, a marketting/ understanding standpoint.

    The one thing that annoyed me most about the episode was the patient. This was the first time I actually hated and despised the patient...and I truly wish House had turned her in at the end. I cannot state here how strongly I disapprove of the patient from this episode. Period.

    Anyway...apart from that, good work. Fun and fine form for our fabled Doctor.
  • house is treating a patient applying for a position at NASA, so she doesn't want anything on her medical record. house tries to "hide" her from cuddy to avoid paper work. meanwhile, his 40 possible future employees are being tested.

    overall, really good episode. house tries not to let cuddy find out about he patient, because if NASA found out she had been to a hospital, the patient would never get the job, or position or whatever. at the beginning, she tossed all this cash on house's desk, telling him she didn't want anything on her record, and she was seeing sounds. this got house interested, and of course, the whole med. story went on from there. the 40 applicants for the job are treated like contestants on survivor or something- they're referred to as numbers, and "players" are constantly getting kicked off the show. eventually cuddy finds out about the patient when she sees her in the hall. she tells house he must record everything he does to the patient on paper, so house has to be creative with his tests. he tests her liver by giving her alcohol, and uses some players, as well as himself, as the control groups. then, he wants to get a biopsy of her lung, and gets the plastic surgeon to give her a breast job to hide the scars (or explain them to NASA). cuddy suspects that house is doing something more than plastic surgery, but ends up not asking him too much about it, so as not to get involved.
    house sees visions of his old team around the hospital, but in the end we find out that cameron and chase really are still at the hospital, in different positions, but forman is in new york- the vision of forman was the only real one. towards the end of the episode, house tells the patient that he called NASA and filled them in on her status. we don't know exactly why he did this, because later, when talking to cameron in the ER, he says he didn't actually call NASA. cameron claims it was because he couldn't crush her dream. he replies that he just wanted to make her extra careful during training.
    only downside of this episode was that there weren't many house/wislon scenes like last week. but that doesn't mean this wasn't a great episode. next week's episode is "97" seconds, where house electricutes himself, and is officially dead for that 97 seconds. look interesting. can't wait!
  • This episode lead to a diagnosis of von Hippel-Lindau. Having this condition myself, it was exciting to see it mentioned on television. For more information on von Hippel-Lindau, go to

    I watch House all the time and at the end of this episode when they mentioned the same condition I had, it was very exciting! The best way to inform people about a rare condition is through media and thanks to this show you have done it for us! If you'd like more information on von Hippel Lindau, please go to Public awareness is very important for people with von Hipple Lindau in order to get a proper diagnosis. Other areas that are affected by von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) are the brain, spinal cord, epidimus (male), broad Ligament (female) pancreas, eye (retinal angiomas), inner ears (ELST), kidneys, and mentioned on the show adrenal glands (Pheochromocytomas). Screenings are important to catch these tumors early. Thank you again to this show to bringing awareness to this underdiagnosed condition!
  • There was so much going on in this episode. But what can you expect when you have 40 new people hogging screen time?

    Seeing House teach was one of the best parts in this episode. It was good to see that he was acting like 'the good old House' from the earlier seasons. The applicants however didn't quite come up to HL's acting. There were some performances I enjoyed, for example the ones of Olivia Wilde and the old man. But there were some weak links there, like the woman with the horrific accent. I got a bit anxious about the scenes that only included the new people (washing the car, breaking into the house etc.). When you take mediocre actors and put them together without any of the regular cast members, it doesn't meet the high standards of the show in my opinion. But on the other hand it can also create an amusingly catastrophic atmosphere, like in the scene where the patient caught fire. Overall it's good that the worst applicants were fired already and maybe we'll get to see better performances in the next episode. House seeing the old ducklings was great. The way they showed them in slow motion was kind of sweet. In a way it indicated that House really did miss them. I didn't understand Wilson's motivation to make House believe he was hallucinating them though. What was he trying to achieve? Anyway, the way House reacted to Chase in the surgery was surprising. You could say that there certainly was some deeper emotion there, mixed with surprise. It was a somewhat touching scene. At the end House went to see Cameron in the ER (a gloomy set by the way) and their interaction was different than it used to be. It seemed much more mature and balanced. Cameron seemed confident without being arrogant and House was.. well, himself. I thought it was a nice touch that Cameron was the first to walk away, not House. Maybe it was supposed to symbolize the fact that she's no longer dependent on him? I don't know. And I guess I have to express my opinion about Cameron's hair since it has been a much discussed topic: no, I don't like the blonde hair. But I'll probably get used to it. I liked this episode a lot and I can't wait for more.
  • Sad and disappointing.

