Season 4 Episode 2

The Right Stuff

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • The Contest begins!

    What a fantastic start to Season 4! House testing the candidates and firing them both randomly and wisely is certainly an inspired idea. I loved how many candidates there were, but already there seems to be focus on a few:

    1- "Cut throat-pixie"- I won't spoil the future episodes by naming them fully, but she was an interesting if **** character- I loved how she got many to quit!

    2- "Number 9"- I thought he got focus for being a little crazy, though, on this episode alone, it is unclear whether he will be a focus in the future.

    3- "Thirteen"- Made a few diagnoses and had quite a few camera shots- also very attractive! Could be a contender.

    4- "Scooter"- the old dude was quite immense- on this episode alone (although I know the future ones), I was interested in him most of all.

    5- "The Mormon"- he reminded me of a young Foreman! I think there is plenty of character development there!

    6- "Plastic Surgeon"- Helped solve the case and got a lot of screen time- possiblity.

    I think the new additions made a welcome addition, and it was interesting to see how the cast reacted to new situations- it was good seeing Cuddy react so horrified at House's games.

    Meanwhile, House starts seeing his old team. I thought it was a little cruel of Wilson to play that joke on him, but they always wind each other up anyway! Chase giving the diagnosis was a nice touch, and I wonder if House was tempted to hire him back. It was also interesting the only was he halluncinated was Foreman- possible he misses him? Cameron seemed pretty much the same; she saw House's good qualities, and the fact he didn't want to destroy her dream.

    Overall, a perfect start to Season 4, and brilliant writing to incorperate so many people! Fantastic.