Season 4 Episode 2

The Right Stuff

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • House and his team have to diagnose a pilot without leaving any suspicious documentation which might hurt her ability to become an astronaut. House is weeding down his team. He sees his old team.

    This is a pretty good episode. Not exceptionally good, but I was well pleased none-the-less. I'm liking where the season is going so far. I like how House started firing people more randomly, but now he's doing it more systematically depending on the type of team he wants. I'm really interested to see who he's going to pick. My pet choice would be the mormon, because I think that would make for some interesting ethical questions later on the in the series (similar to how Cameron had ethical questions, except this time for a different reason). I'm also cheering for the old guy who never went to college. But no matter who he picks, it will probably be a pretty good team, and this little subplot at least stays in character and doesn't overshadow the medical mystery which, as usual, in this one was mysterious. There's not really much more to say, since this is just another episode on the way to the goal of having a team, but I like where it's going and I like how it's trying to get there. Season four looks like it will be a great one.
  • House plays survivor with a room full of possible new ducklings and also may be hallucinating his old ducklings

    I love House. It is my favorite thing on television because even though the patient of the week nearly always gets saved, the show still makes me a little nervous watching it and I also really enjoy the personal takes of the show, with House actually missing Chase, Cameron, and Foreman. I think it's really interesting that while he didn't hallucinate Chase and Cameron he did actually hallucinate Foreman. I am glad that the two are back because as much as I am enjoying House tormenting some new people, I also love the old ones and no one can compare. I can't wait to see who he chooses to stay, I know Kal Penn and Olivia Wilde stay but I wonder if there will be others. I hope its not that annoying blonde girl, she's awful. I also love that House took pity on the old guy and kept him as his assistant, that should make for interesting TV.
  • A breath of fresh air for the show

    House screens new applicants for his team much to Cuddy's frustration. House also starts to apparently see the ghosts of his team roaming the halls of the hospital. Wilson uses this to poke fun at House and makes for some hilarious scenes. I loved this episode because it fixed a few of my complaints that I've been having with the show recently. First, the introduction of new characters into the show was like a breath of fresh air. I was getting tired of the same characters doing the same things. I suppose it's possible for Chase, Cameron and Foreman to return but at least we are given a temporary reprieve. Another complaint of mine this episode corrected was it's lack of well-known guest stars. For such a great show, I haven't been really impressed with the guest stars until now. This episode introduced some seasoned television actors including Kal Penn and Carmen Argenziano. I like the change of pace for the show and it has renewed my enthusiasm for new House episodes again.
  • Is it me, or the new characters are the old ones with new faces?

    This episode was really brilliantly set up by the previous one, but the execution isn't as brilliant as I thought it'd be.

    Surely, humor-wise the episode was standard House quality with a couple of pop cultural references, and snappy dialouge, but the plot itself felt like it was heading in the wrong direction.

    I like the idea of House hiring a new team, but it seemed to be really rushed. Plus, to be honest, the new characters are just rehashes from the Ducklings. They're basically the same characters with new faces. I thought that we will see new colour but I was wrong. Although, the old guy is intriguing and should create some interesting character dynamics, but that's it.

    Seeing Chase and Cameron again was absolutely great, and only now did I just realize how much I miss them. Chase's intro was the best. You could just sense that House wanted to re hire him instantly, but he's too stubborn to do that.

    Foreman's vision was also interesting, afterall, House does feel guilt, and I bet if he could go back in time, he'd do things differently.

    What's interesting is how is it going to go on from now? Will the Ducklings ever be back? Chase and Cameron, I think, could be back. But Foreman? He has his own team now. So... is this it? This is how it is going to go until the series finale?

    I hope not. The new characters are never going to replace the Ducklings because they're just copies. So, I really hope the writers have something great in their minds.

    The medical case wasn't terribly exciting, this time it was a simple plot device to get out the best and the worst of the "recruits". I liked number 6 (later 9) because he was willing to take risks and him not letting himself be fired was also hilarious.

    Unfortunately, this episode needed some MORE Cuddy and Wilson. Last episode they found the balance, but they lost it again.

    So, that's a negative point, along with the new character's rehashed personality with the "down your throat" feeling. Overall, it was enjoyable, and hilarious, but the direction the show is taking might just not be the best thing.
  • House hasn't lost his snarcastic charm and the season is starting to take shape. House proves that having 40 applicants to demean and abuse can be amusing.

    House and his applicants treat a woman who doesn't want her hospital stay documented. The team tries keeping this fact from Cuddy, with little success. The greatest thing about the applicants is that they can actually think for themselves and are not clones of Chase, Cameron, and Foreman. To help weed out applicants, House fires an entire row, makes one team wash his car and has another break into the patients House. At one point, House thinks he's hallucinating when he sees his old team back at PPH. Wilson tries to convince House that it's just his imagination but later confesses that two old team members have been working at the hospital for three weeks. House and Wilson had some funny scenes but the sweetest moment was at the end when House talks to Cameron. Their relationship will be interesting to watch now that she is no longer under the cranky docs wing. Now that the competition has begun for the applicants, seeing who will ultimately end up working for House is the best thing to look forward to.
  • Another great episode.

    This was another great episode. I enjoyed the way House is chosing his new team. Just to eliminate some people, he fires an entire row. He then gets one group to wash his car, while other groups are doing various tests on the secretative patient. She's there trying to find out what's wrong with her & everything is to be off the record. Of course, Cuddy does find this out. In the mean time, House is starting to see Chase, Cameron & Foreman around the hospital. He thinks that he's seeing things. He goes to Wilson. Wilson tells him that it's because of remorse, House thinks differently. He eventually finds out that they're actually there. Cameron was working in the ER for the past three weeks. Chase gave him advice while they were in surgery & he never talked to Foreman. Hmmm, perhaps Foreman is part of his imagination? House, along with the group solve the case, he confronts Cameron & he lets go some of the candidates. The amount is dwindling down for the next episode. Truly an episode that was worth watching.
  • The return of some very special characters, and House eliminates most of the applicants

    I was right to assume that this episode would be better than the premier, but I didn't expect it to be this good! House must treat a woman without documenting her stay at the hospital. There are a bunch of new applicants, but the best part is that none of them are echoes of Chase, Cameron, or Foreman. They are all unique characters, and it will be very exciting to see who stays. It was fun to watch Wilson mess with House, and I was glad to see that House has not changed in how he treats those who are working for him. I'm also looking forward to seeing how he will react with Cameron and Chase working at the hospital (and especially since they are apparently engaged, but Wilson may have been lying). The writing was as sharp as it always is, and I can't wait for next week.
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