    You'd think that the show is carried around 99.9% by Hugh Laurie's character, but this episode proves that theory wrong. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong did. There were so many irrelevant and annoying characters that they made Cameron seem like a sane person. House remained the same, but with no usual team to boss around, how is it as entertaining? Wilson still plays his games which aren't actually that entertaining after awhile.

    They treat a thirty something female pilot who believes she can hear with her eyes. Wasn't even that good a case. House v.s. God. God takes this one.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Dr. Gregory House): The rest of you, 8:00 a.m. sharp. I'll be in sometime between 10 and 3.
  • It must've been really tough job to write so "crowded" episode of "House",not to mention be able to squeeze the old Duclings into the same script...

    And I think the writers did quite an impressive job.House ,to my personal delight, was content,self assured( despite Wilson's pity try (again!)to convince House he has "visions" out of some ridiculous "residual guilt".It's your problem,not his,Jimmy, deal with it on you own time!) and once again ("Tree Stories" still is the best of "House")he was very impressive as a teacher.Should I even mention that HL's acting job was so brilliant,those Emmy judges have to chock on guilt (Wilson can be a big help!)with their choice?
    I ,in general, liked the new doctors.Numbers 13,6/9,39,and 26 as an "assistant" would be my candidates for the permanent positions (OK, I'm totally "spoiled",but they do get the most potential judging by this ep)...Unfortunately,as it always has been on the show,female characters are quiet plane written.How come they so much better with writing for the guys? Oh,well, I've got used to it already...
    I do appreciate the creators effort to maintain the high standards during this very difficult for the show time of a Big Change,but it's still just a filler episode.Introduction to the new Duclind's era ,so to say.Besides, I don't think using the same jokes twice (we've heard exactly the same "Mooom" in "Daddy's Boy" and as much as it's very in the right place for potential astronaut "one giant rack for mankind" is the "same old party line" about Cuddy's ass from "Half-Wit").House is not the guy to repeat the same joke again and again.He has't done that for 3 years and I don't think he should start now.
    I didn't like the "phantom-Duclings" storyline a bit.It was lame and the last scene with Cameron was the pure suck up to Hameron shippers, but, I guess, they were necessary to maintain the interest of a certain part of the audience, hence the ratings.I can only hope all the sacrifices won't be for nothing and at the end of the day we'll have the new interesting characters and storylines this season.
  • Fantastic episode the case was okay increased by the eliminations of the doctors and House dealing with being alone or at the very least a bunch of doctors he doesn't know about. The back and forth with the doctors trying to gain House's

    Fantastic episode the case was okay increased by the eliminations of the doctors and House dealing with being alone or at the very least a bunch of doctors he doesn't know about. The back and forth with the doctors trying to gain House's favor was fun. I'm glad the old man and Kumar made it so far and the Mormon. Don't understand why the European woman got cut I thought she would provide some fun drama but oh well. It was funny how they decided to set up a psychotic break instead of just saying Chase and Cameron showed up for a visit. The boob job to cover the lung surgery was hilarious. I liked the way the episode worked out and the competition for a new team will give us good episodes for at least half the season imo.
  • This episode is the best example of why I got hooked on this show in the first place!!

    House is DEFINITELY back. It is proven in the way he deals with his team. The writing on this episode was for kicks, I'm sure. I like the way he interacted with the new "team" to be. Hugh Laurie is brilliant as ever, and the chemistry between himself and the new cast looks like it might work out better than his fans have speculated. I'm very impressed with the new cast. They're still too new for me to know names, but the one girl who played Number 2 was really funny, and I liked 26. He was good. I am looking forward to more.
  • Relaxing to watch

    The Right Stuff was one of those episodes that you can watch while slouching on the sofa and not 'going into it' too much. Most of the episode's focus was on the newbies and not the NASA patient. The way House treats the newbies is hilarious but I guess that's the right method if he wants to pick the best ones. Wilson was being mischievous and bold again. What's up with him?!

    The House/ Cameron scene was very sweet to watch. Seems like Cameron has grown up and now knows how to handle House. Was nice to see that House actually misses her. And not just her, all team.
  • Yes !!!!!!!!!!

    In this episode we meet a lot of new recruits trying to work with House, some are boring, and some were pretty interesting. Will he hire more ? Less ? The same number???

    I liked the 13 girl, the old guy, the guy that got fired, twice :) and the one that he fired for telling Cuddy who was the pacient.

    I was happy to know that House was not having allusions with Chase and Cameron and that they were really there, for good now.

    Chase and Cameron are back? Maybe ? Hopefully !!!!!!

    House seemed to have grown a little since last season.
  • A bit of a let down SPOILERS

    The hype for this episode was enormous with the introduction of new characters and House's insane way of interview but it didn't work as well as I had hoped and it seemed far too rushed.

    The case this week was interesting, or at least should have been. The problem was that they spent so long on the characters that the case was left out. If you're going to introduce that many characters do a less interesting case.

    Number 2 had the most annoying accent known to man and if she had stayed I may have been deterred. The woman who is ruthless seems like an interesting character but I don't like her and number 6/9 was just as useless.

    These people have no character, that's the problem. They have a replica of the old team's characters and it doesn't work.

    Some bits of the episode were pure genius with House "imagining" his team. The problem is there are way too many characters now and there is not enough House.

    What I also don't like is that the ER girl was fired. She was a very good character. She was first introduced in Human Error and she was interesting, she came up with a brilliant idea and House seemed to like her. She reappeared in Alone and House seemed to liker her even more and she had a whole scene which I thought was meant to introduce her but then she got fired within the first 5 minutes of the episode. Why bother wasting time introducing a good character if you're not going to use her?

    I hope next weeks will be much better now that there are less people.
  • House M.D. is loosly based on Sherlock Holmes. Wilson has been the Watson of the show, until this episode. The elder candidate whom House hires as an assistant seems to be taking Wilson's position as "Watson." Real potential is showing for the show.

    Another thing to note, as character develpment occurs for House & his soon to be chosen candidates, is that House's old team is developing. Chase seems to be smarter and sharper at diagnoses, when he poped in for a second. Cameron is the same (but blonde)but getting stronger. Her influence on House was also apparent at the end, about "dreams" and human emotion. Foreman, however, seems to be becoming like House. The next episode will prove this. The show is proving interesting, and on a slow path to transforming into something grand. Perhaps it will run for 10 seasons? Who knows, I could be lying.
  • Build-up episode for the possible return of all three diagnotics team.

    Using a whole "class" of wannabe diagnosticians is brilliant - gives House the feedback and ideas he needs and allows the wannabes the opportunity to work with him. The "creative" diagnostic procedures were great. Also, Jennifer Morrison as a blonde - WOW! I like her better. Jesse Spencer's appearance at the OR was very timely. He was in need of a proper diagnostic which his applicants weren't able to provide at that time, which he correctly gives. Looks like they're setting it up for all three to come back to the team, or maybe not. Probably Chase will be back in the team, 50-50 chance for Cameron, but Forman will most likely stay away. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • A daring and fun episode. House is at his best.

    So another daring ep. This one way better then the previous one.>

    On the good side: House is actually having fun. He is focused, committed, interested, intrigued by the case and by the whole process of getting his new team. He's in good spirits, is engaged in philosophical discussions and what not. That is just great. A breath of fresh air for a change.>

    Can't say that much about Wilson - who is getting crazier by the second. What was his point in making House believe he was hallucinating? And why keep on making House feel he ought to miss the old team? I don't get that at all. But at least there were very few scenes with him, so that was helped a lot.>

    Cuddy was at least a bit saner this time around. Apparently she is capable of cting relatively normal every now and then. Nice!>

    After seeing Cameron I don't understand who needs the old team around anyway? O.K. I'll take Chase if I have to, but that's all I can take, thank you very much...>

    The new team competition was great - House is indeed a great teacher and no wonder so many compete for the positions. I thought the older guy's story was great and would love to see him stay on. 13 already annoys me - can't help it. She's looks too much like old Cameron... I'm shallow this way... Also liked the plastic surgeon who looks like a pretty solid and interesting guy. The Black Mormon was a bit too in formula when it comes to the "lets think about something so unusual and hooray for us for thinking about it!" ward. Oh well - at least it got House to go on one of his religious debates, which are always great. Not sure about the rest of them yet. But it'll be really interesting to see House starts dynamics with a new team.>

    On the not so good side: I'm all for the change of phase and new ideas. Still, I do miss the way the POTW was done in the last seasons and hope that at some point, we will be able to once again "spend" more time with the lead story. The one on this ep was weak and not interesting enough - not to mention that the actress was not convincing at all.>

    Still - better then last ep, promos show a promising next one... I can be pleased with so little, really...
  • While solving a case about a woman who halucinates under stress, House has to sift through his 40 appicants for the three open positions on his team.

    The episode starts off with the patient flying a simulator, but sarts to halucinate.
    After the credits we see House in a classroom with all off his applicants.
    After getting the case and a talk with Cuddy, House fires some off them, makes some off them run some tests and the rest have to wash his car.

    Basicly the rest off the episode is getting more tests, the patient refusing to do more tests because she wants to stay anonymous and House thinks he's halucinating himself when he sees Chase, Cameron and Foreman.

    Eventualy the case is solved and we get a scoop off things to come because Chase and Cameron are still working at Princeton.
    (but what's up with Foreman?)

    I found the halucinating scene to much ripped off from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it was cool nonetheless.

    The patient had an interesting hook, but it just became anoying when she didn't want the oxigen.

    The relationships between the characters were on the other hand great:
    - Cuddy-House: that scene between them just before the surgery just summed up their entire relationship.
    - Wilson-House: the part where Wilson was "calling" Cameron, was, after you saw the entire episode, hilarious. Because, what would have happened if someone answered the phone?
    - All the "new ducklings": it was a great mix between ambition and fear. With number 2 summing it nicely up at the end.

    I found the end very compelling and really leaves me curious to see what will happen next week: Cameron and Chase actualy working in the hospital, and clearly Foreman not... (or maybe he is? we will see next week)
  • Let the hiring begin (or should I say firing)....

    Leave it to House to bring together 40 people to replace 3. But while I was upset at the way season 3 ended, I did very much enjoy meeting these fresh faces. I was also very happy to see the old ones as well.

    Storyline wise, it was good. Not as much Wilson this time (shame) and thankfully not as much Cuddy. House is sought out by the would-be NASA pilot with some funky eye problems, and then proceeds to get his applicants to diagnose her problem without any documentation. I wish I knew all the actors names, but I can say I like "Scooter", I remember him from SG-1, where he played "Sam's" dad. And the fact that even though he doesn't have a medical license House is still going to keep him around for a few more episodes, if for no other reason, then to replace Cameron, in the mail, coffee, and other "assistant" roles. The blond misses, I don't remember her number, who got everyone to quit for washing House's car (I still wonder what happened to the convertible from season 1) and then came back herself. Sneaky, but intelligent. Kal Penn's character getting fired as #6 and coming back as #9, equally crafty. I also wondered what reason House would have for wanting a plastic surgeon around...question answered, in a very Housian way. I look forward to next week, with renewed interest.
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